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Postby Foma » Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:39 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertVintage Rods6/19/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I came across some vintage rods. I have one in question. It is an Oceanic, Rods of Distinction ...   A: Can you provide a little more information? Is the rod bamboo, fiberglass or graphite? Is it a boat ... Rod Valuation6/17/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I recently acquired a custom built 9' fiberglass fly rod built by Ruel Stayner. I believe this rod ...   A: Unfortunately, I do not know of Mr. Stayner or his rod work. I'm also from Idaho but the other end ... Harnell Fly Pole6/17/2012Mark Rimmer  Q: I recently bought a Harnall Fly Pole from a yard sale, it has a very smooth action, it is a two-part ...   A: I answered this question a few days ago but I must not have successfully submitted it...forgive the ... pentangle(five sided) solid glass bait casting W&M rod6/17/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I have been collecting, refurbishing, and fishing with solid fiberglass rods for over 30 years ...   A: I too have several W&M square and round fly, spinning and casting rods in solid glass, but I've ... steel rod with reel built into rod6/16/2012Joe Douglas  Q: my question what is it worth at least 1950 belong to my dad there is a serial number a88293 thanks ...   A: I've seen a couple of different versions of the all-in-one type rods. There isn't a big collector ... JC Higgins6/15/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I recently acquired a JC Higgins 3017 rod. The rod has two guides opposite each other attached half ...   A: You have a old boat rod made for saltwater bottom fishing. The split bamboo rods made for Sears and ... Mohawk Rainbow H-I Fly Rod 14086/14/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I bought this rod back in about 1962. I am now getting into retirement and plan on fly fishing ...   A: This one is definitely a fiberglass rod. The first graphite rod was introduced by Fenwick in 1973. ... sakura fishing rod6/14/2012Joe Douglas  Q: perhaps it was a gift, a Sakura fishing rod in Japan in 1959-60. It is unusual in that the handle ...   A: Rdo building in occupied Japan following WW II was a big part of their industrial recovery. Japan ... Martin automatic fish reel6/14/2012Robert Vermillion  Q: just wondering about a old martin fly reel .. This one is marked on the underside... Martin Novelty ...   A: Ken, for the most part Martin automatic fly reels don't generate too much value. They were low cost ... Nat Uslan rod6/12/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: Somehow I was not able to leave comments on rating page. Will do so after this response. We were ...   A: John, It is mostly observable visual information. People think a missing guide still makes their ... Paul Hightower6/12/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: My Dad Elmer Bohannan worked with a man named Paul Hightower at(I think) the Phillips rod company ...   A: Dan, Yes it is Hightower. Well I do not know about a wooden leg, that sounds like it might be folk ... Vernley fly rod6/11/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I have a Vernley bamboo fly rod that is in excellent condition. It is approx. 7.5 feet long. I do ...   A: Most likely a Horrocks-Ibbotson rod, Vernley is the model name. Vernley should be written on the ... Bass in deep water6/11/2012Mark Rimmer  Q: how are you doing? I have been fishing at lake that is very deep and very clear. We have been having ...   A: Good morning "C"! Cool question! I lived in Chesapeake Bay for a few years as a boy and have ... Montague 1FLF Flash Fly Rod6/10/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I recently purchased a Montague 1FLF 9 foot "Flash Fly" rod. 4 sections total which includes an ...   A: Montague made the Flash model from the 1930s-1950s initially as a lower middle range rod and later ... Vintage Bamboo flyrod South Bend6/9/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: I come across a bamboo flyrod made in the US by South Bend. it has 47-9' HCH or C marking. It's in ...   A: Hussam, The model #47 appeared in the latter 1930s and continued into the 1950s. If it has the ... Beaverkill WW1 to 19296/9/2012Joe Douglas  Q: PS according to HI information and based on the trout decale my rod was made in the above eara and ...   A: I suspect it is a late 1928-1929 rod that sold in the 1930s...just a guess, but I'm thinking that ... Beaverkill trout decale rod6/9/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I have several questions for you :) Bought this old rod and four others in a Royal Stream rod caddy ...   A: H-I used the trout decal from 1923-1929 which helps date the rod. The beaverkill model doesn't ... fishing rod6/9/2012Joe Douglas  Q: Could you tell me anything about this pole . year, value ,ect. Horrocks ibbotson Flounder utica ny ...   A: This is a fiberglass boat rod made by H-I for saltwater fishing. The "Flounder" is probably the ... mohawk6/6/2012Robert Vermillion  Q: I recently found a Mohawk 10ft rod # 3491 horrocks ibbopson made in udican, NY. It is a bait cast ...   A: Paul I would think your rod is a post WWII surf fishing rod based on the 10 ft length and its made ... tomkin fly rod bamboo6/6/2012Joe Douglas  Q: i have one bamboo tonkin fly rod 4 peice two diff tip lenght the signatur is beaver how much is ...   A: Two of the mass production shops, Montague and Horrocks-Ibbotson, made models with the word Beaver ... Fishing Waterdogs6/6/2012Mark Rimmer  Q: I would like to try to fish with some water dogs i saw some at a local bait shop and was wondering ...   A: Sorry for the delay in the answer to your question but I'm on the road in Texas and just fished Lake ... 9'-6" 3piece bamboo Divine Standard Trout bamboo fly rod6/5/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: I would like to know the approximate value of a 9'-6" 3pc Divine Standard Trout bamboo fly rod. ...   A: Dwight, Serial number of R is 1927 "Varnish is melted some leaving bag marks." unfortunately means ... Identified Nat Uslan fly rod6/5/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: I am about to sell my Nat Uslan 9 ft. 5 1/2 oz. Challenger fly rod bamboo Tonkin cane. #101051 ...   A: John, Nat Uslan produced two distinct series of five-strip rods; the Deluxe model with a resin ... Fishing hooks and fish6/4/2012Jack Gaither  Q: Please answer this for us, If a fish swallows hook, and breaks the line, Will it die, or does it ...   A: Steve, The answer to that is "it depends". I know that isn't exactly what you wanted so I will try ... J. C. Higgins fly fishing rod6/3/2012Robert Vermillion  Q: I just bought a J. c. Higgins fly fishing rod. It metal and as the rod is extended the links appear ...   A: Richard, JC Higgins is the name for Sears line of fishing tackle. Sears didn't make their tackle, ... bamboo fishing rod6/3/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I have a, Montague-Redwing 1RWF Medium 9ft. Trout Fly Slit-Bamboo Rod. It appears to have never been ...   A: The Redwing is one of the better Montague models made from the 1930s through the 1950s. The reel ... fishing gear6/2/2012Robert Vermillion  Q: I'm looking to sell some fishing gear and wonder if you would be interested in any of it. I have a ...   A: Mary I collect fishing lure specifically. Your fishing tackle was high volume lower cost in its ... direction of eyelets6/1/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I found What I beleive to be an old steel and brass pole, except the eyelets are in the same ...   A: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "in the same direction as the pole". Do you mean the ... Selling a South Bend Bamboo Fly Rod No 3596/1/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: I have inherited my grandfather's South Bend Bamboo Fly Rod No 359, as described in a previous ...   A: Gary, For free put it on Clark's Classic bamboo rod -classified forums ... Diamond Edge bamboo rod5/31/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: I have an old bamboo fly rod with the trademark: a diamond shape with the initials DE and an arrow ...   A: Theresa, Diamond Edge rods were sold by Shapleigh Hardware in St. Louis. They probably did not ... Sears an Roebuck fishing rod5/29/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I have a 5ft. fiberglass fishing rod from Sears an Roebuck model no. 535-300331. It has wire guides ...   A: Sorry, I do not have specification s on that particular Sears model number. Most of the older ... old martin fly reel5/28/2012Robert Vermillion  Q: I have an old martin aut" fish reel made by mohauk co. N.Y. it also has a date of 1832. and a NO.2 ...   A: Earl you have a Martin started making fishing reels in 1884, they are still making automatics ... Action Rod5/27/2012Joe Douglas  Q: Joe I have a fiberglass rod made by Actionrod Hastings,Mich. U.S.A. It was my Dads and I found ...   A: I do not have my reference book handy right now, but if I recall correctly...this rod was made by ... value of fly fishing poles5/26/2012Joe Douglas  Q: Mr. Douglas I have a South Bend HEH or E 177-8 1/2 in good condition w/ another additional top ...   A: The South Bend #177 is a trout rod(circa 1942) that sold for $12.50 new. The HEH or E equates to a ... Ike Walton rod5/25/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: I have a five foot Ike Walton fiberglass 1 piece rod it still has all the guides and even the ...   A: Earl, I am a bamboo fly rod man ,one reason is fiberglass just isn't collected like bamboo. I have ... noodling texas virgin waters5/25/2012Mark Rimmer  Q: so, you think you wanna noodle do ya. ive got 20+ years and willing too teach the dos and donts .. ...   A: Hey ya Jake, Nope, never said anything about wantin' to do any noodlin'! All y'all can keep that ... bamboo fly rod question5/24/2012Joe Douglas  Q: I have a bamboo fly rod that I want to remove the old handle to either fix it or change it ...   A: It is probable that the glue holding your handle in place has dried out and allowed it to loosen and ... everest deep sea rod5/24/2012Mark Rimmer  Q: came across a really nice old everest heavy bamboo fishing rod with brass eyes and fittings, cant ...   A: I have seen and repaired a few Everest Split Cane rods. While I have not fished the rods, they ... River5/22/2012Mark Rimmer  Q: I recently moved to Saskatoon, Canada. There is a big river here(The South Saskatchewan), and ...   A: While I have not fished in Canada yet, I am looking forward to doing so in the future! I was able ... Bamboo rod purchase5/21/2012Rich Mac McGaughey  Q: I had a question about a bamboo rod I am looking to purchase. I have been fly fishing for a number ...   A: Rob, Orvis may have never made a bad rod but they did make some that were less than popular. I would ... Page:   Prev  |   9  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  | 14 

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