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Postby Cleirach » Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:19 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertPpr comittee4/4/2016Delton Krueger  Q: We have a very vocal minister, sometimes it comes across as pouty or judgemental. We as a pprc are ...   A: Renee: Sorry to be slow on this. There are many difficult things going on at your church and they ... committee on nominations3/7/2016Delton Krueger  Q: Does the chair of the Committee on Nominations have veto power over nominees?   A: David: This precise issue is not addressed in Paragraph 258.1 of the 2012-2016 Book of Discipline of ... Immediate family on same committee10/11/2015Carl Fuglein  Q: The questions comes up at meetings that people from the same family can not serve on the same ...   A: The only committee that I'm sure of is the SPR. The only other prohibition I found was that two ... Communion8/31/2015Carl Fuglein  Q: Mr. Fuglein: We need clarity regarding the Sacrament of Holy Communion in the United Methodist ...   A: I have not looked this up in the Book of Discipline, but these answers are based on my experience in ... Communion8/31/2015The Rev. William E. Olewiler  Q: Rev. Olewiler: We need clarity regarding the Sacrament of Holy Communion in the United Methodist ...   A: Greetings from Jacksonville, FL, where we had 1 1/2 inches of rain in an hour and a half yesterday. ... Communion8/31/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: Rev. Neal: We need clarity regarding the Sacrament of Holy Communion in the United Methodist Church. ...   A: 1. The Communion elements may NOT be pre-consecrated by a LLP or Elder for later reception when they ... Creation week and the 7th day8/24/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: I read with great interest you comments on the UMC and Sunday/ Sabbath. I am however confused. If ...   A: Debra, I'm sorry if my responses have left you confused. You are correct that the Sabbath Law(the ... Laity8/12/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: First is a lay leader automatic a member of the board of trustees. My second questions; can the lay ...   A: According to the 2012 Book of Discipline, Paragraph 251c, the Lay Leader is automatically and by ... Creeds8/6/2015Carl Fuglein  Q: Our sort of new pastor does not use the Nicene Creed or Apostles creed each Sunday. Instead she puts ...   A: ALL new pastors want to try new things, it's in a pastor's DNA. There is nothing that says you have ... umc communion8/2/2015The Rev. William E. Olewiler  Q: our pastor forgot to read from the hymnal prior to communion he just had the ushers pass out ...   A: Our United Methodist denomination recognizes the full service of the Lord's Supper, as it appears in ... SPR getting "sense of the congregation"8/2/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: In several answers you have members should not be "polled" about the pastor. I'm curious as to why ...   A: Polling doesn't really provide an accurate picture of the attitude of the congregation. Firstly, the ... Financial Secretary7/30/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: Should the Financial Secretary be a member of the Administrative Board or Church Council?   A: The 2012 Book of Discipline, at paragraph 252(5), lists those who should automatically be included ... Church Council meetings7/27/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: Can regular United Methodist Church members attend church council/administrative council meetings ? ...   A: With the exception of the Staff-Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, all Boards and Committees of the ... council7/15/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: what role does a council member at large play.My wife and I had just been voted on to be council ...   A: At-Large Members of the Church Council are considered "general" members. They have voice and vote ... conflict in a small church continued7/15/2015Delton Krueger  Q: I wanted to thank you because I previously submitted a question on 02/14/2015 regarding our church ...   A: Erica: A pastor is not a member of a congregation. The pastor is a member of the Annual Conference. ... parsonage7/15/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: Our church is considering selling our parsonage. We understand how to get permission but cannot ...   A: Monies from the sale of a parsonage should be expended to support the housing needs of pastoral ... pulpit bylaws6/6/2015Carl Fuglein  Q: Is it proper for a pastor to allow another pastor or lay person to fill the pulpit, as a guest ...   A: Yes. Normally it is up to the pastor's discretion. Most pastors I know would allow this. I've ... voting6/2/2015Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: what are the vote requirements for moving services from one facility to another when a merger has ...   A: I'm not sure I understand the question. Has a merger occurred between two churches, with one church ... LGBT3/31/2015The Rev. William E. Olewiler  Q: I know the official statements of the church in regards to not letting LGBT people be pastors and so ...   A: The answer to your questions appears in the United Methodist Book of Resolutions. Resolution 2041 ... District Superintendent Authority3/17/2015The Rev. William E. Olewiler  Q: Olewiler - Last year the Committee on Buildings and Locations came to our church to request several ...   A: Since the United Methodist Church uses appointed, not called, pastors, the Bishop, working through ... Church Council vs. Trustees3/10/2015Delton Krueger  Q: Can the local church council override a decision made by the trustees?   A: Larry: In my opinion, the church council can over ride a trustees decision since the Trustees are ... conflict in a smail church2/14/2015Delton Krueger  Q: Good evening, I attend a small family UMC church. My grandfather along with family helped to build ...   A: Erica: Your request is among the more difficult that I have received. Here is what I suggest. 1. ... Replacing a member of the SPPRC who resigned2/7/2015The Rev. William E. Olewiler  Q: How do I replace a member of the SPPRC who just resigned? We are interviewing persons for a church ...   A: Paragraph 250 of the United Methodist Discipline(2012) answers your question. If a leader elected ... Ash Wednesday2/5/2015The Rev. William E. Olewiler  Q: I was confused recently when our D.S. invited us to an Ash Wednesday 11:00 a.m. service and then to ...   A: Ash Wednesday begins Lent, which at its origin was "a period of fasting and preparation for baptism ... Trustee Responsibility2/3/2015Carl Fuglein  Q: The Methodist 2013 Discipline says the following(I added the notes in parens): ¶ 2533. Board of ...   A: This is my opinion. Please note that I am NOT a lawyer. My opinion is based on 35+ years ... sppr special meeting10/10/2014Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: Good Morning, As chairperson of sppr our pastor is out on vacation and our charge conference is in ...   A: In order for your SPR to meet and the meeting be valid according to the Discipline you will need to ... Closed meetings10/5/2014The Rev. William E. Olewiler  Q: Rev. Ole silver, My pastor has weekly closed meetings with 12 members of the Church ...   A: As you are correctly aware, all official meetings of a local United Methodist church, except SPRC, ... Lay leaders9/28/2014Delton Krueger  Q: Does the lay leader in a Methodist Church have to be a member of such church? Or can the lay leader ...   A: Lynette: The Lay Leader in a church must be a member of the congregation as I understand church ... Broad of trustees terms for chairmanship9/26/2014Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: This is my first year serving on the trustee board we want our chairman to continue to serve , he ...   A: If the Charge Conference appoints this individual to the Board of Trustees for another year then he ... Chairman board of trustees9/26/2014Carl Fuglein  Q: I am serving my first term on my churches board of trustees, my question is can our chairman stay on ...   A: Autumn - it's Matthew 18:15-17 about conflict resolution. Hi Autumn, Thanks for ... The Book of Life9/21/2014Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: What is the Methodist Doctrine's definition and beliefs of "The Book of Life"?   A: The United Methodist Church has no specific doctrine speaking to "The Book of Life." The Biblical ... Pastor as Chair9/5/2014Carl Fuglein  Q: I would like ask you, though, to review your answer regarding the chair of the SPPRC in a previous ...   A: John - You're right. I obviously misread the question. Let me look some more. Don't go away. ... PPR Comm. Rules9/3/2014Carl Fuglein  Q: Is it appropriate for the PPR Chairperson to present the Pastors salary recommendations from the ...   A: Yes, this is the proper procedure See Paragraph 252.4.d in the 2012 Book of Discipline. Here is ... SPRC chair8/27/2014Carl Fuglein  Q: How should the SPRC chair be elected. Can the person be appointed by the pastor from membership of ...   A: The Book of Discipline 2012 states specifically in ¶258 1. c) on page 191: "The pastor shall be the ... requirements of a UMC member8/21/2014Delton Krueger  Q: If there is enough seating, is it okay for my family to attend church services when we have no ...   A: John You certainly should feel at ease in attending church services. If you are contributing ... Election of Lay leader and Church Council Chairperson8/15/2014Delton Krueger  Q: Our Church Council is conflicted over the election of its Lay leader and Church Council Chairperson. ...   A: Fred: 1. I believe that the Charge Conference can make such decisions if there is no clear ... Communion7/10/2014Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: Should or can the blessed elements be consumed after the service as if they are a snack? Children ...   A: It's a good one. It is VERY proper for children in the congregation to be given the left over bread ... Pastor's Compensation Package6/30/2014Delton Krueger  Q: Peace and Blessings Our Pastor has a reimbursement fund in his total package. Are there ...   A: Samuel: My understanding is that if there are no written restrictions the pastor is free to use the ... Church Council structure6/11/2014Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: Please tell me the fomat of the Council structuring as to who serves on that council & what ...   A: A church may adjust names and elements of the structure for their own use, however the Book of ... Flat Jesus ? What is it?6/8/2014Rev. Gregory S. Neal  Q: Rev. Neal, Our associate Pastor has been using this term to describe Jesus and I asked her what it ...   A: The only "Flat Jesus" I've ever heard of is a paper cut-out doll of Jesus that some people carry ... Page:  


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