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Postby jolie95 » Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:45 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertgeneral message on virtual voicemail5/3/2016Merry Schiff  Q: I'm in california. My Dad is in England. My dad and I are very close and its important to me that a ...   A: Best thing is to talk to hospital's HIPAA Compliance officer. Perhaps they can give you a designated ... Health Care Billing and Privacy8/4/2015Merry Schiff  Q: I'm a college student and in need of birth control. My family has health insurance, however my ...   A: If there is,a,drug benefit plan they could find out. But here is an idea. Go to the Dr for the exam. ... Sale of a clinic and pt. records4/24/2014Merry Schiff  Q: My employer just recently sold one of his three physical therapy clinics to another therapy clinic ...   A: I don't usually answer professional questions here. For that, go to medicalbillinglive.com. Great ... medical equipment3/3/2013Angela Roberts  Q: We have a medical equipment request that insurance denied saying it is experimental/investigational. ...   A: My expertise is not great in durable medical equipment but I will tell you how I would handle this. ... Patient files6/28/2012Merry Schiff  Q: Merry, I bought the contents of a storage unit a few months ago. Part of the content was several ...   A: hmm, how old are the records? Medical records must be kept for 6 years but you need to see if your ... Billing Errors6/17/2012Angela Roberts  Q: Ma'am, I need your help. Please could you amplify your perspective,"I know when ...   A: Good morning Arjun! When a DR/hospital or other medical provider agrees to be what is called ... finance charges billed by private practice4/10/2011Angela Roberts  Q: I had a medical bill from a gastroenterology practice for $900 and because my insurance deductible ...   A: I apologize for my delay in responding to your question. I am currently dealing with my 26 year old ... Medical information that is stored on providers databace6/15/2010Angela Roberts  Q: I would like to know if I can request/force a medical provider, specifically a lab called Ameritox ...   A: I do not think that you can force them to do this. It does surprise me that you have read on there ... CT scan results3/19/2010Merry Schiff  Q: I recently had a Ct scan performed by a health care organization. Several days after the tests were ...   A: You have a right to get it from them under HIPAA law but your state may have laws that are more ... medical bills2/21/2010Angela Roberts  Q: I would like to know if I can be held responsible for medical bills that my mother incurred during ...   A: First let me say that I am so sorry to hear of your loss. To the best of my knowledge, no you ... Billing Ultrasound2/12/2010Angela Roberts  Q: I am a sonographer who will be offering in office ultrasound services to physicians and a ...   A: As far as I know there would not be any obstacles to provide these services. The medical biller ... Medicaid5/9/2009Angela Roberts  Q: My question is: Does a person, a retiree, who is an American citizen and does not receive social ...   A: Medicaid is a state program and that would vary depending on the state that this person resides in. ... medical history - adoptee2/5/2009Merry Schiff  Q: My birth father died early(63 yrs old) I want to know the cause of death and his health history. ...   A: I am very aware as to what you asked but it is the health information about your father who is ... Different charges for same service1/14/2009Angela Roberts  Q: Is it legal to charge one insurance a different rate than other insurances? CPT 99213(E&M code) I ...   A: Wayne: The CPT code that you referred to is exactly what tells the computer what to charge for the ... Changing proceedure codes- HIPPA11/11/2008Merry Schiff  Q: I have a dental plan(Careington)and I was given a plan rate sheet that lists each discounted ...   A: This is not a HIPAA issue. A root canal should not be listed under a mis. code. If the dentist does ... hippa violation?10/26/2008Merry Schiff  Q: My 11 month old grandson recently passed away after a minor surgery. My daughter had sole custody of ...   A: I am so saddened to hear about the death of your grandchild. My heart goes out to you. My instant ... life support9/13/2008Angela Roberts  Q: i was my mothers emergency contact when she went for knee surgery.I was notified my mother had taken ...   A: First let me tell you how sorry I am to hear of your loss. I myself have had to deal with the death ... Photograph5/10/2008Merry Schiff  Q: Recently the Veterans Administration hospital took a digital photo of me to provide me with a new VA ...   A: As long as this information is not shared with others who do not have rights, then it should be ok. ... hipaa policy5/4/2008Merry Schiff  Q: 1.are there requirements for covered entities to have written privacy policies ,if so what has to be ...   A: Yes on both questions but much too much information to write here. I would suggest that you visit ... HIPPA & Job Coach4/29/2008Merry Schiff  Q: A person with a disability was hired to be a housekeeper at a HIPPA privacy rule covered ...   A: The housekeeper is an employee of the covered entity. She must be trained on the organizations ... OB/GYN Surgeon Billing3/29/2008Angela Roberts  Q: I currently started working for a farely new medical billing firm and we have a meeting on Tuesday ...   A: I apologize for the delay as I have a very ill mother that I have had to care for. I do realize ... problem with pharmacist1/17/2008Merry Schiff  Q: The last time I went to K-mart pharmacy where my husband and I have had our prescriptions filled for ...   A: Connie http://www.dhs.state.il.us/OneNetLibrary/ 27897/documents/Forms/IL444-4798.pdf copy and ... passing out during procedure10/25/2007Merry Schiff  Q: My husband passed out after having a procedure done at a doctor's office and the nurse walked with ...   A: Yes, it is a violation. I would suggest that you write a letter to the medical provider; put ... Billing10/16/2007Angela Roberts  Q: i recently took my child to the local ER for stitches. Days later someone called for Insurance ...   A: You should normally get two separate bills. Alot of times the ER DR is sub contracted and not ... My private information needed for out-of-state stepson preauthorization?9/28/2007Angela Roberts  Q: This may sound naive, but my husband's ex is insisting that SHE needs my date of birth + SSN to give ...   A: BCBS has member ID numbers....I would give her that number. It usually has a three alpha prefix and ... Medical Records9/11/2007Angela Roberts  Q: I actually have 2 questions please. I had a nuclear stress test last wk. at a cardiologist here in ...   A: I am assuming that your DR called and got pre-authorization which is not a guarantee of payment. ... health coverage8/14/2007Angela Roberts  Q: o Hi-I have bcbs hmo- my husband and i pay into it ourselves.Id like to know if ...   A: Linda: As long as you are able to pay your premiums they should not be able to drop you. Generally ... obtaining my medical records5/11/2007Angela Roberts  Q: I would like to know how to obtain my medical records from my physician who is now deceased. He is ...   A: Nicki: I am not really sure about this. The first thing that comes to mind is to contact the ... birth control4/3/2007Angela Roberts  Q: Im 16 years old and i want to be on birth control but without my mother knowing it so how do i get ...   A: What state are you in. I am not sure about other states but I do know that in Tennessee you can go ... "Incident To" medical billing6/3/2006Angela Roberts  Q: In 'incident to billing,' if the non-physician provider's collabrating doctor is not present, but a ...   A: Michelle: I have done medical billing in an office envoirnment for multiple doctors. I always ... how to write a consent form for photographed patients?4/24/2006Angela Roberts  Q: I'm a dermatologist, I need to formulate a consent form for my patients to sign before I take ...   A: These recommendations are not intended to be legal advice. Essential Elements of Informed Consent ... prescriptions privacy9/20/2001lewis lorton  Q: Mr Lorton, Thank you for taking my question. Have you heard about the company called ensys(sp), the ...   A: There is a new federal privacy regulation that derives from a public Law called the Health Insurance ... Public access to TB control reporting9/9/2001lewis lorton  Q: I am trying to locate a person that has or has had active Tuberculosis within the last month. Is ...   A: It is not clear whether you are trying to find a specific person who developed active TB or any ... Medical Records and Privacy11/5/2000lewis lorton  Q: I am preparing a debate on privacy issues. I have done a lot of research. I have been trying to ...   A: Bennett Bill never got to a vote. His follow-on bill was much more oriented towards business ... Copy Of Medical File11/1/2000lewis lorton  Q: I had laser surgery on my eyes. I am having problems and I am not happy with the dr who did the ...   A: If your question is:"Do I have a right to a copy of this file?" the answer is a resounding yes. I ... minor privacy10/25/2000lewis lorton  Q: my question to you is this. I took my daught, age 14, to the health dept. to see if she was sexually ...   A: This question is not really in the realm of the privacy of medical data but falls under the 'rights' ... Leaving Drs surgery8/20/2000lewis lorton  Q: In 1990 I attended psychiatric o/p for a breakdown,since then my Dr has treated me as if I am a time ...   A: It seems from your statements that you are not living in the US thus much of the issue has to do ... how to easily obtain all my moms info7/30/2000lewis lorton  Q: I would like my moms new hospital to have all her charts and previous info in their bank for them to ...   A: My strategy to get this done as easily as possible is: 1) have your mother sign as document ... 1971 pre-natal care3/21/2000lewis lorton  Q: I learned information last night about family history that I`m needing some answers to. What ...   A: This is a link to an article on diethylstilbestrol. That MAY be the drug to which you were exposed. ... Page:  

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