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Postby Emlyn » Wed May 25, 2016 10:06 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertMy answering machine and Digital Phone service11/6/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: My phone answering machine does not answer calls with TIME WARNER digital phone service. I assume ...   A: I am not very familiar with this modem, however, i looked up the specs and it looks like the ... free web texting to 5 digits short code10/14/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: Is there a website where you can do free web texting to a mobile with a 5 digit short code? Also ...   A: This is outside of my expertise. I do not dwindle in the cellular realm much. I do know that there ...
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Postby Aldrik » Sat May 28, 2016 2:29 am

ing machine does not reliably pick up5/14/2009Michael Mistretta  Q: Some people have told me that when they call they get a fax signal rather than answering machine ...   A: The link you included is very useful, in fact, I would try those troubleshooting methods as ... confusion3/16/2009Michael Mistretta  Q: I m electronics & communication graduate , because I like my theoretical part of my studies , hate ...   A: I see that you are in Egypt, so the culture may differ a bit in expectations and requirements. In ... Station Services3/5/2009Michael Mistretta  Q: What is meant by Station Services? Are these the features you can access through your phone set?   A: station services, depending on the context, can mean many things... Can you provide an example of ... Placing Cable/Phone modem by wiring panel2/14/2009Michael Mistretta  Q: I have Time-Warner provided Internet & phone service, both of which begin with a TW provided ...   A: In my experience, 9/10 of the time, this is caused by a bad wire or connection. The cables are ... Adding a phone extension1/27/2009Michael Mistretta  Q: television and internet) by the cable company, but my notoriously frugal father-in-law didn't want ...   A: Comcast's mission was to provide internet phone service without causing the consumer to invest ... pabx12/28/2008Michael Mistretta  Q: I installed 8 line PABX in a house and it worked find, On the back there is a place to input a Door ...   A: You would have to check with the manufacturer of the door bell system. Typically, door bells will ... Home telephone problem9/20/2008Eric Miller  Q: We have a two story home. We have two phone lines(numbers). One bedroom(1st floor) is my office. ...   A: I would start with isolating lines 1 and 2 from the answering machine. Sometimes, answering ... answering machines for time warner phone service6/17/2008Eric Miller  Q: I was wondering if anything new has been developed so i could have my own answering machine and not ...   A: Unfortunately, technical advances of late have far outpaced the equipment needed to support it and ... panasonic kx-ta824 long distance time liminiter6/4/2008Eric Miller  Q: I am in Hawaii on Hawaiintelcom's network with a KX-TA824 pbx supporting KX-T7731 phones. when ...   A: While I'm not familiar with Panasonic PBX's, I can understand your issue. While first reading your ... Half rings and answering machine won't pick up4/8/2008Eric Miller  Q: I read your answer to another person who had this problem, but our trouble started after we went ...   A: First, let me apologize for not answering your question sooner. OK, I believe that there might be ... phone rings but cannot answer3/19/2008Eric Miller  Q: my phones in my house have no dial tones,but will ring on any incoming call.when i go to answer it ...   A: My apologies for not getting back to you in a timely manner. OK, you say your phones have no dial ... Can an answering machine do this?3/11/2008Eric Miller  Q: I run a non-profit BMX track and really need a special answering machine. I would like it to give ...   A: Unfortunately, there is not an answering machine currently on the market that is "smart" enough to ...
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Postby Aldo » Sat May 28, 2016 6:18 pm

ing Machine Doesn't Pick Up.2/16/2008Eric Miller  Q: It was just one evening around dinner time a call was coming through and the answering machine did ...   A: my apologies for not answering your question sooner. I've been a touch under the weather. Okay, ... panasonic kxtda6002/13/2008Eric Miller  Q: I'm not good writing in english but I need some help wiht a panasonic kx tda600, if you can do it ...   A: Well, I wish I could be of more help, but I have zero experience on anything Panasonic. I can tell ... cable/digital phone/internet from TimeWarner1/10/2008Eric Miller  Q: I'm rehabbing a house with all new wiring, include cable and phone. I'm planning on signing up with ...   A: Your situation is one that I'm sure many people run into when rehabbing older homes. With advances ... telecom question1/4/2008Eric Miller  Q: I am considering taking on a new client and would appreciate any color you can add to my current ...   A: If you could send me a link to the company's website, that would be useful. The more information I ...(re)configuring a phone jack1/2/2008Eric Miller  Q: I have two phone jacks installed near my computer. My computer is plugged into he "live" one. I'd ...   A: I probably should warn you before we get started that while connecting your phone jack to the same ... Digital Phone9/17/2007Eric Miller  Q: I work for a cable company who recently started offering digital phone service(not VOIP). As we ...   A: When you say you're offering digital phone service and not VoIP, I take that to mean broadband ... hi9/16/2007Eric Miller  Q: recently i have blocked a number of a caller who was harassing me and calling late at nite etc is ...   A: The answer to your questions are simple to understand but difficult to explain, but let me try. ... Newbie wiring tips9/13/2007Eric Miller  Q: So, since I'm the only one in my company with any IT experience, I'm charged with wiring the data ...   A: Any wiring job of more than a few cables has potential pitfalls and issues, which are compounded if ... Digital Phone8/21/2007Eric Miller  Q: I've been looking for a good deal on a speaker phone for my home office. I just purchased a Nortel ...   A: Unfortunately, I have bad news. The Nortel phone you have is indeed made for a digital PBX/key ...
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Postby Rockwell » Mon May 30, 2016 4:19 am

ing machine picks up for no reason9/19/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: Brian was unable to answer in any form, so I am hoping you might have an idea what is wrong with my ...   A: This is a very difficult question to answer. I can list a few things it may be, but without being ... key systems vs PBX9/15/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: how the key system is used to make an outbound call and how it is used to handle the inbound calls?? ...   A: Key systems are typically a system that has multiple analog telephone lines plugged into it. They ... Key telephone system7/27/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: we have a key system in our office with 7 lines and we're currently experiencing static in one of ...   A: This is all too common an issue. Unfortunately, the only way to find out, is tediously and manually ... Phone jack question6/1/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: i am trying to hook up my computer for internet access in my room i have phone jacks in the room but ...   A: I apologize for the delay, I have been out of town on project and am catching up now. If you have a ... Forward a call and clear the line?5/25/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: How can I forward a phone call and receive another call? How can I receive a phone call from a call ...   A: If I understand correctly, you want to be able to forward an answered call? Is this correct? If ... answering machine3/22/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: standalone machine will will not connect outgoing calls.have dial tone.lets you dial # then goes ...   A: Before attempting to answer your question, i want to make sure i understand tis correctly. There is ... Small Business Telephone including an 800 number1/6/2010Michael Mistretta  Q: I run a small business. I do some TV advertising that is heavily reliant on specific easy to ...   A: I am not sure what location of the country you are in to answer your question in full. Different ... connectivity11/5/2009Michael Mistretta  Q: i asked this of the other expert on the 26th, and am on my second resend. i've heard nothing. if ...   A: So the only thing new here is the cable that is connecting your laptop to the modem. Is it a ... Digital Modems8/17/2009Michael Mistretta  Q: I read some of your other answers and think you can easily resolve my dilemma. In summary, we're ...   A: My aplogies for the delayed response. You can absolutely move it yourself. They are most likely ... very small traditional telephones6/14/2009Michael Mistretta  Q: Here's a really oddball telephone question that I'm hoping you can answer. Way back in the 1980s(or ...   A: Interesting that you ask this question when I myself just switched to an voice over internet analog ...
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Postby Ofydd » Mon May 30, 2016 10:56 pm

ing Machine and Fax Reception8/20/2007Eric Miller  Q: I just got a second digital line from Time Warner- and can't get the fax(which has an integral ...   A: Sounds like there is a problem with Time Warner not being able to support ringing voltage and not ... Standalone answer machine7/21/2007Eric Miller  Q: I realised that in the past you've dealt with an issue similar to one I am about discuss with you ...   A: For an answering machine to work, it needs to see "ringing voltage" from the service provider(i.e. ... answering machine not working w/digital phone6/11/2007Eric Miller  Q: .just got digital phone service w/time warner cable & it's been a nightmare from start. anyway, the ...   A: The problem lies with not with your answering machine, but with your new digital phone service. For ... Cell Phones5/20/2007Eric Miller  Q: When is a cell phone considered "roaming"? Is it already roaming if it is turned on? or is it only ...   A: Sorry for taking so long to answer your question, my email was down. A roaming cell phone usually ... Technology.4/25/2007Eric Miller  Q: I would like to know what are the new and current technologies used in voice, data and video ...   A: My apologies for taking so long to answer your question. Perhaps the latest and greatest in ... Need Phone Jack By Computer4/10/2007Eric Miller  Q: This may be a long shot, but I'll give it a try. I have cable broadband internet access and would ...   A: To my knowledge, and please correct me if I am wrong, you don't need a phone jack for Vonage. It ... Bell Canada patent2/27/2007Eric Miller  Q: Bell Canada has filed Patent Application 2,540,276(filed 20 March 2006). How do I find out more ...   A: My first inclination was to try the US Patent and Trademark Office website. I tried looking up your ... Page:  


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