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Workers Compensation Law Discussion


Postby Sped » Tue May 17, 2016 6:28 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertKnee injury at work, out of work no income3/29/2014Margot RN BScN GNCquestion11/12/2013Nancy Wallace11/1/2013Nancy Wallace17% perment disability10/20/2013Nancy Wallace regarding P&S rating10/16/2013Nancy Wallace10/16/2013Margot RN BScN GNCrepetitive injury?9/24/2013Nancy Wallaceworkman's comp9/23/2013Nancy WallacePermanent work status9/16/2013Margot RN BScN GNCPermanent work status9/16/2013Nancy Wallace8/28/2013Nancy WallaceCompressed Disk on Cervical Cord8/24/2013Nancy WallaceChronic Back Pain8/19/2013Nancy WallaceI don't Know What To DO....Im going to lose my job.....Please Help!6/13/2013Nancy WallaceLight Duty hours6/13/2013Nancy WallaceFiling for reconsideration of summary rating from DEU5/6/2013Nancy WallaceQme report3/30/2013Nancy WallaceMy CA Workmans Comp Claim2/5/2013Nancy Wallacequestion about QME report1/27/2013Nancy WallaceAfter Permanent Disability1/13/2013Nancy WallaceNew Findings / MSA Process11/24/2012Nancy Wallacecarpal tunnel and fractured hip10/9/2012Nancy WallaceWorkmans comp claim9/28/2012Nancy WallaceSettlement8/23/2012Nancy WallaceMedi care set aside8/6/2012Nancy WallaceWorkmans Comp7/11/2012Margot RN BScN GNCWork Comp and Uneployment6/20/2012Nancy WallaceWorkers Comp Attorney6/7/2012Nancy Wallacedoc does P & S for my arm, not knee5/15/2012Nancy Wallacepaid while going to dr.'s visits5/5/2012Nancy Wallaceworkers comp case12/1/2011Nancy Wallacewhole person impairment question - CALIF11/21/2011Nancy WallaceSettlement?11/4/2011Nancy Wallaceworkers comp settlement in n.y.9/13/2011Nancy WallaceModified work pay8/18/2011Nancy WallaceDominant wrist and disability8/8/2011Nancy WallaceWorkers comp injury8/2/2011Nancy Wallaceworkers comp7/18/2011Nancy WallacePermanent Disability Status for a wrist injury in California7/5/2011Nancy Wallaceon the job injury6/28/2011Nancy WallaceWorkers comp6/22/2011James Saylorworkmans comp settlement5/10/2011Margot RN BScN GNCstress related to job5/3/2011Nancy Wallaceworkers comp4/7/2011James SaylorFell and broke hip while working4/6/2011Nancy Wallacepast injury3/30/2011Nancy WallaceWorkers Comp and Health Insurance3/22/2011Nancy Wallacebenefits3/1/2011Nancy Wallacecarpal tunnel cash out2/20/2011Nancy WallacePermenant/Stationary whole person1/31/2011Nancy WallaceWork comp1/19/2011Margot RN BScN GNCHurt twice, need info please1/16/2011Margot RN BScN GNCworkers comp1/13/2011Margot RN BScN GNCworkers compensation1/4/2011James SaylorDr. Appt. coverage12/24/2010Nancy Wallaceno treatment for injury pending claim12/20/2010Nancy WallaceCA workers comp claim denied12/15/2010Nancy Wallacehelp12/6/2010James Saylorcortisone shot12/2/2010James Saylorwork related injury12/1/2010James Saylorworkmen's comp and disbility11/26/2010James SaylorSettlement Negotations and/or arbitration11/19/2010James SaylorCA Workers Comp Benefit Checks Late(TTD)11/13/2010Nancy Wallacehurt on job but independent contractor11/11/2010Nancy WallaceOn the Job Injury/Laid Off11/9/2010Nancy Wallacework injury11/8/2010James Saylormodified work11/3/2010James Saylorwork comp claim proceeding so slowly10/30/2010Nancy Wallacelower back injury10/21/2010James Saylorlight duty10/18/2010Nancy WallaceMaximum Medical Improvement9/28/2010Nancy Wallacework injury9/25/2010Margot RN BScN GNCnotice stopping temporary compensation9/20/2010Nancy WallaceCompany is taking step against me9/15/2010James Saylorl slipped face 1st in work while carrying an empty bread tray9/12/2010James SaylorIME/Workers comp8/21/2010James Saylorlaid off8/5/2010Nancy WallaceSSD & Workers Compensation Benefits7/13/2010Nancy Wallaceback injury6/30/2010James SaylorWorkers Comp & Medicare Settlement6/15/2010Nancy Wallaceworkers comp. employer giving me severance pak6/14/2010Nancy WallaceMissouri workmans comp6/11/2010Nancy WallaceMassachusetts Teacher: fired while on workman's compensation6/6/2010Nancy Wallaceworkmans comp5/30/2010Margot RN BScN GNCWorkman's Comp in the State of Texas5/28/2010Nancy WallaceModified duty5/17/2010Nancy Wallaceworkers compensation light duty hours4/16/2010Nancy Wallaceworkers comp4/15/2010James Saylorfracture big toe4/8/2010Margot RN BScN GNCInjury at work4/7/2010Nancy WallaceInsurer refusing to initiate future medical CC&R3/25/2010Nancy WallaceMade P&S3/13/2010Nancy Wallaceworkers comp indiana3/12/2010Nancy WallaceSettlements3/9/2010James Saylorcuriosity3/6/2010Nancy Wallaceworkers comp2/28/2010Nancy Wallacefell @ work2/22/2010Margot RN BScN GNC Workers' Compensation claim2/21/2010Nancy Wallaceworkers comp claim2/9/2010Nancy WallaceWork Comp & FLMA2/8/2010Nancy WallaceBack2/5/2010Margot RN BScN GNCworks comp injury2/2/2010Margot RN BScN GNCworkmans comp and fmla2/2/2010Nancy WallaceCan your senority expire while on Worker's Comp2/1/2010Margot RN BScN GNCjob after injury at work1/27/2010Margot RN BScN GNCfired1/24/2010Margot RN BScN GNCSettlement of W/C1/20/2010Nancy Wallacesuing w-c1/9/2010Nancy WallaceShoulder injury1/2/2010Nancy Wallacereturning to work12/22/2009Nancy Wallacegrip test12/20/2009Nancy Wallaceissues at work12/8/2009James Saylorworkmans comp.12/8/2009James Saylorcalif. workers comp claim12/5/2009Nancy Wallacework comp11/17/2009James SaylorCalif. Workers Comp. Settlement11/17/2009Nancy Wallaceform11711/16/2009Nancy WallaceLet go bc of attendance from work injury11/15/2009Nancy WallaceHurt at mcdonalds.11/10/2009Nancy Wallaceworkers compensation10/26/2009James SaylorFired10/24/2009Nancy Wallacework comp10/21/2009Nancy WallaceWorkmans comp during 90day probation and company benefits10/14/2009Nancy WallaceCompromise and Release Settlement and Medicare9/27/2009James Saylordenial letter9/21/2009James Saylorinjury pay9/3/2009James Saylorworkman's comp9/2/2009Margot RN BScN GNChurt at work8/29/2009Margot RN BScN GNCWorkmans comp injury8/29/2009Margot RN BScN GNCWorkers Comp statue of limitations8/26/2009Margot RN BScN GNCold claims8/24/2009James SaylorIME Doctor's8/17/2009Margot RN BScN GNCCurrent work injury/ Light Duty8/17/2009James SaylorOn the job back injury 20 years ago7/10/2009James SaylorWORKERS COMP. V. FMLA7/3/2009Margot RN BScN GNCHurt at work7/3/2009Margot RN BScN GNCWorkman's Comp and FMLA6/23/2009Josh Myers2 opinion6/18/2009Margot RN BScN GNCwill using priviate insurance hurt my claim?6/14/2009Margot RN BScN GNCemployee injured6/13/2009Margot RN BScN GNCForce to return to work from IME6/8/2009Josh Myersworkers comp say they wont pay6/3/2009Josh MyersFamily Workers6/2/2009Margot RN BScN GNCWork injury5/20/2009Josh Myersquestion about workers comp/light duty5/10/2009James SaylorWork when Dr says No4/9/2009Josh Myersworkmans comp injury3/16/2009Josh MyersInsurance3/13/2009Josh Myersi hurt my neck at work. they denied my claim3/13/2009James SaylorI feel harassed3/6/2009Josh Myersworkers insurance claim2/20/2009James SaylorWorker's Compensation2/12/2009James SaylorMy sister1/27/2009James SaylorWorker's Rights / Compensation1/21/2009Josh Myershurt on the job1/21/2009James SaylorWorkmans compensation vs FMLA1/16/2009Josh Myersworkmans compensation1/4/2009Josh Myersleg injury12/31/2008Josh Myersinjured and fired same day11/27/2008James Saylorold back injury11/25/2008Josh MyersWorkers Comp Claim11/23/2008Josh MyersWorker compensation in Michigan11/18/2008James Saylorhurt at work11/15/2008Margot RN BScN GNCWorkers Comp11/6/2008James SaylorWorker's Compensation in Missouri10/31/2008James SaylorWorkers Compensation10/23/2008James Saylorfired while out on a workmans comp injury10/8/2008James Saylorhusband died while in a company truck9/29/2008Margot RN BScN GNCwho pays for the doctor?9/10/2008Margot RN BScN GNC180 Day Termination Due To Work-Related Injury.9/6/2008Margot RN BScN GNCCan company fire you when on Workman Comp8/27/2008Margot RN BScN GNCwokerman in texas8/25/2008Margot RN BScN GNCworkman comp8/12/2008Margot RN BScN GNCjob8/6/2008James Saylorhurt my back hip pain in hip lhigh and leg8/5/2008Margot RN BScN GNCregister short7/29/2008Margot RN BScN GNCW/C AND THE CONTRACTED EMPLOYEE7/20/2008James SaylorPossible Future Disability Issue7/20/2008James SaylorWORKERS COMP6/29/2008James SaylorDon't know what to do.6/25/2008James Saylorwork comp and returning to work6/24/2008James SaylorWorkmans Compensation6/23/2008Margot RN BScN GNCworkmans comp vs. FMLA6/12/2008James Saylorafter workmans comp6/11/2008James SaylorNJ Workmans Compensation6/4/2008Margot RN BScN GNCprobation period6/4/2008James Saylorgetting paid for doctor appointments6/2/2008Margot RN BScN GNCneuropathy6/2/2008James Saylorhurt at work5/31/2008James Saylorinjured workers rights4/10/2008James SaylorComp in PA4/9/2008Margot RN BScN GNCWCB and loss of life3/16/2008Margot RN BScN GNCCOLLECTIONS AND W/C BILLING3/4/2008James SaylorWho is responsible for for the W.C. Benefits Pensylvania , Texax or Florida3/3/2008James SaylorCan I file a lawsuit2/22/2008Margot RN BScN GNCwork injury2/15/2008James Saylorinjury at work2/15/2008Margot RN BScN GNCNJ workman compensation2/13/2008James SaylorWhat can I do now?2/13/2008Margot RN BScN GNC1988 injury2/12/2008James Saylorhurt at work2/9/2008Margot RN BScN GNCheat exhaustion/ no air conditioner/ truck driver2/6/2008James SaylorL-O-N-G, HARD Road!2/2/2008James Saylorcan a previous injury be claimed again?1/22/2008Margot RN BScN GNCWork comp knee injury settlement Wisconsin1/16/2008Margot RN BScN GNChurt on job fired next day1/11/2008Margot RN BScN GNCLayoff1/6/2008James Saylorworkmans comp12/30/2007Margot RN BScN GNCworkers compensation12/28/2007Margot RN BScN GNCWorkmen's Comp/Light Duty12/12/2007Margot RN BScN GNCSETTLEMENT LETTER12/6/2007Margot RN BScN GNCworkmans comp question12/3/2007Margot RN BScN GNCworkmans comp11/26/2007Margot RN BScN GNCWould this be unlawful termination?11/26/2007Margot RN BScN GNCI got injured and fired!11/13/2007Margot RN BScN GNCwork comp and disability11/6/2007James Saylorquestion about light duty11/3/2007James Saylorworkers comp claim or let it go?10/30/2007Margot RN BScN GNCBack Injury10/24/2007Margot RN BScN GNCfired because of injury10/16/2007Margot RN BScN GNCFired for getting injured at work10/7/2007Margot RN BScN GNChurt my back9/26/2007Margot RN BScN GNCWC--TN9/20/2007Margot RN BScN GNCBack injury(Severe)9/10/2007Margot RN BScN GNCWork Hours9/9/2007Margot RN BScN GNCworkmans compensation injury8/22/2007Margot RN BScN GNCtermination during workers comp claim8/9/2007Margot RN BScN GNCBack Injury7/25/2007Margot RN BScN GNCSlip and Fall at work7/25/2007Margot RN BScN GNCWORKER'S COMP QUEST7/17/2007Margot RN BScN GNCWhen can i file a claim?7/13/2007James Saylor2nd on the job back injury7/11/2007James SaylorHandicap parking7/2/2007James SaylorWorkmens Compensation7/1/2007James Sayloremployees workman's comp claims are not being paid6/28/2007James Saylorworkmans comp6/25/2007James Saylorworkman comp claim6/24/2007James SaylorWorkman's Comp6/19/2007James Saylorworkmans comp6/12/2007James Saylormultiple injuries what can I expect6/3/2007James Saylorsending injured worker out of state 2nd opinion6/3/2007Margot RN BScN GNCWorkmans Comp Wrist Injury5/24/2007Margot RN BScN GNCInjured @16 W/C Settlement5/24/2007James Saylorinjured while volunteering(firefighter)5/13/2007Margot RN BScN GNCi need some advise please5/7/2007Margot RN BScN GNCemployee termination under WC4/11/2007James SaylorTransfer of Care Details4/8/2007Margot RN BScN GNCHave you heard about how well legal nurse consultants do?4/7/2007Margot RN BScN GNCworker comp3/28/2007Margot RN BScN GNCLoss of job3/20/2007Margot RN BScN GNChave trouble getting workman's comp to pay3/17/2007James SaylorW/C question3/16/2007James Saylorany kind of payment on missed days due to injury right away3/12/2007Margot RN BScN GNCquestion2/25/2007Margot RN BScN GNCUsing The System2/7/2007James SaylorRibs2/7/2007Margot RN BScN GNCBack Injury1/27/2007James SaylorComp Case1/23/2007Margot RN BScN GNCheartattack1/1/2007James SaylorWorkers Comp//Heart attack12/28/2006James Saylorworkers comp. award/taxes12/28/2006Margot RN BScN GNCHello12/8/2006Margot RN BScN GNCpast workmans comp issue11/29/2006Margot RN BScN GNCworkmans comp11/18/2006James SaylorWC Award11/6/2006James SaylorPA Worker's Compensation11/3/2006James Saylorworkers comp11/1/2006James SaylorWORKERS COMP FINAL SETTLEMENT10/26/2006James SaylorTermination for Job Abandonment10/20/2006Margot RN BScN GNCis it time to get WC lawyer10/13/2006Margot RN BScN GNCNeed help with workmanscomp10/10/2006James SaylorRN case manager for workman's comp insurance10/10/2006Margot RN BScN GNCBack to work?10/3/2006James Saylorinjured lifting patients9/27/2006Margot RN BScN GNCStress9/26/2006Margot RN BScN GNCwork comp retailation9/24/2006James Saylorworkmans comp9/21/2006Margot RN BScN GNCWC Peer Review9/14/2006Margot RN BScN GNCHealth insurance and 401K9/10/2006Margot RN BScN GNCCA Work Comp Defense QME P & S8/28/2006Margot RN BScN GNCNeck Injury8/26/2006Margot RN BScN GNCworkman's compensation8/26/2006Margot RN BScN GNChurt from years of lifting8/21/2006James SaylorPA workers compensation law re: use of sick time7/25/2006Margot RN BScN GNCFiring due to injury pre-90 days?7/24/2006Margot RN BScN GNCLiability7/4/2006Margot RN BScN GNCcevical spinal injury6/22/2006Margot RN BScN GNCback injury6/20/2006Margot RN BScN GNCWorker's Comp. and Job6/19/2006Margot RN BScN GNCInjured Again?5/29/2006James SaylorInjury at work5/18/2006Margot RN BScN GNCHI, IM A DENTIST AND WORKING...5/16/2006Margot RN BScN GNCBank injury/attorney/no insurance4/12/2006James Saylorcontusion3/12/2006Margot RN BScN GNCFederal Taxes on W/C settlements2/13/2006Margot RN BScN GNCRelocating1/29/2006James SaylorDo I have a cause for action in a layoff from a company two years ago?1/25/2006Margot RN BScN GNCPay for PTO when leaving a company1/16/2006Margot RN BScN GNCGettin Cooperation from WC1/7/2006Margot RN BScN GNCinformation my boss needs on my injury1/2/2006Margot RN BScN GNCclosing case12/28/2005Margot RN BScN GNClegal or illegal employer rules12/17/2005Margot RN BScN GNChurt at work12/13/2005Margot RN BScN GNCBACK INJURY12/3/2005Margot RN BScN GNCWorkmenscomp injury at work12/2/2005James Saylortermination laws while under doctors care10/26/2005James SaylorIs case closed?10/17/2005James SaylorLAY OFF AFTER INJURY10/5/2005James Saylorhi, recently a friend of mine...9/29/2005Margot RN BScN GNCWhat are my options-hurt on job?9/22/2005Margot RN BScN GNCbeing paid for time off9/17/2005Margot RN BScN GNCwork appeal9/8/2005James SaylorCOMP NEGOTIATION8/25/2005Margot RN BScN GNCemployee safety at work7/29/2005Margot RN BScN GNCWorkers Compensation7/27/2005James SaylorWorkman's Comp and disability6/12/2005Margot RN BScN GNCTermination on worker's comp?5/17/2005Margot RN BScN GNCWork related injury4/22/2005Margot RN BScN GNCSettlement?4/13/2005James SaylorBack Injury on the Job???4/13/2005James SaylorBack Injury on the Job???4/13/2005Margot RN BScN GNCinjury and disability3/25/2005James Saylorcan spouse3/4/2005Margot RN BScN GNCW/C with Dis. Pension3/4/2005Margot RN BScN GNCtime card adjusting in california2/19/2005Margot RN BScN GNCcomp in PA2/13/2005Margot RN BScN GNCSettlement letter?2/12/2005Margot RN BScN GNCIME2/12/2005Margot RN BScN GNCIME2/4/2005James SaylorRe:fear1/24/2005Margot RN BScN GNCFiring Attorney1/21/2005Margot RN BScN GNCmarried or living together1/19/2005Margot RN BScN GNCTrial11/29/2004Margot RN BScN GNCWorkers compensation11/15/2004Margot RN BScN GNCjudgement6/16/2003J. Carlos Foxcan you have outside sales force investigated without their knowledge5/7/2003J. Carlos FoxPage:  Most Recent   |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9   |   Oldest
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