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Postby Haviv » Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:47 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertDining table and chairs11/4/2014robert klein  Q: I bought this dining set from a woman who said her family had it for generations. I'm wondering when ...   A: this was made in the USA in the 1910-20s. By whom we cannot know since there were about 5000 ... Antique Vanity11/4/2014robert klein  Q: Klein, I recently acquired an antique vanity/dresser set from an older gentleman who mentioned it ...   A: without a label there is no way anyone can determine the manufacturer from the 5000 in operation in ... Antique Mirror11/4/2014robert klein  Q: I recently came across this antique mirror. There aren't any identifying marks in the back to refer ...   A: i dont normally do mirrors but this one i recognize having worked on some. it is 1910-20. the ... Wernicke Bookcase Date - Picture Uploaded11/3/2014robert klein  Q: Greetings - I have uploaded a picture, as suggested, to assist in answering this inquiry. Thanks ...   A: you have the older ones like i have in my house. the numbers you asked about are case numbers and ... Kittinger 211/3/2014George E. Harrison III  Q: I inherited two items that appear to be Kittinger reproductions. Can you give me any information and ...   A: With Kittinger furniture the condition of the finish is of paramount importance. I am not able to ... Kittinger11/3/2014George E. Harrison III  Q: I inherited two items that appear to be Kittinger reproductions. Can you give me any information and ...   A: Your Kittinger Bachelors Chest appears to have uneven color issues with the drawers being different ... Grandmothers bedroom set11/3/2014robert klein  Q: My father recently brought over a bedroom set that belonged to his parents. It was painted white ...   A: i know how much work you have put into this and the vanity looks fantastic!!!! I have always said ... To oil or not11/2/2014robert klein  Q: I have a wardrobe that has been in a barn with birds nesting on it for over 100 years. I now ...   A: Generally I will not answer questions without a picture of the item being discussed but this is too ... Vintage China Cabnet11/2/2014robert klein  Q: I acquired this china cabinet afew days ago was told probably from the 50s am thinking alittle older ...   A: it is from the 1920s. if there is no label there is no way to determine the manufacturer from the ... Kittinger end table/bedside table11/2/2014George E. Harrison III  Q: I purchased a small table at a flea market with intentions of refurbishing it. However, on the ...   A: To be honest with you, the table does not have a level of interest with todays buyers of Kittinger ... Antique dresser identification10/31/2014robert klein  Q: I recently bought an antique dresser from a private seller. I would love to get some more ...   A: made in oak and oak veneers around 1900. golden oak period. if the mirror, mirror frame(wood ... Antique Hexagon Table10/29/2014robert klein  Q: Robert, We believe this table has been in the family for about 60 years and it might have come from ...   A: these were actually sold in the 1920s as end tables and as lamp tables. Today of course they have ... Antique Walnut Bookcase/Cabinet10/28/2014robert klein  Q: We purchased this large walnut bookcase/cabinet recently. It measures 111.5" tall, 81" wide, and ...   A: very nice. to help i will need lots of pictures to my email as attachments to one email. cell phone ... authentic Jacobian window seat/sofa?10/28/2014robert klein  Q: For reasons that that this piece speaks to me, I'm convinced that this is an original Jacobean ...   A: send multiple pictures as attachments to one email to my email address. right side up please, front ... antique desk10/27/2014robert klein  Q: I would like to know the style and year for this compact desk and retail value. The finish was ...   A: Federal style desk. probably mahogany veneer under the paint. made around 1920-40. as shown it ... sending requested pictures10/24/2014robert klein  Q: I appreciate your answers! attached please find the collages of all the pieces of the bedroom set.   A: i will list the mirrors separate as the value for a mirror alone is higher that if priced with the ... Furniture Manufacturers10/23/2014robert klein  Q: I am looking for the names and locations of furniture manufacturers in 1890-1910 in Minnesota. My ...   A: There were thousands of furniture manufacturers in operation during that time. About 5,000 in the ... Chest of Drawers10/22/2014robert klein  Q: I have had this chest of drawers made for M Friedman and Co. I obtained it in 1983 from an antique ...   A: Friedman was a furniture reseller and did not manufacturer furniture so we will never know who ... Saginaw Furniture Shops Secretary Hutch10/21/2014robert klein  Q: I have a secretary/hutch made by the Saginaw Furniture Shops and I would love any information ...   A: These were sold in the 1910-1920s as secretaries by most companies. other companies called them ... Circa 1850-ish Mahogany Armchair ?10/21/2014robert klein  Q: Mr. Klein, We acquired this chair from an elderly neighbor who passed away. She acquired it many ...   A: i need to see a very close picture of the wood so I can see the grain, might have to do it from the ... Follow-up pics for Antique Inlaid Mahogany Curved Front Buffet10/20/2014robert klein  Q: Hope you had a great weekend! Please find attached pics you have requested for the inlaid mahogany ...   A: The lock marking shows that it is a Lever lock, that is a type of lock. i see more of them from ... Vintage Bedroom set10/19/2014robert klein  Q: "Hello, we have a vintage bedroom set which we have been told is mahogany or birds-eye maple. There ...   A: not birds eye maple. mahogany veneer. called bees wing mahogany due to the grain in the headboard. ... Vintage Clock and table10/19/2014robert klein  Q: We have a few pieces of vintage furniture passed down from the family but we will be moving and will ...   A: it could be a date it was worked on. that would be common. the picture of the clock is not so ... carved eagle & crest table or bench10/16/2014robert klein  Q: Found the item in the photo recently. Not sure if it is a table or bench. Also, would like to know ...   A: all I can tell you about this is it was made in the 70s to commemorate the 200 year celebration of ... Antique dining room table/chairs10/15/2014robert klein  Q: I am thinking of buying this dining room set, table and 4 chairs. They are in poor condition, but ...   A: from the 1920-30s. if you have to have it refinished the investment will exceed the market value. ... Kittinger Coffee Table10/15/2014George E. Harrison III  Q: I recently purchased a Kittinger Coffee Table wit pull out sides at an estate sale in Shreveport ...   A: Your coffee table was most likely made in the 1960's. While Kittinger is very fine furniture not ... vintage dining table10/11/2014robert klein  Q: I’ve purchased this table, with 4 chairs. The ends of the table pull out, for a leaf that unfolds, ...   A: it is from the 1920s and is colonial revival in style. as to manufacturer, there were 5000 in ... E.F. Caldwell Andirons10/10/2014robert klein  Q: I would like to know about these andirons. I believe they are by E.F. Caldwell, but are they? What ...   A: Usually I would reject a question about things other than furniture but these deserve a public ... Dresser10/9/2014robert klein  Q: I was given this dresser a number of years ago and I'm was wondering where is is from how old and ...   A: this is a sideboard from a dining room in oak. made round 1890-1910 where made is impossible to ... Peck & Hill Bedroom Ser10/9/2014robert klein  Q: I am trying to determine the style of this furniture. I am doing a 1930's bedroom and want to make ...   A: this style is called colonial revival and is from 1910-20. be careful, this would have been walnut ... table, chairs and sideboard10/9/2014robert klein  Q: I have 4 chairs in hepplewhite style that match the 10 leg table(5 pairs) the table has 2 leafsI ...   A: the pieces a mix of hepplewhite and sheraton styles, are of the 1920s vintage. retail in a good ... Dining Table10/6/2014robert klein  Q: This dining table was purchased at a garage sale and it has a label on it that says "Imperial Grand ...   A: do you have the rest of the leaves? As shown it would have a 1500$ retail price. insurance value ... Antique Rocking Chair10/6/2014robert klein  Q: I would like to know more about this Rocking Chair. I would like to know the following; Style, Age, ...   A: use the follow up function and post a picture of the bottom of the seat. it is a boston style ... Weiman hall table10/6/2014robert klein  Q: I recently purchased a Weiman table for $50 from a garage sale. As shown in the pictures, it was ...   A: "Weiman Furniture Company, 2578 Eleventh Street, 1940. The Weiman Company to Rockford in 1935 from ... Secretary Desk10/3/2014robert klein  Q: My mother [95] has a family piece that she'd like to know something about if possible, i.e. age and ...   A: Use the followup function and post a picture of the outside of a drawer where the side meets the ... Buffet / sideboard10/3/2014robert klein  Q: I would like to know the age, style and value of my sideboard, please. Large doors on front open to ...   A: use the followup function and 1. post a picture of the outside of the side of the top center ... Armoire Worth10/3/2014robert klein  Q: I have a question on the worth of an armoire. It was purchased from a very old neighbor. There is ...   A: This is called a linen press. In mahogany. should have either half front drawers or shelving ... Wood type and age9/30/2014robert klein  Q: I bought this piece the past weekend. I think the wood in the center of the doors is walnut but I ...   A: I need to see the outside of the side of one drawer where the side meets the front to help with age. ... Queen Anne Kittinger desk9/28/2014robert klein  Q: I inherited the above desk from my mother in law, it was gifted to me in her will.I was going to ...   A: The desk is a Jacobean style kneehole desk. I am going to guess here that the dimensions are as ... Antique sideboard - china cabinet - server9/28/2014robert klein  Q: Mr Klein, I appreciate the time taking my question. I was wandering if you could give me an idea of ...   A: It is a Victorian piece in style and time around 1870-80 very high quality. These usually hand ... Page:   Prev  |   6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  | 11 

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