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Postby Mateo » Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:04 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertGr Douglas 40 cal11/24/2015Charles Gage  Q: Good evening. My question pertains to what this rifle could be, and what its potential worth is. ...   A: Yes, your rifle is a muzzle loading black powder .40 cal. rifle. It looks to be a Hawken model, but ... Interarms Whitwoth rifle11/19/2015Charles Gage  Q: I have a Interarms Whitworh .375 H&H mag rifle and I need the rear mounting screw for the action to ...   A: I have searched and come up with a couple of possibilities. If your rifle says Manchester England on ... Tula M91/30 PU sniper rifle11/4/2015Charles Gage  Q: What value would you put on this rifle and do you know of or have an opinion of one bought from ...   A: I see you have a Mosin. I have collected several myself. They are very fun, and accurate, too. ... Rifle11/1/2015Charles Gage  Q: I am looking at a Fabrique Natonial d"armes De Guerre Herstal Belgique model 49 8mm rifle with a ...   A: The FN Model 49 was manufactured a little late for use in WWII. The 1st order went out to Venezuela, ... .22cal brownie derringer mossberg10/29/2015Charles Gage  Q: where can I go on the internet to find parts like extractor rod,grips...?   A: You have a neat little pistol there. It was manufactured sometime between 1919 and 1932. The ... 16 Gauge Shotgun10/10/2015Charles Gage  Q: Mr.Gage, In hopes you may assist in identifying the manufacturer of an older 16 gauge side by ...   A: I believe your shotgun is a Stevens 311, manufactured for Sears, Roebuck and Co. as a Ranger 400. ... Ruger mini 1410/6/2015GCH  Q: The stock I put on my mini 14 required for removal of the rear peep sight. So therefore I put ...   A: As you know, the Mini 14 is a utility, rather than a precision rifle. Once a precision rifle is set ... Cleaning10/6/2015Doug Little  Q: I have a nickel colt python that belonged to my dad, and he had it wrapped up in an old t-shirt for ...   A: John, I would purchase a bottle of a product called "Breakfree CLP". The CLP stands for "clean, ... Iver Johnson revolver9/19/2015Charles Gage  Q: Mr. Gage, I have an Iver Johnson Cadet Mod.55-SA in .38 S&W. On the top it says Patent Pending and ...   A: Your revolver is either a Variation 1 manufactured 1963-74, or a Variation 2 manufactured from ... Buying a gun9/18/2015Michael T.  Q: *(I wrote this part after I finished..I just wanted to say that, before you get scared, MOST of this ...   A: The process of purchasing a firearm online goes like this: 1. Find the firearm you want from a FFL ... certified Cresent 410 with 12 1/4 " barrel9/17/2015Michael T.  Q: After my father passed I have the above gun. He owned it all his life. I was told it is illegal to ...   A: Because the barrel length is less than 18 inches, it is considered a short barrel shotgun and must ... iver johnson revolver9/14/2015Charles Gage  Q: I'm looking for info on a Iver Johnson top break pistol. It is a 6 shot double top post. One piece ...   A: According to the serial number on your revolver, it is an Iver Johnson Safety Hammer Third Model ...
concerning handgun9/14/2015Mark Schmidt  Q: I believe that you would be able to easily answer this(these, rather'?), questions, if you don't ...   A: Mike...the background check is an instant check done over the phone by the FFL dealer. I live in PA, ... Mauser semi-auto pistol9/13/2015Charles Gage  Q: On the left side Waffenfabrik Mauser A G Obendorf a N.Mauser Patent 10839 Mauser ...   A: There are four models of this pistol. Each had their different details, which identify the model. If ... Iver Johnson Hammerless 32cal9/12/2015Charles Gage  Q: On top of barrel various patents ending in 93,also Iver Johnson Cycle Works Fitchburg ...   A: There are two possibilities. It is either a ..1894 First Model Safety Automatic Hammerless.., or an ... Help identification and vague worth9/6/2015Charles Gage  Q: or where how old and how much ballpark this gun is, I know my mom has had it over 40yrs. It says ...   A: Your rifle was manufactured in 1967. You did not say if it is .22 long rifle or .22 short. However ... central arms 12 guage double9/1/2015Charles Gage  Q: I have the above weapon, but it needs repairing and a new stock. Where can I obtain a new stock and ...   A: Your firearm, not weapon, was manufactured by Crescent Firearms Co. between 1900 and 1930. It was ... Need information on a 300 mag8/22/2015Charles Gage  Q: MADE IN ENGLAND SAINT HUBERT CO. WASECA. MINN. 16719   A: Your rifle was an import from England, to a company called Herter's in Waseca, Minn.. Since it was ... IverJohnson .22 Target8/20/2015Charles Gage  Q: I recently inherited an old Iver Johnson .22 Target 8-shot revolver, Model 55, PAT. PEND. I'll ...   A: Your Model 55 was manufactured from 1955-57/58. The grips were a plastic type known as Tenite. Very ... essex rifle7/26/2015Charles Gage  Q: My dad has a rifle that we are trying to find some more information about. It has "ESSEX" and "22 ...   A: You rifle was most likely manufactured by J. Steven between 1900 and 1919. It may have been ... confusion7/23/2015Rick Gore  Q: .hope you can help..i have a question about stun guns. i am thinking to maybe get one, but on u ...   A: stun guns just shock and you have to get close to suspect and it does NOT incapacitate them. A ... IJ Supershot Sealed Eight 22lr7/12/2015Charles Gage  Q: I have the above revolver serial 71XX on the bottom of the trigger guard. I would say the pistol is ...   A: You are correct about the grip. It was a 'grip slip' I made. I do so much research on the .32 & .38 ... Iver Johnson .32 Third Model6/22/2015Charles Gage  Q: Mr. Gage, I believe what I have is a: .32(S&W smokeless, center fire) Iver Johnson safety ...   A: Yes, from the picture, you have a Third Model. However, my research shows that the F prefix was used ... Western Field SB-100B6/14/2015Charles Gage  Q: I saw one of your answers to a question about this shot gun. I have one given to me by my dad when I ...   A: I would recommend checking with Midway, USA. They have several of the best videos on this subject. ... holsters6/3/2015Mark Schmidt  Q: What would you recommend to put on WW2 holsters to preserve and protect them without affecting their ...   A: again Robert... First DO NOT USE saddle soap or anything containing neatsfoot oil, both of which ... Iver Johnson .38 Safty Hammerless # 11465/27/2015Charles Gage  Q: Trying to find out when was this made and what ammo it should use. I found the SN#. under the Pistol ...   A: Your Iver Johnson is a Second Model. These were manufactured from 1895-1908. There were ... Remington Rand 1911A15/26/2015Mark Schmidt  Q: Will any WW2 mag be original to my 1944 Remington Rand 1911A1 or is there a specific brand.   A: There are specific makers that collectors consider "correct" magazines for WWII Remington Rand ... 1911A1 holsters5/23/2015Mark Schmidt  Q: I have a Remington Rand 1944 1911A1 and could you tell me the correct original brand holster for ...   A: The first 1911 A1 pistol I owned was a Remington Rand that I bought 1972, along with a box of steel ... Wards Western Field 20 ga shotgun3/28/2015Charles Gage  Q: I have a Wards Western Field 20 ga shotgun. The numbers on the barrel are: 04M 215A0 GA.-2 3/4 IN. ...   A: Although Montgomery Wards sold shotguns, they did not manufacture them. Your WesternField was ... H&R 22 special3/25/2015Don Orem  Q: I came across a website earlier, which I can no longer find, where you could enter the serial number ...   A: .. there were many different H&R .22 revolvers manufactured by H&R. More than one model was marked ... Savage Fox and Bay State3/23/2015Charles Gage  Q: I am having a very difficult time finding out information about a double barrel shotgun and a single ...   A: According to the book "Savage & Stevens Arms Collector's Fourth Edition' by Jay Kimmel, your Savage ... Iver Johnson 383/3/2015Charles Gage  Q: I have an Iver Johnson 38 Serial # D56754 on trigger guard and under grip. It has a one piece wood ...   A: again Brian. Your IJ "May" be a post WWII Third Model Safety Hammerless Fourth Variation. The ... Iver Johnson revolver3/2/2015Charles Gage  Q: I have a Iver Johnson 38cal revolver. Serial # D56754 listed on the bottom of the trigger guard and ...   A: I could go by your serial number and tell you it was manufactured in 1913 as the Third Model ... Dating of an Iver Johnson2/28/2015Charles Gage  Q: Mr. Gage, I am helping an elderly lady repair and the identify her father's Iver Johnson Shotgun. ...   A: There were five different models of the Champion, manufactured by IJ. I need a little more ... Gunsmithing 2/27/2015Mark Schmidt  Q: I have a Smith and Wesson K-Frame revolver. I recently ordered a new main spring and rebound spring ...   A: I am really against people doing home gun smithing on revolvers.(I would never buy a used 1911 ... Iver Johnson pistol2/18/2015Charles Gage  Q: My dad handed down to me a 7 shot .22 Iver Johnson with a 6 in. barrel. On the bottom of the trigger ...   A: Your revolver is listed as a Third Model Safety Automatic. There were the First Model manufactured ... Classic Arms Snake Eyes Pistol2/17/2015Charles Gage  Q: My niece inherited this pistol from her father. It is missing the main spring on the left hand ...   A: Your firearm is still sold as a 'build-it-yourself' kit by Dixie Gun Works. You might try ordering a ... Iver-Johnson2/14/2015Charles Gage  Q: I now own a Iver-Johnson .38 cal. Top Break 5 shot. The numbers are all but worn off the top but the ...   A: From your serial number G85786, it is a hammer version known as the Second Model Third Variation, ... Iver Johnson Supershot Sealed Eight2/2/2015Charles Gage  Q: Can you give me any information concerning the Iver Johnson Supershot Sealed Eight with the serial ...   A: First, it was manufactured from 1932-1954. One of the most well balanced revolver in the IJ line. ... Imperial Metal Products,inc1/30/2015Mark Schmidt  Q: I have 22 cal.Imperial hand gun model 7. Original box My dad had it & bought it in 1969 at ...   A: Imperial Metal Products was a company in North Carolina that seems to have assembled several models ... Page:  


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