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Postby Baylee » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:37 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertAnesthesia9/16/2015Rex Russellnerve blocks9/7/2015Rex Russellfather-in-law on ventilator8/11/2015Charles T Porter Jr MDfather-in-law on ventilator8/11/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.Death from General Anesthesia8/10/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.Local anethesia and Asthama8/3/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.THC in blood during Anesthesiology8/3/2015JM Starkman, MDAtrail Tachucardia & Low BP before Fentanyl/Versed Colonoscopy7/18/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.Preoperative preparation7/11/2015Rex RussellLumbar Epidural Injection7/5/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.declining anesthesia care7/4/2015Dino Kattato MSNA CRNASedation and pregnancy7/1/2015Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAPregnancy and IV Sedation7/1/2015Arjav Shah, M.D.Pregnancy and IV Sedation7/1/2015Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPregnancy and IV sedation7/1/2015Rex RussellPregnant and sedation6/29/2015Charles T Porter Jr MDIV Sedation when pregnant6/29/2015JM Starkman, MDAnesthesia if pregnant(second trimester)6/23/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.Query5/5/2015Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAHelp ?3/25/2015Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNARash after Nerve Block3/24/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.PACEMAKER REPLACEMENT3/15/2015Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAAllergic reaction3/14/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.feeling of not being able to breathe after waking from surgery3/9/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.emla2/22/2015Charles T Porter Jr MDlidocaine2/22/2015Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAEpidural side effects following baby delivery2/6/2015Rex RussellPeripheral nerve block, arm surgery2/3/2015Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAspinal needle2/3/2015Rex RussellSurgery while taking Nardil1/31/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.Resistance to Lidocaine1/19/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.Sedation1/15/2015JM Starkman, MDspinal needle1/14/2015Rex Russellsurgery Thurs...1/14/2015Charles T Porter Jr MDRecommended Blood Patch1/7/2015Rex RussellAnesthetic Concerns of Upcoming Oral Surgery1/7/2015Ronald Levy, M.D.Blood Patch1/6/2015Rex RussellPost-Epidural / EBP 1/4/2015Rex RussellBlood Patch Complication?1/4/2015Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAConfused and scared about epidural experience12/29/2014Rex RussellRepeated general anasthesia on child12/17/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.General Anasthetic administered twice within 4 months12/17/2014JM Starkman, MDAnesthesia/mestinon12/1/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.anaesthesia education11/20/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.Fibromyalgia and reaction to succinylcholine11/12/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.spinal needle11/11/2014Rex RussellSeizure10/28/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural+propofol/versed10/20/2014Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAMAC with Versed versus General Anesthesia10/19/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.Can you tell me what this means?10/16/2014JM Starkman, MDnumbness after surgery10/15/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia in babies and sleep disturbances10/8/2014JM Starkman, MD14 month MRI10/3/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.age9/27/2014Rex RussellLocal anesthetic resistance, especially lidocaine and other -caine derivatives9/4/2014Rex Russelltopical anesthesics8/27/2014Rex RussellSupraglottic Airways8/18/2014Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAwareness during anaesthetic induction8/13/2014Charles T Porter Jr MDanesthesiology8/1/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.Complications of a nerve block7/26/2014Arjav Shah, M.D.Phentermine7/24/2014JM Starkman, MDGeneral anesthesia vs MAC7/24/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.question about general anesthesia7/12/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.Too long effects of anesthesia6/19/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.Colonoscopy6/16/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.Back pain / Spinal anesthesia follow-up query5/21/2014Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNARefusing premedication5/21/2014JM Starkman, MDBlood tests5/9/2014Rex RussellRecommendations for cubital tunnel release4/11/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.Becoming a CRNA with prior felony conviction4/10/2014Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia and cervical surgery3/19/2014Rex RussellTMJ3/6/2014JM Starkman, MDPre op considerations following SVT ablation2/11/2014JM Starkman, MDCareer path change and job outlook for CRNAs1/25/2014Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAnpo status1/22/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.taking two plus days to wake up from general anesthesia1/18/2014Ronald Levy, M.D.brain stem death1/17/2014JM Starkman, MDPre CRNA Inquiry1/14/2014Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsedation1/6/2014Rex RussellSedation12/23/2013Charles T Porter Jr MDanesthesia head cold12/22/2013JM Starkman, MDValium12/22/2013Charles T Porter Jr MDThe anesthesiast described genreal anesthesia to me it sounded so scary! Please help12/21/2013JM Starkman, MDThe anesthesiast explained general anesthesia to me it sounded so scary am more scared now! Plz help12/21/2013Rex RussellAnesthestist12/21/2013Charles T Porter Jr MDAnesthestist 'Job'12/20/2013Charles T Porter Jr MDDiazapam for Endoscopy12/19/2013Charles T Porter Jr MDGeneral Anaesthetic12/18/2013JM Starkman, MDDilaudid12/18/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.Petrified of going under general anesthesia, my first time please help12/14/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPetrified of going under genreal anesthesia please help.12/14/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Nerve block12/3/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPropofol before Endoscopy11/30/2013Charles T Porter Jr MDWaking from General: Panic Attack?11/29/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Topical Eye Anesthetic in Malignant Hyperthermia11/23/2013Charles T Porter Jr MDHaving a cold and getting a colonoscopy11/16/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.laparoscopic gallbladder surgery11/15/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Won't wake after 2wks use of sedatives11/6/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAWaking from Anesthesia11/5/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNANumbness and reduced sensation on penis and body after using benzocaine possibly overdose10/31/2013Rex RussellNumbness and reduced sensation after using benzocaine(possibly overdose and over absorption)10/31/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.side effects of spinal10/27/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.bad prior experience with anesthesia---facing more surgery10/17/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.endoscopy10/14/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAsedative10/14/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Propofol10/10/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNASleeping10/5/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Amnestic/Anxiolytic Drugs9/27/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Anaesthesia ignorance9/23/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Anxiolytic/Amnestic Drugs9/22/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Failed Spinal Anesthesia9/22/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Side effects of anesthesia9/16/2013Rex Russelldiagnostic nerve root block9/15/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAMuscle and joint pain9/14/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology Alleric reactions9/13/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Atypical Psuedocholinesterace9/9/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology9/4/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Career advise8/30/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia8/15/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Low HR/BP surgery date 7/31/138/3/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthetic psychosis8/1/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Using "pure" cocaine as a topical anesthetic?7/22/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAPost Anaesthetic Amnesia7/16/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Smoking7/13/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.IV Problems7/11/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.Anesthesia Fright7/11/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.College Education7/9/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNANerve Block for ACL Reconstruction6/30/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthetic options for colonoscopy6/29/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Alcohol6/28/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.POCD6/21/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Bloody ears after anesthesia6/20/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.operation on shoulder6/13/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.nitrous oxide5/24/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.ANESTHESIOLOGY FOR ELDERLY5/15/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Why is IV Tylenol used during some surgeries5/14/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.intubation for pediatric dental procedure5/7/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAnasal intubation in dentists office5/7/2013JM Starkman, MDPropofol5/5/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Propofol5/4/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.Propofol5/4/2013Rex Russellanaesthesia/5/4/2013JM Starkman, MDLife long issues getting properly numbed5/4/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.fast heart rate5/3/2013Rex RussellGeneral Anestetics4/29/2013JM Starkman, MDAnesthesia for upcoming surgery4/28/2013Rex RussellAnesthesia for upcoming surgery4/28/2013JM Starkman, MDPersonality Change4/23/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Is GA closest to coma?4/22/2013Rex Russellcervical epidural4/22/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAllergy to Versed, Propofol, & Fentanyl???4/21/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Sleeping Gas4/17/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural and platelet count4/15/2013JM Starkman, MDEpidural4/9/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Tummy tuck4/1/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.ICU Experience3/14/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAICU Experience3/14/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAMedicine3/8/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAeffects of general anaesthesia in infant3/6/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.Anti-nausea drugs and PD3/4/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.MSN vs. DNP to practice as CRNA2/28/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia and Elderly Impact2/28/2013Rex RussellCRNA2/27/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNApreparing for Hysterectomy2/18/2013JM Starkman, MDPost op joint and muscle pain starting after 7 days2/12/2013JM Starkman, MDswelling and pain2/11/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.bradycardia2/7/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.Anesthesiology and Government2/7/2013JM Starkman, MDBecoming an Anesthesiologist2/7/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia2/3/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAPropofol versed ugi endoscopy 14yr old1/31/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA School1/29/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAGeneral Anesthesia fear1/25/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.AP Classes?1/23/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural Complications1/20/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Flight Nurse1/19/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNACourses needed for Anesthesiologists1/18/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.sedation and driving1/15/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Vision Altered after surgery1/13/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.regarding anaesthisia1/12/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Safety of versedn Benedryl and Nardil combined for short upper cytoscopy1/11/2013JM Starkman, MDCortisone shot and GA1/10/2013Arjav Shah, M.D.siezure under anesthetic1/10/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Sore throat & swollen uvula following clavicle plate fixation surgery1/9/2013Rex Russellgeneral annethetic and pregnant1/8/2013Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsurgery1/8/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Can general anesthesia cause panic attacks/anxiety?1/8/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Ketamine - terrifying "K Hole" experience1/7/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia Time in Body1/4/2013JM Starkman, MDPotential thyroid issue and anesthesia1/4/2013Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAanesthesia for upcoming operation1/4/2013Ronald Levy, M.D.my anesthesiologist decieved me12/6/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.questions for school project12/5/2012Rex Russellanesthesia side effects12/3/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Anaesthetic reactions11/29/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.numbness11/28/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.What causes a patient not to wake up after being on Propofol in hospital11/22/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.LA and permanent brain and nerve injury11/21/2012JM Starkman, MDcopd and gallbladder removal11/20/2012Rex RussellWaking up from Propofol11/20/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Induced coma11/16/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Risk11/12/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Vision blurry after anesthesia11/11/2012JM Starkman, MDAnti anestetic?11/10/2012JM Starkman, MDHearing Loss following anesthesia11/5/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.declining colonoscopy sedation11/5/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAOn the right path?11/3/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.MRI PANIC and anesthesia10/26/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia resistance10/26/2012Rex RussellAnesthesia Log scribblings...10/24/2012JM Starkman, MDpost -op psycosis10/21/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNADEATHLY SCARED OF ANESTHESIA10/20/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.double inguinal hernia10/15/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.VERSED10/15/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.scared to death of anesthesia10/15/2012Rex RussellRE: General Anesthesia on Cholecystectomy10/13/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAANESTHESIA PHOBIA10/12/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNATERRIFIED OF ANESTHESIA10/11/2012JM Starkman, MDCRNA Supervision in Alabama10/5/2012Dino Kattato MSNA CRNABecoming an anesthesiologist10/4/2012JM Starkman, MDANESTHESIA PHOBIA10/2/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.High blood pressure after general anesthesia10/1/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Cardiac Arrhythmia and Anesthesia9/30/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Amnesia from Anesthesia9/30/2012Dino Kattato MSNA CRNACognitive deficits in seniors after general anesthesia9/30/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiologist or Anesthetist?9/27/2012JM Starkman, MDpermanent blurred vision following anesthesia9/21/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAparalysis after surgery9/17/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.AA and resistance to pain meds9/17/2012Rex Russellnerve block and rash9/14/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNApain in back neck9/6/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Spinal anesthesia9/6/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Bump on head after surgery9/4/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.How does the epinephrine in anesthetic work?8/30/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.laugh gas(nitrous)8/28/2012Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAlaughing gass8/28/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAnitrous8/28/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.laughing gas8/28/2012JM Starkman, MDlaughing gas8/28/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Post surgery- General Anaesthesia elimination from the body8/23/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Pre-Existing PTSD and general anesthesia8/14/2012Rex RussellSchool8/14/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.general anesthesia8/11/2012Rex Russellspinal or epidural8/10/2012Rex RussellMeaning and application of MAC8/7/2012Rex Russellanesthesiologist & dishonest behaviour8/4/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Tingling/Numbness after Tonsillectomy7/29/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.paralysed7/25/2012Rex Russellappropriate minimal/no "anesthesia"7/24/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Insulin pumps7/22/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.Majors7/18/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Hip revision7/18/2012JM Starkman, MDanesthesia gas7/17/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia concerns7/15/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Runny nose from anesthesia?7/14/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Awake during surgery?7/8/2012JM Starkman, MDAdvice7/7/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Not waking up after anaestetic7/6/2012JM Starkman, MDAm I too old? Please be frank - I can handle it7/3/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.SVT6/26/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.memory loss anesthesia6/25/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Spine fusion6/21/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.General Anesthesia with Surgery Concern.6/19/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.General vs. Regional Anesthesia6/13/2012Rex RussellResistance to Local Anesthesia6/11/2012Rex RussellSevere reaction to anesthesia from surgery6/10/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.question on Anesthesiologist6/8/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.Long term pain following epidural for hysterectomy.6/7/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Alternatives to opiates/synthetic opiates in general anesthesia6/6/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAcomplications of regional anesthesia6/6/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.Lasting effects of 4 doses of general anesthesia6/4/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Lidocaine resistance5/31/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.spinal block complications5/26/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural Injections - Who Performs The Procedure?5/24/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.Epidural Lower Back - Pinched Nerve/Disc Issues5/24/2012JM Starkman, MDEpidural Lower Back5/24/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Midaz and coma5/23/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia5/22/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNASurgery when a child has walking pneumonia5/20/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.conscious sedation5/20/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAhigh co2 upon completion of surgery5/18/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Seizure after Tonsillectomy5/17/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAlingering effects of propofol?5/15/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Versed/Midazolam5/14/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPlease help!! Surgery tomorrow!5/14/2012Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAGeneral Anesthesia and Low Blood Pressure5/10/2012Rex RussellVersed I think5/10/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.anesthesiologist 5/10/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Pregnant with PVC's/PAC's might need c-section5/9/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Blood pressure goes up when I receive aneshesia5/9/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA vs. Anesthesiologist5/8/2012Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAFailure to Numb5/8/2012Rex RussellInjection site in the Spine, paining5/7/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.Pain at the injection site in the Spine5/7/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Pain at the injection site5/7/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNABenzocaine 5/6/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNASedation in a dental office setting5/2/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Post- general anesthesia effects4/28/2012JM Starkman, MDanesthesia provider: nurse or physician?4/26/2012JM Starkman, MDLumbar Peritoneal Shunt4/22/2012Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAsurgery and COPD4/21/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.narcon during recovery4/17/2012Rex RussellLip Numb & Swollen after EGD4/17/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.gall bladder removal surgery with general anasthesia and TSH levels4/17/2012Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAConcerns about general anesthesia4/16/2012JM Starkman, MDrecovering from anesthesia4/13/2012Rex RussellAllergies to typical epidural cocktail medications4/13/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPC enzyme deficiency4/13/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.metabolic acidosis4/12/2012Dino Kattato MSNA CRNAApnea and surgery4/11/2012Rex RussellUsing Propofol in Lethal injection4/7/2012JM Starkman, MDReplace sodium thiopental with propofol4/7/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Hives day after GA4/5/2012JM Starkman, MDShivering after GA - every single time4/5/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.no food or beverage after midnight b4 surgery4/3/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.demerol3/29/2012JM Starkman, MDprocedures3/25/2012Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAeffects of eyesight in anisthetic3/25/2012Dr. Swatantra Mishraknee arthroscopy3/21/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.general anesthesia cardiac concerns3/19/2012Rex RussellBroken teeth during surgery/facial pain3/18/2012Dr. Swatantra MishraAnesthesia & chest congestion due to allergies3/16/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural and Harrington Rods3/15/2012Rex Russellfailure to wake after anesthesia3/14/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.]anesthesiology3/14/2012JM Starkman, MDStudent Interested in Anesthesiology3/5/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.gallbladder surgery under epidural3/1/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.sick after hysterectomy2/29/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.becoming a CRNA2/25/2012Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAconscious immobility post anesthesia2/20/2012JM Starkman, MDresistance to local numbing agents2/16/2012Rex Russellreaction following heart catheterization2/14/2012Dr. Swatantra MishraAnesthesiology for TURBT with NSVT arrhythmia2/5/2012JM Starkman, MDanathesia for colonostomy1/31/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.unable to breathe at onset of anesthesia1/31/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAIntraosseous Infusion1/30/2012Rex Russelldental anesthesiology1/25/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Muscle paralysis and weakness after surgery1/25/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.pseudocholinesterase dificiency1/24/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Rotator Cuff Surgery1/23/2012Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAAnesthetist1/22/2012Rex Russellfluid overload1/20/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Heart stopped under anesthesia1/20/2012Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAValium and versed1/19/2012Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAResistance to sedatives?1/18/2012Rex RussellIs it ok for me to get an assosiate's degree in Psychology to become an anesthesiologist?1/18/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Side Effects of General Anesthesia1/18/2012JM Starkman, MDSide Effects of General Anesthesia1/18/2012Rex RussellSide Effects of General Anesthesia1/18/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Surgery1/13/2012JM Starkman, MDUTMB Admission1/13/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Interested in a Career involving Anesthesiology1/11/2012Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNApoison1/11/2012JM Starkman, MDMortality risk under anesthesia1/8/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.post epidural pain1/6/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.pneumonia and anesthesia1/6/2012Arjav Shah, M.D.Critical Care Fellowship1/5/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.Dental Anesthesiologist1/3/2012Ronald Levy, M.D.drugs for colonoscopy1/2/2012Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNATOO MUCH ANESTHESIA12/30/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAepidural with beta blocker12/28/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Fear of General Anesthesia12/23/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.general anesthesia12/20/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNALumbar fusion surgery being postponed due to enlarged left side of heart and mitral valve prolapse12/17/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.General Anesthesia and Seizures12/16/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanxiety under anethesia12/16/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.GA for severe COPD and CHF 77yo Female12/14/2011Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAAnesthesia- coughing12/12/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAreaction after gerneral anesthesia12/10/2011Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAPropofol for EGD12/8/2011Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNA about anesthesia for orthognathic surgery.12/6/2011Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAGallbladder surgery and anesthesia12/5/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Gallbladder surgery and anesthesia12/5/2011Rex Russellanesthesiologist questions12/2/2011Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAAnasthesia12/1/2011Rex RussellInterview for school11/30/2011Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAUnder anesthesia for over 5 hours11/29/2011Rex RussellMaternal and fetal bradycardia after spinal anesthesia11/23/2011Rex RussellCRNA goal11/22/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia vs vertigo11/22/2011Rex RussellSurgery and MAOI's11/20/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Post Op Depression and Anxiety11/17/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedregional anesthesia11/16/2011Rex RussellRegional Anesthesia11/15/2011Jennifer Evans, MSN, CRNAEpidural11/10/2011Rex Russellschool11/9/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPropofol11/8/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedGeneral Anesthesia11/6/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.anesthesiology11/5/2011Rex Russellanesthesiology11/5/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.hives11/5/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedweird?!?11/3/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedThe path to becoming a consultant anaesthetist11/2/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedLumbar injections11/1/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedHistory of anesthesia and surgery11/1/2011Rex Russelltopical anesthetic for electrolysis?11/1/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basednight sweats10/29/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Blood Patch10/25/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK based about achieving my goal10/24/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAVertigo following anaesthesia10/24/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedSurgery after pneumonia10/23/2011Rex RussellSurgery after pneumonia10/23/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Anaesthesia after both recurrent laryngeal nerve injury10/21/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwho is managing my anesthesia?10/19/2011Rex RussellMAO Inhibitor(Nardil) and local anesthetic10/18/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.epidural10/17/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Egd/colonoscopy10/15/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.nursing after anesthesia10/11/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Overdosing Anesthesia10/9/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia side effect from low blood pressure and anemia10/6/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA hours10/4/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsurgery9/28/2011Rex RussellAnxiety & Anesthesia9/28/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.epidural vs spinal block9/25/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.What went wrong?9/23/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.sedation9/22/2011Rex RussellThallium needed before my surgery?9/20/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Breathing After Surgery9/20/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Is my dream realistic or not...9/19/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAepidural or blood patch complications after 8 weeks?9/16/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNACRNA application process9/16/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAWhat should I do?9/14/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Oral Surgeon issue9/13/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Develop a bump behind the head after waking up from general anaesthia9/10/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA9/6/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNANot able to have general anaesthesia9/6/2011Rex Russellsore throat and anesthesia9/5/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Laughing gas question9/5/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.LMA anesthesia vs. MAC for lacrimal surgery9/3/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.post heart surgery-loss of appetite, taste and smell of food repulsive9/1/2011Rex RussellSedation Tatooing8/30/2011Rex RussellAs a Nursing student, should I go for med school or a Nurse Anesthetist School?8/30/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.versed/fentanyl -toxic reaction from8/26/2011Rex RussellAnesthesia Reaction8/19/2011JM Starkman, MDwet tap8/18/2011Rex RussellIs it normal post-op reaction8/17/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNADuration of general anesthesia8/17/2011JM Starkman, MDHernia repair8/12/2011JM Starkman, MDPre-emptive analgesia8/9/2011JM Starkman, MDCRNA's Required to have a DNP or DNAP8/6/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAEndoscopy during/before pregnancy8/6/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAside-effects?8/5/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Is a LMA possible with MAC?8/4/2011Rex RussellIs a LMA possible with MAC?8/4/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.wanting to be an anesthesiologist8/3/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.In need of advice8/2/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Compazine reaction8/2/2011JM Starkman, MDI have interest in becoming an Anesthesiologist7/30/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.anestheia and depression7/30/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Intermediate Metabolizer for CYP4502D67/29/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.General7/28/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNATrying to put the pieces together7/27/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.preop sedation question7/26/2011JM Starkman, MDslow heart rate drop after anesthetic7/23/2011JM Starkman, MDScared of Anesthesia upcoming surgery7/23/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.vein injections7/23/2011Rex Russellwithdrawing consent after sedation given7/21/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAmodified consent for anesthesia7/20/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.pain after epidural7/20/2011Rex RussellSide Effects of General Anesthesia7/16/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Bad response to Versed / Better plan for future procedures7/16/2011JM Starkman, MDArm numbness after surgery7/15/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAdesflurane induced liver toxicity7/15/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Versed7/14/2011Rex RussellWhat route should I take?7/13/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Allergy to anesthesia7/12/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAelevation of blood pressure during general aneasthesia7/12/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.colonoscopy/anesthesia7/10/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAHigh Spinal7/10/2011Rex Russellamnesia drug7/9/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Spinal Block7/6/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia when someone has had previous reactions7/6/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.What courses should i take?7/5/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.What courses should i take?7/5/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.general anesthesias compatible with Nardil7/4/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Malignant hyperthermia and heat illness7/3/2011Rex RussellPulse during anesthesia7/2/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Dental anesthetic resistance6/29/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.Clozaril and anesthesia6/28/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Education6/28/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia6/28/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNALung Failure after routine surgery6/27/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAEpidural complications6/27/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Long term neurological effects of anesthesia6/26/2011Rex RussellNovasure Procedure6/24/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.General Anesthetic in early pregnancy6/24/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAChronic cough6/21/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Dental Surgery6/21/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.anaesthesia6/21/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK baseddropping BP and pulse in PAR6/20/2011Rex Russellcrna anesthesia without anesthesiologist supervision6/18/2011Arjav Shah, M.D.vtiamin supplements prior to surgery6/15/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology6/14/2011Rex RussellAnaesthesia induced stuttering6/8/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedday surgery with nardil6/7/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.gallstone surgery for stroke patient6/6/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedgallstone surgery for stroke patient6/6/2011Rex Russellgeneral anesthesia after Ischemic stroke6/4/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAgeneral anesthesia after Ischemic stroke6/4/2011Rex Russellgeneral anesthesia after Ischemic stroke6/4/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.general anesthesia after Ischemic stroke6/4/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia and bipolar disorder6/2/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Fentanyl & Benzodiazopines5/31/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMemory and the use of anethesia5/30/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Medical School in late 30's5/30/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Oral Thrush and General Anesthesia5/29/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA vs MDA5/29/2011Rex RussellIV versus inhalational anaesthesia5/28/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Is a CRNA equivilent to an anesthesiologist?5/27/2011Rex RussellEffective Epidural5/27/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAcnra5/25/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.swollen lip after surgery5/25/2011Rex RussellHow not to repeat a bad experience5/22/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.colonoscopy:fentanyl alone??5/22/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.itching after surgery5/21/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Long term sedation and memory5/21/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Resistant to Anesthetic and Alergic to sedative.5/19/2011Rex Russellanaesthetic poisoning5/19/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanaesthetic poisoning5/19/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.anaesthetic poisoning5/19/2011Rex Russellhi5/18/2011Rex Russellback pain5/17/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAProblems with Versed5/16/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.nasal surgery5/16/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMy father hasn't woken up after 27 hours now5/15/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedIn a lot of pain.5/13/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia effects5/8/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.pros and cons of spinal, general and epidural5/6/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.General Anethesia IV only5/5/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNANew CRNA Requirements ?5/2/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNASymptoms after surgery5/2/2011Rex RussellSedation for minor procedures with no anesthesiologist4/29/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.MH trigger drug4/28/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.gall bladder surgery and copd4/25/2011Rex RussellHeart Transplant4/25/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAType of anesthesia4/23/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.sedation issues4/21/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAundergrad/jc4/21/2011Rex Russellreaction to succinycholine4/21/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia4/21/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedGrades4/21/2011Rex Russellsrna coarse work4/19/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAQualifying an anesthesiologist4/19/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.pre-med courses4/19/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Family History of Malignant Hyperthermia4/19/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAparalytic drug in SICU4/18/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Are spinals and epidurals frequently used during short elective surgeries?4/17/2011Rex RussellAdmission criteria4/16/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAVersed4/16/2011Rex RussellStriving to become a CRNA4/15/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPersonallity Change after undergoing Surgery4/13/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Gallbladder surgery4/12/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPCA for colonoscopy4/12/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Sedation While Pregnant4/12/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.next icu4/11/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAneck pain following GA4/11/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural Anesthesia and SBO4/11/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology4/11/2011Rex RussellFEAR OF G,A,4/8/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural anesthesia for labor4/7/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Long lasting numbnes from local anesthetic concern4/6/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.anaesthesia4/6/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Spinal for C-section - want the best results4/4/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Wpw pediatric4/4/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAlump in vein4/4/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Knowledge4/3/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Math3/30/2011Rex Russellmyasthenia and meds for colonoscopy3/29/2011Rex RussellCRNA...DNAP3/28/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsurgical complications.3/28/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPropofol only during surgery3/27/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA school and debt3/26/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNALactate Ringers3/25/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.TOTAL IV ANESTHESIA3/25/2011Rex Russelloxygen / N2O flow rate3/23/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPanic about my operation3/23/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA? or AA?3/22/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAHigh Spinal Block3/21/2011Rex Russellepilepsy grand mal3/21/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Effects from anesiology3/21/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Nurse Anesthetist School Project3/21/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesiology3/20/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology3/20/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology3/17/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.steroid injection3/12/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedhaving lung biopsy3/12/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.quick question3/10/2011Rex Russelldry couph before surgery3/9/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.malignant hypothermia with mitochondrial myopathy and anesthesia3/8/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.is that hard3/7/2011Rex Russellappropriate dose of propofol3/6/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedcolonoscopy gone wrong3/5/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Bier Block2/27/2011Rex RussellPerception of time2/26/2011Rex Russellsedation2/25/2011Rex Russellsedation2/25/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.common cold and general anethesia2/23/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Body Under Anesthesia for Speech2/22/2011Rex Russellpost surgery2/20/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.... propofol2/20/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Propofol2/14/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNA"sedation" for a procedure2/13/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAmajor/minor?2/11/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPseudocholinesterase deficiency2/10/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Post Anesthesia Allergies2/8/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Pregnancy epidural2/5/2011Rex Russell02&Death2/5/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.02&Death2/5/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPostpartum Numbness2/5/2011Rex RussellImmune to Local Anesthetics?2/5/2011Rex RussellPreparation2/4/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.refusing trainees2/3/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.MRI anesthesia2/2/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedpost-op pain management1/29/2011Rex RussellBarry Friedberg1/29/2011Rex Russellhaving a stroke and needing sedation for surgery1/28/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAVersed I.V.1/28/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNALow Blood Pressure1/27/2011Rex RussellBipolar II worsening after Surgery1/27/2011Rex RussellAnesthesia and Burning Pain1/27/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAParalysis -can't breathe1/24/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia question for versed/propofol1/24/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNA about propofol and versed1/24/2011Rex RussellNumbness / swollen tongue1/20/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedproject1/20/2011JM Starkman, MDbenadryl for that?1/19/2011Rex RussellPTSD from surgery, and facing another.1/17/2011Rex RussellPTSD but facing an upcoming surgery1/17/2011JM Starkman, MDMinimal sedation with propofol1/16/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAimpair drug reaction1/15/2011Rex RussellPeriodic pain pulsing1/14/2011Rex RussellCervical epidural1/14/2011Rex RussellCervical Raduculopathy1/13/2011Rex RussellAnesthesiologist for surgery1/12/2011Rex Russelladmission1/11/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.post anesthesia issues1/11/2011Rex RussellConsidering becoming CRNA1/8/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNA2 year or 4 year1/8/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNACollege major?1/6/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Spinal1/6/2011Rex Russellbecoming an anesthesiologist1/4/2011Rex RussellStimulant vs. Depressant, curiosity question1/4/2011Ronald Levy, M.D.Bad reaction?1/3/2011Rex Russellminimal sedation only1/3/2011Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAdelayed reaction to anaesthesia1/1/2011Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedRN to CRNA12/31/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAIs it iv sedation or general anesthesia..confused?12/31/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNABreathing difficulties post po breast reduction12/30/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthia, age and heart conditions12/29/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.spinal12/29/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.blood pressure medication okay before general anesthesia?12/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia/cardiology12/27/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia delivery12/26/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia delivery12/26/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.low blood pressure12/23/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.3 weeks post op hip replacement12/22/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.pseudocholinesterase deficiency12/20/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Low Oxygen level12/20/2010Rex Russellphlebitis and IV catheter12/18/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.local anesthetic reistance12/16/2010Rex Russellmy 5 yr old son12/15/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedepidural overdose or allergy12/15/2010Rex RussellStill Have Back Pain 3 Years After C-Section Using Spinal Block?12/15/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Brain monitor for MAC12/13/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Brain monitor with MAC?12/12/2010Rex RussellInformational Interview12/12/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedtwighlight anesthesia12/9/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAgeneral anesthesia complications12/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.myasthenia gravis and anesthesia12/8/2010JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology: Associate Degree vs Bachelor Degree12/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Hypertension and tourniquets12/7/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.becoming an anesthesiologist12/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.best college for anesthesiology12/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.just some questions12/3/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNATypical Day of Anesthesiologist12/2/2010JM Starkman, MDparalytic drugs11/30/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.propofol sedation11/30/2010Rex Russellteeth and anesthesia11/30/2010Rex RussellRuptured L5,S1 Epidural during labor and delivery11/29/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Propofol -induced "mania"11/29/2010JM Starkman, MDWhat is it like to be sedated with propofol?11/27/2010Rex Russellamnestic drugs11/26/2010Rex RussellEpidural / Anesthesia issues11/25/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPremedicants11/23/2010Rex RussellCRNA11/23/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAllergy to anesthesiology11/22/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedFuture in my town11/21/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAuse of crna during transforaminal steroid injection11/21/2010JM Starkman, MDLow Oxygen levels whilst under general11/19/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedVERY COMPLEX11/17/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAlow blood pressure way after surgery11/17/2010JM Starkman, MDMAC anesthesia without amnesia?11/14/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsedation11/14/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Flying shortly after surgery11/14/2010JM Starkman, MDLaryngospasm during anesthesia11/13/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.General anaesthic11/13/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwhere to start?11/13/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiologist11/11/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.low blood rate during anestheoligy11/10/2010Rex Russellregional anesthesia for acl reconstruction11/10/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAIn Doubt..need help!11/10/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Nursing to Medicine esp.Anaesthesiology11/10/2010JM Starkman, MD
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s11/10/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology11/9/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.ingredient in anesthesia used for hip an knee surgery11/8/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedRepeat Spinal11/5/2010Rex RussellCRNA from sweden11/2/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNASpinal Blocks11/2/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia10/29/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Hours of anesthesiologist v CRNA10/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.RN-CRNA10/28/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia allergy10/26/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.my 5 y/o daughter needs general anestheia10/25/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Alcohol and Anesthesia10/22/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Nardil and anesthsia10/19/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Awake during colonoscopy10/17/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.ANESTHESIA AND DUROMINE10/16/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology Requirements10/15/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.general anethesia/elective surgery10/14/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.s10/14/2010Rex Russells10/14/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia awareness10/14/2010Rex Russellcarpel tunnel/tennis elbow op10/13/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedI usally stop breathing under anesthesia10/13/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.how old is too old?10/13/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Air in Stomach after Anesthesia10/12/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia complications10/12/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Age and Anesthiology10/11/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.High Spinal10/10/2010Rex Russelllow dose propofol10/9/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basediv question10/9/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basediv question10/9/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.swollen hand where iv was10/9/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAminor??10/6/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsingle drug not combo10/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology10/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.My schooling for anesthesiology10/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.RN vs CRNA vs MD10/4/2010JM Starkman, MDhrnia repair operation10/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Advancements in anesthesiology10/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.How to peruse becoming an Anesthetists10/3/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Advice for a med student10/1/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAConfused9/29/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.a question about blood loss9/29/2010JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology Education9/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Making the administration of a spinal block less painful9/28/2010JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology Process9/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.mass/ polyp epiglottis found during intubation9/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.College Degrees9/27/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.What report is used9/26/2010JM Starkman, MDGeneral anesthesia and seizures9/25/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.avoiding CRNA9/24/2010JM Starkman, MDemla patch9/23/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.burning and numb lip post surgery9/23/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNATotal spinal block9/22/2010Rex Russellwork9/21/2010JM Starkman, MDComplications during epidural9/20/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNApregnacy9/20/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology Practice9/20/2010JM Starkman, MDAnesthesia Residency9/19/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.itching after surgery9/19/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anethesia and Methamphetamine9/18/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Smoking addiction stops after GA9/17/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPONV9/14/2010JM Starkman, MDTBI9/13/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology 9/12/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Versed and Fentanyl = awake9/10/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.general anesthesia and psychosis9/9/2010Paul DCRNA9/8/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAGoing Under9/8/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNABecoming an Anesthesiologist9/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.How did you choose Anesthesiology?9/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.elective surgery9/6/2010JM Starkman, MDAnesthetic?9/5/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia and early pregnancy9/4/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAdriving after propofol9/3/2010Rex RussellShould I be afraid?9/2/2010JM Starkman, MDPaying for School9/1/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthiology9/1/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia options9/1/2010JM Starkman, MDPONV from painkillers or not8/30/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsurgery with copd8/30/2010Rex RussellTrigger Thumb after Nerve Block for Carpal Tunnel Release8/30/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAtraumatic ineffective locals8/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.procedures in early pregnancy8/26/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.College.8/26/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Post-Anesthesia Coma8/24/2010JM Starkman, MDsurgery8/23/2010JM Starkman, MDhip8/21/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesia Allergies8/20/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.seizure from anesthesia?8/19/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedExhaustion after surgery8/18/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNANervous s About General Anesthesia8/18/2010Paul DVersed allergy8/18/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.multiple anesthesia reactions8/16/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Wisdom tooth extraction8/16/2010Paul Doperative hysteroscopy options8/15/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedtremors post anesthesia8/15/2010JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology8/13/2010Rex RussellClasses8/12/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology8/12/2010JM Starkman, MDC5 C6 problems8/12/2010Rex RussellProfessor of Anesthesiology8/11/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia after pregnancy8/11/2010JM Starkman, MDproblems in the field od anesthesiologist8/9/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedWhat classes do I need to take?8/9/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.3 year-old's reaction to sedation medication8/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Ankle Surgey - nerve block8/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia8/8/2010JM Starkman, MDCollege for anesthesiology8/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.cholinesterase deficiency8/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology-Intensive care8/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.RN to anesthesiologist8/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.allergic reaction to anaesthesia8/5/2010JM Starkman, MDadmissions!8/4/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAvitamins B and anesthesia8/2/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMemory loss8/2/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.need to know8/2/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedseisures and surgery8/1/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia question8/1/2010JM Starkman, MDAm I overusing benzocaine?7/30/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAm I overusing benzocaine?7/30/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Am I overusing benzocaine?7/30/2010Rex Russellsedation for colonoscopy7/30/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.General Anesthesia s7/29/2010Rex RussellIodine/thyroid reaction after general anesthesia7/29/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.headaches after surgery7/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Postoperative pain medication with Nardil7/28/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedquestions before surgery7/27/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Ankle Surgery7/27/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.otc sleeping pills & anesthesia7/27/2010Rex RussellWanna be a CRNA7/27/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanaesthetics7/27/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia7/25/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiologist vs nurse anesthetist7/24/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.delayed/sustained muscle contraction post-op7/24/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Bier Block w/o sedation(#2)7/24/2010Rex RussellAbout your career7/23/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNATerrified of General Anesthesia7/22/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Breast revision surgery at 13 weeks pregnant7/22/2010Rex RussellEpidural Steroid Injection7/21/2010Rex Russellswollen lip7/20/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedcollege paper7/19/2010Rex RussellLife of a CRNA7/15/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAresistance to Lidocaine?7/15/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anestesiology7/14/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural7/14/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedTo be, or not to be:7/13/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPatients rights re general anesthesia7/11/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.MAY I INTERVIEW YOU??7/8/2010Rex Russellsurgery while on Nardil7/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthetic Options7/7/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Scoliosis and Pregnancy7/7/2010Rex RussellStuttering7/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiologist7/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Propofol7/5/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPropofol7/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.post op blue's7/5/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedIs it right for me?7/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Is it right for me?7/4/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNABecoming A CRNA7/1/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAgeneral anesthesia and pregnancy6/30/2010Rex Russellpost anesthesia syndrom6/30/2010Rex Russellgen. anesthesia & resp. muscle weakness6/29/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAStuttering after day surgery6/28/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAmemory loss after surgery6/24/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia and concussion6/24/2010Rex Russellepidural gone wrong6/24/2010Rex RussellAmnesiac drugs6/23/2010Rex RussellRegional Anesthesia w/o sedation6/23/2010Rex Russellsevere COPD and GA complications6/22/2010Rex Russellsedation6/20/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPost Anesthetic Psychosis6/18/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAKnee surgery/head cold6/13/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAGoing under anesthesia with a cold6/10/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia allergy?6/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.no working during crna program?6/4/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAtongue is raw and foods are causing a burning sensation6/2/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAnumb lip after surgery5/31/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNACongestive Heart Failure & Glallbladder Removal5/30/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnaesthesia with a cold5/26/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedgallbladder sugery5/24/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNASedation5/23/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthetic on sleeping person5/20/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA 5/18/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAscaed of gen/anaesth5/18/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesia during pregnancy5/17/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNApostsurgery reaction to anaesthesia??5/16/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCRNA prep and scope of practice5/13/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAquestion5/13/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMuscular5/11/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedIV sedation for bunion/hammertoe surgery5/11/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Courses(CRNA)5/11/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNADear Mr. Mackinnon5/10/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia5/10/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia 5/7/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAconcussion and anesthesia5/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA5/5/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAheadache after anesthesia5/3/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedsubaracnoid block5/1/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCRNA or PA4/30/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAi have a few questions about anesthesiology4/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Migraine and anesthsia4/27/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK baseds about being an anesthesiologist4/27/2010JM Starkman, MDquestions about anesthetics.4/26/2010JM Starkman, MDCRNA4/26/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia and MAOI - Nardil4/25/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Propafol for bone marrow biopsy4/24/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiologists or Nurse Anesthetist4/24/2010JM Starkman, MDResidency program4/22/2010JM Starkman, MDWhat type of anesthesia did I receive for my foot surgery?4/20/2010JM Starkman, MDBecoming a Anesthesiologist4/19/2010JM Starkman, MDpossible nerve damage after csection4/19/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA work outside the OR?4/18/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesiology as a Career4/18/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology as a Career4/18/2010JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiologist/CRNA interactions4/17/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.poss. allergy to anesthesia4/17/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Side effects of general anethesia4/16/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Trouble waking up.4/16/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.general info4/15/2010JM Starkman, MDGeometry and Anesthesiology4/14/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAepidural/spinal4/14/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.possible POCD?4/14/2010JM Starkman, MDSchool Project- Anesthesiology4/13/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAmac sedation problems?4/9/2010JM Starkman, MDSupplements prior to surgery4/9/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNASevere MRI Claustrophibia4/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Future of CRNA's4/5/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPhentermine and Surgery4/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA vs Anesthesiologist4/2/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPhentermine Use4/1/2010JM Starkman, MDwpw and anesthesia3/31/2010JM Starkman, MDpsudeocholinesterase deficiency3/30/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNApre op pregnany test3/29/2010JM Starkman, MDHigh HRT rate post op3/27/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.memory loss after surgery3/27/2010JM Starkman, MDCollege Requirements3/26/2010JM Starkman, MD??3/26/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAnot awakening after surgery3/25/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Seizure under General Anaesthetic3/24/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.operation with a cold?3/24/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAcervical epidural steroid injection3/24/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.facial redness/blotchy after anesthestic3/23/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Blurry Vision after General Anesthesia3/23/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Program demands3/22/2010JM Starkman, MDwide awake and paralyzed pre surgery3/22/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology3/22/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnaesthetic complications following foot surgery3/22/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology3/22/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.need a bunion surgery3/22/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Day in the life of a CRNA + other questions3/21/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAepidurals3/20/2010JM Starkman, MDAnti-nausea meds - parkinson's disease3/20/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Psychosis and Anesthesia3/18/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Psychosis and Anesthesia3/18/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAcolonoscopy3/18/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.myomectomy with epidural3/17/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Need an experts advice and insight3/17/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNALocalized Anesthesia Reaction3/17/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.epideral for back pain still feeling pain3/17/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Dr. Levy's answer to a CRNA question3/16/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAgeneral anesthesia3/16/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Geodon and General Anesthesia3/15/2010Ronald Levy, M.D. Anesthesiologist3/15/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.chiropractic3/14/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.rhinorrhea following anesthesia3/13/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia/Severe Allergies3/12/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Seizures,3/11/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Has anesthsiology changed(for the worst)?3/10/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Transition between Nurse anesthetist to Anesthesiologist3/10/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Interview questions3/9/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedpost-op complications3/9/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.longterm effect of general anesthesia3/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia and SVT3/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.head ache after surgery3/6/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedOne more response if I may..3/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.IV sedation itching3/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Ketamine versus Fentanyl for infusion3/5/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnaphylaxis w/ General Anesthesia3/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.General anesthesia and PTSD(still)3/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Avoiding CRNA providers3/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.prepairing for CRNA school interview3/3/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAcold before surgery3/3/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.waking up combative3/3/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology3/2/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.16 month old3/2/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesia in patient with dementia3/2/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.What is the most potent topical anesthetic?3/1/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.several surgeries3/1/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAInjectable local anesthetics2/28/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedType of anesthia for arthroscopic knee surgery2/28/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.What is the most potent topical anesthetic?2/27/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia/menstrual cycle2/27/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Pain management2/27/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedLocalized back pain after C section2/27/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAEpidural after Disk Decompression Surgery2/25/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.How long to put someone under...??2/25/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Bad experience with general anesthetic2/25/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.cough and surgery2/24/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsurgery 2 weeks ago = still have sore throat2/23/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Sleepiness/Dizziness after surgery2/22/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.how to become a anesthesiologist2/21/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Multiple aneathesiology2/20/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Itching after anesthesia2/20/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAEpidural2/18/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Can I do it???2/16/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.this career2/16/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAsurgery with heart palpation2/16/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNASurgical procedures2/15/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnkle Surgery, What type of ansthesia2/15/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNACold Symptoms Surgery!!2/15/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCold Symptoms Before Surgery2/15/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology2/14/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesiology2/14/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAcholinesterase deficiency2/12/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA/Nursing question2/11/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAmother to child allergies2/11/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAConscious Sedation for Upper GI Endoscopy2/10/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Surgery for child with underlying pulmonary issues2/10/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Post Anaesthesia Care/Interventions2/10/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedsyntoms of common cold after colonoscopy2/9/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Versed2/9/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Surgery for pectus2/7/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPost Anesthetic Psychosis2/7/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPost Surgery Psychosis2/7/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Thoracic Epidural Injection2/6/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPossible rash from anesthesia...2/6/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAEpidural/spinal & egg allergy?2/6/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedquestion help for information2/5/2010JM Starkman, MDLow blood pressure after spinal anaesthetic2/5/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology2/5/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.mouth cut2/5/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPerioperative Care in Recovery for Terminally Ill Patients2/4/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedheart surgery2/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia and Bronchitis before outpatient surgery2/3/2010JM Starkman, MDCRNA demand2/3/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNARelationship Between intensive care and Anesthesiology2/3/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.general anesthesia process2/3/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAHeart murmur2/2/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedSedation appropriate or not?2/2/2010JM Starkman, MDDisc herniation and Delivery2/1/2010JM Starkman, MDIntrathecal Phenol Injection - Spinal block for cancer chronic pain management2/1/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basediv sedation and other drugs1/31/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAtuition1/31/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedI have to GO UNDER!!(crying)1/30/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAback pain related to anesthesia1/29/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNASwollen scrotum and legs after TKR1/28/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCRNA info1/27/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAgeneral anaesthetic for first time1/26/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAortic valve calcification1/25/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAgeneral anesthesia1/25/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAgeneral anesthesia1/23/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAanesthesiologist1/23/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiologist1/22/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCriminal History1/21/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAEpidural Steroids for back pain1/20/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedEpidural vs Misotherapy1/19/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedlocal anastetic1/19/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAPsuedocholinesterase Deficency1/19/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedDepression after anaesthestics1/17/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedepidural and spinal block1/15/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwhy multiple anesthesia providers?1/14/2010Mike MacKinnon MSN CRNAAnesthesia and allergies1/14/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnaesthesia1/11/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedspinal block1/11/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedafter effects of general anesthesia and surgery1/10/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiologist Skills1/10/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology1/9/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Coma after general anesthesia1/9/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanestheisology1/9/2010Ronald Levy, M.D."An Ideal Major?"1/8/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology, MD or cRNA/AA1/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.how to become an anestesiologist1/6/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.partial collapsed lung - travel questions1/6/2010Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwho can administer propofol?1/4/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural1/2/2010Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA working Solo12/31/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Awake while being intubated, very sore after general anesthesia12/31/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Confused12/31/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Majors12/31/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural and general anesthesia related questions12/31/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnaesthetic12/30/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedEducation12/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Help/ appendectomy?12/30/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBier block sedation options12/29/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Colleges?12/29/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Hydrencephaly and general A12/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Aneathetic on a 5 year old with Hydrencephaly12/28/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedGiven anesthesia while having a fever.12/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.numbness in left arm after anesthia 2 years ago12/25/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedSchooling?12/24/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basednon-reaction to local anaestic12/23/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedparalytic drugs12/21/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedviolent reaction coming out of sedation12/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Sedation in fiction12/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Lip numbness12/18/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Dealing w/ surgeons12/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.pain12/17/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedavoiding amnesics for surgery12/13/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia and xanax12/13/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiologist12/9/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Education12/9/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiolgist12/7/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.long surgery12/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Effects of seizure while under anesthesia12/5/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedSeizures while under anesthesia12/5/2009JM Starkman, MDEffects of a seizure while under general anesthesia?12/4/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthetic in hospital for dental work for coumadin patient12/3/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.COPD12/2/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia paralysis can't breathe12/2/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia safe for my dad12/2/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Migraine pain following surgery12/1/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesia problem?12/1/2009JM Starkman, MDWork Hours11/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.my 12 year old is having oral surgery Wednesday11/29/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.getting an anesthesiologist not a CRNA11/29/2009JM Starkman, MDDiverticulitis and Anesthesia11/28/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthesia problem?11/27/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesia after chemo and heart problems11/25/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthesia and paxil11/23/2009JM Starkman, MDblood patch11/22/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology11/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.POST ANESTHESIA DEPRESSION11/22/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedNardil and versed, fentalyn11/21/2009JM Starkman, MDparalytics11/21/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Sedation & General Anesthesia without consent11/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.heading back to school?11/18/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Antibiotics11/16/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Antibiotic?11/16/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedcollege11/16/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.spinal epidural during c-section with herniated disc problems11/15/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedhasn't woke up after surgery11/14/2009JM Starkman, MDPain relief11/14/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedspinal anaesthesia11/14/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK based14 yr old Asthmatic need 4 wisdom teeth extracted.11/14/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.endometrial ablation surgery11/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.nitrous oxide11/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.questions11/11/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.math and anesthesiology11/10/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.old age11/9/2009JM Starkman, MDsurgery/anesthesia11/9/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Malignant Hyperthermia11/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.scared(terrified)of anesthesia11/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthetic during a Colonoscopy?11/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Breast augmentation .under general anaesthesia intravenously.11/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthetic side effect11/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural site pain11/8/2009JM Starkman, MDAdvance directive regarding anesthesia11/7/2009JM Starkman, MDMy Son's reaction to anesthesia11/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.GETTING SLEEPY 211/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.nitrous oxide and tranxene together11/3/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.highschool through after grad courses needed11/2/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthea & gallbladder surgery11/2/2009JM Starkman, MDpost surgergy elevated levels of Excitatory neurotransmitters11/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology11/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Capital Punishment protocol.11/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anestheisa allergy10/31/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.GETTING SLEEPY10/30/2009JM Starkman, MDGETTING SLEEPY10/30/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedNursing/Anesthesiology10/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.adverse reaction to concious anesthesia10/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Types of Anesthesia10/27/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology10/26/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Neurovascular Manifestation10/26/2009JM Starkman, MDNurse Anesthitist10/26/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiologists start out salary10/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Advice please.10/23/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAtivan10/23/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia10/23/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthesia10/23/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCompetition in College...10/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.MH and asthma10/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.College10/21/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.help and advice please10/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Schooling10/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.COPD and General Anesthesia10/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Surgical complications.10/20/2009JM Starkman, MDEye problems from anesthesia10/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Advice please.10/18/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedmixture of drugs and long-term effects10/18/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMD to CRNA10/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Classes to take?10/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology10/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia10/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia and benzodiazeprines10/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia complication10/10/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology - a viable field?10/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anethesia for colonoscopy/ insurance coverage10/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Education...10/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Effects of Oxygen during Colonoscopy10/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.surgery10/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Muscle pain and tenderness after surgery10/3/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedHypothermia & General Anesthesia10/2/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia and concussion10/2/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia complications10/2/2009JM Starkman, MDlength of time advisable to leave between anaesthesia10/1/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedhelp with meds10/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.surgery hernia Oct 209/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthetic9/29/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedUpcoming surgery9/29/2009JM Starkman, MDAdverse reaction to versed and fentanyl9/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology9/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Benzocaine9/27/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia and blood creatinine level9/27/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedTwo questions on becoming an Amesthisiologist9/27/2009JM Starkman, MDanasthetic9/26/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Concern about knee surgery9/25/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBenzocain9/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Concerned9/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.psuedocholinesterase deficiency/pain meds9/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Very interested..9/23/2009JM Starkman, MDSpinal VS. general9/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.phentermine9/22/2009JM Starkman, MDHELP9/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Complications after epidural9/21/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.seizures after oral surgery?9/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.TIVA for full absominoplasty9/18/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthetic for 8 month old baby9/18/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedlocal anaesthetic9/17/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPost Anashesia Allergy9/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.epideral9/17/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwhat's the best degree?9/17/2009JM Starkman, MDpenicillin9/15/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedmeds so you dont aspirate during surgery9/14/2009JM Starkman, MDpossible cause9/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Duration(half life?) of anesthetic Versed?9/11/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology9/10/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedChronic pain since epidural9/10/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology9/9/2009JM Starkman, MDAdhesion surgery and pain relief9/5/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK based2 epidurals didn't work-should I try a 3rd time?9/4/2009JM Starkman, MDMedical9/3/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMedical9/3/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia/plastic surgery9/3/2009JM Starkman, MDGeneral Anaesthetic+oral thrush9/3/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPain and Amnesia9/2/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedpost surgery effects of anesthesia9/2/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedpsuedocholinesterase def.8/31/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.tongue numb!8/31/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedbad procedure? did something go wrong?8/28/2009JM Starkman, MDCollege classes8/27/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.What College courses should a freshman take if he/she is an aspiring anesthesiologist8/26/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology8/26/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology8/25/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.pseudocholinesterase and benzodiazepines8/25/2009JM Starkman, MDVersed8/22/2009JM Starkman, MDanasthesia question8/22/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedDizziness8/21/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedProblems with anesthesia?8/21/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Spinal Tap8/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Seizure during surgery.8/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.daughter not feeling well after anethesia8/20/2009JM Starkman, MDgeneral anesthesia worries8/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.What can i don8/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.versed8/19/2009JM Starkman, MDadvice8/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Sedation during colonoscopy8/18/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Risk of anesthesia in older patients undergoing surgery8/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.new drugs with less side effect?8/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D."Coma" after anesthesia8/16/2009JM Starkman, MDTHROAT DISCOMFORT AFTER SURGERY8/16/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Mophine8/14/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Rewarding Career?8/13/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.college8/11/2009JM Starkman, MDArachnoid cyst and anesthesia8/10/2009JM Starkman, MDGeneral Anesthetic8/9/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthesia Anaphylaxis8/8/2009JM Starkman, MDWaking up from general anesthesia and an ON-Q pain buster....8/7/2009JM Starkman, MDWho is performing the anesthesia?8/6/2009JM Starkman, MDVersed8/4/2009JM Starkman, MDcold symptoms/colonoscopy8/2/2009JM Starkman, MDbecoming an Anesthesiologist8/1/2009JM Starkman, MDD&C anesthesiologist requirement7/31/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Medical School vs. Nursing School...7/31/2009JM Starkman, MDeye surgery7/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.sensitive nervous system and anesthesia7/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.General Anesthesia Affect Memory?7/29/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Pseudocholinesterase deficiency7/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural7/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.vomiting with anesthetic7/28/2009JM Starkman, MDpost surgery anesthesia allergy7/26/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.colonoscopy/no alcohol7/24/2009JM Starkman, MDONLINE DEGREE PROGRAM ACCEPTABLE?7/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Spinal Anesthesiology7/24/2009JM Starkman, MDpregnant and local anesthesia7/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D."Twilight Sleep anesthesia" for Pacemaker Surgery7/23/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.best educational route to take(crna)7/23/2009JM Starkman, MDchronic rash post op7/23/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Versed for colonoscopy7/22/2009JM Starkman, MDRecent 7/21/2009JM Starkman, MDMajors7/21/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia for colonoscopy7/19/2009JM Starkman, MDstarting with associates7/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Bronchospasm While Under7/18/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Becoming a CRNA7/17/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthesia consent7/16/2009JM Starkman, MDcut under tongue after surgery7/15/2009JM Starkman, MDallergic reaction?7/14/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology7/14/2009JM Starkman, MDAnterior Cervical Fusion7/13/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Surgical Positioning with Hydrocephalus7/13/2009JM Starkman, MDVCUG7/12/2009JM Starkman, MDLarge red spots on back after surgery7/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Possible bad reaction to muscle relaxant?7/12/2009JM Starkman, MDoutpatient surgery7/12/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.post anesthsia taste and lump in throat7/12/2009JM Starkman, MDpost-op concerns7/11/2009JM Starkman, MDprocedure without sedation7/10/2009JM Starkman, MDduramorph spinal7/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D. having generat anesthetic while suffering with a cough and sore throat safe or not7/8/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthetic7/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.stupid anesthesia question7/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Pediatric Anesthesia7/6/2009JM Starkman, MDTo Spinal or not to Spinal?7/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Time management7/3/2009JM Starkman, MDTime management7/3/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Worsening reactions to anesthesia, will I wake up next time?7/3/2009JM Starkman, MDUse of amnesics7/2/2009JM Starkman, MDEpidural for Incisional Hernia?7/2/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.post anesthesia reaction7/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Toddler General Anesthesia 7/1/2009JM Starkman, MDmemory loss with personality chane6/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.courses6/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Local anesthesia administered by a doctor6/29/2009JM Starkman, MDDental surgery6/28/2009JM Starkman, MDMedical School - application/entrance6/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural anaesthetic6/27/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthetic options6/26/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthesia in a patient with dysautonomia6/25/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthesiology6/25/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia and COPD6/25/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Am I on the right track6/25/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.CRNA or Anesthesiology6/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.C-sections6/23/2009JM Starkman, MDoral surgery6/23/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Feeling of not being able to breath when waking from surgery..but breathing?6/23/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Low blood pressure6/22/2009JM Starkman, MDoutpatient procedure/surgery6/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural during childbirth6/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Dantrolene Sodium6/22/2009JM Starkman, MDAddison's Disease and Surgury6/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthisia6/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.another colonoscopy question6/18/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.type of schooling6/18/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.I was wondering6/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.colonoscopy without midazolam(brand name: Versed)6/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.sedating meds during intubation6/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.work life6/16/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Pediatric Anestheic allergy???6/16/2009JM Starkman, MDColon scope without versed6/15/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.effects of anethesia on your eye sight6/14/2009JM Starkman, MDback pain and epiderals6/14/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesilogy6/13/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.unconscious after operation6/13/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.ect - cracked teeth/bite blocks?6/12/2009JM Starkman, MDCould the laryngeal mask cause severe sore throat for over a week ??6/11/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology6/10/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.memory loss.6/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia in LBD6/6/2009JM Starkman, MDoral surgery gen. anesthesia6/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Mid-term effect of anesthesia on fitness6/5/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthesiology6/4/2009JM Starkman, MDSocialized Anesthesiology6/4/2009JM Starkman, MDGeneral Anesthesia for a 15 minute TVT procedure???6/4/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.breast reduction surgery6/2/2009JM Starkman, MDBecoming an Anesthesiologist6/2/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Preparing for surgery5/30/2009JM Starkman, MDsurgery for polyp5/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Upsetting induction5/28/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthesia5/27/2009JM Starkman, MDNervous about my shaking and it's results performing on patients.5/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.woke up during suegery5/21/2009JM Starkman, MDanaesthesia residency for IMGs5/21/2009JM Starkman, MDfentanyl/ pain mgt5/21/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPropofol5/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthisiology5/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia question5/19/2009JM Starkman, MDHighschool Courses For Anestheisology5/19/2009JM Starkman, MDCentral Nervous System and Anesthesia5/19/2009JM Starkman, MDanesthesia and high blood pressure5/19/2009JM Starkman, MDresults after anesthesia5/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Administer of Anaesthetics in Dental Surgery5/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Upcoming Surgery5/18/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.ether and sodium pentathol5/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.versed5/17/2009JM Starkman, MDwaking up after anesthesiology5/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.conscious and unconscious5/16/2009JM Starkman, MDAnesthesiology5/15/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anestehsia & short term memory loss5/14/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology5/13/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.sedation for colonoscopy5/10/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.surgery induced seizures5/10/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia 5/9/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Surgery5/8/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedschooling for Anesthesiology5/7/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anasthesia and depression5/7/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.salary5/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.I had twilight when I had my children?5/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.general anesthesia and prescription meds5/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Propofol and Versed5/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.interested in a career in anesthesia5/4/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia5/4/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesia5/4/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.chloroform5/3/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Sedation for colonoscopy5/3/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Have a cold and need an anesthesic.5/3/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedIchy skin after plastic surgery5/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.MAC with Local5/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Muscle Soreness after anesthesia4/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Addicted4/29/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.laproscopy surgery4/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Epideral/Spinal Injection Back Pain4/27/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.colonscopy and foot surgery4/26/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Duramorph given via spinal4/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.waking up from anesthesia falling-startled sensation4/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Do it all over again4/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Medication in Colonoscopy4/23/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Why?4/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.hair change4/22/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCRNA to Anesthesiologist4/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.allergies/adverse reactions to anathesia4/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Confusion About IV Sedation vs. Anesthesia in Dental Procedure4/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.inactive chemo port4/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Risks of Hernia operation to 85 year old4/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology4/20/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Too old to work towards being an Anesthesiologist?4/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Is twilight conscious sedation?4/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Hair dye and anesthesia4/19/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.post op symptoms infant4/18/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anaesthetic4/17/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.normal low(45 48) heart rate and anesthesia4/15/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Versed 4/15/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.general anesthestic allergy4/14/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.hernia surgery with local and twilight ? ?4/14/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Walking after anestheisa4/13/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Colleges I should apply to before med school4/11/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.muscle stiffness4/9/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology and thyroid storm4/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.risk of seizure due to surgery4/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.midazolam/fentanyl effects for arrhythmia ablation4/8/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia provider4/7/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.to much anesthesia4/7/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.certification of anesthesiologist during colonoscopy4/6/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthetic and old people4/6/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedcolonscopy and taking Nardil4/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology4/5/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia Amnesia4/4/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.back pain4/4/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.arm surgery anesthesia4/3/2009Ronald Levy, M.D. math level u need4/3/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.fetanoyl4/3/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedallergic reaction to anaesthetic4/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology4/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.high fat diet before anesthesia?4/1/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiologist + colleges+ UK3/31/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology + colleges3/31/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Lower back pain3/30/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedReaction to anesthesia has caused paralysis3/30/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.side effects of too much anesthesia.3/29/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.severe pelvic floor spasms3/28/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedslow heart beat and general anaesthetic3/28/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesia Complications3/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Stopped breathing before they could do ERCP3/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Pain in muscles where spinal was inserted3/28/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.twilight without anesthetist3/27/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Pre-op Anesthesia request ignored3/27/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.versed induced amnesia3/26/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia3/26/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Dear, Dr Levy3/26/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.sever memory loss3/25/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology3/25/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basednumbness associated with post surgery for L4-L5 microdiscectomy3/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Medical school acceptance3/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Conscious sedation question3/24/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.muscles3/23/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedLate effects of general anesthesia3/23/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology3/22/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedSick 2 months after surgery3/21/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedIV sedation for breast biopsy3/20/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology3/19/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedWhy aren't burn victims anesthetized before wound-cleaning?3/17/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia3/16/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwhen it doesn't take3/16/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedfentanyl3/15/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedbeing put to sleep3/15/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAllergic Reaction to everything3/13/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedIV Sedation3/9/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedUpcoming Knee Surgery3/8/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCan fresh green coca paste be used as a topical anesthetic?3/7/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedmy question is....3/6/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedNumb leg after giving birth with spinal3/1/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology2/27/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedspinal headaches..?2/23/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedsafety of anethesia2/23/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural2/22/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.cervical epidural2/22/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedhaving an operation with a cold2/22/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedDrug bioavailability2/20/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedYour Field2/19/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnethesia scares2/19/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedrecovery weeks after general anesthesia2/17/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedpseudocholinesterase deficiency2/16/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedlow heart rate following general anesthesia2/15/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia2/15/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedmother in law's back and leg pain2/14/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAwake during surgery2/13/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedNot waking up after anesthesia after more than 12 hours2/13/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBecoming an Anesthesiologist --2/11/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnestheshia after effects2/11/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedHow do I know the blood patch worked?2/7/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedquestion regarding possible reaction to general anesthesia.2/7/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedback pain2/6/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK baseddizziness after spinal anesthesia2/6/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedWoke up and in pain during surgery2/4/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBad headaches after anesthesia2/3/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedGlaucoma/Cataract surgery and Nardil2/3/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwhat do you do2/2/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedtonsillectomy deaths2/1/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedTingling fingers1/31/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPost Surgery Problem Sleep Apnea Morphine1/31/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedEpidural1/29/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedFlying after gallbladder surgery1/28/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedblocking rib pain1/28/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPost op effects of aneasthetic1/27/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedReactions to Local Anesthetic1/26/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia1/25/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology1/24/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedConfused on Anesthesiology.1/21/2009Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology and education1/19/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedepideral question1/19/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPain relief during and after surgery1/18/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedWhat coureses i should take1/15/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAllergic Reaction after Anesthetic1/15/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia agent1/14/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedSoreness after surgery1/14/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedstaying awake problem1/13/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology.1/13/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCourses to take in medical school to become an anesthesiologist1/12/2009Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCareers12/10/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Medical school12/10/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anaesthetist12/8/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedscheduled for surgery-have cold12/8/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.malignant hyperthermia12/6/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMalignant Hyperthermia12/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.heart surgry and not waking up12/5/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedepidural vs. spinal12/3/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedsick/headache after anesthesia that's lasted 1 week11/21/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedHElp me!!!11/20/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedIs sedation required for thumb surgery?11/20/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedWhy did the anesthesia not work ?11/19/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedblood clot11/17/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedFailed Intubation pain11/16/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedspinal anesthesia11/16/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedamnesia with anaesthesia11/15/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology11/15/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBlood Pressure after an anaesthetic11/14/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedDreams in different states11/13/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology11/12/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedsedative given anesthesia11/12/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology11/11/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia overdose?11/10/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK based3rd C-Section...scared of dying...11/10/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnaesthtist job11/9/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedNerve Damage11/9/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedtonge numbness after surgery11/8/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCaudal Steroid Epidural11/7/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnaesthetist11/6/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology11/5/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedtachy-bradacardia caused by anesthesia?11/4/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedWhat kinds of problems can anesthestic gasses cause for the anesthesiologist?11/4/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.post anesthetic delayed reaction11/3/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology10/24/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedOxygen levels10/24/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedItching after anesthesia10/23/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedin order to be an anesthesiologist.....?10/21/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedepidurals10/20/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthetics10/20/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology in toddlers10/19/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedIs versed like sodium pentathol?10/13/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedpregnant with scoliosis10/13/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia10/12/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedquestion about anesthesia10/11/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanaesthetic10/10/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedversed -10/10/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedepidural site infection10/9/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK baseddaughter10/9/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia/congestive heart failure10/8/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK based Back pain after having an epidural10/3/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedSteriod Epidural to C-Spine9/30/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedTwo surgeries close together9/29/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedmetallic taste/smell throat sinuses9/29/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiologist9/25/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedPost anesthesia complications9/23/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia- side effect right side numbness?9/23/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBougie Intubation9/21/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiologist9/20/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedlong term propofal9/19/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedconvulsions and respiratory insufficiency at child birth due to epidural9/18/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesia and pregnacy9/18/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedfentanyl9/17/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedpropofol9/16/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedVersed9/16/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedVersed/amnesia9/15/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.NPO guidelines and gum9/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia and pregnancy9/11/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK based4mm Airway9/11/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia sensitivity9/11/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.copy of hospital records9/10/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.pain in a c-section9/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Obsolete agents9/8/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedreaction x2 to general anesthetic9/8/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedlower back pain since spinal9/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Valium as anesthesia9/6/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedSeniors and anesthesia9/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.confusingly low blood pressure under anesthesia9/5/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.sedation9/5/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia during pregnancy9/4/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.reaction to anaesthesia.9/3/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedEpidural9/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.lower back pain9/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.effect of anaesthetic on patient on high dose oxy9/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anaesthetist8/31/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology8/31/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.8/31/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Conscious-deep-anaesthesia8/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Conscious sed- deep sed- anaesthesia8/30/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedhelp with novel8/30/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedfeelings of terror8/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.heart attack and anethesia8/27/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Junior College Courses8/27/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural8/27/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.previous and future epidurals8/26/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedtwilight sedation8/25/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwhat college classes do i take?8/25/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Stages and planes8/24/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAdvice8/22/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Preparing to work in the medical field.8/21/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.General anesthesia and PTSD8/21/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology practicing8/20/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia Reaction8/20/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.iv sedation8/20/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCareer8/20/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.child birth side effect8/19/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiology8/19/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.potassium, magnesium8/18/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Morphine drip question8/18/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Clueless8/15/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Testing for allergy to anesthesia8/15/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia and brain fog8/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Courses that need to be taken while in High School8/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Curious8/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthia question8/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia consent8/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia when you have severe allergies8/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Carreer in Anesthesiology8/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Other work for anesthesia residents8/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.headaches/bad dreams8/2/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Life Change8/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.About colleges..8/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Becoming an Anesthesiologist..7/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Potassium Limits7/29/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology7/29/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Symptoms of Dialysis7/28/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedDialysis patient7/27/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedepidural mistake7/27/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedRewarding/Fun?7/26/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.pre-induction period7/24/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedcrna further education7/24/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Learning more about anesthesiology7/24/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Vomiting 10 days after anesthesia7/24/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.great advice7/24/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Routine vas and sinus infection, plus prior drugs.7/23/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedGeneral Anaesthesia and Migraine7/23/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedVasectomy & sinus infection7/23/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.colonoscopy7/23/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.I'm still tired 10 days after surgery. Anesthesia side effect??7/20/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.becoming an anesthesiologist7/19/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Numbness of Nose and Cheek7/19/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Spinal headaches7/18/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology in high risk patient7/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology7/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology7/16/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMed School Admission7/15/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia residency slots7/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Numbness after a 12 hour surgery on back.7/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.2nd C-Section7/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia complication7/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia and heart problems7/11/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Bone Pain7/11/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia7/10/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.verced adverse reaction w/colonoscopy7/10/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.BPH anestheisa for7/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia7/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.14 yr old son & anesthesia7/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.colonoscopy anesthesia7/8/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia for day surgery7/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.risk for 4 year old daughter7/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.re7/6/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedNurse anesthetist and Pharmacy7/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.painful procedure7/5/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.state license7/4/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia options for BPH surgery7/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.general anesthesia sideaffects7/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.dental treatment w/patient with isolated hbp7/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural pain6/18/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidurals6/18/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.blood patch6/18/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.numbness6/18/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBloodwork prior to surgery...6/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.gallbladder removal and flying6/17/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedGeneral Enquiry6/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.side effects of anesthesia6/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.becoming an anesthesiologist6/16/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Surgery in 3 days and took phentermine yestrday6/16/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.LIDOCAINE6/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.A Career in Anesthesiology6/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.complications from anesthesia6/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.pac after pre-op6/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology6/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Post anesthesia reaction6/11/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Hip Replacement6/10/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.How to know, allergic to anesthesia6/10/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiology6/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Right arm trembling when arm is not kept close to body6/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology6/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.propofol, buprenex drug interaction6/5/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.back pain6/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia / effexor6/2/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMy wife, Haile Sandra Plafkin6/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Amnesia5/31/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Testing for Viral Causes5/31/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Becoming an anesthesiologist5/31/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Pre-Surgery Cardiac Testing5/29/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Lumbar Injections/Menstrual Cycle5/29/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Mandibular Nerve5/29/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedspinal headache5/29/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anaesthics high blood pressure5/27/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMalignant Hyperthermia5/27/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.local Dental pain5/27/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedDreams About Surgery5/26/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Masking5/26/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Fentanyl and Versed Adverse Reaction5/22/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.spine numbness/tingling5/21/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Majoring in Anesthesiology5/20/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.ANESTHESIOLOGISTS5/19/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Knee scope5/16/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basediv sedation after effects5/15/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedLovenox & Epidural(Low dose)5/15/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedCRNA5/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.colonoscopy sedation5/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.halagons5/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.s about Post Surgery affects of anesthesia5/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia5/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.foot pain5/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthia reaction during surgery5/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Phobia5/8/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedresidency5/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiologist5/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Propofol for oral surgery5/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Hello5/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Nardil/colonoscopy & EGD5/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia: Nurse or MD...5/5/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.thyroid nodule surgery5/4/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Clinical use of novel analgesics5/4/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedGPA/ grades5/4/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Twilight anesthesia and amnesia5/4/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anethesia side effects5/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.allergic to anesthesia5/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology and Flying5/3/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedTwitching with sedative/analgesic5/2/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedwork hours?5/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.lower back and leg pain5/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Becoming a doctor5/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Awake During Colonoscopy4/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.D and C4/30/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedHELP PLEASE4/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology4/30/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedstillbirth4/28/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBecoming an Anaesthetist4/27/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedunder anesthesia4/26/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural after Back Surgery4/25/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural(childbirth) side effects4/24/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK baseddouble balloon endoscopy on 4/18/084/23/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia4/22/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.terrified to get nessesay surgury4/21/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Back Pain after Epidural4/21/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.what do they do...4/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology4/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.absent vibration sense4/17/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedbooks on anesthesiology4/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Is there anything that will numb the skin?4/15/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Twilight Anestheia4/15/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.aspiring md4/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Becoming and anesthesiologist4/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.alcohol and anesthesia4/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Right Path?4/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Surgery4/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Which antibiotic would be the best?4/8/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.9 month old, ear surgery4/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Freshman Pre-med courses4/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.conscious? sedation for colonoscopy4/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural and periphial neuropathy4/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Is there a type of anesthesia they can give...4/2/2008Ronald Levy, M.D. amnestic for bone marrow biopsy4/2/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.iv sedation4/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.spinal headache4/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.local anesthesia4/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.colonoscopy4/1/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiologist3/31/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedamnestics3/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Keppra used with anesthesia3/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthsia/colonoscopy3/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Salary3/30/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Jaw Surgery3/27/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Severe Vomiting after Anesthesia -- how do I prevent this again?3/26/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anti-emetics with anesthesia3/24/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Requirements and flexibility3/24/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Bilateral Femoral Nerve Damage and Surgery3/22/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.ponv3/20/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.My Son3/20/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK baseddizziness and nausea3/19/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedbad venous access for sedation3/18/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedConscious Sedation during pregnancy3/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Memory loss after surgeries.3/17/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMemory loss at Age 41 due to anesthesia3/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.short term memory loss following surgery3/17/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anethesia3/15/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia and C-section3/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.pain during colonscopy3/14/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedmemory loss in older adults due to anesthesia3/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Post Op Squeaky Voice3/13/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedStrong Interest in the Field3/11/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.versed how much appropriate3/10/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology3/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Post-OP Problem due to Anesthesia?3/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.numb/burned lip3/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Advancement possibilities3/6/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesiolgy3/6/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural3/5/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedparalytic drug - lasting effects3/4/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.amnesia medicine3/2/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.ards3/1/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedColonoscopy sedation - follow up question/comment3/1/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.versed and fentanyl2/29/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK based2 surgeries in 1 week2/29/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.am i allergic to anestetic?2/28/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.sedation for colonoscopy2/28/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Short Term Memory Loss2/28/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anestheiology2/28/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedColonoscopy sedation2/28/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology during Masectomy/Reconstruction2/28/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.sympathetic nerve block2/28/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanesthesia2/28/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Have had problems waking up2/26/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesiologist Basic s2/26/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.reactions to anesthesia during and after surgery2/24/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedLow blood pressure dangerous?2/23/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedrisk of stroke2/22/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedBecoming an anesthesiologist2/19/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMRSA and Spinal Blocks2/19/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedActivities2/18/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedtoradol and gastritis2/18/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedEpidural2/17/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedanxiety/depression after surgery2/16/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesiology2/16/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia for surgery in 3 days2/16/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.versed and fentanyl with sleep apnea2/15/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiologists2/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology2/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.amnesia2/14/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.epidural question2/13/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Numbness in leg after anaesthetic2/12/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.dosage2/11/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology2/11/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.anesthesia and absence seizures2/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.schools and other2/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Becoming an Anesthesiologist2/9/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.sundowners or anesthesia2/8/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.spinal block followed by general anesthesia2/8/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedHernia2/8/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedHernia2/8/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.concious sedation2/8/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.IV sedation for rhinoplasty2/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Epidural2/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.blood enzynes causing none able to wake after surgery because of anthesiology2/7/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Thrombophilia- Miscarriage2/6/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedAnesthesia versus sedation2/4/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.MRI with anesthesia2/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesia question2/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.General anesthetic problem2/3/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.11th grade student needing some guidance2/3/2008Dr Ian Jackson - please note UK basedMedical School-Anethesiology2/2/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.Anesthesiology residency question1/31/2008Ronald Levy, M.D.dental surg
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