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Postby Wyligby » Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:20 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertJohn Tann Safe3/20/2015Mike Palmer  Q: I am trying to find out whether a very old John Tann safe we have in the company is fire-resistant. ...   A: John Tann's London office at 11 Newgate Street was adjacent to the notorious Newgate Prison and it ... globe safe3/20/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Has an eagle spin dial combination lock. Try to see or find the combination for. Hoping it maybe the ...   A: I don't know where everyone keeps coming up with this idea about "Trial Combinations" or "Default ... Mosler Safe3/19/2015Doug MacQueen  Q: I have a Vintage Mosler Floor safe fire insulaed 53 x 24 x 33 with file drawers . Any value in this ...   A: Brad, if you talking about the model where the door can be slid back into the body, then I know what ... Safe combination lost3/19/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have my mothers old safe that was made by the Hall's Safe Co. out of Cinn. Ohio and the dealer was ...   A: The Hall's Safe Company, was in business from October of 1896 until some time in the late 1920's ... Allied Gary safe3/17/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Is there any way to determine the security rating of a Allied Gary model number "ASPL"? The safe is ...   A: If I remember correctly, the ASPL stamp simply meant that this safe was NOT standard factory ... age of old cary safe3/16/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: my name is Steve and I have an old cary safe which my father got from a jobsite in the 1950's . I am ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your old Cary safe to see what questions I can answer or info ... Age of safe3/16/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: This is an old depot safe. The dial has "The All's Safe Company, Cincinnati, Ohio" in the center. ...   A: Chances are the dial says "HALLS Safe Company". This company was in business from 1896 until the ... Diebold safe3/15/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I am restoring a diebold safe and lock company safe. The only part I am missing to make everything ...   A: First off, individual pieces and parts are NOT available. I do have a couple of these locks, but ... HERRING-HALL-MARVIN SAFE CO.3/13/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I don't see a serial number or anything n was wondering what is it worth. I rented a house and it ...   A: While the safe may be in the 1000 to 1500 lb range, it is not "super heavy". While I realize that ... Antique Vault3/13/2015Doug MacQueen  Q: The company I work for is in the process of refinishing our office space in a historical section of ...   A: Tina, the only practical way is to carefully strip the paint down to the original. I suspect that ... Macneale & Urban Patent Safe Value3/12/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a very old Macneale & Urban Patent Safe. The name of the safe is on the inside of the door ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your safe for you. As far as potential customers - sorry, ... Old York Safe3/12/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: have read many of your questions/answers and you are obviously very knowledgeable. We have an old ...   A: I have almost the exact same safe, though yours has a much better paint job and art work than mine. ... antique safe art preservation3/11/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a hall's safe and lock co. Cincinnati and Louisville. Serial no. 115327. My main question is ...   A: In "general" - most safes like yours were painted with a varnish after the art work was done, to ... fire file cabinet3/11/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have Mosler fire file cabinets. They are four drawer file cabinets that sit in a vault cavity. ...   A: Without seeing the containers, I can't answer the question concerning value. And without ... antique Fichet Safe3/11/2015Mike Palmer  Q: Do you know the opening procedure for a Fichet safe that uses a key to operate the combination? The ...   A: It sounds like your safe is locked out so I think you need someone to call and assist you with the ... Weight Range? 4' Hall's3/10/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Aloha Andy, I've been invited to collect a family heirloom, a Hall's safe(Cincinnati, white ...   A: There's a lot more to estimating the weight of a safe, than just a photo and measurements. The ... Who Can Open Barnes Safe?3/10/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My family bought an old Inn built in ~1840. In the basement, within the dark room used to store ...   A: In General, people do NOT abandon safes with stuff left inside. It's interesting how many people ... Antique safe3/9/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Please review attached photos. We would appreciate any info you can share w/ us. The safe opens as ...   A: Herring, Farrell & Sherman were three different safe manufacturer's, who were "partners" for a brief ... Antique possible "Fichet" from 1800's w skeleton key lock3/9/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I recently acquired a large safe at an Estate sale. We have no keys, the lock mechanism consists of ...   A: yes it certainly looks like a Fichet type safe and lock. I can't remember if I've seen "THIS" ... Major Safe Model 2020 Ser F206753/7/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Yes, it's old. Yes, I have the combo. Yes, it's tumblers still glide like butter. I think it's from ...   A: Erich, You are correct, your container is most likely from the 1960' through early 70's. Generally ... Marvin Safe Company3/7/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I own a Marvin Safe Company 38891(this is written on the inside of the locking door. I'll send you ...   A: It appears that you have a "Victorian style Secretary". These cabinets were used for lettering ... lock3/5/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Can you tell me where I can purchase a lock and t-handle for this safe. I have no identifying ...   A: I have no idea what lock or T-handle you are looking for - sorry, but my crystal ball is broken! I ... value of my antique safe3/5/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I'm inquiring about age, value, and neat facts you might be aware of considering my safe passed down ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your safe for you, though I will need some good quality photos ... Victor safe3/3/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Customer call me with this safe. However I am not having any luck finding the proper drill point to ...   A: Disclaimer: We do not give out any information concerning drilling or opening safes other than ... J&J Taylor Safeworks(?) safe3/2/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have a safe that I believe to be a J&J Taylor Safeworks model. 5459 is stamped on one of the ...   A: I don't know what hat you pulled J & J Taylor Safeworks out of, but this is definitely not a J&J ... how to reset an antique safe combination3/2/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I recently purchased a turn of the century safe at an auction. The safe is open with the bolts in ...   A: I would be happy to look at your safe to figure out what you actually have. There were no ... Mosler Safe3/1/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an old Mosler safe that is 26 3/4"w X27 1/2" d X 60 3/4" high. If at all possible I would ...   A: Your safe is from the late 1940's or 1950's(prior to 1962). It is a fire resistive safe only and ... TILTON&MCFARLAND3/1/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: i have an antique safe weight around 1500 pounds rusty color but complete . damage i can see t ...   A: I love Tilton & McFarland safes, and have two of my own. I'm not sure what you question concerning ... York Safe3/1/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Andy, I would like to know the age, value approximate weight of a safe my dad had bought second hand ...   A: what a cute little York safe, MUCH nicer looking than mine - and older. I would be happy to look at ... FABRIK von F.SCHMIDT safe2/28/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an antique safe which has been at my home used by grand father and his father. It is made in ...   A: I'm going to direct you to some friends of mine that specialize in exactly this type of safe. ... Halls Safe Company floor safe2/26/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: My attempt to send message yesterday may have failed. What is the age and weight of Halls floor ...   A: This site is not particularly photo friendly - sorry - not my site, I'm only a volunteer here. To ... Pressure Bar Safe.2/26/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I am wondering if you can give me any information on this safe. I'm wondering what it might weight? ...   A: I would be more than happy to look at your bankers safe, to evaluate it and ID it for you, but will ... Halls Safe Company floor safe2/26/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Height 40, width 26, depth 26 plus hinges and dial Serial number on handle 82100. Inside door 1906 ...   A: This company was actually the second "Hall's" safe company. The first was in business from 1867 ... Inherited a antique Victor Safe with no combination2/25/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: Just inherited an antique Victor save with no combination to open it. Pictures attached. Number ...   A: The lock on this safe should have a three wheel lock and a 100 number dial, this gives you the ... age of mysafe2/24/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have an old "Cary Safe" serial # 188767 on the lever also #on the hinge and door is 849 ANSWER: ...   A: John, I'm sure that I have no idea - my wife broke my crystal ball about the same time that she ... Cast iron safe2/24/2015Tom Gordon  Q: I have had this safe for approximately 8 years. It came from a very old building. I am unsure of the ...   A: This is more ornate than many, but it seems that the majority of them were made by Carron. Other ... Cast iron safe2/24/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I have had this safe for approximately 8 years. It came from a very old building. I am unsure of the ...   A: My first recommendation is that you check in with two of the other experts on this site(Antique ... Hercules Letter Vault - Meilink Steel Safe Co.2/24/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I was doing some research about a fire safe I purchased and came across your information. I hoped ...   A: Sorry but this isn't a "safe", it is simply a fire resistive, portable filing cabinet. As far as ... Vault door restoration2/23/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I recently purchased a vault door that I removed from an abandon bank. I believe the building it was ...   A: There is a really good chance that you will loose all of the engraving when it is replated. ... Antique Safe2/23/2015Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)  Q: I purchase a old bank building and nobody has the combination to the vault. It has been disabled ...   A: If you will look at the wheels(see your photos), they are actually two main parts, just like the ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  | 6 

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