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Postby Ellwood » Fri Mar 13, 2015 2:25 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertUnloading timeshare11/2/2014Dave Heine  Q: We own a vacation club membership that we no longer can use. Fees are coming up in 2 mos. Have ...   A: First question is do you have it listed for sale and where did these offers to buy come from. The ... cancel within grace period8/20/2014Dave Heine  Q: I am concerned that I need to follow a specific procedure to cancel my contract with Silverleaf ...   A: Rachel, there is no easy place to find the how to cancel as they bury it in various areas based on ... HGVC Timeshare6/13/2014Dave Heine  Q: If you have a REPUTABLE sales person, that would be great, but not someone who wants me to pay them ...   A: Because the right of first refusal pertains to the sale of the unit. Without a purchase contract ... Timeshare6/10/2014Dave Heine  Q: I foolishly "bought" -- and that word is used loosely -- a HGVC one bedroom(3400 points), odd year ...   A: Ok, lots of questions, hopefully I answer them all, but first did you finance the purchase. I ask ... lein on home3/4/2014John Kushman  Q: We did not cancel in time because of serious illness. We took nothing in return, the timeshare was ...   A: Sheila, If you were able to cancel the purchase within the right of rescission period then you ... Hollywood Beach Tower2/20/2014Dave Heine  Q: I'm an owner at HBT. I have a deeded timeshare and have religiously paid the maintenance fees since ...   A: they will continue collections and at some point, they will foreclose the unit once that happens, ... Foreclosed?2/12/2014Dave Heine  Q: We have/had a HGVC timeshare which we paid in full in 2009. Then in 2012/13 we were unable to pay ...   A: typically they need 48 hours or sometimes longer to cancel a foreclosure sale once the date has been ... TimeShare Renouncement2/1/2014John Kushman  Q: The following question was sent to an expert of yours 8 days ago and I'm still waiting for a ...   A: Marlene, Yes, completing the form and returning to the resort will cancel your ownership and ... timeshare1/15/2014John Kushman  Q: please help. my parents bought a timeshare 16 years ago in Ontario - they are now retired and would ...   A: Irina, Thank you for the questions. To answer you question about creditors pursuing the ... Timeshare help12/16/2013Dave Heine  Q: I went to Florida for the first time last week. after 6 to 7 hrs of going back and forth I bought a ...   A: it will not be in the Warranty Deed. I am not sure what you are calling a proposal. Somewhere you ... Timeshare Surrender11/24/2013Dave Heine  Q: I own a 2 bdr. unit for one week a year at the Grandview in Las Vegas. I owe no money on the ...   A: There is no law that forces them to take it back. You can call their owner services department and ... Lost timeshare week due to late reservation11/1/2013John Kushman  Q: I've had my timeshare in Orlando, FL since late '90s and have always been timely on my payments of ...   A: Reina, Thank you for the question. It depends on the resort for the most part. Most of them have ... Time Share Blues8/20/2013John Kushman  Q: My wife and I had owned a time share in Orlando. My wife became very ill and had to have a heart ...   A: Mike, If you do not pay the bill for past due maintenance fees they will eventually foreclose on ... timeshare/bank loan/deed7/5/2013Dave Heine  Q: On May 24, 2005 my wife and I attended a seminar and at the end did enter into a contract to ...   A: Without more specifics, it is hard to help you. Did you buy a action club package, did you buy a ... smart6/13/2013John Kushman  Q: is it smart for a guy in his 40s to get a timeshare i mean i have no kids and am the type who just ...   A: Nelson, I have been in the industry for 8 years now and I am a firm believer in timeshares being a ... Voluntary turn in?6/8/2013Dave Heine  Q: Is there such thing as voluntary turn in of a timeshare? I have one that I have been faithfully ...   A: Firsts, call your lender, explain you have lost your job. They may require proof, they may have a ... Giving away a timeshare5/4/2013John Kushman  Q: we own a Marriott barony beach timeshare in Hilton head. We want to give it to a friend of our's ...   A: Brenda, If you are gifting the property to friends then you should be able to use a deed of gift ... Westgate Travel Club4/25/2013John Kushman  Q: John, Hello and thank you for taking time to read about our predicament. My husband, our 3 ...   A: Christy, If you feel that you were lied to during the sales presentation then an attorney may be ... help w getting rid of timeshare4/10/2013John Kushman  Q: Helping a friend, him n a past girlfriend bought a timeshare and have since broke up and timeshare ...   A: Cara, If the ownership is not paid in full(still has a mortgage) then they will most likely need ... cancelling timeshare4/8/2013Sean Austin  Q: i was at st maarten we were approched by people while we were shopping and we scratch tickets and i ...   A: It is very important that if you want to rescind your purchase you MUST follow the instructions on ... Timeshare and trust disposition4/1/2013Dave Heine  Q: Not sure where to turn on this one: Legal or Real Estate ? My parents have a timeshare that is in ...   A: The answer to your first question is the would most likely take title as to a 1/4 interest each. It ... Resale or Transfer3/28/2013John Kushman  Q: My aunt owns a timeshare with Marriott Vacation Club Platinum nothing is owed on it but is wanting ...   A: Whitney, Marriott has the option to purchase the unit back at the same price that a buyer offers. ... walking away from a timeshare3/18/2013John Kushman  Q: i am partners with my parents in a Orange Lake(Holiday Inn). we owe 38k on this, my parents our in ...   A: Pat, There are companies that can work with you to get out of your mortgage. It might make sense to ... Behind in Maintenance Fees3/15/2013Dave Heine  Q: Due to unforeseen family issues(our daughter born four months premature) and financial pressures ...   A: Stephanie I will try to answer all of your questions, but if I miss something, please respond back, ... Timeshare Title Transfer3/13/2013Dave Heine  Q: I own a Disney Vacation Club timeshare. I divorced in 2008, my ex husband relinquished all rights ...   A: Patty: Excellent question. First, we need to look at certain things. Yes, your ex-husband would ... Timeshare cancelation3/10/2013Dave Heine  Q: I bought a timeshare in Florida and would like to cancel. It is past the 10 day cancelation period. ...   A: Legally, you are past the 10 days in which to do so. You need to contact the owner services ... Cancel time share after cool off period3/9/2013John Kushman  Q: My husband and I signed the time share at Orange Lake Florida, not knowing we will be out of job ...   A: Nuri, Unfortunately once your cooling off period is over there is not really a cheap way to get out ... Time share cancelation3/7/2013Sean Austin  Q: My husband and I signed the contract for a time share on Feb. 22, which is over 7 days to the right ...   A: Claudia, If you feel that you were legitimately sold with no deception then the contract as you ... foreclosing a mexican TS that has offices in the US2/9/2013Sean Austin  Q: i recently bought a TS in mexico at the Playa Del Carmen they offices ine California. Im a canadian ...   A: Chris, The resort can take the property back but due to the fact that you live in Canada they ... How can I get my money back and get it off my credit2/6/2013Sean Austin  Q: My husband and I purchased a timeshare from BlueGreen. He was suppose to get it at 6% due to him ...   A: Once they take the property back Bluegreen will regularly mark your credit with a foreclosure and ... timeshare forclosure and future travel to the usa2/3/2013John Kushman  Q: We foolishly bought a timeshare in florida in 2007,it has been foreclosed for a number of years ...   A: Charlie, You will have no problem getting into the US, or getting out of the US because of a ... timeshare rescission/ contract benefits1/29/2013John Kushman  Q: Cancelled the timeshare purchase the following day by sending a certified letter with receipt ...   A: Richard, I would send them a letter quoting Paragraph 18, page 2, stating that they are in ... weeks vs points1/19/2013Sean Austin  Q: I have owned at Orange Lake since 1996. I don't understand how they can bully me into converting ...   A: Kim, That is purely a sales tactic to get you to purchase more points. You week will always be ... Legitamate Purchase1/11/2013John Kushman  Q: I have recently purchased a timeshare deal from Grande Crowne Resorts in Pigeon Forge ,TN. I have ...   A: Harry, Sorry for the delay in my response. I am always skeptical of hearing about resorts selling ... Grand Crowne Resorts1/11/2013Sean Austin  Q: I have recently purchased a timeshare deal from Grande Crowne Resorts in Pigeon Forge ,TN. I have ...   A: Harry, One of the most common misrepresentations that timeshare sales reps use is the projected ... Tahiti Village1/11/2013John Kushman  Q: We purchased a time share back in 2006 and only made about a years worth of payments. Never got ...   A: Amanda, Once the debt is transferred to a collection agency the next step is foreclosure. This will ... returning of timeshare sales fee1/5/2013John Kushman  Q: I purchased a timeshare in Branson. 3 days later I rescinded this by certified mail. In Missouri you ...   A: Deedee, After scanning the Missouri Chapter 407 that deals with timeshares, it looks they have 15 ... Non US citizen12/29/2012Dave Heine  Q: I bought a time share last August at Westgate resort in Bronson, MO. I paid the amount in full it's ...   A: I think you need to check and see. They are under no legal requirement to let you cancel, button ... maintenance fees12/27/2012Sean Austin  Q: my maintenance fees with festiva-st.marrteen-atrium get larger each year.Ihave tried to sell,rent or ...   A: Just remember that you signed a contract with the timeshare company. Just like a leasing a car. If ... Cancel contract Time share12/27/2012Dave Heine  Q: In September 16, 2012 I purchased a Time share at Wyndham resorts in Orlando, Florida; so I wonder ...   A: Xavier The Florida Statute is 10 days to cancel from the date you sign the contract, not 10 days ... Page:  


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