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Having a dispute with a tenant or landlord? Rental Law discussion


Postby Mekledoodum » Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:20 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertLandlord taking advantage7/26/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I hope you can help me with some advice here. I rented an apartment from a landlord, I stayed there ...   A: Carol, This is the first time I've had a question outside of America! My recommendation is that ... Quit Claim without full property description7/25/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: my dad quit claimed a home to us a year and a half ago. Two Quit Claims were made - one from my dad ...   A: Gigi, If the Clerk's office accepted the Quit Claim, then it must be sufficient for filing. ... rent raise7/24/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I am a renter. In June I had a slight mouse infestation in my rented apartment. I told my LL about ...   A: J, The last I heard, the Board approved a 3.75% increase, effective 1 October. I have not heard of ... Gov. default on SS causing late fees or eviction7/23/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: If the U.S. gov. defaults Aug. 3, 2011 and I can't receive my S.S. benefits, I can't pay my rent. ...   A: Marcia, Don't worry. There's no evidence that the government won't be able to pay their bills. I ... Getting rid of a renter7/20/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I live in Illinois--DuPage County to be exact. My mom allowed a friend of hers, and her son, to move ...   A: Lisa, She has a right to evict her for non-payment of rent. Your mom needs to write a letter to ... rented under false pretenses7/20/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: We rented a house from my brother, we lived there for two years. When we first moved in, we told ...   A: Michael, You can hire an attorney and sue him, or you can take him to small claims court but be ... How to get a person out of house I now own7/20/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: OK, my Grandma has a house in Bismarck, MO. She had been letting her brother live there. There ...   A: Kristy, Does he have a rental agreement with you? As the owner, he must have a lease agreement in ... security deposit7/19/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Several months ago I asked our tenant in North Las Vegas if she intended to renew her lease. She ...   A: Cisca, Thanks for the question! Your tenant is required by law to fulfill the full term of her ... Landlord Responsibility - Mice Infestation7/19/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: In the past 2.5 months I have experienced a dramatic increase in mice in my apartment. I live in a ...   A: Chene, The tenant is only responsible for pest extermination if they are the cause of the ... Landlord harrassment7/18/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: My family and I are renting a privatley owned home, We do have a lease. My question is, We have bad ...   A: Caroline, There are two separate issues here. First off, the Landlord must provide housing that is ... My Land description7/18/2011Judy Cook  Q: My husband and I purchased a house in oklahoma approx. 3 yrs ago. When we recieved the deed to the ...   A: Oh, wow! This has to be one of the worst stories I've ever heard, Lacy. I'm so sorry you're having ... condo law7/16/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Gesner, Hope it's OK to ask a question about the relationship of oondo owners. My wife and I live ...   A: Richard, You'll have to read your HOA documents carefully, but typically the HOA carries insurance ... Misleaded to sign the lease7/16/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I was looking to move in a single bedroom apartment and I found this place and went to check it out. ...   A: Andy, First, the lease is not valid until all parties sign it, even if the effective date has ... apartment7/15/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: i have a question that maybe you can help with direction. my friend has a house in which its a ...   A: Daniel, When tenants are under a month-to-month lease, you can terminate at any time by giving them ... tenant7/15/2011Judy Cook  Q: i have a question that maybe you can help with direction. my friend has a house in which its a ...   A: Daniel. It is likely that the rental agreement will contain a provision regarding occupancy. If that ... negligent landlord, water damages?7/15/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I am renting a room at a house. Our washing machine broke and my landlord had his staff install a ...   A: Chris, Your message has two separate questions, so let me address them separately. First, your ... Landlord's responsibility7/13/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I am a landlord of a 4-bedroom house with 4 tenants, each of them occupies one room. The common ...   A: Judith, Cleaning is a responsibility of the tenant(s) occupying the property, unless otherwise ... who pays for a broken door?7/8/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Here is the situation: a crazy person recently broke down our front door from the outside. We ...   A: Brian, According to California Civil Code Sections 1929 and 1941, Tenants are are responsible for ... Security Deposit7/1/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Greetings, I left my apt in Virginia and the landlord charged me the whole deposit(750$) for ...   A: Here's the Virginia Landlord-Tenant Handbook: ... tenant eviction6/29/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Gesner, Thank you for providing this service. My rental property is in North Carolina. My tenant ...   A: Debbie, You don't have to send a new notice, particularly for $2. If there are any discrepancies ... 30 Day Notice and Return of Deposit6/27/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: my name is Sandra. I live in California and have had a month to month for the last 5 years. I ...   A: Sandra, First, assuming you were under a month-to-month contract, you've provided enough notice to ... pool maintenance responsibility6/27/2011Judy Cook  Q: We are one of two couples who are partners in renting a home with a pool. It was agreed upon that ...   A: In the absence of state or local law overriding the terms of your written agreement with the tenant, ... roommate might have tricked me6/26/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Oh dear, I don't even know where to start. I'll try to keep it as short and concise as possible. ...   A: Stephanie, You and the Landlord had a signed, binding contract. The Landlord holds the original. ... Rental Agreement6/21/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I am a Soldier mobilized to Hawaii and I found a house for my family that is coming in a couple of ...   A: Bonnie, First off, thank you for your service. I'm retired, 21 years, and my last duty station was ... Property Rights6/20/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: My girlfriend and i bought a home on a piece of property together. Both of our names are on the ...   A: Melissa, If I understand you correctly, you purchased the home as "Tenancy in Common" which means ... can a tenant refuse to pay rent6/17/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: can a tenant refuse to pay rent if given many months to find another apartment by a landlord in a 2 ...   A: Anthony, First, I have to apologize for taking so long to answer. I actually answered this ... Can my security deposit be held?6/16/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Security Deposit refund? I recently moved out of an apartment in california and submitted my notice ...   A: Alex, Unfortunately, your Landlord is correct. Yes, you are allowed to leave with proper notice, ... Eviction in Missouri6/16/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Gesner, my daughter lives in Carthage Missouri in a rental house, her lease is up at the end of ...   A: Cindy, There are a lot of different questions in your question, so let me answer each one ... boundary dispute6/14/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: We've been in our house for over 3 years. We have an easement on our property that our neighbor ...   A: Renee, Look through your mortgage paperwork and locate the name of the title company used in the ... Late Fees6/13/2011Judy Cook  Q: Who gets the late fee? The property manager or the property owner? Thanks, Joy Kingsbury   A: I reviewed "ORS 90.260 Late rent payment charge or fee; restrictions; calculation." I found nothing ... Lease6/12/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I have tenant who has signed a year lease and has been leasing from me for the past 1 year and ...   A: Anthony, If they are in a month-to-month, it's easier for you to raise rent or terminate a lease. ... Non Payment of rent and otherthings6/11/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Nathan, I'm renting my mothers house along with two other families, one has a child that is very ...   A: Amy, Even with a verbal agreement, you're required to follow the law. Most states require a 30-day ... eviction/no contract6/9/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I reside in New Hampshire. Here is my situation. My husband and I are going through a divorce, He ...   A: Carrie, I have to admit, I'm confused. You say the house is yours, but then you tell me you sold ... Apartment upgrade and rent increase6/8/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I've lived in my apartment for 11 1/2 years, model tenant, always paying rent on time. This is a ...   A: Gail, I'm going to assume you are under a month-to-month rental agreement since he normally can't ... Fence / Dogs6/8/2011Judy Cook  Q: Cook, I have a tenant that shares a common back fence with a neighbor who has 2 dogs. The dogs have ...   A: I commend you on your efforts to resolve the issue quickly, and in the best interests of all ... landlord wants to break lease6/7/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I live in house since March 17,2011 Now Landlord wants to break written lease agreement landlord ...   A: Sondra, A Landlord can not terminate a fixed-term lease without justification. Wanting his wife to ... Security Deposit6/6/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I just moved out of my apartment, and as my landlord requested, I cleaned up the house(after ...   A: Georges, There is a manual provided by the state of Mass that explains the Landlord - Tenant laws ... noise complaint6/4/2011Judy Cook  Q: I am a co-op apartment owner and I have complained to the building management office about the loud ...   A: The answer depends upon a few different factors. Are the machines malfunctioning, or is the noise a ... noise complaint6/4/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I am a co-op apartment owner and I have a loud noise problem.. the basement laundry room dryers make ...   A: Marlyn, I can't guarantee results, but you should continue to push the issue up the chain. Most ... drunken, violent bipolar roommate6/3/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: my boyfriend and I rented a room to a young woman who professed to be quiet and religious. ...   A: Catherine, I just wrote you a really long response and then realized you are renting to a roommate! ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  | 6 

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