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Postby Weston » Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:23 am

s SubjectDate AskedExperthow to give court notice to reopen case?9/5/2014Philip Belove, Ed.D.Custody question8/15/2014Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce6/4/2014Philip Belove, Ed.D.Good parenting5/8/2014Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce decree4/4/2014Philip Belove, Ed.D.Right of First Refusal4/1/2014Philip Belove, Ed.D.House Entitlement2/3/2014Kathryn HisertMortgage & Divorce1/29/2014Kathryn HisertDivorce1/18/2014Philip Belove, Ed.D.alimony1/1/2014Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAm I divori12/30/2013Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCan't get over my ex husband12/29/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce.12/2/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.My daughter is newly married to an Army E-2,11/18/2013Kathryn HisertCustody of children of US citizen11/4/2013Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerInappropriate relationship10/19/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce Decree contempt9/10/2013Kathryn HisertIRA + Divorce8/19/2013Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerBoyfriend Very Close with his Ex - Spending Holidays Together?8/14/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.How do I stop throwing myself at my husband,and just leave him alone?8/13/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorcing a criminal8/12/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.related to divorce7/21/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.uncontested divorce6/6/2013Kathryn HisertShould I leave?4/22/2013Pete UglowDivorce4/22/2013Kathryn HisertDivorce Issue4/18/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce Query4/18/2013Pete UglowBoyfriend spends a lot of time with ex-wife and refuses to tell his kids about me!4/18/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.How Close it too close with an ex-wife3/10/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.Found out boyfriend still married, supporting ex wife?3/8/2013Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce with unborn baby?3/5/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce with unborn baby?3/5/2013Pete Uglowdivorce with unborn baby?3/5/2013Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce with unborn baby?3/5/2013Kathryn Hisertdivorce lawyer issues2/27/2013Kathryn Hisertstep families2/17/2013Philip Belove, Ed.D.Problem in marraige2/14/2013Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorced2/10/2013Kathryn Hisertcontemp of court1/14/2013Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDrugs and Lies1/10/2013Pete Uglowdivorce issues and child visitation12/27/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Removing my name from a mortgage12/13/2012Kathryn HisertDivorce??12/8/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Ex wives and fiancé12/6/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Post Divorce11/14/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce w/ husband MIA?11/12/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerenforcement of final divorce decree10/25/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHELP10/20/2012Kathryn HisertI don't know if I can deal with an ex-wife10/19/2012Kathryn Hisertdivorced and still own a house10/2/2012Kathryn HisertI have been goshted by my boyfriend since his ex wife indirectly get involved in our relationship10/2/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Parents Divorce9/24/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.post divorce timeshare9/22/2012Kathryn Hisertbuy home for myself but not divorce9/19/2012Kathryn HisertDivorce - joint auto loan9/7/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCan I move out if divorce is not final9/7/2012Kathryn Hisertcalling stepmom mom8/31/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.buying a house in my name only8/28/2012Kathryn HisertHow to get lawyer to finish divorce?8/28/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingercustody8/21/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Torn8/14/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Ohio Divorce7/28/2012Kathryn HisertDivorce/Community Property s?7/27/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx-Husband abusing new wife in front of kids7/20/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.I think my ex needs to get court ordered therapy...7/14/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.seeing stepchild7/7/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.graduation7/1/2012Kathryn HisertDating married..soon to be divorced man6/24/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce5/29/2012Kathryn Hisertdivorce and my daughter5/25/2012Kathryn HisertOwning property after divorce5/17/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerseperation agreement5/12/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingershould i break up just months before my marriage?5/11/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.bpd4/26/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Trusting wife issue4/21/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingermoving on4/14/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Todder Abandonment Issues/Signs4/7/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce what is the hold up?3/12/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Don't know what to do about this emotional roller coaster!3/3/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Separation leading to Divorce?3/3/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Moving On or Classic Cold Feet/Panic3/1/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRelationship conflict2/23/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce2/20/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHelping a Child With Abandonment Issues2/17/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.my boyfriend of 6 yrs wont divorce his wife2/16/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.New partner doesn't accept relationship with ex2/15/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Don't know where to go from here2/8/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRelationship Issue with Fiance2/5/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Depression from Relationship2/1/2012Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRelationship - Sinking Deep in Depression2/1/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce1/24/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.i need your help please!1/20/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Custody and work schedule road bumps1/13/2012Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce when one parent is an alcoholic12/20/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.relationships after divorce12/12/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAmicable Divorce after 20 years?11/20/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerBreach of divorce settlement agreement11/15/2011Lee Blockmy dad moved out.11/10/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce due to Facebook.10/24/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHurt Child10/5/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.The new girlfriend..9/27/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Mortgage issue with my wife9/22/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHow should I act and wait9/6/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Dealing with the x wife9/2/2011Lee Blockaffairs8/31/2011RebeccaEx Husband8/31/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.My daughter's Sporting Events8/31/2011Lee BlockMilitary Divorce8/30/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce8/28/2011Lee BlockMy live-in boyfriend will not divorce8/21/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerBroken Compass8/10/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Harassment from ex7/24/2011Lee Blockwhat are my options7/23/2011Lee Blockdivorce7/15/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce7/10/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.my mother needs help...7/1/2011Lee BlockHarassment after divorce6/26/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Husband won't get a job6/25/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.BF living with "soon to be" ex wife6/23/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Taking vacations with children6/23/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerI don't know where he is...Help, please.6/23/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerPremarital checking/savings accounts6/19/2011Lee BlockPremarital checking/saving accounts6/19/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRe: Violation of divorce decree6/17/2011Lee BlockUnfair Relationship?6/14/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Unhappily Divorced6/13/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Custody - different states6/6/2011Lee Blockdivorced since 02 and still cant sever the tie6/4/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce6/2/2011Lee Blockrelationship after divorce5/30/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.My partner's contact with ex wife5/30/2011Kay LewisMaking the right decision on which child goes with which parent?5/20/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerFlorida Restraining Order?5/20/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.harrassment5/19/2011Lee Blockadvice about divorce5/18/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEMOTIONS5/12/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingermy 4 year old5/8/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Disvorce5/4/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerabandoment of house4/30/2011Lee Blockmultiple issues with husband4/29/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.After Divorce4/27/2011Lee BlockAfter the DIvorce4/27/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAfter DIvorce4/27/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Leaving my marriage4/26/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Girlfriend feels inferior to ex wife. help!4/25/2011Lee BlockSerious help needed with BF/boundaries with ex4/19/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.What to do concerning children from previous marriage4/19/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.my bf and his ex4/17/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.knowing when to divorce4/11/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.relationship with ex-wife4/11/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.I screwed up my marriage, help me save it4/11/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.enforcing property order4/7/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdrug adiction3/30/2011Lee BlockHusband doesn't work3/26/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Insisting Ex3/23/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerProperty3/22/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerlooking for advice3/21/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Spouse new wife interferes with financial decisions3/21/2011Lee BlockWhat is my spouse entitled to3/19/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce3/18/2011Lee Blockhouse split3/16/2011Lee BlockChanging Locks3/15/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDating and Children of Divorced Parents3/15/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.3/14/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Amending a divorce settlement3/10/2011Lee Blockdivorce3/9/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerannuled marriage?3/8/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingergetting past the past.3/8/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.custody3/3/2011Lee BlockRelationship breakup3/3/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.violation of post nuptial agreement3/2/2011Lee Blockplease help...this is the hardest thing ever2/28/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.Who can live with my child and myself after divorce2/26/2011Lee BlockEx-Spouse Boundaries2/25/2011Lee BlockPost divorce - property not divided equally2/24/2011Lee Blockdivorce decree2/18/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerLong divorce and kids meeting my BF2/18/2011Lee BlockI don't get it?2/18/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.child support increase when I take care of child 5 days out of the week2/16/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerProducing of Documents2/3/2011Lee BlockDivorce, Custody... trying to be civil1/30/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingercustody of children for oilworker1/28/2011Lee BlockDivorce1/22/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex's emotional abuse to our kids1/18/2011Lee BlockPost Divorce1/14/2011Lee BlockRelationship issued due to divorce1/8/2011Philip Belove, Ed.D.how to word a proper letter of reconciliation to the courts1/7/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerI dont understand why?1/6/2011Lee Blockhouse deed1/5/2011Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerIs this a hint?12/29/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerrelationship advice12/28/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.married, but claiming not to be12/18/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerFor the child?12/16/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.previous relationship12/16/2010Kay LewisSeperate Lives?12/15/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.involving kids and holidays12/12/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Thinking about seperation/divorce12/6/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce and child porn12/3/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce questions12/3/2010David SomerfleckFinal Divorce Decree11/15/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMy parents11/15/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerTeen age daughter11/10/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerIs a STEP- Parent considered FAMILY11/8/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMy boyfriend can't let go of the past11/6/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce11/2/2010David SomerfleckDependent Ex-Husband10/26/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce10/26/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.My wife said she wants a divorce10/25/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerplease help10/22/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerNegative Equity10/19/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerparenting obligations10/19/2010David SomerfleckMy exhusband and father of my daughter is still controlling and jealous.10/18/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Alimony and Ex-filing bankruptcy10/17/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAbandonment Issues/ Abuse / Emotional Affair10/14/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Step-father10/14/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingermaking a passport for my child10/12/2010David Somerfleckafter divorce settlement10/9/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)affection between my spouse and children10/8/2010David SomerfleckDealing with HIS ex wife10/5/2010David SomerfleckMistakenly filed a response, need advice to cancel public hearing and complete a dissolution case10/3/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMileage for doctor appts9/30/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)help for my four year old9/26/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Parents seperating9/24/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Inheritance used to lower mortgage on house payment9/24/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Divorce and annuity9/22/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)International Divorce - Mexico9/20/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Credit Card Debt9/19/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Divorce Papers9/19/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Financial/Post Divorce 3 years9/17/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)[email protected]/15/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Still Trapped9/15/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.PAIN9/14/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.taxes9/13/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)car loans9/12/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Custody9/9/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Violation of Divorce Decree9/7/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerchild support/joint custody9/7/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)unexpected separation(sons) daughter involved9/6/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerex-wife9/4/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Attending ex-family member funeral9/3/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Returning monetary gift given before separation9/2/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Post Divorce Property8/31/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Right to a wife when your divorce8/30/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAlimony Support8/29/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerOhio Divorce & profit sharing checks8/29/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Starting my new life8/28/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.child support8/26/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)divorce8/26/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)divorce possible8/24/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Finances8/24/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)ex-husband/new boyfriend8/24/2010Lee Blockdivorce8/24/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerGreen Light??8/20/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.termination of rights and suicide attempts8/20/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSeparation8/14/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce8/13/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerGoing crazy!8/11/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.trapped and no where to run!8/9/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce asset split8/9/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Divorce and Child8/6/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Finding a way8/5/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.should I divorce him?8/4/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Pregnant before divorce final8/3/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.What are my general rights as a wife In the process of sep and divorce8/1/2010David SomerfleckEstranged wife8/1/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce question7/31/2010David SomerfleckChild Support Post Divorce7/31/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)question about adultery/divorce7/31/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)401K7/30/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)my friend won't divorce his estranged wife7/28/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce is Impacting My Relationship with My Daughter7/25/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Moving7/24/2010David SomerfleckNon-covered medical expenses7/22/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)DIVORCE - LEGALLY DIVORCED OR NOT?7/21/2010David SomerfleckHome Title7/21/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)bills,7/20/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Getting married to recent divorcee7/20/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce/home purchase7/19/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Introducing a new boyfriend to small children7/16/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.transportation7/15/2010David Somerfleckdivorce7/15/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Can my boyfriends ex wife stop me from visiting the matrimonial home7/14/2010David Somerfleckjoint custody7/14/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Future wages -- do I have right to them?7/13/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)what shoud i do?7/13/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.boyfriend of 16 months7/11/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Seeing a divorced older woman7/8/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.visitation7/6/2010David Somerfleck33 year marriage/ 5 yrs after divorce/pension7/6/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)personal property in divorce7/5/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)waiting period7/2/2010David Somerfleckspousal support7/2/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)HOW CAN I FIND OUT IF THE MAN IM SEEING IS DIVORCED7/1/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.transportation6/28/2010David SomerfleckMoving forward in a new relationship!6/26/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.How to deal with a wife / ex-wife of an alcoholic6/24/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce6/23/2010David Somerfleckmodification hearing6/22/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)separation/divorce/health issues6/22/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Non-compliance with divorce decree Re: college education6/21/2010David SomerfleckWhat to do About Visitation Issues6/18/2010David SomerfleckNeed answers6/18/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Parenting Plan Enforcement6/18/2010David Somerfleckher past and relationship with ex6/17/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.custody6/16/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Sister-In-Law6/15/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.help6/14/2010David Somerfleckreasonable parenting time and military service6/12/2010David Somerfleckdivorce and custody6/12/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.common law marriage6/12/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)divorce decree enforcement6/11/2010David SomerfleckSPOUSAL FINANCIAL RIGHTS6/10/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)am I divorced6/10/2010David Somerfleck3yr old exhibiting odd behavior 2 yrs post Divorce6/9/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce issues6/9/2010David SomerfleckMy girlfriend and her "ex"-spouse6/8/2010David SomerfleckIrreconcilable differences6/7/2010David SomerfleckParent continues to endanger child6/7/2010David Somerfleckabandoned6/6/2010David SomerfleckMy ex husband6/4/2010David SomerfleckIneedto know if I can get ...6/3/2010David SomerfleckDivorce and inheretince6/2/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)My husband wants a divorce6/2/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Husband Won't Look for Job6/1/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Seeking Balance5/30/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.child abandonment5/29/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce decree5/27/2010David Somerfleckdivorce5/27/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.My son's mother wants our son to live with her again.5/25/2010David Somerfleckrelationship5/22/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.its getting bad5/22/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce5/21/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Seperation.5/19/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce - how to get started5/19/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Maintenance5/18/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)my son calling step mom, "mom"5/16/2010David SomerfleckDivoce Time frame5/13/2010David SomerfleckHow do I know if my husband is going to come back?5/13/2010David SomerfleckDivorce5/12/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.husband files for a divorce5/12/2010David Somerfleckadultry5/8/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerspousal support5/6/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerWhere to go for help.5/4/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Post-divorce family functions5/4/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Post-divorce family functions5/4/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerPost-divorce family functions5/4/2010David SomerfleckProperty5/3/2010David SomerfleckSocial Security 5/3/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Temp. Custody from Suicide Attempt leading to Full Custody4/30/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingercreditcard accounts after a divorce4/26/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)post divorce4/26/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerFinancial question4/25/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Dividing property4/24/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerrights to my kids?4/23/2010David SomerfleckDealing with relationships after a divorce?4/22/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.jointly owned house in divorce4/22/2010David SomerfleckDivorce4/20/2010David SomerfleckGot Married In US. Reside In USVI....4/19/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)devorice4/18/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerOut of state dissolution4/16/2010David Somerfleckchabnging divorce papers in Louisiana4/15/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerText Messages4/13/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Divorce in Texas & custody4/13/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSeparation - Effects on child4/13/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.abandonment4/12/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCustody agreement/court4/11/2010David SomerfleckDivorce and kids(michigan)4/8/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.breaching of divorce decree4/8/2010David Somerfleckdivorcing someone who is incorcerated4/7/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)BF of 5 yrs calls Ex-Wife4/7/2010David SomerfleckBack Taxes4/5/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Military Divorce4/2/2010David SomerfleckThe old family and the new family4/1/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Issues with my new partners kids and exwife.4/1/2010David Somerfleckhow do I manage my son and separation3/30/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Friends after a divorce3/26/2010David SomerfleckRemarrying and the Divorce Decree3/25/2010Micah Vladislasabandonment3/25/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Property3/25/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Timely awards3/24/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Joint Income/Spousal Support/Pension Non-Compliance3/24/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Divorced couples spending time together with child3/23/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Annuity and Pension3/23/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)divorce3/22/2010David Somerfleckdivorce settlement or separatio until a versorgungsausgleich is settled3/22/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)house in divorce3/22/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)military retirement benefits to ex3/22/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)my wife wants a divorce but has no car or job(forgot something)3/21/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerwife wants a divorce and has no car nor job(forgot something)3/21/2010David Somerfleckwife wants me to leave or divorce but she hs no job or car3/21/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.my wife doesn't have car or job but wants me to leave3/21/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerwife wants me to leave3/21/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)who pays?3/20/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce decree3/18/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerIntention to withdraw a case3/18/2010David SomerfleckNo formal agreement3/13/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.assets distribution3/12/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerBreach of divorce contract3/12/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerGuidance - divorce3/10/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce settlement3/10/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Should I stay in my marriage for my children?3/9/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.planning to take divorce3/9/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorced friend with teenager3/9/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce3/8/2010David SomerfleckBEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY MY SON3/8/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.postnup3/8/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Violation of divorce decree3/8/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)DIVORCE3/8/2010David SomerfleckHow to get a divorce?3/5/2010Micah Vladislasdebt in divorce3/3/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)filing for divorce/credit cards3/3/2010Micah VladislasTrying to end my marriage with a non-resident alien3/2/2010Micah VladislasDivorce2/28/2010David Somerfleckmarriage trouble2/27/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Confused2/26/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce2/26/2010Micah Vladislasproperty settlement2/26/2010David SomerfleckTrying to figure it all out2/26/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Children2/23/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerChildren2/23/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.3 YEAR OLD WITH ANGER ISSUES2/23/2010Micah VladislasQDRO2/22/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Contemplating Divorce but Mortgage Concerns2/21/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerhome2/21/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMoving on2/20/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce2/20/2010David Somerfleckdivorce, mortgage2/20/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce2/20/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.My nephews want to hang out but their mother won't let me come to "her" house...2/18/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.stay home mom divorce after 14 yrs with 3 young kids.2/13/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Internationl Divorce with Child2/13/2010Micah Vladislasdivorce2/12/2010Micah VladislasNot happy, contemplating divorce but scared of consequences2/11/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckytaxes2/10/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)moving on2/9/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce and moving on2/9/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckypost divorce2/9/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerre-uniting with ex-husband2/8/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckythe ugly triangle2/5/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyCHANGE TAX DEDUCTION OF CHILD2/4/2010Micah Vladislasdivorce2/4/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Dealing with the ex wife2/4/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.step parenting2/4/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Amend divorce decree2/3/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Getting my husband back2/3/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Retirement and divorce2/3/2010Micah VladislasSeperaton - Is it over?2/2/2010Pastor Kimberly Lemlersleeping in ex-marital home1/31/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Becky401 k1/30/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)settlement1/29/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Going after spouse for more money1/28/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)controlling ex husband1/28/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyBreakup, home, children, coping1/27/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce1/26/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerNeed to Show Large Gift on Financial Affidavit?1/24/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Complicated boyfriend1/22/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex-wife's involvement with my family1/22/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerFather still friends with ex husband1/22/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckywhat is a minor1/22/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerProperty1/21/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)Transportation after divorce1/21/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce and Eviction1/20/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerApropriateness of continued contact w/ ex-lovers.1/20/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce1/19/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingermy boyfriend's divorce1/19/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyfamily house and divorce1/18/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)To just divorce or give it another go1/16/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce and car loans1/15/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingeramending divorce decree regarding claiming children on taxes1/14/2010William Juch IV CDFA(tm)question about owning property and going to divorce1/14/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCustody1/14/2010Micah VladislasChild Support Credit(is there such a thing)1/14/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerShould I stay married or divorce?1/14/2010Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdating at midlife1/13/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.How to go about leaving my husband1/13/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.children and divorce1/11/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyDivorce issues1/11/2010Micah VladislasMediation with a Narcissitic ex after 5 yrs1/11/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckylegal separation1/9/2010Micah VladislasMy husband wants a divorce and i dont want to lose him1/9/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.Pregnancy-Behavior of Girlfriend1/9/2010Micah VladislasNot sure about anything???1/7/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyDivorce1/7/2010Micah VladislasDivorce1/6/2010Micah VladislasSummon's for a divorce1/4/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.alienated children1/4/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyDating a divorced man1/4/2010Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce1/3/2010Micah VladislasParental Alienation Syndrome(PAS)1/3/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyUnwanted Separation1/2/2010Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyUnwanted Separation1/2/2010Micah VladislasWant my husband back12/31/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Dad moving out.12/28/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.My rights12/28/2009Micah Vladislasstuck in the middle12/28/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckychildren's psychological issues PLEASE READ!!12/26/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyIn Ohio Drunkedness or ??12/25/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEffects of divorce on a 3 year old...12/23/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyguilt12/23/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDEPRESSED OVER DIVORCE?12/20/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyNow What?12/18/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.exes dating habits12/18/2009Micah VladislasKids mother12/17/2009Kay LewisNew boyfriend's ex is his best friend and they go on vacations with the children12/17/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce and remarrying12/12/2009Micah VladislasCongratulating ex-fiance having a child12/11/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyHow do I fix my "DESTROYED" marriage?12/11/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child Abuse12/10/2009Kay Lewisex-husband's wife12/9/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyletting go12/8/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.when to inform teenage son leaving for college12/4/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyGuilt in divorce12/1/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerContempt12/1/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerinter-spousal transfer11/29/2009Melanie Nathandivorce in texas, but married in uk11/28/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyforced11/27/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Dating after Divorce11/25/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.how to bring the kids into a relationship after separation11/24/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.DO I WANT A DIVORCE?11/24/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyFather seeking visitation or custody of son, mother will not allow visitation now11/22/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingernot sure if this is the right place...11/21/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyAffair11/21/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Boyfriend with ex all the time11/21/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Sadness11/20/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Now what happens? Where do I go from here?11/19/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Confused- Please help11/14/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.filing for divorce with an absent spouse11/13/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerLost and Lonely11/11/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckystbx husband new girlfriend11/10/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.STBX new girlfriend11/10/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyWe have three kids and I want to fix this!11/8/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyContemplating Divorce11/5/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyBoyfriend wants to see son after ten years11/5/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce11/3/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyissues w/ boyfriends ex11/3/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.boyfriend and his exwife spending time together11/1/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.About to deliver 2nd child; contemplating divorce10/26/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyAmendment10/26/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRelations with former stepchildren?10/26/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce10/24/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyBreaking down with hurt10/23/2009Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce10/18/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce, Child Abandoment10/17/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerGetting a Divorce10/17/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Getting a Divorce10/17/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyDivorce10/17/2009RebeccaLiability-recovery10/16/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerfailed marriage; probable divorce10/12/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyCourt Order10/12/2009Rebeccahelp!!10/11/2009Rebeccadivorce with a 2 yr old.10/10/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyStarting Over...AGAIN!10/9/2009Terri Matheisdivorce10/9/2009RebeccaAdultery and alcoholism together - what do I do?10/8/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyon letting go10/7/2009Rebeccataking name off mortgage10/6/2009RebeccaMy soon to be ex wifes boyfriend10/6/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyLife wasn't meant to be a nasty threesome10/5/2009Terri MatheisBoyfriend's relationship with his ex10/4/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.post divorce issues10/4/2009Rebeccadudas10/3/2009RebeccaHusband Does Not Support Family Financially10/1/2009Pastor Kimberly Lemler4 years, and he's still NOT divorced.9/29/2009Rebeccadivorce settlement9/28/2009Rebeccadeciding whether to seperate9/27/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyShared Parental Plan9/24/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce9/23/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyNo-fault divorce9/23/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerShould I Move On?9/22/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyWhat should I do & will I ever turst again?9/21/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.protection of my son from ex-husband9/19/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyAssets9/18/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorced in the same house.9/17/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.How can I believe and trust again?9/15/2009Pastor Kimberly Lemlerannulment9/15/2009Rebeccadivorce9/15/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerA made for "Lifetime" Movie9/15/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce9/14/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerPre-Nup9/14/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDaughter dis-owns Dad and Sis and more9/14/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyboyfriend's friendship with ex-wife9/14/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.daughter having trouble9/12/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyalimony9/11/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce and Child Custody9/10/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce9/10/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyMother and Step-Father9/10/2009RebeccaEx-husband hates new boyfriend9/10/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckywage attachment9/9/2009RebeccaDivorce9/6/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingermy truck9/4/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce9/3/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Missing my kids8/30/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.What to do??8/30/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyEx wife won't stop being petty8/29/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Split Custody8/28/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child Custody8/28/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Marital Conduct That Affects Divorce Outcomes8/28/2009Melanie Nathani dont want a divorce8/27/2009Rebeccahow close is too close to live to the ex and kids8/24/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Leaving an abusive marriage8/24/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckydivorce8/22/2009Terri MatheisDivorce in USA8/20/2009Rebeccadivorse question8/19/2009Terri Matheissister's divorse8/19/2009Rebeccapost divorce relationship8/19/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyCompliance with Divorce orders8/19/2009Melanie NathanTrust issues... divorce?8/17/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyDivorce, but not sure what else8/13/2009Terri MatheisHow to handle other parent involving child in adult issues8/12/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyJealousy in my 7 year old8/11/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyinconvenient truth8/10/2009Rebeccataxes/seperation8/10/2009Rebeccakids-divorce and new relationships8/7/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.How to cope with my boyfriends soon to be ex-wife8/7/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyvisitation8/7/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyVisitation Modification8/5/2009Rebeccaproperty separation8/4/2009Rebeccachanges to divorce decree8/4/2009RebeccaHow to help a friend8/3/2009Rebeccadivorce after 8 weeks8/2/2009RebeccaFather does not honor divorce decree8/2/2009Rebeccadivorce advice8/2/2009Melanie Nathanboundaries8/1/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckymy boyfriend is still married7/30/2009Rebeccasplitting expenses with ex-spouse7/30/2009Melanie NathanConfused....returns7/30/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckydivorce and cc7/29/2009Rebeccadivorce and can he get the house and any vehicles?7/29/2009Melanie Nathandivorce's effect on 3 1/2 mo-old great-grand daughter7/28/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckygetting over divorce7/27/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child Custody7/24/2009RebeccaChild custody7/24/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyMy husbands ex-wife7/23/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex-husband7/20/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.boyfriend's ex-wife7/20/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyLove myself7/20/2009RebeccaRE - Marrying7/18/2009Kay Lewisdivorce and step children7/18/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyin-laws7/17/2009Kay LewisMy wife calls Her ex.7/15/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyConfused7/15/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyDivorce with stepchild7/14/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce while pregnant7/14/2009RebeccaDivorce with stepchild7/14/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.if my ex is a narcissist; how do I deal with her?7/14/2009Rebeccasadness7/13/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyVacation Boundaries7/13/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyEx is mad for punishment7/8/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyIs he just playing me?7/7/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyout-of-state divorce7/6/2009RebeccaBetrayed by parelegal7/6/2009RebeccaDivorce Reconciliation?7/1/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHow to know if my wife divorced me?6/29/2009Kay LewisStep Mom6/29/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyLawyer like Husband6/28/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyfalse accusations6/27/2009Rebeccaseperation????6/26/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckySeparation Looming?6/26/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyMediation agreement not being followed6/25/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.penion6/24/2009RebeccaHow can I stop my husband from destroying himself with this affair?6/23/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce6/23/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.changing divorce papers6/23/2009Kay Lewisparenting after divorce6/23/2009Kay LewisAdultry/Divorce6/23/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyMy childrens relasionship with soon to be step mom6/22/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.the childrens relationship with a soon to be ex6/21/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckydivorce as the other woman6/20/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce pain getting harder, not easier6/19/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce6/19/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerbad lawyer6/19/2009Kay Lewislife after hell6/17/2009Kay LewisIs it my fault or is he giving up- drugs/depressio.6/17/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingermy boyfriend....should I trust him?6/16/2009RebeccaCan a Divorce decree be amendded?6/16/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdomestic problems6/16/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerhouse6/15/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHouse6/15/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHusband addicted to porn6/13/2009Rebeccawhat does amened mean6/13/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerWhen to explain divorce?6/12/2009RebeccaUrgent....What do I tell my child?6/12/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyabsent spouse6/11/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerChild Custody / Personal feelings6/10/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Decision to be made6/10/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyincarcerated husband6/10/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHelp Needed regarding TO or NOT to Divroce6/9/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckysale of the marital home6/9/2009Kay LewisMeeting her children6/9/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckydivorce, dating and my 7year old6/8/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyDivorce6/6/2009Kay Lewismy ex husband an my four year old.6/6/2009Kay LewisMarriage falling apart6/5/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyWhy can't he realize the effect of the divorce on the children?6/4/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyBoyfriend and recent divorce6/4/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Moving towards Divorce.6/4/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyHusband just had baby with other woman6/3/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Transparency after second marriage6/3/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyConfused and resentful6/3/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyAgainst Divorce6/3/2009Rebeccadivorce decree6/2/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyalimonty N.C.6/2/2009RebeccaI divorced Satan and he won't leave me alone6/1/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Dating a mother of two5/29/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Getting rid of a long-term headache5/29/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckynot invloving bf with my children5/28/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyI don't know what to do and so confused....5/27/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyNew Boyfriend5/27/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckyex-wife harrassment5/26/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyRights for my daughter5/23/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRe-Marry??5/22/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Beckysocial security garnishment procedures5/22/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerWhat about the children?5/21/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRefuses to sign final papers5/21/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerseparation agreement5/20/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerIs it OK to hang out with my boyfriend's young children?5/20/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor Becky"boss" issue5/19/2009Becky Whetstone, Ph.D. aka Doctor BeckyI hate my boyfriends relationship with his EX5/15/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Time to go?5/15/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.My boyfriend is still married.5/9/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex-spouse harassment5/8/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.What to do with 2 year old dealing with divorce5/7/2009Kay LewisExhusband acting jealous after 8 years of divorce5/7/2009Kay Lewisexhusband5/7/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Confused, scared, clueless...5/6/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Living with an ex and its killing me!5/4/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Need Copy Of DivorceDecree5/4/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerseparation5/4/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerBlending two families after divorce5/3/2009Kay LewisBoyfriend's emotional ties with ex complicate our relationship5/3/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Is legal separation an option?5/1/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerneed modification on decree5/1/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerhouse4/30/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx spouse sends me marraige invitation4/30/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Should I beleive him4/29/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.custody4/27/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerinappropriate behavior betwen my son and his dad4/27/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Rent for community property4/27/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerGetting over being a drama queen4/27/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Car loan following divorce4/25/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerabsent spouse4/24/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce, Adultry, Custody & Alimony--TX4/23/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMother Denying Father Visitation4/23/2009Melanie NathanMarried in Ohio Divorce in Illinois?4/23/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerControlling stepmom4/23/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Intro of new relationship to children of divorce4/22/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorcing with kids in college4/20/2009Kay Lewispossible divorce abatement4/20/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Premarital Property4/17/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerImmigration, Divorce and custody.4/16/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx Wife4/15/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Separation Issues4/14/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Separation Issues4/14/2009Kay LewisReservations about moving in4/14/2009Kay LewisMy 11 y/o is starting to act out4/13/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Problems with my husbands ex wife4/13/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Dating and Kids after divorce4/11/2009Kay Lewis3 year old daughter w/ divorced parents4/10/2009Kay Lewiswhy is it always me4/8/2009Kay LewisCustody4/8/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.child separation4/7/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce-seperating property4/6/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAbandonment divorce4/4/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerI want my husband back4/3/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.giving the kids time4/3/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerthe ex wife4/3/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerChangeing parents in a divorce4/2/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerChild Support after Divorce3/30/2009Kay LewisAbandonment3/30/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHouse Selling3/29/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce entitlements3/27/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSecond guessing the divorce3/25/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingercustody3/25/2009Kay LewisAlmost 2 yrs3/25/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce and court3/25/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRepossess truck with unpaid loan3/24/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMissing my child3/22/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Seperation and missing my child3/22/2009Kay LewisSeperation and Missing my child3/22/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce/ exhusband with the other woman3/21/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Can I continue like this?3/19/2009Kay LewisGrandpa's 80th birthday follow-up3/18/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.My mother still in contact with my ex-husband3/18/2009Kay Lewisstarting a new life3/18/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Ex taking our child for overnights at girlfriend's home3/17/2009Kay LewisTrying to Understand Divorce3/15/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Children and dovorce3/13/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.prison divorce3/13/2009Kay LewisMarried boyfriend3/13/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Advice on entering into a marriage...3/13/2009Kay LewisWorried about my Ex3/13/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.post divorce anger - getting past the loss3/12/2009Kay LewisHusband still owns business with ex-wife3/11/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Am I suffering from depression because of my divorce?3/10/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Severing Paternal Rights3/9/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerrevenge3/8/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.credit card debt responsibility3/5/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerBAD CO SIGN3/5/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce decree and debt3/4/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHiring a divorce lawyer3/3/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCustody3/2/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSecond wife relationship with first wife3/1/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerStep parenting3/1/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingeradvise2/28/2009Kay Lewisco signer on car2/27/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx & New G/f2/27/2009Kay LewisHouse2/27/2009Melanie NathanDivoece issues2/26/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerex-husband2/26/2009Kay LewisBoyfriend still lives with ex2/26/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child Visitation2/25/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSecond Part Time Job2/25/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerFleeing overseas with child2/25/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerstatue of limitations2/24/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerhow to obtain divorce when location of spouse is unknown.2/23/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerProperty settlement2/23/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDaughter's wedding2/22/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorced male with a 4yr. old little girl2/22/2009Kay LewisFather pride2/21/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Still in love with soon to be ex husband2/21/2009Pastor Kimberly Lemlerrelationship2/21/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce and house2/20/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerLiving separately, then divorce.2/18/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCustody Issues2/17/2009Melanie NathanDivorce / Wage garnishment2/16/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerTaxes2/15/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce2/14/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerstipulalation appeal2/9/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingershocked2/9/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingershocked2/9/2009Pastor Kimberly LemlerCredit Prevention2/8/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce2/8/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHusband left with child, and filed for a divorce and has custody2/7/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce2/7/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerhes moved on2/6/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.dealing with boyfriends recent divorce2/2/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.TRUE INTENTIONS2/2/2009Pastor Kimberly LemlerMy boyfriend and his exwife are too good of friends and it hurts me.2/1/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.illegal divorce1/31/2009Melanie NathanAppropriate Relationship with Ex-Wife1/30/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce1/30/2009Melanie NathanWill myspace end my marriage?1/30/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Can myspace ruin my marriage?1/30/2009Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce1/29/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.My husband wants a divorce, I cant' get over it.1/28/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.is it time to move on?1/28/2009Pastor Kimberly LemlerJust needs some friendly advice.1/26/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child Care1/25/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Seperated Dad wants girlfriend to attend his kids activities1/22/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerChild Custody Help Needed1/21/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerChild Custody Quest1/21/2009Lauren KaufmanDivorce Gone bad1/20/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerfair1/20/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerwaiting1/19/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSharing of concerns resulted in filing of divorce.1/19/2009Pastor Kimberly LemlerHome1/18/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerproperty1/18/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingervehicle in divorce1/18/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerspouse refuses to sign1/17/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHelp1/17/2009Lauren KaufmanDependent Taxes1/15/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHome for 15 years, married 8 years, separated 3 years1/15/2009Lauren KaufmanI'm so lost and confused1/15/2009Pastor Kimberly LemlerPlease help me1/13/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Boundary Issues?1/13/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex husband posting blogs1/13/2009Terri MatheisTransferring divorce case1/13/2009Terri Matheissingle mom dating1/13/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Marriage1/12/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.child visitation1/12/2009Kay LewisSeparating property1/11/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerWhat to tell frinds,family,coworkers,etc...1/10/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerProperty rights1/9/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCustody1/9/2009Lauren Kaufmanbipolar patient fighting for divorce1/8/2009Lauren Kaufmanunsigned divorce decree1/8/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingergetting money owed and child custody1/7/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdating a divorced man w/ hard to deal w/ ex1/6/2009Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAppropriate Amount of Communication After Divorce1/5/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.son's abandonment by adopted father upon marriage1/5/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Getting through the process1/4/2009Pastor Kimberly LemlerWant to stay in my home1/4/2009Lauren Kaufmanrelationship1/4/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.When to call it quits1/2/2009Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce Attorney Issues12/30/2008Lauren Kaufman30 year marriage; 25 year infidelity12/28/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorce12/25/2008Lauren Kaufmanmoney12/21/2008Lauren Kaufmanready to move on12/20/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerincompetent lawyer12/19/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerNegativity around the children12/19/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.the young adult and the divorcing parents12/18/2008Kay Lewisempty beer bottle12/18/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingertension12/17/2008Kay LewisDivorce/remarry with kids12/15/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.My son.12/15/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerpassive aggressive ex hubby has manipulated both kids to live with him12/14/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdating after divorce and having teens12/12/2008Kay LewisSteps of Anger through Divorce12/12/2008Lauren KaufmanMoving with my child...12/9/2008Melanie NathanEx fiance12/8/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Husband who won't work12/7/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.needing help to stop dwelling on my ex husband12/6/2008Lauren KaufmanEXEMPTION FOR CHILD OF DIVORCED12/6/2008Melanie Nathanchildren's sleeping arraingments12/6/2008Kay Lewisseparation12/4/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Newborn Son12/2/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerUNWELCOME VISITS FROM NON-CUSTODIAL PARENT12/1/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorced boyfriend12/1/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Meaning of a word11/29/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Common Law Marriages11/28/2008Lauren KaufmanMarrige Settlement Paperwork11/25/2008Lauren Kaufmancontested divorce in PA11/25/2008Lauren KaufmanAffect father's behavior has on daughter.11/24/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.child custody11/24/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.ammedning my divorce11/20/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce11/20/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce11/20/2008Lauren KaufmanMy Daughter wants to live with me(Dad)11/19/2008Melanie NathanWill he want a divorce?11/18/2008Kay Lewisex11/18/2008Lauren KaufmanWife very likely wants to divorce.11/18/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.how to know when its time to move on11/18/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Real property11/18/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerBOY FRIENDS EX WIFE11/16/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.dont know where he is11/15/2008Lauren Kaufmanconfused11/15/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex won't stop talking in front of kids11/14/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRecently divorced and Uncertain11/13/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce11/13/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerpre marital property divorce11/13/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorce-Ex-wife and family11/13/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Abandonment of property:11/11/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerManipulation11/11/2008Lauren KaufmanGetting served for divorce while living far away from court11/11/2008Melanie Nathanrefinance11/11/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisinger3 years and I want a divorce11/10/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerseeing a possible soon to be divorced lady11/9/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.preliminary hearing11/8/2008Lauren Kaufmaninheritance /divorce11/7/2008Lauren KaufmanGuilt about divorce11/5/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce11/5/2008Lauren KaufmanHow to move on..11/4/2008Lauren Kaufmanproperty11/3/2008Lauren Kaufmanleave the house?11/2/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMom demanding acceptance of someone she's dating10/29/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.am i divorced10/29/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHow do I introduce a 5 year old boy to his biological father whom left him at birth?10/28/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerLoveless Marriage10/27/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce, Kids, and moving on10/27/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSo lost10/26/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce After 37 years10/25/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.mortgage & home equity loc10/24/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerex wife issues10/24/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.My parents divorce10/23/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerlife after divorce10/23/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.prenups10/22/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Out of country property10/22/2008Lauren Kaufmandivorce10/22/2008Lauren KaufmanI want my husband back10/22/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorce/New Relationships10/22/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Non-Custodial Step-Children and gifts10/20/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.boyfriends divorce10/20/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Garnished child support, but children live w/ us10/18/2008Melanie Nathanstarting divorce10/17/2008Lauren Kaufmanwhat can they do10/16/2008Kay LewisChild Support issue from previous marriage10/15/2008Lauren Kaufmanmy boyfriend of three years is still married10/15/2008Kay Lewischildren of divorced parents and name change10/15/2008Kay Lewishouse- domicile10/14/2008Lauren Kaufmanfrusrated husband10/13/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Looking for answers from a long ago divorce10/11/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce and eviction10/11/2008Terri MatheisPregnant with second child husband leaving10/10/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Jut not in love with marriage anymore10/10/2008Kay LewisDivorce/New relationships10/10/2008Kay LewisDivorce/New relationships10/10/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce10/8/2008Terri Matheisridiculously long process!10/7/2008Lauren KaufmanI'm thinking of moving on...I'm afraid to start!10/6/2008Terri Matheishealth and alimony benefits.10/5/2008Lauren Kaufmanhealth and alimony benefits.10/5/2008Terri Matheishealth and alimony benefits.10/5/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMy husband wont talk to me9/29/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.credit cards/ divorce9/29/2008Lauren KaufmanBigamy9/28/2008Terri Matheisex-wife benifits military9/28/2008Lauren Kaufmanconfused??9/28/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorced boyfriend9/27/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Removing third party property from divorcing home.9/25/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorce - toddler - co-parenting9/25/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Verbal Abusive Ex-Husband9/24/2008Lauren Kaufmandivorce9/24/2008Lauren Kaufmanback to court9/22/2008Terri Matheis ex husband and current boyfriend9/22/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.i need advice9/20/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Problems with His Ex-Wife9/20/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.My Boyfriends long divorce9/19/2008Lauren Kaufmandivorce9/17/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child Custody9/15/2008Lauren KaufmanMourning the loss of one life while celebrating another9/14/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Interim Division of Income9/12/2008Terri Matheisex wife issues9/12/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce and debt9/9/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRetirement9/9/2008Terri MatheisDivorce9/8/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Can I move out of state during a separation?9/8/2008Terri MatheisGetting over my ex-husband9/7/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.dealing with ex spouses9/5/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.I need some serious help9/4/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisinger regarding Child custody9/4/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.my new b/f and my two toddlers9/4/2008Kay Lewisex-wife issues9/3/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.separation leading to divorce9/3/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerPlease help9/2/2008Lauren KaufmanPA rights9/2/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx husband undermining step-father9/2/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx-Spouse email abuse/mental illness8/31/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerPickup / Dropoffs8/29/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce8/29/2008Pastor Kimberly LemlerSupporting friend through divorce8/29/2008Lauren Kaufmanlove gone bad8/28/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorcing with an anuity and pension8/28/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerShe's not using the money I provide her to pay the Mortgage8/27/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerStep Dad - Any visitation rights?8/26/2008S. Kesslersplitting wedding gifts during a divorce8/23/2008Terri Matheisdivorce decree8/22/2008Terri [email protected]/21/2008Terri Matheismy boyfriends ex-wife8/21/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerRights to the house8/21/2008Melanie NathanDivorce8/20/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce name change information?8/19/2008S. Kesslerblackmail8/17/2008Melanie Nathanx wife harrising me8/16/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce and he's playing games8/16/2008Terri MatheisNAME RESTORE8/15/2008Lauren Kaufmandivorce civil suit8/15/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCounseling8/15/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Dating a man who's beginning a divorce8/15/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorce is taking a long time8/14/2008Lauren KaufmanLoveless marriage8/11/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorse8/10/2008Lauren Kaufmanpaying depth after separation but before divorce in CA8/5/2008Terri MatheisMy son has two "dads" and has no one really.8/5/2008Terri Matheiswho is responsible?8/5/2008Lauren KaufmanInvites to ex-wife home8/4/2008Kay Lewismarriage problems, i think hes gone for good....8/2/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.dividing stuff8/2/2008Melanie Nathanshould i move in or no?8/1/2008S. KesslerDivorce and children7/31/2008Lauren KaufmanMOVING WITH KIDS7/29/2008Lauren Kaufmanguilt and forgiving myself7/29/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.remarry time frame7/29/2008S. KesslerAbandonment7/28/2008S. Kesslerreturn wedding gifts?7/28/2008S. Kesslernew person7/28/2008Kay Lewiscannot sell home post divorce7/28/2008Lauren Kaufmangoing through a hard time7/24/2008S. Kesslergoing through a hard time7/24/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.still seeing husband`7/23/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce7/22/2008Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce7/22/2008S. Kesslervacation.7/21/2008S. KesslerI am not in love with my hubby7/19/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Identify Strategies To Keep and Remove Child Custody7/18/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorce Property Settlement7/17/2008Mr. Sharma C.Ht. DelhiLong process, when is the end?7/17/2008Lauren KaufmanI have really messed up my life...Help!7/17/2008Lauren KaufmanRelationship issues with a women going thru a divorce7/16/2008S. KesslerDating a divorced guy7/16/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Step child problem7/15/2008S. Kesslerchild7/15/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorce7/15/2008Mr. Sharma C.Ht. DelhiNot see or heard from Children7/14/2008Terri Matheissupport check shorted by spouse7/14/2008Lauren KaufmanI need help7/13/2008Terri Matheislocks7/12/2008Terri Matheissuccessful working women and husband's jealousy7/10/2008Kay LewisNew wife and thoughts on child support7/9/2008Pastor Kimberly LemlerCan my wife remove my lawyer?7/8/2008S. Kesslerhow to support him?7/8/2008Terri Matheisneed marriage advice7/7/2008Pastor Kimberly Lemlerhusband left me at age 607/4/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.my relationship7/3/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Boyfriends Ex- Wife7/2/2008Pastor Kimberly Lemlerstill very upset7/2/2008Melanie Nathanex husband7/1/2008Pastor Kimberly LemlerDevorce7/1/2008S. KesslerMy Girlfriend and her Divorce7/1/2008S. KesslerHusband Shirks Responsibilities6/30/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.x-wife problems6/30/2008Terri Matheisinheritance and divorce6/29/2008Lauren Kaufmanseriously, help needed6/29/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.i need some serious help6/29/2008S. Kesslerlife insurance6/27/2008Terri Matheisheartache6/27/2008Kay Lewisdivorce and drugs6/27/2008Pastor Kimberly LemlerGoing through a divorce6/26/2008Melanie Nathanmoving to a different state.6/25/2008S. KesslerDivorce and a rental home6/25/2008Melanie Nathanrestraining order6/24/2008Lauren Kaufmanput name on the deed6/23/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerInterim Support6/23/2008Melanie Nathancustody issues6/22/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.put adult child's name on premarriaged deed after remarried6/21/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerrights in divorce6/20/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerre: my bf is going through a divorce & i am now pregnant6/20/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerProtecting a business in a Divorce6/19/2008S. Kesslerdivorce6/19/2008Pastor Kimberly Lemleradultery and it's affects.6/18/2008Terri Matheis over ex husband until he got a girlfriend6/18/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.going back to maiden name and have kids...6/16/2008S. Kesslerinhe
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ing the 'Why' questions about divorce from our 3 yo1/23/2008Lee Blockdivorce in prison1/23/2008Melanie NathanDivorce by publication1/22/2008S. Kesslerdivorce1/22/2008S. Kesslersoon-to-be ex wife moving out of state1/22/2008Melanie Nathancreative custody suggestions1/22/2008Melanie NathanEnforcing Court Order1/21/2008Melanie NathanChild and ex-husband poor judgement1/21/2008S. KesslerMy daughter and divorce1/20/2008S. Kesslermoving forward...1/20/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.my family keepsakes1/20/2008Melanie Nathanpersonal things1/20/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerShould I file for separation or not?1/20/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Getting over divorce1/19/2008Pastor Kimberly LemlerBaby's mother is harrassing and threatening me1/18/2008Mr. Sharma C.Ht. DelhiStep Parent1/18/2008Pastor Kimberly LemlerLost1/18/2008S. KesslerI don't know what to do first1/17/2008Terri MatheisINHERITANCE1/17/2008S. Kesslerseparated 2 1/2 yr with 4 yr old, no support1/17/2008Pastor Kimberly LemlerHappily remarried but dealing we are dealing with my husbands x wife1/17/2008Lee BlockDivorcing and trying to move on!!1/17/2008S. KesslerHaving a boyfriend1/17/2008S. KesslerHow is this going to work1/17/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerwhat about my life is none of her buisness?1/16/2008S. KesslerI need out1/16/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce1/16/2008Terri Matheisdivorce or not?1/16/2008S. KesslerDivorced w/ shared custody living in 2 different States1/16/2008Lee BlockDivorcing and separated. Can I live with my boyfriend?1/15/2008S. KesslerBeginning divorce with no money1/14/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce and substance abuse1/14/2008Lauren Kaufmanstep father1/14/2008S. Kessler regarding separation1/13/2008Lee BlockHow to move on when spouse can provide no answers1/12/2008Kay LewisSeeking Divorce1/12/2008Mr. Sharma C.Ht. DelhiDating during divorce1/12/2008Lee BlockSingle mom needs help!!1/11/2008S. KesslerFINDING AN OUT OF STATE ATTORNEY1/11/2008S. KesslerAccess to children1/11/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerliving seperately1/11/2008Lauren Kaufmandivorce1/11/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.second marriage1/11/2008Pastor Kimberly Lemlernot paying judgment1/11/2008S. Kessleruncontested divorce1/10/2008Lauren KaufmanDivorce- Babies&Work1/10/2008S. Kesslersecond marriage1/10/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingersecond marriage1/10/2008Kay LewisEx-wife mentally abusing children and abusing drugs1/10/2008Lee Blockliving with boyfriend1/10/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingercontempt of divorce decree1/9/2008Lauren KaufmanInvolving boyfriend more with my children1/9/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Involving boyfriend more with my children1/9/2008Kay LewisBoyfriend involved with my children1/9/2008S. KesslerNever see my adult children1/9/2008S. Kesslerwhat kind of baggage1/9/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce1/9/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerlying about assets1/9/2008S. Kesslerdivorce1/8/2008S. Kesslerseperated from my husband(not legaly though)1/8/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerthe new girlfriend and why there are no boundries1/8/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.Overnight Visitation1/8/2008Lee BlockOvernight Visitation1/8/2008Terri Matheisex husband issues1/8/2008S. Kesslerchildren being around a live in girlfrend!!!1/7/2008Lee BlockDivorce w/property1/7/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerannullment1/7/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerseparation/divorce1/7/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.help...1/7/2008Lee BlockMilitary Retirement Benefits and Divorce1/7/2008S. Kesslerclaiming children1/6/2008Terri MatheisTelling men I'm newly divorced1/6/2008Kay Lewisopinion on finalizing divorce1/5/2008Lee BlockSeparation: mother now a monster.1/5/2008S. Kesslerdivorce and tax issues1/4/2008S. KesslerNewly Separated1/4/2008S. Kesslerstate for publishing on missing spouse1/4/2008S. Kesslertaxes and divorce1/4/2008S. Kesslerhow to transfer a divorce to different a county1/4/2008S. KesslerSeparated for 13 years now divorcing, Is she entitled to my inheritence/.1/4/2008Lee BlockDivorce1/3/2008Lauren Kaufmanexhusband's girlfriend1/3/2008Philip Belove, Ed.D.My b/f ex-wife keeps in contact...1/3/2008Kay Lewiscant live with other parent1/3/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingervisitation1/2/2008S. Kesslerdivorce1/2/2008Lauren Kaufmandating1/2/2008Kay LewisLeaving the house1/2/2008S. Kesslerreconciliation after filling1/1/2008Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSeparated for 4 months, what to do?12/31/2007Lee BlockIm not sure what i should do12/31/2007Lee BlockSmall business...12/31/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingermortgage12/30/2007Lauren Kaufman401k12/29/2007S. Kesslerparenting plan12/27/2007Lee Blockdivorce12/27/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce: What happens to the truck?12/26/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerInternational Divorce12/26/2007Lauren Kaufmanchild support and remarrige12/26/2007S. KesslerDivorce12/26/2007Lee BlockDivorce12/26/2007Mr. Sharma C.Ht. DelhiDivorce12/26/2007Kay LewisDivorce12/26/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerDivorce12/26/2007S. KesslerDivorce12/26/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce12/26/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerraising teenagers after divorce12/25/2007Lee BlockFull legal and pysical custody12/24/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerScared to move on, but looking forward to it12/21/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce/Custody/what are my rights12/21/2007Melanie NathanMy husband doesn't want to leave me the house12/21/2007S. Kesslerout of state custody12/21/2007S. KesslerDivorce Decree12/19/2007S. Kesslerdivorce process12/19/2007S. KesslerEx-wife calling12/19/2007Kay LewisMy best friend lied to me about still being married12/19/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerDo I need an attorney?12/19/2007S. KesslerOn the brink of divorce re: kids vs. no kids12/18/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Still living together12/18/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerWHAT TO DO NEXT12/18/2007Terri Matheis claiming the children12/18/2007Lee BlockThe ex wife and interference12/18/2007Terri MatheisThe new person after divorce12/18/2007Kay Lewisdivorce with kids12/17/2007Kay LewisInvolving new boyfriend more with my life12/16/2007S. KesslerDivorce or seperation12/16/2007S. Kesslerdivorce12/15/2007Lee BlockDivorce Abroad.12/14/2007Lee BlockNeed Spiritual Guidance....12/13/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerCourt order12/13/2007Lauren Kaufmanallegations of drug use and child and spousel abuse in a divorce12/13/2007Lee BlockDivorce12/13/2007S. Kesslerdivorce, separation12/12/2007Lauren Kaufmanneed divorce12/11/2007Kay LewisDivision of Assets12/11/2007S. KesslerGoing back and fourth.12/10/2007S. KesslerFinancial 12/8/2007S. KesslerMy man visit his kids and stay overnight with his former women12/7/2007Lee BlockBlended Family12/5/2007Lee Blockcar loan/separation12/4/2007S. KesslerRe-Marriage12/4/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerRe-Marriage12/4/2007Lee BlockMarriage12/4/2007Melanie NathanInternational vacation12/4/2007Melanie Nathandivorced but still friends12/3/2007Terri MatheisBoundaries for divorced couple who are now friends12/3/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex wife12/3/2007Mr. Sharma C.Ht. Delhiinheritance12/2/2007Lee BlockHusband won't move out12/1/2007S. KesslerDivorce Final 3 Years ago - Now being threatened to go back to court for more money11/29/2007Melanie NathanI am living in the present ..but I still want him back11/28/2007Mr. Sharma C.Ht. Delhileave husband for his brother11/28/2007Lee BlockDissolution of Relationship11/28/2007Melanie Nathanloans and accounts11/27/2007S. KesslerDivorce decree violation11/27/2007Melanie NathanMy Mother Vs. My Morals11/26/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.loans in default/divorce11/26/2007S. KesslerBouncing back ...11/26/2007Terri MatheisCHILD CUSTODY11/26/2007Lee Blockaffairs and separation or divorce11/25/2007S. KesslerFirst Court Date for Divorce11/25/2007Lee BlockSoon to be ex wife starting trouble for me with my command11/23/2007Terri MatheisLife after divorce11/22/2007Melanie NathanShould I let her go?11/22/2007Lee Blockmy boyfriends ex-wife11/20/2007Kay Lewisabandonment/divorce11/19/2007S. KesslerHarrassment from an ex spouse11/19/2007S. Kesslermoving11/19/2007S. Kesslerlegal seperation11/17/2007Lee Blockmy parents are getiing divorce!!11/17/2007Lauren Kaufmanmy parents are getiing divorce!!11/17/2007Mr. Sharma C.Ht. Delhiworking on divorce11/17/2007S. KesslerWHERE TO BEGIN11/17/2007S. Kesslerexwife11/16/2007Lauren KaufmanHelp on Insecurity11/15/2007Lee BlockWhat Is Separation?11/15/2007S. KesslerFiling for divorce-pregnant with my boyfriend11/14/2007S. KesslerDivorce out of state11/13/2007Lee BlockDivorce/Abandoment11/13/2007S. Kesslermarried ¬ on trust deed11/12/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdon't know if i am divorced11/10/2007Lauren KaufmanHow do I move on?11/8/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerNon payment of Alimony11/8/2007Lee Blockdivorce11/8/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce11/7/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerDivorce & Stocks11/7/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce11/7/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.should he call first11/7/2007Mr. Sharma C.Ht. Delhichildren11/6/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAm I divorced?11/6/2007S. KesslerMy boyfriends ex-wife11/5/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Change of Children Custody11/5/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMoving with my child after divorce11/5/2007S. Kesslerstay or go?11/4/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Sick of husband11/4/2007Mr. Sharma C.Ht. DelhiDivorce or stay?11/4/2007S. Kesslerabout divorce11/4/2007S. Kesslertalking to a five year old about divorce11/3/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorcing in maryland child vistation issues11/1/2007S. KesslerGetting Divorced in Maryland child visitation question11/1/2007Lee BlockAfter Divorce11/1/2007S. Kesslerhusband filed for divorce10/30/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce, assets, and attorney withdrawal10/29/2007S. KesslerSeparation / Mind Games10/28/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.My Marriage10/26/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce10/25/2007Mr. Sharma C.Ht. Delhidivorce decree amendment10/25/2007S. Kesslerdivorce10/24/2007Terri MatheisNot sure10/23/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce issue10/23/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Changing grounds for divorce after filing.10/22/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMoney earned during separation10/22/2007S. Kesslerhusband changed locks on my condo, soon to be divorced.10/21/2007S. Kesslerdivorce ideas ???10/20/2007Lauren Kaufmandivorce ideas ??10/20/2007Lee Blockdivorce ideas ?10/20/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce ideas ??10/20/2007Terri Matheisdivorce waiting period10/20/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce10/18/2007Lauren KaufmanGoing to court after the divorce is final10/18/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce and inheritance10/17/2007S. Kesslerdivorce and property.10/15/2007Lauren KaufmanVoluntary Repossession w/Divorce10/15/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSeperated10/14/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Seperation and Inheritance10/14/2007Lee BlockAlcoholic Parent, custody question10/13/2007Lee Blockdivorce and property.10/13/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerwho should claim the kids10/12/2007S. Kesslerno-fault seperation10/12/2007S. Kesslerboyfriend's ex refuses to communicate about children/ refuses to agree to term of divorce10/11/2007Lauren Kaufmanex not paying his half10/11/2007S. KesslerWedding anniversary post-divorce10/10/2007S. Kesslerfriends divorce10/10/2007Lee Blockrelationship after divorce10/9/2007Lauren Kaufmanrelationship after marriage10/9/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.My ex has a girl Friend10/9/2007Terri Matheislots of questions on divorce10/8/2007Lee Blockdivorce and step children10/8/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerStepMother wants to be Real Mommy; manipulative adolescent10/8/2007Lee BlockSisters divorce10/8/2007S. KesslerWho put the dye in divorce?10/7/2007Lee Blockdivorce/house10/7/2007Lee BlockSummons papers10/6/2007Lee BlockDivorce Reconciliation10/5/2007S. Kessler3 year old reactions to divorce10/5/2007Terri MatheisAfter divorce, should we still meet??10/5/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerDivorce10/4/2007Lee BlockLost, hurt and don't know what to do...10/4/2007Lauren Kaufmanhonoring post-divorce family boundaries10/4/2007S. Kesslerreturning gifts upon annulment10/3/2007S. KesslerUtterly confused & hurt, plz help me!10/3/2007S. KesslerI married a thief - noww is ripping me apart10/2/2007Lauren KaufmanAmerican marriage w/german marriage10/2/2007Lee Blockamicable divorce10/2/2007S. KesslerInheritance10/1/2007Lee Blockex-husband wouldn't return kids on time10/1/2007Lee Blockddivorce10/1/2007S. KesslerHarassment from ex-spouse?9/28/2007Lee Blockdegrading exhusband9/27/2007Lee BlockInheritance Money and Divorce9/27/2007S. KesslerDivorce9/26/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerShowing your two yr old how to deal with a break up9/25/2007Terri MatheisInterrogatories and production of documents9/25/2007Lee BlockDoes my husband have the right to hid money from me9/25/2007S. Kesslerdivorce ques9/25/2007S. Kesslerincome tax and children after divorce9/24/2007S. KesslerSeparation9/24/2007Terri MatheisJust can't get a divorce9/23/2007S. KesslerDating After Divorce9/23/2007Lee BlockDating After Divorce9/23/2007Kay Lewisanxiety at first step9/22/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.production of documents9/21/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerTrying to not get divorced9/20/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerChild support/taxes9/20/2007Terri Matheislegal ownership of house9/20/2007S. KesslerAlimony9/20/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerTexas, property in divorce papers9/16/2007Lee Blockhow to divorce a ghost9/15/2007S. KesslerCustody of step children if sole custodian is unfit?9/15/2007S. KesslerStalling9/13/2007Lee BlockViolation of the divorce decree9/13/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce9/13/2007S. Kesslerex-husband9/12/2007S. Kesslerdivorce/custody9/12/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx- not following divorce decree9/11/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerProperty Settlement Pennsylvania9/10/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerConfused9/10/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.When is enough enough??9/10/2007S. KesslerDivorce & effects later in life on my child and myself9/9/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Boyfriends Divorce9/8/2007Mr. Sharma C.Ht. DelhiVisitation plan9/8/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.grounds for alimony9/7/2007S. Kesslerdo I need to get a divorce9/7/2007S. Kesslerdivorce and sadness9/7/2007Lauren KaufmanAttorney wont call me9/7/2007S. Kesslerex now wants some furniture9/6/2007S. KesslerShould I get a Divorce?9/6/2007S. Kesslerhow to get a divorce when spouse is in prison9/6/2007Lauren KaufmanHe's being unreasonable and stubborn9/6/2007S. Kesslermother in laws divorce9/5/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMy boyfriend & my ex9/5/2007Kay Lewis401k9/5/2007S. Kesslerdivorce9/4/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerfriend's wife refuses to get divorce9/4/2007S. KesslerViolation to divorce decree9/4/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.I need a DIVORCE9/4/2007Kay LewisStep-parent having new baby9/3/2007S. KesslerWant to divorce SOON.9/3/2007S. Kesslerdivorce9/3/2007S. KesslerIntroducing a new friend9/3/2007S. KesslerDELAY DIVORCE AND 401K9/2/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce processes9/2/2007S. KesslerMy Brother9/2/2007Kay LewisDear Ms. Kessler9/2/2007S. Kesslermy rights9/2/2007S. KesslerPaperwork9/2/2007S. KesslerProperty before marriage9/1/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce and property9/1/2007S. Kesslerneed answers9/1/2007Lauren Kaufmandivorce - kids dealing with new boyfriend9/1/2007S. KesslerDecree Changes9/1/2007S. Kesslerdivorce and spouse retirement8/31/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerObligated to pay mortgage8/29/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorcing status8/29/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce8/28/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAfter filing the paperwork8/28/2007S. KesslerFalse Daily Journal8/27/2007Terri MatheisWhat can I do?8/27/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex-wife8/27/2007S. KesslerDivorce8/27/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Want out, but we own everything together for 20 years8/25/2007Lauren KaufmanWife won't leave mortgage too high to secure another place8/23/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce and car loan8/23/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerFriend's Divorce8/23/2007S. Kesslermarriage8/23/2007S. Kesslerproperty8/23/2007S. KesslerHelp8/22/2007S. KesslerDivorce8/22/2007Terri MatheisCan he do that?8/22/2007S. KesslerDivorcing with step children8/22/2007Lauren Kaufmanboyfriends ex wife8/21/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlercontested divorce8/21/2007S. Kesslerseparation after 20 years8/21/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Friend's Divorce8/20/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.boyfriends ex wife8/19/2007S. Kesslerspouse moves out8/18/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Visitation Rights8/17/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.money and home8/16/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisinger about custody8/16/2007S. KesslerDivorce8/15/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.got married while in middle of divorce8/15/2007S. Kesslerwant to get married again8/15/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingercourt order8/15/2007S. KesslerEx still part of the extended family8/14/2007Terri MatheisVisitation rights8/14/2007S. KesslerHaiti divorce8/14/2007S. Kesslerseparation of property8/13/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce8/13/2007S. Kesslerdivorce8/12/2007S. KesslerRental properties8/12/2007S. KesslerDivorce absent husband8/12/2007S. Kesslergeneral8/12/2007Lauren Kaufmanconfussing divore papers8/11/2007S. Kessler(divorce) trust fund siphoning from child8/11/2007S. Kessleroverseas dirvoce8/11/2007S. KesslerMilitary Retirement Pay as Joint Asset8/10/2007S. KesslerIm asking on behalf of my mom8/10/2007Terri MatheisDivorce8/10/2007S. Kesslerunisured health related expences,cosmetic only braces8/9/2007S. Kesslerdivorce property8/9/2007S. KesslerDivorce/kids/Ex-remarrying8/8/2007S. KesslerHung Up on Boyfriend's Ex8/8/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.bankruptcy8/8/2007Lauren Kaufmanmissing spouse8/8/2007S. KesslerSomewhat mutual divorce8/7/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerWho is responsible8/6/2007Kay LewisTeen auto insurance during divorce8/6/2007S. KesslerGuilt8/6/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.What is his ex entitled too?8/6/2007Lauren Kaufmangetting over the bitterness8/5/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerDo I have to be the one to leave?8/5/2007S. Kesslerdivorced and dating8/5/2007Kay LewisMissing Spouse Divorce8/4/2007S. KesslerSettlement issue8/3/2007S. KesslerAccidental Death of boyfriend & almost ex-wife8/3/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.how to deal with anger8/3/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.children of divorce meeting new mate8/3/2007S. KesslerStep Father and moving8/2/2007S. Kessler401K in divorce8/1/2007Lauren Kaufmancustody & home7/30/2007S. KesslerReal Estate7/29/2007Terri MatheisDivorce7/29/2007S. Kesslerdialogue7/28/2007Lauren Kaufmandialogue7/28/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.out of state divorce?7/27/2007S. Kesslerteenage driver7/27/2007S. KesslerDivorcing an incarcerated husband7/27/2007Terri Matheisdon't want to sell home7/27/2007S. Kesslerdon't want a divorce7/26/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerre: bigamy and divorce7/26/2007S. Kesslermaiden name7/25/2007S. Kesslershould i leave or not7/25/2007S. Kesslerhaving a boyfriend thru a seperation7/25/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx-wife7/25/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce-Christian-7/25/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerNeed Appeal Attorney7/25/2007Terri Matheisdivorce with a house involved7/24/2007Lauren Kaufmandivorce7/23/2007Lauren KaufmanEx wants to travel to Middle East with child7/23/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce7/23/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce7/23/2007Lauren Kaufmandivorce7/23/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerPre-divorce move7/23/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerleagal issues7/22/2007S. Kesslerdivorce7/21/2007S. KesslerHow can I stop my divorce7/20/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerPlease Help I'm Divorced what next!7/20/2007S. Kesslerin process of divorce7/19/2007S. Kesslerchanging custody legally7/19/2007Lauren KaufmanDivorce7/19/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx-wife7/18/2007Kay LewisDon't want to sell the house!7/18/2007S. KesslerAlimony question, not asking for legal advice7/17/2007S. KesslerDivorce and Dating7/17/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child that I can no longer protect7/16/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.ex-husband7/15/2007Terri Matheisserving papers7/15/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerReopen final divorce decree7/15/2007S. Kesslerconsenting7/15/2007Lauren KaufmanCommon law marriage7/14/2007S. Kesslermarriage laws7/14/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerStepdaughter and Cheating wife7/14/2007S. KesslerDivorce/Real Estate7/13/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerasking for divorce7/13/2007S. Kessleremotional divorce7/13/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce property7/12/2007S. KesslerHelp with an argumentative ex husband7/11/2007Kay Lewisurgent please help!7/10/2007S. KesslerDivorce Decree7/10/2007S. KesslerNot honoring a divorce decree7/10/2007S. Kesslerdevorce7/10/2007Kay LewisHusband is Unhappy7/10/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.auto loan in default7/10/2007S. Kesslerabout to get a divorce7/10/2007Lauren KaufmanATTORNEY OR NO ATTORNEY7/9/2007S. Kesslerwant a divorce7/9/2007Terri Matheismaiden name7/9/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerNo money to get a divorce lawyer7/9/2007S. KesslerDivorce/RealEstate7/9/2007S. Kesslermoving in with fiance7/9/2007Terri MatheisCheating Wife7/8/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child's travel to China with dad7/8/2007S. KesslerAm I angry, or still in love?7/8/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorced and ex wants relationship7/7/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerWhat is my ex doing???7/6/2007S. Kesslerdivorce7/6/2007S. KesslerEx-wife constantly and consistently late for pick-up7/6/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerParenting plan7/5/2007Kay Lewissigning of divorce decree7/5/2007S. Kessleralot!!7/5/2007S. KesslerMy four year old, new spouse ans Ex.7/4/2007S. Kesslerdivorce7/4/2007S. KesslerDivorse7/3/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce decree7/3/2007S. Kesslerguilt7/3/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemleramending martial dissolution of property7/3/2007S. KesslerMy boyfriends daughter7/2/2007Kay LewisTransportation Issues7/2/2007S. KesslerDivorced?7/2/2007S. KesslerDIVORCE7/2/2007Lauren KaufmanWhy does my son cry for his dad when he visits?7/1/2007Kay Lewisdivorcing with kids and immigration6/30/2007S. KesslerDifficult to contact children6/29/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce while in Jail6/29/2007S. Kesslerdivorce with kids6/28/2007S. Kesslermom of multiples wanting divorce6/28/2007S. KesslerDivorce and dating6/27/2007S. Kesslerdivorce6/27/2007S. Kesslerhubby watching porn6/27/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce???6/25/2007S. KesslerAmending a Divorce6/24/2007S. KesslerCommunity property6/24/2007S. KesslerKEEPING IN CONTCT WITH CHILDREN6/24/2007Terri Matheisuncontested divorce-maiden name.6/24/2007S. KesslerCompany stock6/23/2007S. KesslerDivorced, and moving on, but SHE won't!6/22/2007S. Kesslerfiling for divorce in CA, but we married in the Philippines6/22/2007S. KesslerWhat constitutes proof of adultery?6/22/2007S. KesslerJudgements against my ex on my home6/22/2007S. Kesslerseparating property6/21/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerFeeling sick over divorce6/20/2007Terri Matheisscared in NY6/19/2007S. KesslerHe refuses to pay his part of bills6/19/2007S. Kesslerwant my husband back6/18/2007Kay LewisLoveless Marriage6/16/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Stuck in the middle.6/16/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.I d not want a divorce6/15/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerShould I get a divorce6/15/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Protecting Property6/15/2007S. KesslerThe New Fiance Says I Should Back Off6/13/2007Kay LewisGetting Rid of the Ex-Husband6/13/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Introducing the boyfriend6/10/2007Kay LewisHelp6/10/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce legalities6/10/2007S. KesslerCustody6/10/2007Lauren Kaufmandivorce didnt go through6/9/2007S. KesslerAdultry and Divorce6/7/2007S. Kesslerfiling for divorce6/6/2007S. KesslerMy husband smokes marijuana in front of our baby...should I leave him?6/4/2007Kay LewisAnger Issues6/4/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.military retirement6/2/2007S. Kesslerdont know what to do?6/2/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce inheritance put in our name6/1/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerencourage husband to come home5/31/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerTime5/28/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Separated, Filed, and now moved on5/26/2007S. KesslerPennsylvania Divorce5/25/2007S. KesslerTelling the children5/23/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.get rid of ex-wife calling5/21/2007Terri Matheisremarriage during a divorce5/17/2007S. KesslerDivorce Process5/16/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Anger5/16/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.my boyfriends soon to be ex wife will not let me see her kids5/13/2007S. Kesslerdivorce5/11/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingeri am suffering after divorce5/11/2007Lauren KaufmanOnly been married 1 year5/10/2007Terri MatheisNew Wife or Kids5/10/2007S. KesslerWhat is Right/new wife or kids5/10/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlermoving5/9/2007S. KesslerCoping with infidelity/future relationships5/4/2007Lauren KaufmanToo much contact with ex?Boundries?5/4/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCar5/3/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx wife's unwillingness4/30/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerhusband walked out4/30/2007Lauren KaufmanMoving in with a boyfriend after divorce4/30/2007Kay LewisMoving in with a boyfriend after divorce4/30/2007Terri MatheisRemarrying4/30/2007S. Kesslergetting exhusband to pay off crt. ordered education.. loan4/29/2007Lauren KaufmanRelationship Gone South and Two Children Involved4/27/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Inheritance during marriage4/27/2007S. KesslerHow to get a divorce when the other person refuses.4/27/2007S. KesslerContinuing Alimony-?4/26/2007Kay Lewisdivorce4/25/2007S. KesslerHouse4/24/2007S. Kesslerchild support4/24/2007S. KesslerThe girlfriend of a man legally separated4/24/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingermy father remarried illegally...4/23/2007S. Kesslerhelp4/21/2007S. Kesslerabandament4/20/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingershould i divorce?4/19/2007Lauren KaufmanMoving out of state4/17/2007S. KesslerDivorce/Inheritance4/17/2007S. KesslerWonder if there's any help.4/17/2007S. KesslerChanging of locks4/16/2007Kay LewisVisitation Rights4/16/2007S. Kesslerdivorce & the house4/16/2007Lauren KaufmanEx-husband still part of family.4/16/2007Terri Matheisquit claim in a community property state4/16/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce & business ownership4/15/2007S. Kesslerdivorce and after effects4/15/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCredit Card Settlement in Divorce4/15/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerhouse & child support4/15/2007S. KesslerDivorce4/14/2007S. KesslerMoving to another state4/13/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce - house to be sold4/13/2007S. Kesslercomplicated situation4/12/2007S. Kesslerdivorce and my 3 yr old4/12/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Contempt regarding a divorce4/12/2007S. Kesslerpossible divorce4/11/2007S. KesslerMy husband and his mistress4/11/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMy short tempered husband4/10/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerProcess to fire divorce lawyer4/10/2007S. Kessler7 months seperated4/10/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerBoyfriends' Married4/10/2007Kay Lewistrouble with my boyfriend's ex wife4/9/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorced or not4/6/2007S. KesslerDesperate and Terrified4/6/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerAppealing divorce4/6/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerdivorce4/6/2007S. KesslerMoving on4/6/2007Lauren KaufmanDivorce4/5/2007S. KesslerDivorce4/4/2007Lauren KaufmanPension/Retirement4/3/2007S. KesslerSPOUSE IN JAIL4/1/2007S. Kesslergrounds for alimony3/31/2007S. Kesslerwhat to do3/31/2007S. KesslerNeeding direction3/30/2007Terri MatheisLost3/29/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.changing a divorce3/29/2007S. KesslerDivorce3/29/2007S. Kesslerdivorce3/29/2007S. Kesslermy wife3/28/2007S. KesslerRelationship3/28/2007Terri Matheishurting w/kids3/27/2007S. Kesslerdivorce3/26/2007S. Kesslernew wife benifitrs3/26/2007Kay Lewisdivorce cost3/26/2007S. KesslerSTATUS OF MY DIVORCE3/25/2007S. Kesslerdivorce3/24/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.help3/23/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Separation to Possible divorce3/23/2007S. Kesslerproperty3/23/2007S. KesslerGetting Served3/22/2007S. Kesslerafraid or soon to be ex3/22/2007S. Kesslerhouse3/19/2007S. Kesslerclarification/modification order3/18/2007S. KesslerI don't know where my spouse is.3/18/2007Kay LewisSteps to Divorce3/18/2007S. KesslerAttorney is driving me mad3/16/2007S. KesslerDivorce3/16/2007S. KesslerForced Into A Divorce - Or Is There Hope?3/14/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce3/13/2007S. KesslerDivorce fees.3/13/2007S. KesslerI feel my attorney did not do her job3/11/2007S. Kesslercollaborative verses traditional3/10/2007S. KesslerAnnulment3/9/2007Terri Matheisdivorce3/9/2007S. KesslerSecond Marriage problem3/8/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemleraffair aparent after divorce3/7/2007Terri Matheismy maybe divorce.3/7/2007Kay LewisSecond Marriage problem3/6/2007Terri Matheisneed help3/6/2007Lauren KaufmanDivorce and Children3/6/2007Kay Lewisdivorce??3/6/2007S. Kessleradultry.... betrayal of the heart vrs. the physical act3/6/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlerseperation and vehicles & ring3/5/2007S. Kesslerselling a home3/5/2007S. Kesslershould I leave3/4/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerWas it a good reason that she left and should I take her back when she calls,3/1/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce2/28/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.child support2/24/2007Terri MatheisInternational divorce2/24/2007S. KesslerHusband and his kids etc..2/21/2007Pastor Kimberly Lemlertoo noisy to me?2/21/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Alimony2/21/2007S. Kesslerfiling2/20/2007S. Kesslerfiling2/20/2007Lauren Kaufmanfiling2/20/2007Terri MatheisAdvice Please2/19/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerParents in two different states2/17/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce2/15/2007S. KesslerCar during divorce2/15/2007S. Kesslerdivorcing a sexual predator2/15/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSecond marriage2/14/2007Terri Matheismy break up2/14/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerPENSION2/13/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce2/12/2007S. KesslerStatue of limitations of divorce and 401k plans2/12/2007Terri MatheisDivorce, when to start?2/12/2007S. KesslerAdultry 2/10/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce2/9/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.who Pays2/7/2007Terri MatheisDivorce and his bills2/6/2007S. Kesslerproperty quandry2/6/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce and drugs2/2/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerEffects on Children Moving from One Parent2/1/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.cheated1/30/2007S. KesslerReconciliation? Divorce? Confusion...1/28/2007S. Kesslercan i still get divorce even if i don't know how to reach my wfe1/25/2007S. KesslerWhat do I do to help my friend1/25/2007S. KesslerLeaving/legally1/24/2007Terri MatheisDivorce1/23/2007S. KesslerDivorce1/22/2007Terri MatheisAm I divorced?1/21/2007Terri Matheisproperty1/21/2007S. Kesslermissing spouse1/21/2007S. KesslerAccount emptying, credit card charging1/19/2007S. KesslerContempt issue1/17/2007S. Kesslerinsurance1/17/2007Lauren KaufmanDivorce and Marital property1/16/2007S. KesslerAbandonment issues in a 4 year-old?1/14/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.Granparents Divorce1/12/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce1/11/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce?1/10/2007Lauren Kaufmanhow do I tell my kids that I am talking to other women?1/9/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerChild Support1/9/2007S. KesslerIs this separate or community property??1/8/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdebts together1/8/2007S. Kesslerappropriate relationship with ex spouses1/8/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.am I divorced or not?1/7/2007Terri MatheisLawyer Moves1/7/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.insurance on my step Children1/6/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerhow to come out on top1/6/2007S. KesslerDivorce 1/6/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerPre-nup1/5/2007Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerReconciliation1/5/2007Pastor Kimberly LemlerSeperation/Divorce1/3/2007Terri MatheisWe need to know the next step1/3/2007S. KesslerHow long can I get married again?1/2/2007S. KesslerHow do I find out....1/2/2007Terri Matheisdivorce in mexico1/2/2007S. KesslerDivorcing someone from a different state1/2/2007S. KesslerWant my home back!!1/1/2007Terri Matheissingle father - future prospects with women1/1/2007Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce dragging on12/31/2006Lauren Kaufmanchild at his house12/31/2006S. KesslerVisitation12/30/2006S. Kesslerhow long?12/29/2006S. Kesslerfiling12/29/2006Pastor Kimberly LemlerDoes she have the right12/29/2006Lauren KaufmanSoon to be Divorced.12/29/2006S. KesslerHelping my divorced partners children deal with me being around.12/27/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child support credit12/27/2006S. KesslerEx-spouse and husband issues12/26/2006S. KesslerDivorce Tapes12/26/2006S. Kesslerhello12/24/2006S. KesslerHow to divorce a missing spouse?12/24/2006Lauren Kaufmanalimony12/23/2006S. KesslerControling or not controling12/22/2006Pastor Kimberly LemlerDivorce Inheritance12/21/2006S. KesslerTrying to Forgive12/20/2006Kay LewisMoving after divorce12/19/2006S. Kesslerdivorce help12/16/2006S. Kesslerchild custody12/14/2006S. KesslerCommon law but seperating?12/14/2006S. KesslerNew Wife/Child Support12/14/2006Kay LewisCar loan and my wife12/13/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerQDRO after a divorse12/12/2006Terri Matheisno place to go12/11/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.With Mr Right but think about Mr Wrong12/11/2006Terri MatheisWith Mr Right but think about Mr Wrong12/11/2006Jeanette Castelli, M.S.With Mr Right but think about Mr Wrong12/11/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce-help12/11/2006S. KesslerEquitable Distribution12/11/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce and my new Boyfriend12/11/2006S. Kesslerdivorce and penision12/10/2006S. Kesslermoving out of state wiyh children12/9/2006Lauren KaufmanWaiting to get married12/9/2006Kay Lewisdivorce & custody12/9/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMoving on12/8/2006Terri MatheisChild Transportation12/7/2006S. KesslerAm I doing the right thing?12/7/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce12/7/2006S. KesslerRemoving ex-wife from my awarded Home12/6/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerpain pain pain12/6/2006Lauren Kaufmanquick claim before divorce is final12/5/2006Terri MatheisSplitting assets in Colorado12/5/2006S. Kesslerproperty entitlement12/4/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAm I making the right decision?12/4/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingergetting over my divorce12/4/2006Terri Matheisdating & Kids12/4/2006S. Kesslerdivorce and loss of home12/3/2006Terri MatheisDivorce12/3/2006S. KesslerContemp of court12/3/2006Lauren Kaufmanretirement rights to X spouses of Military12/3/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerGRAND DAUGHTER IN TROUBLE12/2/2006S. Kesslerfriendly divorced parents and the new spouse12/2/2006S. KesslerAm i still married??12/2/2006S. Kesslerdivorce12/1/2006S. KesslerLeaving a marriage without being so costly12/1/2006S. KesslerMiddle man in my parents divroce12/1/2006S. Kesslerserving papers12/1/2006S. Kesslerproperty11/30/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce by publication11/30/2006S. KesslerMarital Separation11/29/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx Hubby driving me crazy11/29/2006S. Kesslerdivorce and my 2 yr old11/28/2006S. KesslerDivorce and my 2 yr old11/28/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.My husband can't handle the separation11/28/2006Terri MatheisSeperation11/28/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerappeal divore financial arrangemnets11/27/2006S. KesslerServing Papers11/27/2006S. Kesslerchanging divorce papers without a lawyer11/26/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce11/26/2006Lauren KaufmanDivorce11/26/2006S. KesslerMissing my children...11/26/2006S. Kesslerneed some help11/25/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerReconciliation11/25/2006S. Kesslercommunity property11/25/2006S. KesslerInheritence.11/25/2006S. KesslerAcknowledgment11/24/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.moving children11/24/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx-husband filed bankruptcy.my responsibility11/23/2006S. Kesslergoing thru a divorce11/23/2006S. KesslerDivorce and house11/22/2006S. Kesslermy divorce11/21/2006S. Kesslercheating11/21/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerSpousal support11/21/2006S. KesslerBrother needs help11/20/2006S. Kesslerlife after divorce11/20/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.pension/divorce11/20/2006Terri Matheiscar loan11/20/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerNeed a Plan11/20/2006S. Kesslermortgage and divorce11/20/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce11/19/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerCan a USA marriage be dissolved in Australia11/19/2006S. KesslerSecond opinion11/19/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerhusband doesn't work11/18/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.seperation options11/18/2006S. KesslerRETIREMENT11/18/2006Lauren Kaufmancar11/18/2006S. Kesslerdivorce11/18/2006S. KesslerAm I still married11/17/2006S. Kesslerat what point am I divorced?11/17/2006Terri Matheistelling a child about divorce11/17/2006S. KesslerMy mom's getting divorced!11/16/2006S. Kesslerdivorce decrees11/16/2006S. KesslerFriends Divorce11/16/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHe is still married!11/16/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.child porn11/16/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Credit issues11/15/2006S. Kesslerinvestments in divorce11/15/2006S. Kesslerinvestments in divorce11/15/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce,11/15/2006S. KesslerVoid a Divorce?11/14/2006S. KesslerPost Divorce11/14/2006Terri MatheisSould I sign it?11/14/2006S. Kesslerchils custody11/13/2006S. KesslerDivorce and drug tests11/12/2006S. Kesslerretirment pay11/12/2006S. KesslerMy Ex and his Girlfriend11/11/2006S. Kesslerawaiting divorce papers11/8/2006S. Kesslerdivorce11/8/2006S. Kesslerirrecon. diff11/8/2006S. KesslerProperty, Alimony, 401K11/7/2006S. KesslerProperty, Alimony, 401K, Help!11/7/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx Claimed children on taxes11/7/2006S. KesslerDivorce with child11/7/2006S. KesslerMarried man and me11/6/2006Lauren KaufmanI want out11/6/2006S. KesslerShould I let my son live with his father?11/5/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.How Friends treat Friends in a Divorce11/4/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.alimony11/4/2006S. KesslerAppealing a court judgement11/2/2006S. Kesslercustody/visitation substance abuse11/1/2006S. Kesslertelling a 5 yr old11/1/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.telling our 5 yr old11/1/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerdivorce10/31/2006S. KesslerCommingled Inherited Funds10/30/2006Terri Matheisconcern about young children10/30/2006S. KesslerDivorce settlement10/30/2006Lauren Kaufmanproperty in divorce10/30/2006S. KesslerI want my step-children!10/29/2006S. Kesslerdivorce10/28/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Annulment /Divorce10/28/2006S. KesslerDivorce with non-resident10/27/2006Lauren KaufmanTrouble with an ex10/27/2006Terri MatheisDivorce and custody10/26/2006S. KesslerPlease help10/26/2006Lauren Kaufmanmy house10/25/2006S. KesslerLive-in boyfriend still won't divorce his ex10/25/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Separation paper10/24/2006Lauren KaufmanDivorce w/ Children10/24/2006S. Kesslerinternational divorce10/24/2006S. KesslerThis is literally killing me.....10/23/2006S. Kesslerdivorced parents can't agree on anything10/23/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.House10/23/2006S. Kesslerdivorce10/23/2006S. KesslerDon't know what to do!10/23/2006S. Kesslerdivorce and friends10/21/2006S. KesslerDivorce question10/20/2006Terri MatheisAllimony and Taxes10/20/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce10/19/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.What to do?10/18/2006Lauren Kaufmanmarriage and kids10/17/2006S. Kesslerlegal issues10/17/2006S. KesslerAdvice10/17/2006Lauren KaufmanChildren taking sides during divorce10/16/2006Terri Matheisprotecting assets during a separation10/16/2006S. Kesslerex and ex mother in law to close.10/14/2006S. KesslerUncontested Divorce10/13/2006S. Kesslerdiivorcing a drug addict10/13/2006Lauren Kaufmandivorce10/12/2006S. Kessleradultary10/11/2006S. KesslerAbandonment wife left 1 yr ago w boyfriend stays free inother home10/11/2006S. KesslerIndefinate Allimony10/10/2006Lauren Kaufmanchange of county after divorce filing10/10/2006S. KesslerVoided divorce?10/10/2006Lauren KaufmanHow to file a contemp of divorce10/10/2006Terri MatheisCan I move in with my boyfriend before my divorce is final?10/9/2006S. KesslerCar during seperation and divorce10/9/2006Terri MatheisHouse10/9/2006S. KesslerMy husband has abandoned me10/9/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Property 10/9/2006S. Kesslerwhat I am entitiled to for spousal support10/7/2006Terri Matheisdivorce10/6/2006S. KesslerPension/Retirement Assets10/6/2006Lauren Kaufmancar loans and divorce10/5/2006S. Kesslertime for divource?10/5/2006S. Kesslerdruggie girlfriend10/5/2006Terri MatheisRelease of interest in a car loan10/3/2006Lauren KaufmanDivorce Decree10/3/2006S. KesslerLAWYERLESS10/3/2006S. Kesslerdivorce grounds10/2/2006S. Kesslerretirement or pention benifits for divorced M9/30/2006S. KesslerBack Taxes9/29/2006S. Kesslerdivorce agreement broken9/28/2006S. Kesslerdating during divorce9/27/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.mediation and psych eval9/27/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.child custosdy/visitation9/27/2006S. KesslerInheritance money used to purchase a house9/27/2006S. KesslerDivorce issues9/27/2006S. KesslerFailing marriage involving bi-polar spouse9/26/2006Lauren KaufmanHouse bought before marriage9/26/2006Terri MatheisLeaving the state with children/ Minnesota9/26/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.leaving the state with children/Minnesota9/26/2006S. Kesslerreal estate9/25/2006S. Kesslerdivorce9/25/2006Terri Matheiscommon law marriage9/25/2006S. KesslerDealing with divorce9/25/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce by abandonment9/25/2006S. Kesslerdead beat husband and father9/25/2006Terri Matheisdivorce9/24/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.I want to leave my husband but I am finding difficult to make the decision.9/22/2006Terri Matheisdivorce claims on an and inheritance9/22/2006S. Kesslermarital home9/22/2006Lauren KaufmanMarital home9/22/2006Jay Burridge(DNR)my house9/22/2006S. KesslerInsurance9/20/2006Terri MatheisLegality of Divorce9/20/2006S. Kesslerpaying lawyer fees9/19/2006Jay Burridge(DNR)divorce and real estate9/18/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.pension9/18/2006S. Kesslerchanging my divorce decision9/18/2006Terri MatheisDivorce and sole custody9/17/2006Terri MatheisDivorce and sole custody9/17/2006Lauren KaufmanDivorce and sole custody9/16/2006S. KesslerDivorce or seperate/still live together9/16/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerDivorce but remain living together9/16/2006S. Kesslerpassports9/16/2006S. Kesslerex wife harassment9/15/2006S. KesslerCAR OWNERSHIP9/14/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisingerreal estate9/13/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerAbandonment in a Divorce9/10/2006S. KesslerDivorce9/9/2006S. KesslerFather moving on after divorce, I am not ready9/9/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerMy husband left me, and I didn't want this!9/8/2006Jeanette Castelli, M.S.adultary9/7/2006S. KesslerHow to file for Divorce9/5/2006S. Kesslerhave i got a good reason to get the marriage anulled9/4/2006S. KesslerIs it right ?9/4/2006S. Kesslergetting over divorce9/3/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.can sex get your wife bac9/3/2006S. Kesslerdivorced and still veing harassed9/3/2006S. KesslerGetting over the anger.9/1/2006Lauren KaufmanOrdered to leave own home9/1/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Ordered to leave your home9/1/2006Terri MatheisDivorce8/31/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Annuity and Pension plans8/31/2006S. KesslerNot wanting divorce..8/30/2006Jay Burridge(DNR)Alimony8/29/2006Terri Matheisincontested divorve8/28/2006S. Kesslerhealth insurance8/22/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerHow much do I share with my teenagers?8/20/2006Jay Burridge(DNR)Why is8/20/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.devastated he left8/20/2006Lauren KaufmanSecond marraige woes8/19/2006S. Kesslercustody of children8/17/2006S. Kesslerdivorce but overseas8/17/2006S. Kesslerharassment from ex-spouse8/16/2006S. Kesslerdivorce8/16/2006Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth BeisingerEx-husband trying to claim children on taxes8/13/2006S. KesslerSchool loans etc...8/12/2006S. KesslerDIVORCE LAW8/11/2006S. KesslerContemplating divorce8/10/2006S. KesslerAm I making the right decision8/9/2006Lauren Kaufmandivorce decree8/7/2006S. KesslerProperty8/7/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Boyfriends ex-wife...8/7/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.tell the child8/6/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.tell the child8/6/2006S. Kesslervisitation with children8/4/2006S. KesslerDivorce8/3/2006Terri MatheisName Off Mortgage8/3/2006S. KesslerCustody8/3/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce8/2/2006S. Kesslerchild contact8/2/2006S. Kesslerdivorce8/2/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Just need advice8/1/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.inheritance after divorce8/1/2006S. Kesslerout of state divorce7/30/2006S. KesslerLeaving California after a Divorce with Legal and Physical Custody of my child7/30/2006S. KesslerWin back my husband7/30/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Necessary Paperwork and Filing7/29/2006S. Kesslerseperation7/29/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Father-to-be walked out on his marriage7/29/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Mid-life affair7/28/2006Terri MatheisI NEED A PLAN7/28/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.vehicles in divorce7/28/2006S. Kesslerdivorce and medical insurance7/27/2006S. KesslerI NEED A PLAN7/26/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.What a mess7/25/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Alimony7/25/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.I want to fight for my husband7/25/2006S. KesslerMarried 25 years and want out7/23/2006S. Kesslerdivorce7/22/2006S. KesslerX- wife7/21/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Ex giving my daughter a car for Graduationand taking it back7/18/2006S. Kesslerproperty7/18/2006S. KesslerAuto Insurance7/18/2006S. KesslerAdvice7/17/2006Lauren Kaufmanremarry and kids7/17/2006S. KesslerHow to keep the home?7/17/2006S. Kessleradultry7/16/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce7/16/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child Support7/15/2006S. Kesslerdivorce/joint cust&child support7/14/2006S. Kesslerhow to make things even7/14/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.school loan/secret accounts7/14/2006S. Kesslerdissolution of marriage in ohio7/13/2006S. KesslerDividing property7/13/2006S. KesslerDivorce7/13/2006S. KesslerAmending a Divorce out of state7/12/2006S. KesslerMove on or wait?7/12/2006S. KesslerHow do we deal with the pain?7/12/2006S. Kesslergetting remarried with a clergy before getting a civil divorce7/11/2006S. KesslerVehicle ownership during a divorce7/11/2006S. KesslerAm I divorced?7/11/2006S. KesslerHow can I win my husband back .7/10/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.medical payments7/10/2006S. KesslerCustody Out of state7/10/2006S. Kesslerdating ex-husband7/7/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.need to know7/7/2006S. KesslerDivorced - NCP Out of State7/7/2006Lauren Kaufmaninfidelity7/7/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.moving on from divorce7/6/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce7/6/2006S. KesslerProperty settlement7/6/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Separated boyfriend moved me in she kicked me out7/6/2006S. KesslerMarried 23 years, feel betrayed7/5/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.GET OFF MY HOME MORTGAGE7/4/2006S. Kesslerdivorce and credit cards7/4/2006S. KesslerEx refusing to sign final divorce papers!7/4/2006S. Kessleradultery7/3/2006S. KesslerHow long for the divovrce to be complete7/3/2006S. KesslerDivorce decree violation and plan simple mean behavior.7/3/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Alimony and apousal support7/1/2006S. KesslerDivorce and custody6/30/2006S. KesslerNo fault divorce6/30/2006S. Kesslersettlement6/29/2006S. KesslerDivorce decree6/29/2006S. Kessleralmost ready to move forward6/28/2006S. KesslerDivorce6/27/2006S. Kessleralot about divorce husand going to jail6/27/2006S. Kesslerdivorce and child support6/27/2006S. Kesslerdivorce6/27/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Signing6/26/2006S. Kessleramend mariage license6/26/2006S. KesslerREFUSING.......LIVES IN USVI, AND I LIVE IN TN.6/25/2006S. Kessleris my dad hiding money6/24/2006Terri MatheisSupport order6/21/2006S. KesslerInternet Divorce?6/19/2006S. KesslerChanging Decree6/19/2006Equality in Marriage Institutespousal support orders in california6/18/2006S. KesslerDivorced- When should I date?6/16/2006S. Kesslertoddlers and divorce6/16/2006S. KesslerDivorce Petition6/15/2006S. KesslerCredit Cards6/15/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce6/15/2006S. Kessler401k split6/15/2006Equality in Marriage Institutemia for court6/14/2006Lauren Kaufmanold debt6/13/2006S. Kesslerquick divorce6/13/2006S. Kesslerdivorce6/12/2006S. Kesslerintroducing kids to new boyfriend6/12/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Getting the ex-wife to sign papers6/11/2006S. KesslerDIVORCE6/9/2006S. KesslerRetirement Benefits follow-up6/9/2006S. KesslerDIvorce6/9/2006S. KesslerHow to get a divorce6/9/2006S. Kesslerdivorce questions6/8/2006S. KesslerMilitary Retirement Benefits after Divorce6/8/2006S. Kesslervisitation6/7/2006S. Kesslerin forcing divorce degree?6/6/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteHow to move on6/6/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Where to go from here?6/6/2006S. Kesslerdivorce agreement6/6/2006S. KesslerDivorced?6/6/2006S. Kesslerfighting anger6/6/2006S. Kesslerin doubt?6/5/2006S. Kesslerquick divorce!6/5/2006S. KesslerAm I divorced?6/4/2006S. KesslerDivorce question6/3/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteLamp sum for spousal support6/2/2006S. Kesslerfathers affair6/2/2006Terri MatheisMarital Home6/1/2006S. KesslerDivorce5/31/2006S. Kesslerdivorce5/31/2006S. Kesslermaximum time before divorce MUST be finalized in uncontested divorce in Texas5/31/2006S. KesslerDivorcing with Children when one parent is an addict5/30/2006S. KesslerFinancial problems with divorce5/29/2006S. Kesslerdivorce when spouse lives in another country5/29/2006S. Kesslerdivorce5/28/2006S. KesslerInheritance5/27/2006S. KesslerWhat can be done about the property issues?5/27/2006S. KesslerChanging the locks5/27/2006S. KesslerDivorce in Texas5/26/2006S. KesslerArmy Wife Needs HELP5/25/2006S. Kesslervisitation rights5/25/2006Equality in Marriage Institutes about effects of divorce!5/24/2006S. KesslerDivorce papers5/23/2006S. KesslerMedical expenses with divorce5/23/2006S. KesslerMaiden Name5/21/2006S. KesslerI want to be able to move5/18/2006Terri Matheishelp for sister5/18/2006S. Kesslercustodial parent moving out of state5/18/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce Assets5/17/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteLaws surrounding spouse entitlement5/17/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.filing and expiration5/16/2006Terri MatheisEx in contempt of marital settlement agreement.5/15/2006S. Kesslerbuying out5/15/2006S. Kesslerdivorce &dating5/15/2006S. KesslerFiances soon to be ex wife...this is loong5/14/2006S. KesslerIs there another avenue I can take?5/13/2006S. KesslerDivorce and prenup5/13/2006Terri Matheisvehicles in divorce5/13/2006Equality in Marriage Instituteserving papers5/12/2006S. KesslerProperty settlement5/12/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteEmotional problems after ending abusive relationship5/11/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Will I inherit his debts?5/11/2006S. Kesslervisitation schedules and verbal abuse5/11/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.visitation schedules and verbal abuse5/11/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Child Custody Related5/10/2006Lauren KaufmanChild Custody - Rules or related issue5/10/2006S. KesslerFiling for divorce while one parent is overseas5/9/2006Terri Matheisno money to get a divorce, but need one.5/9/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteSale of home when child turns 185/3/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteUncoontested Divorce5/1/2006S. Kessleri need help4/26/2006Equality in Marriage Institutewhat can i do4/26/2006S. Kessleris it over?4/26/2006Terri Matheisback to court ?4/26/2006S. KesslerCUSTODY4/25/2006S. KesslerSoon to be "ex" hiding from process server4/25/2006S. Kesslerstatus of child and myself4/21/2006S. Kesslerdivorce and its affect upon children's education4/17/2006S. Kesslerpregnant / florida / divorce4/17/2006S. KesslerStopping the pain4/13/2006Jeanette Castelli, M.S.Please tell me how?4/13/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D. about divorce decree4/11/2006S. KesslerThe House4/10/2006S. KesslerThe House4/10/2006Equality in Marriage Institutewhat all will I loose4/7/2006S. KesslerDivorce papers vs. Loan agreement4/7/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteCustody/welfare of child4/7/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.contested divorce4/7/2006S. KesslerWant revenge4/7/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce3/23/2006S. Kesslercollaborative law3/23/2006S. Kesslerquestion on house buyout3/21/2006S. Kesslermediation3/19/2006S. Kesslervery confused3/19/2006S. KesslerHow long before the pain is gone?3/18/2006Jeanette Castelli, M.S.Divorce and Immigration3/13/2006S. Kesslerpossible divorce and keeping the home3/11/2006S. KesslerSeperation / Divorce?3/9/2006S. KesslerDivorce 3/7/2006S. Kesslerchildren with divorced parents3/7/2006S. Kesslercontempt3/7/2006S. KesslerFinalization of Divorce3/6/2006S. Kesslerbottom line3/5/2006Lauren Kaufmankeeping my car after divorce3/4/2006S. Kesslermoney3/4/2006S. Kesslertesting3/1/2006S. Kesslerkeeping the negotiation process moving2/28/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteKids in different states2/26/2006S. Kesslerdivorced with kids2/25/2006Equality in Marriage Institutetaxes2/23/2006S. KesslerDivorce time issue.2/22/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce delay2/21/2006S. KesslerEX Husbands live in bad mouthing me, the mother in front of children2/15/2006S. Kesslerdating2/14/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce and debt2/14/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteViolence after divorce2/10/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.school work2/10/2006Lauren KaufmanChildren & dating during divorce2/5/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.what are my chances with an convicted abuser?1/31/2006S. KesslerHOUSE1/31/2006Equality in Marriage Institutedivorce1/31/2006S. Kesslerbuying tnings during a divorce.1/28/2006S. Kesslerdivorce issues1/25/2006Equality in Marriage Institutedivorce dilemma1/25/2006S. KesslerDivorce with MIA spouse1/25/2006Lauren KaufmanHow to manage my divorce process1/24/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce1/22/2006S. KesslerDivorce1/22/2006Lauren KaufmanDivorce papers1/22/2006Equality in Marriage Institutebuying home in middle of divorce1/19/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteProperty Determination1/18/2006S. Kesslersigning the papers1/16/2006S. Kesslerkeeping my house1/16/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce?1/13/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce?1/13/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce?1/13/2006Lauren Kaufmandivorce?1/13/2006S. Kesslerdate of separation1/12/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteClaiming a child on Taxes1/11/2006S. Kesslerseperation1/9/2006S. KesslerDivorce1/7/2006S. KesslerDivorce1/7/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce1/7/2006Lauren KaufmanVisitation issues1/3/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Visitation issues1/3/2006S. KesslerDivorce1/3/2006Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce1/3/2006Lauren KaufmanDivorce1/3/2006S. KesslerChildren/Divorce1/3/2006Philip Belove, Ed.D.Seperation1/2/2006Equality in Marriage Instituteseking money settlement after divorce final1/1/2006Equality in Marriage Institutedivorce12/31/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteStarting Divorce Process12/27/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteSharing of property / assets12/27/2005Lauren KaufmanAssets for calculating child support12/27/2005S. KesslerWhere to file12/26/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteMy mom's friendship with my ex is causing me stress!12/23/2005Lauren KaufmanReconciliation after filing12/22/2005S. KesslerDIvorce12/22/2005S. KesslerDivorce12/20/2005S. KesslerDivorce Papers Filed - When Can House Be Put On Market?12/20/2005S. KesslerLiving arrangments12/20/2005S. Kesslerdivorce links12/19/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteKids12/19/2005S. KesslerKids12/19/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.Starting divorce12/13/2005S. Kesslerwhat to do?12/13/2005S. KesslerDivorce Settlement12/9/2005Equality in Marriage Institutehow to get started to move on12/9/2005S. KesslerIn Texas(Dallas), if a husband...12/5/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteTalking to the judge12/4/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteFamily Financial control12/2/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteLawyer problems11/30/2005Equality in Marriage Instituterecovering poverty and sickness after divorce11/29/2005Lauren Kaufmanproperty home rights11/22/2005Equality in Marriage Institutechild support11/16/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteHusband's Conniving Mistress11/15/2005S. Kesslerdivorce11/15/2005Lauren Kaufmandivorce11/15/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteChildren of Divorce11/15/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.wanting to divorce, but live in different states11/14/2005Equality in Marriage Institutepersonal items11/14/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.Meaning Of reason For Separation / Divorce11/9/2005S. Kesslerdivorce/lawyer11/8/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce/Children11/8/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.retirement11/7/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.Do you rememeber me?11/7/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce law in Germany11/6/2005Lauren KaufmanDo I Have A Chance At Full Custody11/4/2005S. KesslerNo money for divorce11/3/2005Lauren KaufmanNo money for divorce11/3/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.No money for divorce11/3/2005S. KesslerNo money to divorce11/3/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteProcess of Divorce11/3/2005S. Kesslerdivorce10/31/2005S. KesslerDivorce or seperation -saving the marriage10/27/2005Equality in Marriage Institutefinancial consequences of divorce10/27/2005S. Kesslerproperty split10/27/2005Equality in Marriage Institutedebating divorce10/24/2005S. KesslerIT'S FINALLY OVER!!!!! :)10/24/2005S. Kesslermoney10/24/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteI left and expected friendliness10/19/2005S. KesslerHow can I get visiting rights?10/19/2005S. KesslerARGH!10/18/2005S. KesslerFinding a way to be divorced & to live on ss disability10/17/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.Can i have my cake and eat it too?10/16/2005S. Kesslerthe man he was10/15/2005S. Kesslersexual predator.............10/10/2005Equality in Marriage Institutecan i file a divorce?10/10/2005S. Kesslerwife cheating10/9/2005S. Kesslermy sister in law's divorce10/6/2005S. Kesslerinsurance10/2/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.Divorce9/30/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce9/27/2005S. Kesslerrefusing visitation9/27/2005S. Kesslerteenager/long distance transition9/26/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.CUSTODY ISSUES9/21/2005S. Kesslerbeing served divorce papers9/20/2005Equality in Marriage Institutethis week or never!9/19/2005S. Kessleremotional effects9/16/2005S. Kesslerseperation and matrimonial home9/10/2005S. KesslerStay married for the children?9/5/2005S. KesslerAnnulment8/30/2005Equality in Marriage Institutereal estate rights8/23/2005Equality in Marriage Instituteit's over....8/22/2005S. Kesslernew loves8/22/2005S. Kessleri don't understand8/21/2005S. Kesslermoving out8/17/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.Splitting property8/15/2005Equality in Marriage Instituteson wants to move to different city to live with mom8/12/2005S. Kesslerdivorce8/10/2005S. Kesslerregular, unsupervised visitation after a 2.5 yr absence8/10/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MASeparation period before divorce8/9/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce8/9/2005Equality in Marriage Instituteit's over8/3/2005S. KesslerDivorce s8/2/2005S. Kesslerit's over8/1/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - almost 27/27/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - almost 27/25/2005S. Kesslerfiling the divorce while he is incarrcerated.7/23/2005Equality in Marriage Instituteseparating7/19/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - almost 27/18/2005S. Kesslerhe's rights since he does not have a green card. suing her for emotional distress. His girlfriend is now pregant how will he look in court7/16/2005S. KesslerCoping7/7/2005Lauren Kaufmanjimmy - almost6/29/2005S. KesslerTraveling to Bahamas with child of Divorce6/29/2005Equality in Marriage Institutetaxes on proceeds from sale of house6/29/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteRights of working spouse married 25+ years6/27/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.jimmy - almost6/24/2005S. Kesslerdo it yourself divorce6/21/2005Equality in Marriage Institutejimmy - almost6/21/2005S. KesslerChildren's Involvement6/20/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAVisitation after divorce6/20/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.alienation6/13/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAHow to keep my house!6/13/2005S. KesslerAm I divorced? if so, what do i do?6/13/2005S. Kesslerdivorce and getting back together6/9/2005S. KesslerReconcillation after separation6/7/2005S. Kesslerself esteem6/2/2005Jeanette Castelli, M.S.divorce6/2/2005Lauren Kaufmanwill i lose my house?5/31/2005S. KesslerDivorce and Finance.5/29/2005Equality in Marriage Instituteadultry5/24/2005S. KesslerDivorce, child, assets5/22/2005S. KesslerDivorce5/22/2005S. Kesslerchildren will now have a step-mother5/21/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAi'm in new york can child...5/20/2005Lauren Kaufmani'm in new york can child...5/20/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.hi5/20/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - part 725/16/2005S. KesslerWisconsin Marital Law5/13/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - part 725/12/2005S. KesslerPENSION5/12/2005S. KesslerDivorce5/12/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAWhere do I begin?5/11/2005S. Kesslerowed medical expenses5/11/2005S. KesslerDivorce and property issues5/10/2005Lauren Kaufmandivorce5/6/2005S. KesslerShould I leave Completely?5/6/2005Jeanette Castelli, M.S.Want a relationship5/5/2005S. KesslerWant a relationship5/5/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteWant a relationship5/5/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAWant a relationship5/5/2005Lauren Kaufmanaffection5/3/2005S. KesslerAppeal5/3/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteTansitions5/1/2005Lauren KaufmanSeparation/Divorce5/1/2005Lauren Kaufmansettlement5/1/2005S. KesslerMy husband has filed for divorce...4/29/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteEffects on children4/29/2005S. KesslerDivorce Credit Cards4/27/2005Equality in Marriage Institutewife w/ higher income - spousal support?4/22/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce4/20/2005S. Kesslergive more time4/18/2005Lauren KaufmanCan i have my maiden name back?4/18/2005S. KesslerCommon Law issues4/16/2005Equality in Marriage Institutedivorce with kids4/13/2005S. Kesslerdivorce abroad4/10/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteCo-Mingling of Funds4/7/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteFirst Step?4/7/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.children in the middle4/6/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.how do I get help with my kids4/2/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAChild support modification3/29/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteDealing with a two year old child w/o a father3/28/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MADivorce3/23/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteHi! I have a fun social group...3/23/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MADebts during divorce process3/22/2005Equality in Marriage Instituteselling the house and not getting a divorce3/20/2005Lauren KaufmanSelling the house3/20/2005S. KesslerDivorce seems to be the only option3/19/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.jimmy - part 723/18/2005S. Kesslerhelp with babys mom3/16/2005S. Kesslerhelp with babys mom3/16/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAjimmy - part 723/15/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - part 723/14/2005S. KesslerIRA3/12/2005Equality in Marriage Institutejimmy - part 723/11/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - part 723/10/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - part 723/10/2005S. KesslerJudgment3/10/2005S. KesslerDivorce3/9/2005S. Kesslerjimmy - part 723/6/2005S. KesslerMy visitation rights.3/5/2005Equality in Marriage Institutejimmy - part 722/28/2005S. KesslerAlienation2/27/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAInfidelity2/27/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.divorce support groups in Harford County, MD2/25/2005Equality in Marriage Instituteex's gf is controlling custodial2/24/2005S. KesslerTeenage daughter wants to live with other parent2/22/2005Thalia Ferenc, MSW, MAWanting a divorce2/21/2005S. Kesslerdivorce sort of2/18/2005S. Kesslerdivorce - property2/17/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteLoneliness/Empty Nest2/11/2005S. KesslerInitiating the divorce2/10/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteDealing with Pressure2/9/2005Philip Belove, Ed.D.Dealing with PAS2/9/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteDivorce Issues2/9/2005S. KesslerDivorce s2/5/2005Equality in Marriage InstituteSplit up2/4/2005Jeanette Castelli, M.S.Parents "using" children through divorce2/4/2005S. Kesslerbreak up2/2/2005Jeanette Castelli, M.S.pregnant and divorcing1/26/200
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