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Postby Vail » Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:48 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertpro gun attorney10/6/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I am looking for a pro-gun attorney in Iowa. Could you refer me to one? Thx Beth   A: The best one in Iowa is Brenna Findley. She is backed by the NRA and is in the running for attorney ... My 2nd Amendment Rights9/29/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I am living with and engaged to a convicted felon. I know that he is not allowed to own guns ...   A: Nicki, Thanks for asking. In your home keep the guns locked up. In your car,place you gun to where ... Buying Multiple Guns9/22/2010Dan Haynes  Q: My wife bought her first gun less than a month ago, now we ordered another gun and had it shipped to ...   A: Kevin, Thanks for asking. As far as I know, Ohio does not have 1 gun per month law. I do know that ... Possible disqualifier?9/20/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I am currently 26, but when i was 15/16 my parents hired a lawyer and had him enter a plea of no ...   A: An individual who is not prohibited by Federal, State, or local law from receiving or possessing ... can my wife have a gun9/20/2010Dan Haynes  Q: i am a felon iv been out for a few years.my family and i recently moved to tennessee we live in the ...   A: Wayne, Thank you for asking. Since your wife has a clean record, she may own a gun, but if she does ... Right to bear arms .9/14/2010Dan Haynes  Q: Mr. Haynes I am a combat Vietnam veteran.Diagnosed 100% PTSD disabled. Will this condition ...   A: Roger, Thanks for asking. Mental conditions will prevent firearm ownership and a CCW. I am not a ... NYS Pistol Permit9/13/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I have some minor arrest records including a disorderly conduct ACD in 1996, a DWAI(violation; fine ...   A: As you know from your long gun purchases, you are not a "prohibited person" under federal law. Also, ... NYC handgun permit9/8/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I am a NYC resident. I am contemplating applying for a pistol license. I have never been arrested. ...   A: It is impossible for anybody to tell you "what are the odds of being disapproved" for a pistol ... restoring my right to bear arms9/5/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I plead guilty to veh.manslaughter and that is the only trouble i have ever had in 47 years. I want ...   A: Tony, Thanks for asking. I do not know if Mississippi considers vehicular manslaughter a felony, ... Alaska/felony/restoration of rights8/27/2010Dean Speir  Q: five years ago my husband was convicted of felony DUI and assault when he caused an accident on the ...   A: Why would you ask that question here? This is the Second Amendment topic, and here you are making a ... concealed weapons carry for semis8/24/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: My husband drives a semi truck and he has a concealed weapons licence. How is he supposed to know ...   A: Every state does have its own laws concerning concealed carry of handguns. I am sure you have heard ... Oregon Gun Ownership8/23/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I am a non-felon, not legally prohibited against carrying a concealed weapon in any way. I live in ...   A: Mitch, Thanks for asking. If you keep your guns locked up and away from your roommate, you will not ... bear arms8/20/2010Dean Speir  Q: i have a family assult on my record the court gave me defer probation. . .i finish my probation. . ...   A: A] This is the Second Amendment topic, not the Criminal Justice one… are you aware that there is a ... Want to buy a shotgun8/11/2010Dan Haynes  Q: there have been a lot of break ins in my community in the past couple weeks and my wife and I are ...   A: Alex, Thanks for asking. Unless you have had your felony record expunged or pardoned, you cannot ... why was all gunshops raided on long island8/11/2010Dan Haynes  Q: why was our house raided aswell as the gunshops   A: http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100513/NEWS/100519858 See the above link I ... can I legally own handgun?8/11/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I submitted for gun ownership today and was denied. I was convicted of a felony(in CA) more than 19 ...   A: Mike, Thanks for asking about this. IMHO you should be able to own a gun if your record was ... Gun purchase8/10/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I live in Pennsylvania. In 2007 I was convicted of a second DUI(highest tier) which is an M-1 ...   A: Patrick, Thanks for asking. Yes this is correct. See the summary below for more information. Dan ... buy a gun8/9/2010Dan Haynes  Q: Can i buy a gun with a 3rd degree domestic violence conviction in 2004 it wasn't a felony and ...   A: Shane, Thanks for asking. Here is a summary of federal gun laws that will answer your question. ... Carry Permit Suspended without cause8/3/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: On January 6th I was terminated from my job with the city as Dog Control Officer. I was terminated ...   A: Your question, in summary, is "Can he do this?" and the answer is yes, but you are entitled to an ... Gun control and eugenics7/27/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I recently watched a movie called Maafa 21(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B2YG7vtwXA). It is about ...   A: Hoi, Thanks for inquiring about this matter. It appears that you have already done a lot of ... my rec is clean and he is a felon7/25/2010Dan Haynes  Q: i was very relieved to see Stacey's question. my fiancee and I have been trying to find the answer ...   A: Jessica, Thanks for asking. The best way is to keep your guns locked up away from your man. Yes you ... Concealed weapons permit7/20/2010Dean Speir  Q: I was discharged in 2006 and received an oth for failing a uranalysis. I have no criminal record and ...   A: No, Todd, YOU don't understand! This is the Second Amendment topic, and your more fully articulated ... tennessee code 39-17-13527/19/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: are Tennessee code's 39-17-1352 f1,f2,g1,g2and g3 legal in the second amendment right of congress to ...   A: Tennessee Code Section 39-17-1352(Amended effective January 1, 2010) deals with suspension or ... Donated Antique Firearm7/16/2010Dean Speir  Q: I have received a recent donation of an antique firearm to our museum and had it identified by the ...   A: Since all here serve pro bono publico, no "private consultations" are entertained. Regretfully(for ... ccdw7/15/2010Dean Speir  Q: I have 2 misdemeanor possession of drug paraphenalia charge,DE.03 & TX 08 can i stili get ccdw in pa   A: First, as we serve here pro bono publico, I do not "do" private consultations. Want one of those, ... Nassau County Pistol Permit7/13/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I have a felony conviction from NJ that was expunged and under the Expungment Order the only time ...   A: The application requires you to list all convictions regardless of whether they have been expunged. ... illinois 410 probation7/13/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I recieved Illinois 410(1410 etc.) felony probation for a minor drug offence in the early 90's. I ...   A: Rob, Thanks for asking. Under Federal Law drug related charges will prevent firearm ownership. ... NYS Pistol License Suspension7/12/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: Back in 2008 a SCPD officer was trying to track down a girl that had run away from home. In the ...   A: There is likely to be a sound legal foundation to challenge the suspension of your license. Before ... getting my pistols back7/6/2010Dan Haynes  Q: i was convicted in federal court of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance [anabolic s] ...   A: Scott, Thanks for asking. Anyone that had a Federal drug related conviction will have problems ... Restoration of fire arms7/6/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I have a domestic violence charge in FL from 1991. I have been denied the right to purchase a fire ...   A: Darryl, Thanks for asking. In order to restore your rights you need legal help to file for a pardon ... Restoration of civil rights7/2/2010Dean Speir  Q: I was convicted of a non-violent felony in Massachusetts in 1977 - I applied for a governor's pardon ...   A: Tony, honestly, Where does it say this is the Whiny-Felons-Nobody-Likes-Me-Can-I-Have-Another-Chance ... Supreme Court Ruling and pertinence to Lautenberg Law6/28/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: In light of todays ruling in favor of 2nd Amendment Rights across states, How will this affect the ...   A: McDonald is unlikely to have any immediate or definite impact. First, the Supreme Court reiterated ... Obtaining unrestricted license6/24/2010Dean Speir  Q: I have recently obtained a pistol permit in orange county, New York. The problem that I have is ...   A: If you want a private consultation, retain an attorney. We who serve here do so pro bono publico, so ... California DOJ delay6/23/2010Dean Speir  Q: My ffl got a delay notice when I went to pick up my rifle, I called the doj and they told me they ...   A: ?#1: Yes. Obtain a transcript of the disposition of whatever charges were brought against you.(You ... What's your position?6/22/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I hope all is going well. I wanted to know what is your position on the right to bear arms? Are you ...   A: Elvis, Thanks for asking. I am 100% for the right to keep and bear arms. I am for it because the US ... Concealed Handgun license6/21/2010Dan Haynes  Q: When my son was 14 years old and we lived in Nebraska; he was charge with possession of a fire arm ...   A: Jay, Thanks for asking. This information came from ... Handgun while on probation6/17/2010Dan Haynes  Q: my question is this, i have a class B misdemeanor due to a speeding ticket.(85 mph in a 35mph ...   A: Danny, Thanks for asking. Normally a speeding ticket would not prevent you passing the background ... Federal Application6/10/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: Should I want to purchase a long gun first, on the Federal Application for gun purchases can I ...   A: A person is not considered convicted for Gun Control Act purposes if he has been pardoned, had his ... Texas misdemeanor domestic violence charge6/8/2010Dan Haynes  Q: I was convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence in Bexar county Texas in 1998. A couple of years ...   A: Tom, Thanks for asking. Yes the DV charge will stay on your record and the only way to get it off ... Simple Position6/8/2010Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I was convicted of simple position in 1984. Will this prevent me from passing a background check for ...   A: I assume you mean "simple possession" and that you were convicted of possession of a controlled ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  | 6 

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