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Having a dispute with a tenant or landlord? Rental Law discussion


Postby nathaniel » Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:16 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertEscritura2/5/2012Nancy Torres  Q: C?hago para conseguir la escritura de una casa que nos dejaron en herencia y no tiene la ...   A: Hola, Miriam. Para conseguir la escritura que necesitas, a continuación algunas opciones: --Si estás ... ST THOMAS CARNIVAL2/4/2012Nancy Torres  Q: iM A RESIDARNAVENT OF PUERTO RICO AND I WANT TRAVEL TO THE ST THOMAS CAL THIS YEAR . I'M INTERESTED ...   A: Hola, José. Regarding the Carnival in St Thomas, the event is scheduled to be celebrated from March ... Herencia en Puerto Rico2/3/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Si mi madre ya murió y mi hermana y hermano tambien murieron y mi madre NO dejó testamento ni ...   A: Hola, Alexis. Tu pregunta es para hacerla a un abogado. Yo no lo soy, pero con gusto te doy algunas ... Obtencion Estudio de Titulo2/2/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Podria recomendarme alguna firma que se dedique a hacer estudios de titulo en PR?   A: Hola, Ada. Tengo que decirte que no puedo recomendar ninguna firma en específico que se dedique a ... Escuelas elementales bilingues en Humacao2/1/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Hola intento localizar una escuela bilingue cerca de humacao elemental   A: Hola, María. En relación con las escuelas privadas en el área de Humacao, en el siguiente enlace ... Inhertance in Puerto Rico1/29/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Nancy, Thank you for answering my question, Just to make it clear, you say that the law in Puerto ...   A: Hola, Enrique. No, no, not children from a previous marriage of your father’s last wife, unless ... PR vacation1/27/2012Nancy Torres  Q: We are a gay couple, and I would like to take my partner on a vacation to PR. We want a lot of ...   A: Hola, Jer. I would recommend that you work on an itinerary according to your specific preferences ... Parking at Pan American Cruise terminal1/26/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Good Day I am living in Puerto Rico and have to drive to the cruise port to take a cruise. Do you ...   A: Hola, Janice. There is contradictory information regarding parking at the Pan American piers. As ... Inhertance in Puerto Rico1/25/2012Nancy Torres  Q: My question is in regards to my father's property. He recently passed and many of my uncles are ...   A: Hola, Enrique. Your uncles are right. It is true that if your father bought a property while he ... Herencia en Puerto Rico1/24/2012Nancy Torres  Q: I'm 66 years old, the oldest of 3, two of my brothers are dead, my father pasted away in 1980 and my ...   A: Hola, Rosario. You need to start working with an inheritance process to be able to have access to ... transportation1/23/2012Nancy Torres  Q: We will need to get from the airport to the pier that Royal Caribbean sails from. We can take a ...   A: Hola, Lynn. Yes. There are supermarkets and grocery stores in the way from the airport to the ... Heirs and right over property1/22/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Both of our parent passed away in July 2011. Our father has a property in ponce. verbally he gave a ...   A: Hola, Diane. Perhaps you should start by checking with the CRIM(Property Tax Office) and see if ... Quit Claim Deed1/17/2012Nancy Torres  Q: I've been divorce now for over 7 years. Me and my ex have 3 children who have become 21 and one has ...   A: Hola, Yolanda. You should contact your mortgage bank with your query. Just call or visit the bank ... Jobs in PR1/17/2012Nancy Torres  Q: My wife and I will be moving to the San Juan area of PR within the next year on military orders. ...   A: Hola, Marlin. As you are relocating to Puerto Rico soon, you must already know about the recession ... como heredar.1/13/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Hola: mi padre murio y mi hermano el mismo dia..pero mi madre habia muerto ya hace 10 anos. Mi padre ...   A: Hola, Rose. Siempre le digo a mis lectores que estas preguntas son para ser contestadas por un ... commercial property assement info1/12/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Where do I get public information about commercial / industrial properties(assessor or deed ...   A: Hola, Richard. As the property is located in San Juan, you should contact the Registro de la ... Bilingual schools1/10/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Hola ¿cómo estás sólo estoy buscando alguna información sobre escuelas privadas bilingües en ...   A: Hola, Jasmín. En relación con las escuelas privadas en el área de Aibonito, en el siguiente enlace ... copia de mi GED1/9/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Como puedo conseguir mi copia de GED tomado en el Pueblo de Rio Grandes en 1992   A: Hola, Elifio. Hay una oficina central del Departamento de Educación que puede emitir una ... inheritance1/9/2012Nancy Torres  Q: My sister passed away this Sept. Her partner has stated that she has will to the effect that has ...   A: Hola, Ida. You need to visit a lawyer and get his/her advice regarding your specific case. I'm not ... renew of Puerto Rico drivers license and I'm in Ma1/6/2012Nancy Torres  Q: Hola Nancy I saw on this page that you answered a similar question about renewing my drivers license ...   A: Hola, Beidanet. First, check the requirements for renewing the driver's license in the following ... property deed1/2/2012Nancy Torres  Q: My father build a house on the boarder between Sabana Grande, & Lajas, but he has passed away; How ...   A: Hola, Jacqueline: Hmmm.... If I understood it clearly, you don't have an exact site address and ... exoneration of property taxes & refunds12/26/2011Nancy Torres  Q: I had a home in PR in which my parents lived in(2000). The taxes were exonerated. I moved in with ...   A: Hola, Manuel. It your parents lived the property until 2010, you were liable for the property taxes ... Inheritance in Puerto Rico12/25/2011Nancy Torres  Q: My grandmother passed and did not leave a will or instructions on how to distribute her property. ...   A: Hola. Your question should be answered by a lawyer. I'm not one, but I would gladly give you my ... Car rental drop off12/23/2011Nancy Torres  Q: I read your response about car rentals but I'm still not sure if this can be done. We are cruising ...   A: Hola, John. No, I don't think you would be able to drop off your car at the Pan American Pier, as ... Inheritance in Puerto Rico12/20/2011Nancy Torres  Q: My mother who passed and was remarried to my stepfather. My mother inherited the land from her ...   A: Hola, Michael. Your question is to be answered by a lawyer. I'm not one, but I'd gladly share with ... Deuda de Finca principal no es mia12/19/2011Nancy Torres  Q: Hola Sra. Torres, El terreno(1 cuerda)donde se encuentra enclavada mi casa se compro en el 2002 y ...   A: Hola, Sonia. Te sugiero que hagas todo lo posible por resolver el asunto del CRIM primero. Tengo ... Missing house deed12/18/2011Nancy Torres  Q: Greetings Nancy, My father passed away 2 months ago in P.R. None of us(his children)live in the ...   A: Hola, Raul. Although the deed was prepared twenty years ago, do you happen to know who was the ... Taxi Fares12/14/2011Nancy Torres  Q: What is the taxi rate from: 1)Luis Munoz Airport to 1125 Sea View Street(Aleli by the Sea Guest ...   A: Hola, Jim. The taxi rate from LMM Airport to Condado is $14.00. From Condado to Old San Juan is ... Real Estate Lic.(PR)12/13/2011Nancy Torres  Q: Where do I find an English internet course for real estate salesperson in Puerto Rico?   A: Hola, Yoly. To check if the real estate courses offered via Internet are available in English, you ... Declaracion de herederos12/12/2011Nancy Torres  Q: Buenas Tardes!! Pregunta? En la casa que vivo(que es en un apt en la parte de atras de la casa)es ...   A: Hola, Melva. Con mucho gusto te asisto con tus preguntas, pero ten en cuenta que lo que te voy a ... Employment in Puerto Rico12/7/2011Nancy Torres  Q: I am a 23 year old college graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in English and I am looking to relocate ...   A: Hola, Jeanine. You are asking me, so you will get a honest reply from my part. :) First, it would ... Need Real Person at CRIM12/4/2011Nancy Torres  Q: Nancy, thank you so much for doing this. It really is incredible. I think I will volunteer as ...   A: Hola, Jane. My suggestion for you is to get someone in Puerto Rico who can handle the issues in the ... CRIM12/3/2011Nancy Torres  Q: I currently own a home in Guaynabo, P.R.. I moved from my home to the States in July 2007. I was so ...   A: Hola, Mildred. In your case, as you have the ID number(número de catastro), you just need to access ... Buying land in Isabela11/27/2011Nancy Torres  Q: I live in NY and I am considering buying some land in Isabela where my father was born. I looked at ...   A: Hola, Alberto. Isabela is a beautiful town. It is a good idea that you have plans to use it as a ... inheritance in Puerto Rico11/20/2011Nancy Torres  Q: my grandfather passed away and left no will in Puerto Rico although he had property on the island. ...   A: Hola. Your question is to be answered by a lawyer. I'm not one, but I would gladly give your my ... Diploma11/13/2011Nancy Torres  Q: I graduated from Ramey High School in Aguadilla,P.R. in 1975.I have misplaced my Diploma and cannot ...   A: Hola, Chuck. In your case, as well as in the case of many other readers that have your same ... Pineapple Inn in Rincon11/13/2011Nancy Torres  Q: I told you that I would write to tell you about my stay in the Pineapple Inn in Rincon. For me, it ...   A: Hola, Laura. Welcome back. I'm proceeding to publish your reply so that other readers can benefit ... inheritance11/11/2011Nancy Torres  Q: My father owned land in Puerto Rico and after his passing in(1999), his current wife has control of ...   A: Hola, Irma. Even if there is a will, all your father's children are his forced inheritors, ... Deed of property11/10/2011Nancy Torres  Q: My niece wants to donate her portion of a property she shares with her mother to me .How can we go ...   A: Hola, Evelyn. You just have to prepare a Donation Deed. You just have to visit a notary in Puerto ... Relocating to Condado, New Teacher in PR11/9/2011Nancy Torres  Q: Torres, I was recently hired as a teacher at Saint John's School in Condado. Despite it being one ...   A: Hola, Eleanore. For rental options for you in the area of Condado, check the following link: ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  | 4 

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