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Postby Fortunatus » Sat Nov 29, 2014 5:49 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpert2nd7/26/2011Dan Haynes  Q: When the Gun Control Act of 1968 was implemented were it's effects felt retro actively? For ...   A: Matt, Thanks for asking. The GCA act of 1968 was not felt retro active. It only was applied on ... Handgun purchase delay in oregon.7/22/2011Dan Haynes  Q: I recently went to purchase a 22. cal Ruger. I have had contact with the Oregon state police and ...   A: Steven, Thanks for asking. IMHO it appears that your drug possession charge could be the problem. ... Handgun purchase7/7/2011Dean Speir  Q: I had a domestic violence charge 10 years ago but the charges were dropped in court. Will this ...   A: Don't know Jeff… this is the Second Amendment category, not the Criminal Justice area. You'll need ... Son has guns and I have a felony.7/2/2011Dean Speir  Q: I have a non violent felony pending while I am in drug court. Because of this I am on probation and ...   A: Your intemperate response only serves to validate my previous answer to your inappropriate root ... right to bear arms.6/29/2011Dan Haynes  Q: I plead guilty under article 893 to a cocaine residue charge in 2007 in Louisiana. I am going in ...   A: Peter, Ask your lawyer this questions: If Louisiana has given you a pardon, why do you require an ... Son has guns and I have a felony.6/28/2011Dean Speir  Q: I have a non violent felony pending while I am in drug court. Because of this I am on probation and ...   A: It IS true… drugs make you stupid! How can you possibly consider this a Second Amendment question, ... Purchasing a gun6/27/2011Dan Haynes  Q: Dan, My wife is a convicted felon in florida. We are currently living in Alabama where she is on ...   A: Shane, Thanks for inquiring. If you cleared for purchase of a firearm before you married her, and ... NYS Pistol Permit Revocation6/27/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I applied for a unrestricted concealed carry and after all was said and done I was granted a ...   A: Q1: Do I have grounds for a successful article 78 appeal to nullify the decision of the licensing ... Trying to get my 2nd Amendment rights restored6/23/2011Dean Speir  Q: how can i get my 2nd amendment rights restored. I was arrested and convicted of something I did not ...   A: #1: This is a Criminal Justice question, not a Second Amendment one. #2: What happened after your ... Purchasing6/6/2011Dan Haynes  Q: In 1994 I was convicted of domestic violence in Alaska(no guns or weapons involved). I heard a ...   A: Matt, Thanks for asking. Federal firearm laws state that DV charges will prevent firearms ... Permit5/26/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I obtained a New York State carry concealed permit in August of 2009. In October of 2009 I got a DUI ...   A: A misdemeanor conviction for a crime carrying a maximum sentence of a year or less does not make ... muzzleloader5/24/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: "Staten Island N.Y Resident wishes to purchase a muzzleloader though an internet dealer. May the ...   A: A traditional muzzle-loading rifle or shotgun is not a "firearm" under federal law and thus does not ... Confiscated Weapons in Maryland5/23/2011Dan Haynes  Q: I arrested about a year ago and was convicted of misdemeanor assault. At the time of my arrest the ...   A: James, Thanks for asking. I was recently involved in a similar case. In order to get my weapon back ... CHL with a SEALED record in Texas5/23/2011Dan Haynes  Q: In Texas: A person with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon receives Deferred Adjudication(13 ...   A: Dale, I found these questions listed on a Florida CHL application form. Have you been convicted ... constitution5/17/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: The constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. Government passed a law of felon in possession, ...   A: The definition of "firearm" in the federal Gun Control Act appears at 18 U.S.C. sec. 921(a)(3): The ... constitution5/16/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: The constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. Government passed a law of felon in possession, ...   A: The barrel of a shotgun is not considered to be a "firearm" under federal law and thus one in ... Can my wife have a gun in our house if I have a misd. assult charge?5/16/2011Dan Haynes  Q: Hey Dan, I have a misdemeanor assault charge from 11 years ago and have recently been denied the ...   A: David, Yes your wife can have a gun as long as you do not have access to it. You both would be in ... constitution5/14/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: The constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. Government passed a law of felon in possession, ...   A: Passing a law stating that a felon loses his right to keep and bear arms is not a "change to the ... roomates and firearms5/14/2011Dan Haynes  Q: Is a gun owner legally required to disclose the acquisition of a licensed firearm into a household ...   A: Brandon, In your state that may be true. I have not heard of a requirement to disclose unless the ... Permit5/12/2011Dean Speir  Q: I recently purchased(legally) a handgun. Do I need a concealed weapons permit just to keep it for ...   A: Don't you think the time to ask this would have been before you made your legal handgun purchase? ... Pawn shop firearm ?5/10/2011Dan Haynes  Q: I pawned 2 rifles and then got a assault charge against my wife. I have not been convicted but I ...   A: Jack, Thanks for asking. If your wife has a clean record, yes she can pick them up.If you get ... Restoring rights5/7/2011Dean Speir  Q: is it possible to get my 2nd amendment rights restored after being convicted of attempted grand ...   A: It's not a "supposed felony conviction," Luis! It's an actual Felony Conviction! Doesn't matter how ... I have a couple of charges from when I was a minor.....4/29/2011Dean Speir  Q: I'm unsure of what my charges when I was a juvenile, I've tried just about everything to get find ...   A: This isn't the area for "Aging Juveniles with Bad Memories," or even the Criminal Justice process! ... Buying of hand gun4/26/2011Dean Speir  Q: I bought a 22 rifle last year in Alabama and had no problem getting it. When I went to by a 22 ...   A: John, you want a "private response?" Hire an attorney and pay his rate. Secondly, this isn't a ... Gun Ownership4/26/2011Dean Speir  Q: When someone has a misdemeanor A filed with the family violence causing bodily injury charge and ...   A: Heather, I've changed this to a public response because we serve here pro bono... want a private ... Gun ownership4/23/2011Dan Haynes  Q: I had a Domestic Violence charge about 17 years ago in the state of Georgia.I live in Arizona now ...   A: Jeff, A DV charge will prevent you from owning a firearm. Get legal help to file to expunge or ... ccw permit4/16/2011Dan Haynes  Q: I have recently purchased 2 handguns in missouri but i have read that if you have had a felony sis ...   A: Rob, Thanks for asking. Under Federal Law convicted felons cannot buy firearms, period. If you have ... Can I own a gun4/6/2011Dan Haynes  Q: My husband and I went to purchase a gun, his was delayed I cleared and purchased my gun. I also ...   A: Jessica, Thanks for asking. IMHO you can still own the gun and the gun dealer is putting the cart ... NYS Pistol Permit and drug treatment4/4/2011Dean Speir  Q: I have currently picked-up my NYS pistol permit application and I am concerned about being ...   A: As we all serve here pro bono publico, I changed this question and response to "public." Want ... NYS CCW Permit4/2/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I just recently moved from Fl to Oswego County NY. I aquired rifles from a relative who passed away. ...   A: New York State does not require any permit or licenses to own rifles or shotguns.(New York City ... Getting your gun rights back3/31/2011Dean Speir  Q: If you have previously have had a felony in Wisconsin,can you get your gun rights back if you go ...   A: While this is not a Second Amendment question, Rebecca, I should tell you that you may not even be ... ACDs & Federal Law3/31/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: Are recieving ACDs(Adjournment in contemplation of dismissals) for felony or domestic violence ...   A: The answer to your first question is easy. There are no statutory disqualifiers in NYS law for ... CCW in the workplace/work vehicle3/30/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I am a contractor who works in a high crime area. I have no "physical" office. My van is my ...   A: Federal law does not generally regulate the carrying of loaded firearms in vehicles. The regulation ... Pistol Permit for Orleans County NY3/29/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I have been a little uneasy about filing for my pistol permit. I do want and desire to do so, ...   A: The standard firearm license application form approved by the NY State Police has a question that ... Antique Revolvers3/27/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: I'm from Brooklyn, NY and a have a collection of antique percussion revolvers of Civil Was era. I ...   A: When you say "I'm from Brooklyn, NY" I assume that means you live in New York City and are asking ... ACDs & Federal Law3/17/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: Are recieving ACDs(Adjournment in contemplation of dismissals) for felony or domestic violence ...   A: Assuming you are asking about New York law, an ACD is exactly what it says: an ADJOURNMENT in ... Having a gun in the car without a LTCF3/17/2011Dan Haynes  Q: can you please clarify what the PA laws say about having a handgun in your car if you do NOT have a ...   A: Dave, Thanks for asking. As far as I know you can carry a gun in your car without a license/permit. ... NYS CCW restrictions3/16/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: Where can I find a reasonably complete listing of where one can and cannot carry a firearm in NYS ...   A: I am not aware of any comprehensive listing of all such laws. Assuming that when we are talking ... obtainig a class b ltc3/10/2011Dan Haynes  Q: I live in dedham MA and seven years ago i was areested in walpole MA, for possesion of marijuana. i ...   A: Michael, Thanks for asking. There is a good chance because of it being drug related that it may ... right to bear arms3/7/2011Robert P. Firriolo  Q: How does the state constitution trump the federal constitution on the rights to bear arms when ...   A: I do not think your question can be answered as phrased. State constitutions do not "trump" the ... Page:  


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