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Postby Jacy » Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:49 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertPublic vs Private Sewage Appraisal5/3/2014John C. Carlson  Q: I closed on a home in a PUD four weeks ago and sales contract said public water and sewer. Home ...   A: Frank, The quickest way to answer your question is to contact several agents who have listed units ... Right of way by gas drilling4/11/2014John C. Carlson  Q: The drilling company wants a right of way on my property. The size of which is 50 feet by 1176 feet ...   A: Jake, If you are asking how to calculate the square footage of the easement across your property, ... Detention Pond Easement - Property Value3/15/2014John C. Carlson  Q: How should having a detention pond easement on your property affect your property value? If you had ...   A: James, I apologize, I was working 24/7 last week trying to get a report out and am just now able ... GLA in garage2/27/2014John C. Carlson  Q: I am a RE appraiser in CA with a question. I inspected a two stories residence with a first level ...   A: Sean, I followed your explanation up to the point where you wrote: "...accessed thru the garage by ... correct appraisal method2/24/2014John C. Carlson  Q: I have a property that the county wants to purchase for use as a trail. The property is part of a ...   A: Doug, You have an interesting and complex valuation issue. This issue is similar to the valuation ... Landline valuation codes2/22/2014John C. Carlson  Q: I just got elected to the board of assessment appeals. Is there a national, state or is it local ...   A: Barbara, I am only dimly aware of this subject as I don't deal in the Assessor arena. I googled ... removing the mobile home HUD plate1/27/2014John C. Carlson  Q: We have a double-wide mobile home permanently mounted on a basement. From one of your previous ...   A: David, Mobile homes are generally considered personal property, not real property. I don't know ... Low Appraisal +$15k12/17/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I'm under contract and am a first time home buyer. I am learning a very dear lesson. The home I ...   A: Carri, I've been in court for the past 2 days and have just gotten back in my office. I don't know ... Refinance appraisal - what do they look for.12/7/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I understand they are looking for improvements, size, condition of the home, etc. We have an ...   A: Frankie, First of all, I apologize for not responding sooner. I just missed the e-mail from ... Appraisel11/21/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I have a 2025 sq ft manufactured home that I am looking to refinance. The bank sent an appraiser to ...   A: Michael, First of all, the so-called "comps" the appraiser found and utilized are not comparable at ... Cost Approach10/27/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I am a commercial broker in TN. I contacted a property owner of a hospice facility who said they do ...   A: Don, Exercising the Cost Approach does include land value. The basic technique is as follows: 1. ... Appraisal too low strategy10/17/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I have a house in escrow and I want to have a strategy on what to do if the appraisal comes in less ...   A: Michael, You didn't say if the appraiser has already been to the house. If he/she hasn't, ... Bad factutal appaisal9/21/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I purchased land and a mobile home in northwest Florida in June 2006 for $145,500. That was the ...   A: Sharon, First of all, this appears to be 7-years ago, I can tell you with 100% certainty that ... Propert Value Drop from Wendy's9/19/2013John C. Carlson  Q: Good evening Sir, I live in a residential section of Philadelphia and recently an old mansion was ...   A: Peter, I apologize for not answering this in a more timely manner. Somehow I didn't see your ... Home appraisal with gas transmission pipes9/17/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I purchased a home in 1991. It is in north Texas. When the home was purchased there was one gas pipe ...   A: Sharon, I sounds like you need to first contact an Attorney to see what are your property rights, ... determination of grade level8/5/2013John C. Carlson  Q: Like many other, we just received our appraisal on our lake house with a walk out lower level. We ...   A: Julie, From your description, I assume that your house is built on a down slope hill with the entry ... Buying land6/17/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I know this isn't exactly your area, but I was hoping you could give me some general ideas. My ...   A: Barbara, Where your money is concerned, there ALWAYS has to be a contract between the parties ... Factors InBecoming An Appraiser5/1/2013John C. Carlson  Q: Sometime in the future I'd like to sell jewelry and watches online that I would purchase at estate ...   A: Mike, I'm not going to be able to help you with this. I am a real estate appraiser, not a ... Permit issue3/8/2013John C. Carlson  Q: We are in the process of buying a property where the changes to the basement and garage were done ...   A: Good Afternoon, Chloe, Appraisers seem to have a problem with basements. The way basements are ... Follow up2/13/2013John C. Carlson  Q: John, FYI..concerning my question to you yesterday about low appraisal. my real estate agent did ...   A: Joe, I hope that you are able to get this appraiser to change their valuation. Sounds like you and ... Below grade valuation2/12/2013John C. Carlson  Q: My home is a lake front property here in TN. Earlier this month I was required by HUD to have my ...   A: Joe, While the appraiser correctly valued the below grade area as a separate area, I can't believe ... appraisal no comps2/7/2013John C. Carlson  Q: Hi I am scheduled to close on Home very soon home is a bank owned forclosure 2000 sq ft ranch with ...   A: Kris, If I understand what you have written, the Underwriter is not accepting the appraisal because ... FHA Loan Appraisal1/24/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I applied for a FHA loan with a lender who ordered an appraisal but they have denied the loan. I ...   A: Ronak Vyas, The first question, I have is: Why did they deny the loan - you didn't state why? I ... Humidity1/7/2013John C. Carlson  Q: I have a geothermal unit and right now my humidity is about 33%. I purchased a small crane ...   A: Clint, I am a real estate valuation expert. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about this ... Unique Home Construction Appraisals1/2/2013John C. Carlson  Q: My Fiancee and I are trying to build a ROUND home(27-4ft x 8ft Equal Exterior walls constructed of ...   A: Mr. Webb, The three traditional methods that appraisers use to value a single-family home are the: ... Cost per acre12/31/2012John C. Carlson  Q: Assuming that the treaty banning ownership of the Antarctic is repealed, what would the cost per ...   A: Jacob, There is no way to answer this question at this time because a market for vacant land has ... FHA Loan with Radio Tower12/4/2012John C. Carlson  Q: The buyers of our home are getting an FHA loan and we were told we had to get a letter stating the ...   A: Diane, I have Googled this, and advise that you Google it too, you need to know more about this. ... Contributory Value10/25/2012John C. Carlson  Q: Trying to get clarification on an appraisal I had received. A comparable sale in to our own house ...   A: Ron, Do this math with me: The comparable sale you mention sold for $647.62 PSF.($1,360,000 / 2100 ... Wrong bed/bath numbers in county records10/11/2012John C. Carlson  Q: My property is listed as 3 bed x 2.5 bath with 2295 sf. In reality its a 4 bed x 2.5 bath with 2495 ...   A: Tom, In general, what determines whether a room is a bedroom is whether there is a closet in a ... SON NEW HOME10/9/2012John C. Carlson  Q: My son got a new home after the market crash the value is 3 times higher then last time that was ...   A: Ms. Alvarez, I assume that you or your son has a copy of the appraisers report. If you don't, you ... Nonconforming zoning use10/4/2012John C. Carlson  Q: I have a question about nonconforming use for a home in a business zoning area and getting a ...   A: Jeremy, Unfortunately, the answer to your question is: "it depends". You can jump thru all of the ... Salon Equipment9/26/2012John C. Carlson  Q: I am not quite sure where to start, hopefully you can direct or advise me in the right direction. ...   A: Cindy, I'm afraid I'm not going to be of any help in answering this question. I am a real estate ... Overbuilt and therefore cannot be appraised?8/24/2012John C. Carlson  Q: I have had a house on lease option on a property for several years now. I have been waiting for the ...   A: Bridget, Instead of me writing several pages, why don't you call me @ 951-255-6466 and I can give ... 1973 modular home financing8/22/2012John C. Carlson  Q: My fiance & I are currently buying a 1973 modular home on contract. The home is a 24'x60' double ...   A: Laura, My understanding is that pre-1978 built mobile homes will not qualify for conventional or ... home appraisal for refi8/15/2012John C. Carlson  Q: I am in the process of refinancing and everything was going well credit was good, loan to value good ...   A: Mark, I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. What is going on in the mortgage business and my ... House appraisal8/14/2012John C. Carlson  Q: my wife and I are looking at a house at 1801 west lori lee, gallatin tennessee 37066. we love the ...   A: Douglas, There aren't any data sources that will contain old appraisal prices. The best you can do ... Retrospective Appraisal7/14/2012John C. Carlson  Q: I purchased a home in Jan 2011 for $525K that had been on the market for decreasing amounts ...   A: Lee, I will do the best I can to give you some direction in this matter, but there is a lot of ... mobile/modular with no title7/13/2012John C. Carlson  Q: Good morning. A home we are interested in purchasing was built in 1967. The real estate broker ...   A: Carol, Any unit like this, built before 1978 is difficult to impossible to finance. The only way ... Casita7/6/2012Steven G. Coull  Q: Have a house in escrow offered $330,000 from the buyer. Existing dwelling at 1961 sq ft and a ...   A: Jack Thanks for your question. The reason that they did not consider the Casita as part of the ... appraisals7/5/2012John C. Carlson  Q: We own a home that we bought as a duplex. We did rent out the lower half and lived in the upper for ...   A: Lori, There are two different loan criteria and sets of requirements involved here. The more ... Page:  


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