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Having a dispute with a tenant or landlord? Rental Law discussion


Postby Adalson » Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:38 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertcar accident pleas help9/10/2009Denise  Q: speed limit is 45 mph .I was traveling south in a Toyota corolla .jeep was traveling north. I enter ...   A: Based on the police report documentation and witnesses, it sounds like the other party was at fault. ... car borrowing company9/8/2009Denise  Q: I am looking to start a car borrowing company? I realize that the main hang up will be with ...   A: The main thing is that you will have to provide business auto insurance to the fleet of cars, as the ... Flood damage9/8/2009Denise  Q: I rent a condo in a multi-unit complex. My neighbor set off the fire sprinkler in his unit, and it ...   A: It sounds to me like your place is still livable. If there was a fire and your unit was destroyed, ... backing out of parking spot9/8/2009Denise  Q: i was backing out from a parelel parking spot i was almost completly out when all of a sudden i hit ...   A: Unless you can find witnesses that he was driving unsafely, then you would still be responsible, ... Backing out of parking place9/7/2009Denise  Q: I was at the DMV & completed getting my paperwork. I left the office & went to my car. I looked out ...   A: Technically, you are at fault, but only for damage that you actually caused. If there was prior ... still owes 6000 on a totaled car9/4/2009Denise  Q: My car was parked when a drunk driver hit and smashed up 4 cars including mine. He was arrested at ...   A: You can certainly try to sue him in small claims court, but you may have agreed that the insurance ... Insurance Damages9/2/2009Denise  Q: My nine year old daughter was taken on an ATV ride with her friend by her friends father. We never ...   A: You can certainly get an attorney to sue them, at least for repairing the scars. As to possible ... Private lot accident8/31/2009Denise  Q: After a firends birthday brunch at the winery, we were leaving and I started to back up(I did look ...   A: I believe you would be considered to be nearly 100% at fault. Even if a vehicle isn't parked ... Fenderbender in van with drivers permit no insurance8/29/2009Denise  Q: I unfortunately had a fenderbender as I was directions in front of a general discount store and was ...   A: What you need to do is to make a legal agreement between the two of you, properly witnessed, that ... Taxi accident8/27/2009Richard  Q: I have a question. I have been in the taxi accident not too long ago(July 22, 2009) and I had a ...   A: if you do not have enough information written down regarding the license plate, name of the taxi ... Rental Car Damage8/27/2009Richard  Q: I recently rented a car in Missouri and got in a wreck. The car was not "totaled" by definition, so ...   A: this request on the part of the rental company is somewhat akin to what they commonly call "down ... Deminished Value8/27/2009Richard  Q: I was in a car accident a few months ago and my car was repaired by my insurance company, it's a new ...   A: if your insurance company did not total out the vehicle then it is obviously worth more than the ... Private Health Insurance & Moving States8/27/2009Richard  Q: Here is my situation. I am pregnant and unmarried. The baby is due in December. I am currently on ...   A: this question is a little out of my area but I will give it a shot anyway. Before you can get ... lost policy8/26/2009Richard  Q: My b/f was in an accident at the end of our driveway in aug 2006. He is still fighting to get a ...   A: I am assuming that if your boyfriend's Attorney wants the booklet your boyfriend must have been on ... Medicaid fraud/menatl health/false records8/26/2009Richard  Q: They damaged me but I was too sick to file a claim for malpractice or the privacy of medical ...   A: there seem to be too many agencies against you for you to do any of this on your own. I suggest ... Driving with no insurance CA8/25/2009Richard  Q: I was pulled over and got a fix-it ticket. But the thing is, it wasn't my car. I was driving a ...   A: I will need to know what you were pulled over and ticketed for and also what a "fix-it" ticket is ... Property Insurance8/25/2009Denise  Q: Denise, First - thank you for making yourself available on this service! I live in a townhouse in ...   A: I'm actually working as a CNA now, instead of in the insurance industry. It is nice to be ... Forced to add child to insurance8/25/2009Richard  Q: Before my daughter had her lisence the insurance company sent a letter demanding her DL number and ...   A: I haven't heard of such a bullying and heavy-handed tactic in quite some time! Your insurance ... unemployment insurance8/24/2009Richard  Q: Almost three months ago I was terminated from my job as a security officer in Colorado. I promply ...   A: this is a little confusing to me and I need some further clarification from you before I can give ... car accident8/24/2009Denise  Q: my van was in a three car accident car 1 hit 2 car 2 hit car3 car 1 ran the red light and hit car 2 ...   A: If the one that caused that accident didn't have enough insurance to pay the damage they cause, and ... teen insurance8/24/2009Denise  Q: My 18 year old son no longer lives at home. He will not be getting his NYS driver's license for 6 ...   A: If he does not live with you, he is probably not your responsibility. I'm not from NY, but you ... car accident8/24/2009Richard  Q: My daughter was driving and I was a passenger in my mother-in-laws car driving to Corpus Christi, ...   A: you can expect DHL or their insurance company to send an adjustor to inspect the damages to your ... Car accident8/23/2009Richard  Q: I was in a car accident July of 2008 and still out of work. I was the passager in the car. My friend ...   A: if you did not have insurance yourself which was for higher monetary limits than were on the vehicle ... Hit-and-run accident8/22/2009Richard  Q: I was driving on a bridge and spotted a cyclist 40 meters ahead of me. So I slowed down. There was a ...   A: I find it preposterous that the Police Dept. does not have access to the insurance information ... Pancaked between two cars8/22/2009Denise  Q: My son stopped behind a car, but the car behind him slammed him. The car pushed him into another ...   A: Most likely, your son will have to sue that person, in small claims court. In some states, he may ... Lien release8/21/2009Richard  Q: My husband purchased a vehicle from a neighbor years ago. The person had a loan with EAB that was ...   A: it seems to me that you are chasing the wrong people at this moment. When your husband went to the ... collision-free accident8/21/2009Richard  Q: My son was first in line at a red light. He moved his car forward while the light was still red but ...   A: in my opinion that insurance adjustor is taking the path of least resistance given the circumstances ... Deminished Value8/20/2009Denise  Q: I was in a car accident a few months ago and my car was repaired by my insurance company, it's a new ...   A: This question is out of my area, but it seems to me that they probably took care of the damage. I ... hail damage to siding8/19/2009Denise  Q: I live in Wisconsin and had hail damage to my siding. The insurance company said the damage was to ...   A: I'm tired tonite, please forgive me, so I'm going to give it to you straight. They will only repair ... Filing Disability Claim/FMLA8/19/2009Richard  Q: I was injured on the job, while working at my part time/seasonal position on 12/21/08. My doctor put ...   A: before you start attempting to file a late claim I suggest that you call your current company and ... Property Damage8/19/2009Richard  Q: While my family and I were away on summer vacation, my next door neighbor decided to spray paint his ...   A: by all means contact your homeowner's insurance company and allow them to come over and inspect the ... Fenderbender in van with drivers permit no insurance8/19/2009Richard  Q: I unfortunately had a fenderbender as I was directions in front of a general discount store and ...   A: It sounds to me that the person who called you was not from any insurance company due to the lack of ... Can my HOA force me to cover their deductible?8/18/2009Denise  Q: I have a rental property in Colorado- my tenant turned the heat off this winter and a pipe burst ...   A: I believe they might be able to, since the damage was caused by a tenant that you rented to. You ... Help8/18/2009Denise  Q: Here’s the deal my daughter was rear ended over three months ago and the offender was charged. The ...   A: What you may have to do is to contact your state insurance department, and inquire as to whether the ... Auto Accident Investigations8/18/2009Richard  Q: I was hit on the right rear tire / quarterpannel of my car on a multi-lane street by a driver ...   A: it seems to me that your insurance company doesn't want to waste any money and time to fight on your ... Sold twice still liable?8/18/2009Richard  Q: I sold a car for $200 nearly 3 years ago. Signed over the title and we signed a bill of sale. ...   A: If you turned in your plates when you originally sold the vehicle then I suggest you contact the ... I hit a car trying to pass as I backed out of a parking space.8/17/2009Richard  Q: After checking if it was safe, I was backing out of a parking space, when I got over half way out I ...   A: Unless you can find an independent eyewitness to this event who will say that the other driver was ... Out of State Student8/17/2009Denise  Q: My daughter is going to school at UWM and living with her grandparents. We reside in Minnesota. ...   A: The issue is that if she is a licensed driver, she is automatically considered to be covered under ... Property stolen out of my wrecked Vehicle8/17/2009Denise  Q: My car was in an accident, the tow truck company towed it to a dealership. I was then informed ...   A: I've been in exactly the same place, and it sucks. If you have renters insurance, you could ... No insurance8/16/2009Richard  Q: My Jeep was parked on the side of the road. Another driver came by and smashed into the back of it. ...   A: the only course of action open to you since you do not have any collision insurance is to obtain at ... Page:   Prev  |   10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  | 15 

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