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Postby Clancy » Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:26 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertr.e. theft of human remains3/3/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: I have a friend whose brother recently died in Arizona and an ex-girlfriend of his talked the ...   A: Are you saying that your friend arranged for and paid for his brother's cremation but then the ... moving a grave to another3/3/2011Kellie Gillespie  Q: I live in syracuse ny,and I want to know how much it will cost to move my sister from loomis ...   A: I am assuming this is a full body burial that you would Iike to disinter and move to another ... transporting body from GA to Arkansas3/1/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: What would I need to have my husband transported from Georgia to Arkansas? Do he need to be ...   A: No, he does not need to be embalmed. You will probably be most comfortable if you have some kind of ... rights to cremation remains2/28/2011Kellie Gillespie  Q: I am executor of my mother's will and had power of attorney both financial and medical when she was ...   A: I commend you for wanting to respect your mothers wishes.  Instead of looking at this as a legal ... rights of the body2/27/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: My mother was with a man for 14 years. They never married,but he had given her power of attorney ...   A: Call me if you want--802-482-6021. The funeral director is WRONG in most states, especially if he ... Cremated Remains2/26/2011Erin Phelps  Q: I manage a small RV Park. We occasionally have people abandon their RV's, which means dealing with ...   A: Christina My best advise would be to contact the crematory that is on the tin, if they are not the ... moving husband grave2/23/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: what would I have to do to move my husbands grave from McDowell county to Davidson county NC?   A: I am assuming you will be using a funeral director. A disinterment permit will be required from the ... cremains buried on top of existing grave2/23/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: my mom recently died and we would like to bury her cremains on top of my dad's grave in a Pa ...   A: I don't know what part of PA you are in, but the Catholic cemeteries in the Pittsburgh area have ... Transportation of Cremation ashes2/22/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: My mother's ashes are with my brother in Florida. We wish to have them returned to UK. What is the ...   A: I wouldn't put them in checked luggage for fear of getting lost. They can be carried on an airplane ... burial plot2/21/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: my family burial plot was bought in 1970 with the intention that it was for any of the family ie ...   A: I don't know the laws in the UK, but I agree with you. Does the council know she's estranged? I ... Wisconsin Cremation2/21/2011Erin Phelps  Q: My aunt passed away and my siblings and cousins all new she wanted to be cremated. My cousin was ...   A: Deb Assuming the cremation had been performed when you were asked to sign the authorization, yes, ... buring my fathers ashes2/21/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: My father(who was poor and homeless) recently passed away. I am his middle child and the executor of ...   A: I'm curious. If he was poor, why were you needed as an executor? Or were you designated as an ... Muslim funerals in Louisiana2/20/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: muslim community in shreveport bought cemetry and want to take care of the dead muslims according to ...   A: You will have to change the statutes. Do you know a friendly legislator? In the public health ... Burial2/17/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: If my brother owns the deeds to my fathers plot,who pays for the funeral? also if the deeds state a ...   A: I see that you are in the UK, so my answers may not fit your situation. Typically, the funeral is ... Funeral Pyre2/17/2011Erin Phelps  Q: Can a person have a Funeral Pyre in Arkansas. If not the what state if any?   A: Ben If I understand your question, you want know if an open air cremation could be done in ... NJ buiral on private farm2/16/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: Is it legal in New Jersey to bury one's body on one's own 100 acre farm?   A: NJ is one of only eight states where a body becomes a hostage of the funeral industry. In other ... Having a Family Cemetery on private land2/15/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: I would like to buy a piece of property to retire on, maybe build a cabin. And I am increasingly ...   A: Indiana is one of eight states where a dead body becomes a hostage of the funeral industry, as you ... Adult child, who has custody rights of the remains2/14/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: Ms Carlson, thank you for your time. My 29 year old son was cremated in the state of Oregon after ...   A: Both parents have equal rights, but the funeral home had no way of knowing the other woman was not ... headstone2/14/2011Jay R. Roberts, C.F.S.P.  Q: My brother passsed 9 years ago in Illinois. Wife remarried and lives in TX. NO kids with marriage. ...   A: As far as putting a stone on the plot below, it would be up to the cemetery and it's rules. She ... Plot question2/13/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: My father passed in 10/10 in New York State. He is survived by my brother and I, as well as our step ...   A: You will need to check with the cemetery to see what they will allow. If the cemetery says the wife ... transporting bodies2/11/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: Which 43 states allow a person, not a funeral home to delivery a dead body? I'm thinking about ...   A: If you're doing that as a business, you would need to be licensed as a transporter(in VA) and in ... Exhuming my fathers to have him cremated2/11/2011Jay R. Roberts, C.F.S.P.  Q: My father remarried and lived with his wife in NC as a roommate for monetary reasons and she let ...   A: If they were married then she had the legal rights to do as she wished. If he had a medical power of ... New Funeral Trends and Existing Laws2/10/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: I have been following the new funeral trends for about 4 years, green burial, funeral celebrants and ...   A: You're stuck in TN, as you have to have the one year of mortuary school and two years ... For Profit Cemetery Creation - Minnesota2/10/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: Can you create a for profit cemetery in Minnesota? What information/books are available in an ...   A: There are no state agencies regulating cemeteries. Your local zoning board would be the place to ... Creating a Family Cemetery2/9/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: Lisa, We live in Mississippi on a farm isolated from any town limits etc. We would like to form a ...   A: Here's what I wrote in the MS chapter of my book-- Draw a map of your land showing where a family ... Mother-in-Law's Cremains2/9/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: My mother-in-law passed away in Tennessee where she lived for 21 years. Her caretaker has her ...   A: Who was her caretaker and what was your mother-in-law's relationship to him/her? Did your ... burial on private land2/9/2011Erin Phelps  Q: My father would like to be buried on private rural land in Nebraska. Is it possible not to be buried ...   A: Kathy To the best of my knowledge and from the information I can gather, there are no state laws ... Burying remains in cemetary and spreading ashes2/9/2011Erin Phelps  Q: My sister and I wanted to spread some of our mother's ashes along the beach and bury the rest. Is it ...   A: Collette To the best of my knowledge there are no laws concerning the scattering of cremated ... Embalming prior to autopsy2/9/2011Jay R. Roberts, C.F.S.P.  Q: I'm looking for someone who knows about funeral home, embalming procedures in the 60's. Was it ...   A: I apologize but I can not answer this question it is out of my expertise asking about laws from the ... starting a cemetary in Alabama2/8/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: Do you have to be a mortician to own a cemetary in Alabama? What are the requirements and who do I ...   A: No, anyone can own a cemetery, and there is no state agency regulating cemeteries. Your local zoning ... burial on private land2/8/2011Erin Phelps  Q: In the state of Indiana, is it legal to bury a loved one on your personal property? Do you have to ...   A: Pam From the information I have Lisa Carlson's book "Caring for the Dead"(Ca. 1998), Burials must ... HOME BURIAL2/7/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: Can you be buried on your own property in Pennsylvania?   A: Here's what I wrote in the PA chapter of my book: There are no state statutes that specifically ... Who has the controling right to bury !2/7/2011Kellie Gillespie  Q: My oldest Brother just passed away and we live in the state of ca, my was in Texas and we now want ...   A: Your question is difficult to understand. The order of authority for making funeral arrangements is ... Burial Expenses2/4/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: I have a friend whose brother has been dead for two weeks in Louisiana. His brother is 46, ...   A: I don't know of the possible contributions by the parish, but I'm guessing it's minimal. And if the ... death in NC: burial in AL2/2/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: My parents live in NC currently. They own their grave sites in AL, in fact the tombstone is already ...   A: When you say they have "a contact" with the AL funeral home, what do you mean? I can't tell you what ... My father's cremains2/2/2011Erin Phelps  Q: My father died last summer without a will. After his death, my grandfather paid for the cremation, ...   A: Anna To the best of my knowledge, in all states, when a person who dies without a surviving spouse, ... home burial2/2/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: My wife and I would each like to have a 'natural', home burial on our ~7-acre residential property ...   A: I am guessing the reason you are having problems getting answers is because the laws are silent, ... belongings in the casket1/30/2011Kellie Gillespie  Q: i was wondering if i could be buried with 2 m 16's across my chest and a ka bar in my hand. is that ...   A: To my knowledge I don't think there are any laws against this. However, you may have issues with ... Services for babies that never were!!!1/30/2011Erin Phelps  Q: Can a funeral home have memorial services for a set of twins that never were? The lady is ...   A: Sara To the best of my knowledge, if someone wants to hold a service for stillborn twins(In the ... family cemetery1/30/2011Lisa Carlson  Q: I have some land in N.C. that I recently decided to build on. The land has what is an old cemetery ...   A: Now that it is your land, you can certainly limit any future interments. That said, you do need to ... Page:   Prev  |   10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  | 15 

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