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Having a dispute with a tenant or landlord? Rental Law discussion


Postby Bastion » Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:13 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertNew Rental Agrement7/15/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: My landlord is suppose to be giving us a new rental agrement this month, he told us that once we get ...   A: I'm assuming that you already live in the unit and you're just getting a new lease? The answer is ... Rental deposit7/13/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: We plan to move soon. We have rented our property for 2 years and 5 months. We paid a $2000 deposit. ...   A: Technically, the landlord could ask you for more than the $2,000 deposit, depending on the amount of ... Property Manager Relationship7/11/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I am writing for information on my friend's current "situation". She was looking to rent an ...   A: It seems to me that both parties are free to contract under the terms that they set forth in the ... Property manager7/11/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: Ok so my aunt lives in these apartments and she has askd the manager who live in the apartments as ...   A: If the property owner uses a third party management company, then you should deal directly with ... Landlord and family threatening me7/8/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: My landlord's son lives in the mobile park I was driving down the street which states 10 mph he got ...   A: If there is any violence involved, then you should call the police. If there is a lease, then you ... Fence6/27/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: My neighbors built a fence. I already had a nice one in Place cost alot but they wanted a higher one ...   A: Are you a tenant or the homeowner? If you're a tenant, then you should not be putting up any fences ... Renting-Paying for damages.6/24/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I live in Florida and I rented a house from a woman for over two years with no lease or any signed ...   A: Regarding security deposits, Florida law says: "If the landlord requires the tenant to pay a ... Bedbugs Oklahoma single family home6/13/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I rented a single family home to a family six months ago, who now are reporting a bedbugs problem. ...   A: For Oklahoma landlord/tenant law, you'll want to look here: ... spiders ants6/13/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I am a first time landloard and need your advise. 1. Three months after the tenant moved in, he says ...   A: Each state has their own laws so you want to make sure you check with your state's landlord/tenant ... Breaking a lease6/8/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I entered into a verbal agreement in the state of South Carolina to rent a room in an apartment with ...   A: Without any written paperwork, it will be your word against their word. You can still have a valid ... verbal lease/commercial vs residential rental6/7/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I am in California. Ok- so I have a tenant who is living in my house on 5 acres. There is a second ...   A: An eviction is a summary proceeding and normally pretty quick. But a claim for ejectment and quiet ... deed6/5/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: My mother owns a house. As her son, is it better for me to be on the deed for that house or not as ...   A: I generally recommend to my clients in California that if the relationship between parent and child ... Tenant's rights in foreclosure process6/4/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I'm currently renting a home owned by a private party. He allowed the home to go into foreclosure, ...   A: Each state is different with their foreclosure laws. It is my understanding that you should NOT be ... Assinging Real Estate Contracts6/4/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: Is it legal to assign real estate contracts in wichita ks? Thank you for your time, Justin   A: It depends. You will want to take a look at the contract itself. The contract should have a ... apartments responsible for phone line repair?6/3/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I live in Colorado but maybe you can still help. The phone company said if there is a problem with ...   A: I'm not certain on this, but I believe you would be responsible for fixing any "inside" phone ... Eviction 6/1/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: My current landlord has filed to evict me. If i go to another apartment complex and try to rent ...   A: You should try to settle with your current landlord first instead of getting a judgment against you. ... apartment amenities & repairs6/1/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: The apartment complex where I live has an on-site gym with 7 or 8 machines. Of those, I would say 4 ...   A: What does your lease agreement say about the on-site gym? Without seeing it, the management company ... Pool replacement parts5/31/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: my roommates and I moved into a rental home in February, it has an inground pool. When moving in we ...   A: This sounds more like a contract issue that a landlord/tenant issue. Since the pool agreement ... Roommates in New Mexico5/28/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: Ok I am going to give a little information on what is going on, then I am going to ask my questions. ...   A: Is this an apartment or a house? That could make a big difference. Have you tried contacting the ... managment change5/26/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I moved into this apartment in Oct 2011, I moved here because I liked the management. Now the ...   A: You probably have no right to break your lease simply because of a change in management. If you ... Break Lease5/24/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I live in South Carolina. I have a 12 month lease agreement and am 4 months into it. The second ...   A: First of all, please understand that I am not familiar with South Carolina law. It sounds like a ... Refusal to renew lease5/24/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: As the landlord, how do I word a letter to tenant notifying him that his lease will not be renewed. ...   A: In California, you would not need to give any notice at the expiration of the lease term. You'd ... Deposit Return Dispute5/21/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I've moved out from my old place as of 04/01/12 and just received the deposit check from the ...   A: First of all, the landlord needs to give you the deposit back(or inform you why your deposit is not ... RE: PRESCRIPTIVE EASEMENT5/20/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: RE: PRESCRIPTIVE EASEMENT Dear Mr.Piotrowski: We live in California. Our property is at the end ...   A: The situation that you described is probably not a prescriptive easement. An easement by ... Are Landlord responsable for damages to neighboors property5/15/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: We live in upstate NY in a residential neighborhood. The house next door to us is a ...   A: This is a difficult question to answer without seeing the underlying lease. Generally, the bar's ... HORRIBLE conditions of mobile home my daughter rented5/13/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: My daughter lives in Granbury, TX and I live in another state. I just went and visited her this ...   A: I don't know what the rules are in TX. In addition, rules governing mobile homes are sometimes ... Can I request roof repair be postponed until I move out because of my autistic son5/12/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: My landlord notified me two weeks ago that she was moving back to Kentucky, and that I had 60 days ...   A: What state is the property located in? My response is limited to California, so if you are in a ... Utility easments.5/8/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: We live in southern California in a 10 year old home & I have a question on utility company ...   A: My area of expertise deals with landlord/tenant law, but I can still direct you in the right ... Rental Contract5/8/2012David Piotrowski, Esq.  Q: I currently rent an apartment that accepts dogs of all sizes. The city that I reside in has leash ...   A: Landlord/tenant law is state specific, so my answer may vary slightly depending on where you live. ... Pet deposit10/14/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: My husband and I had signed a new lease and the landlord knew we had 2 dogs and did not say anything ...   A: Sue, Once the lease is signed, it is a binding agreement. Changes must be agreed upon by both ... Broker commision on rental renewal10/12/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: My problem is not with management fees. My problem is that my tenant wants to renew for another ...   A: Andres, If you've already fired him then you are under no legal obligation. The tennt doesn't have ... Landlording trying to keep Entire Security Deposit due to belongings not removed in a timely fashion10/9/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I'm a landlord in PA and am actually writing this on behalf of a friend in NJ. I BELIEVE that I ...   A: Jeff, I can't find specific case law to back up my claim, but I don't believe the Landlord can ... Repair Dispute10/3/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I leased a home from a property management company that was bought by another company within the ...   A: Kelly, I need you to answer some questions first: 1. Do you have a copy of your walk-through ... rental admin fees10/2/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: they want to charge me 25.00 a month for admin fees plus when i pay rent they want another 6% admin ...   A: efrain, I have no idea what these charges are for, nor can I tell you if they are fair. To answer ... rent increase9/26/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: We are on a month-to-month contract. We were given a list of do's and dont's we had to agree to and ...   A: E, Even though you don't have a written agreement, New York accepts a verbal agreement as a ... Condo Rental9/22/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I am leasing my condo in California to husband and wife who's credit score is 500. they do not have ...   A: Anthony, Having a low credit score does not automatically disqualify them in my book. A score of ... carpet replacement.9/22/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: We are being charged for new carpet from our last apartment. $1500!!! How often are they required to ...   A: Meghan, here's what Wisconsin statutes say: Wisconsin Statute 704.07(3)(a) Duty of tenant. If the ... a renter in my mother and step fathers home9/21/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: I graduated from high school this year and went to work immediatly, before I was paying rent my ...   A: Evan, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. The problem is that you are paying rent, but you are ... Failed rent payment9/21/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: My roommate moved out of our house not even a day into living there, and he is unwilling to pay his ...   A: Eric, You are discovering the reason why it's better the screen people up front than to chase them ... rent increase9/18/2011Nathan Gesner  Q: Nathan, Is it true that there are landlords who abstain from rent increases if the tenant is a very ...   A: xyz, Yes, there are some Landlords that will evict a good tenant if the tenant disagrees with a ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  | 4 

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