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Postby Alison » Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:10 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertinjury at school3/24/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: My 16 year old son, broke his fibula during gym class at school. After they had him sit for 2 hours ...   A: Michelle, I am sorry to hear about your son’s injury and the ordeal he had to undergo as he waited ... Broke my foot at a friends house3/22/2011Edward A. Smith  Q: I recently broke my foot helping my friend put up siding on his shed. I was wondering since I'm ...   A: Well unless your friend was negligent, he(Or his insurance) is not responsible for your injury. Did ... Injuried at walmart3/20/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: I took my daughter to our local Wal-Mart to get her ear pieced in the upper part(Cartilage.) ...   A: Brenda, I am sorry to hear about your daughters bad encounter at Wal-Mart when having her ear ... Cellulose insulation3/18/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: First of all i hope my problem is something that you can help me with.My wife and i bought a double ...   A: Bob, I am sorry to hear about the problems with your home and the health issues it has caused you ... Court Date3/18/2011Joseph Maus  Q: I have a question relating to customary court procedure. I'm involved in a personal injury lawsuit ...   A: Tom, I don't know what state you live in, but in Florida, courts will usually accomodate a party ... slip & fall3/16/2011Edward A. Smith  Q: I was walking in walgreen and was pushing a cart and I slipped in some liquid soap on the floor, I ...   A: You may well have a very good case but I need more questions answered. Please call me tomorrow. Ed ... Fell and broke wrist at 7-113/7/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: I tripped over the gas pump hose while getting gas at 7-11 and broke my wrist 12/17/2010. I have ...   A: Firstly, I would check with your medical insurance company about the deductible. It may not apply to ... Injured by Baby Changing Table in Store3/6/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: I was injured by a changing table at Home Depot. I finished changing my daughter, stood her up on ...   A: Sarah, I am sorry to hear about the incident with the baby-changing table. I hope that you and your ... Slip and Fall on Tile Steps3/4/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: On 2/19/11 I came home from work, brought in groceries and checked the mail. I walked through a ...   A: The answer depends on the building codes and legal climate in your locality for this type of ... Slip and Fall3/2/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: I live in Delaware.In September 2010 I walked into a food Lion store by the checkout lane and ...   A: Dara, I am sorry to hear about your injury and hope that you make a full and fast recovery. You did ... slip & fall2/28/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: My son fell at school on 2/14/2011 as a result he has a cracked skull. I don't know the whole story ...   A: Meckel, I am sorry to hear about your son’s injury. I hope the surgeries go well and that he has a ... injured arm/hand fallen shelf2/23/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: Last night I was in a outlet store around closing time and while kneeling down to look at curtains ...   A: Teri: At the early stage of this, you will need to carry yourself in terms of medical costs and ... fell and fractured wrist2/22/2011Edward A. Smith  Q: Yesterday I tripped from a pot-hole at my apartment complex driveway/parking lot, I landed on my ...   A: Please call me or write me at [email protected] or 1-800-404-5400. I need to speak further to you ... Tore my ACL during slip and fall2/21/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: On Jan 31, 2011, I was taking my mother in law back to her hotel after I had gotten off of work. I ...   A: Ernest, I am sorry to hear about your fall on the ice and the injury you suffered. Will your torn ... fell in a parking lot2/21/2011Edward A. Smith  Q: My husband fell in a school parking lot at night, Basketball tournament, there were no lights, the ...   A: Possibly but you will need to comply with a Claims Statute with the public entity as well as file a ... slip n fall2/20/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: on 2/16/11 I entered my apartment to which I rent n sliPed n fell hitting my head n back on the ...   A: Nicole, I am sorry to hear about your accident and your injury. I hope you have a full and fast ... Child's finger partially amputated at daycare facility2/17/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: My 20 month old son got his finger stuck in the hinge portion of a door two weeks ago. A teacher was ...   A: Ms. Barnett, I am sorry to hear about your son’s incident and injury. I have three sons and know ... Slip and fall Days Inn Hotel2/15/2011Edward A. Smith  Q: My 11 year old daughter was taking a shower and the knob to the hot water would not turn off do to ...   A: Without a serious and permanent injury its unlikely a case that an attorney could help you with. ... Is This A Good Idea?2/15/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: Sunday, January 30, 2011...My fiance took me to Walmart, Lawrenceburg, Indiana. He saw someone he ...   A: Michelle, I am sorry to hear about the incident at Wal-Mart, though I am glad to hear that you are ... fell2/15/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.  Q: i rent a half duplex and last week slipped and fell in the driveway which is gravel and was covered ...   A: Barb, I am sorry to hear about your fall. You can ask your landlord to turn it over to his ... SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENT2/14/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: WELL, ON DECEMBER 14,2010 AT 6:30 I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS OF MY RENTED APARTMENT. THE STAIRS ARE ...   A: Beckey, I am sorry to hear about your fall and injury. You have suffered much since you had so much ... Slip&Fall2/13/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: My wife slipped and fell in our driveway of a rented apt. After repeatedly asking our landlord who ...   A: Steven, I am sorry to hear about your wife’s fall and injury. I hope she makes a full and swift ... parking lot incident2/10/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.  Q: I'm from North Conway, NH. I pulled in at a hardware store with my car at six PM. it has dark, and ...   A: Andy, If the chain was not marked and the lighting was such that you could not see the chain, you ... 4 yr old son's ear cut by hairstylist at Cosmotology School2/7/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: I have visited my local Cosmetology School for many years to have manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, ...   A: Nikki, What a difficult situation. I hope your son is doing well and has a fast and full recovery ... Bookshelf fell on my 2yr old at Barnes and Noble2/7/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.  Q: My two year old was reaching for a book in the child section when the whole entire thing collapsed ...   A: I suggest you keep in communication with the manager of the store and find out if they are accepting ... Toe Injuiry at local store. Injury misdiagnosis2/6/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.  Q: Nashville tn. I was at my local grocery store putting my cart away getting ready to leave the store. ...   A: Dee Dee, You certainly can try to handle this yourself. The store employee is the cause of your ... Slip and Fall ice injury2/5/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: I had a fracture on my right hand because of a slip and fall accident last Thursday infront of the ...   A: I would expect that the condo association has a liability insurance policy that would cover the ... Son leg injured at WalMart2/4/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: About three years ago my son slipped and fell at Wal-Mart when he was three old. He's now going on ...   A: How can I answer this question without knowing how strong the liability case is. I don't know how ... compensation to low?2/4/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: I am from NJ 10 years a go I have accident due to Company unsafe decision(saving money) that ...   A: MB, I am sorry to hear about your injury and the ordeal that you have endured. It is terrible that ... Fell on icy stairs2/4/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.  Q: I recently slipped and fell on an icy set of stairs that leads to our condo unit, on the second ...   A: Kristen, The condo complex is only responsible if it did something wrong. The fact you fell due to ... Fall2/3/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: I fell in 2008 in a embassy hotel room cause bed rails were out 6-8 inches under bed spread which U ...   A: I really don't understand what happened here. What do you mean "bed rails were out 6-8 inches under ... Fall/Slipped inside the mall2/3/2011Joseph Maus  Q: Two weeks ago i slipped on a wet spot in the mall. I fell with an outstretched right leg and ...   A: Alfredo, I apologize about not responding to your question sooner. I had a complete answer typed ... personal injury2/2/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: I received an injury 21 years ago, due to negligence on the part of Alexandria housing authority. My ...   A: Can you imagine a legal system where a child gets injured, has parents and a lawyer, settles the ... slip & fall1/30/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: On July 23, 2010, my 16 year old daughter slipped & fell in a Sam's Club when she went to fill up a ...   A: Kym, Thank you for your question. The thoroughness of your description makes it easier to frame the ... rightaway drive1/29/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: The neighbor, He pays taxes on it. If we were to fall on this,and bodie harm a cured, can we go ask ...   A: Carol, I have some difficulty understanding your question. Let me break your question into two ... injured ankle at casino1/29/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: A week an a half ago my husband and i were leaving the Cannery Casino in Las Vegas. As we walked out ...   A: It is extremely difficult to successfully sue a LV casino for such injuries. Hopefully a report of ... personal injury1/28/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: Mr. Dorfman: I am in very great dire need. Any direction would be so welcomed. I suffered a ...   A: I don't know if the bus company in Seattle is considered a "governmental entity" and if it is, you ... arm injury1/28/2011Joseph Maus  Q: Mr. Maus: I am in very great dire need. Any direction would be so welcomed. I suffered a ...   A: Leah, you need to consult with an accident injury lawyer in Seattle. I am a accident injury lawyer ... Slip and fall at Walmart, amount to ask for1/28/2011Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.  Q: Friedman, My mother-in-law slipped on a mat in the entry at Walmart. Walmart called an ambulance, ...   A: Mary, That is not generally the way Walmart works. The first question which must be answered is why ... fall on ice1/25/2011Glenn A. Dorfman  Q: I was at my cousins house and on my way sown the back stairs i fell on some ice. my cousin said that ...   A: I presume this is a free-standing house and that there is no manager and the landlord lives ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  | 7 

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