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Postby Eibhear » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:06 pm

s SubjectDate AskedExpertIllegal immigrants/law6/12/2012Kevin M. Tamez  Q: I am a law student and I have found most laws for illegal immigrants but this one. If an illegal ...   A: Crystal: The short answer to your question is YES. Any defendant(state of federal) is entitled to ... Probation6/11/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: I am on felony probation in the State of Michigan and I was thinking, is there a way I can do jail ...   A: Ryan, The Holmes Youth Training Act is a piece of Michigan legislation allowings a judge to avoid ... length of time6/9/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: .in 2007 i was arrested in houston and the charge was fleeing. to make a long story short, i have a ...   A: James, The statute you are referring to is listed below. You were most likely convicted of a Class ... probation violation/deportation6/3/2012Kevin M. Tamez  Q: my friend is on probation for dui, position(meth) she also had to face deportation. she was born in ...   A: Mary- Technically, any aggravated felony conviction is grounds for deportation - especially, drugs. ... First Offense Drug Charge6/2/2012Kevin M. Tamez  Q: Okay so I was with some friends when we were stopped by a polic officer for trespassing. One of the ...   A: Jenny- Constructive possession would not apply in this case - especially, where the guy took the ... Opened mail6/1/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: I selected your name due to your experience, but also for your military service. *Thank you* I ...   A: Renee, The federal statute that applies to this situation is 18 USC Section 1702. This statute is ... Cleaning up my record5/31/2012Kevin M. Tamez  Q: I am in WA state. I have a conviction for Assault from 2005 and a DUI from 2005. I am having ...   A: William- States vary throughout the country with regard to expungment of criminal records. Sounds ... Bail Jumping5/31/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: I am 5 years sober and cleaning up wreckage from my past. I got picked up for a 16year old warrant ...   A: Danielle, When you are released from jail pending a future court date, you are expected to return. ... Theft/Deception5/29/2012Jack Toomey  Q: I have a lifelong friend that ask me to borrow some money several times throughout a 2 month ...   A: It is a civil matter meaning that you entered into a contract with him and he has not honored the ... chossing my degree program5/19/2012Carin Carr  Q: i am unsure of what course i should take up in university after A level to end up as a homicide ...   A: Sarah! Being that you are in Dhabi, I do not think my answers will assist you in your endeavor. If ... Terminology for Laws that no longer exist?5/18/2012Kevin M. Tamez  Q: I am baffled that I cannot find any definition or terminology for a law that no longer exists or is ...   A: Dante- We are not attorneys and do not know of any specific formal/legal term that defines a law ... probation orders haircut5/17/2012Carin Carr  Q: We live in California,our grandson's new probation officer told him by phone just after we met her ...   A: Hey there, Gene! I am very sorry your grandson is having to deal with this. Just like when dealing ... What do I do?5/15/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: Hey Jeff.. So recently(about a month ago), we got broken into. There was no evidence to prove ...   A: Andrew, You definitely have grounds to complain. The entire nature of a patrol is for them to ... Texting Harassment5/12/2012Kevin M. Tamez  Q: Is it considered harassment if someone is texting me about a medical condtion I have? I am unable to ...   A: Kelly- Even after some 28-years in law enforcement, the depths to which some people will stoop ... Car Held as Evidence5/9/2012Jack Toomey  Q: My vehicle was towed after a friend was accused of committing an assault and battery either in or ...   A: "There are charges adding up every day. Is this the owner's responsibility? I asked the supervisor ... interrogation of a minor5/7/2012Carin Carr  Q: my 11 year old daughter has a bruise on her arm size of a quarter a class mate asked her where so ...   A: Hey there, Shelli Sorry about the late reply. The internet connection in the mountainous region ...
regarding potential fraud5/2/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: I have a question regarding whether or not something constitutes fraud. Let's say hypothetically ...   A: Adam, Your question has an easy answer. It is fraud and a criminal act in each scenario you ... need help4/30/2012Carin Carr  Q: ok,i had warrants in florida while living in pennsylvania. the warrants in florida are from 2008. i ...   A: Hey there, Adam Interesting questions you pose. One would think that your probation in PA ... tricky one4/30/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: ok,i had warrants in florida while living in pennsylvania. the warrants in florida are from 2008. i ...   A: Adam, In the situation that you are in you are actually bound by the laws of the last State which ... Homicide Investigation and Potential Conflict4/23/2012Carin Carr  Q: A Broward County Sheriff's Department homicide investigation report into the death of Oral Brown, a ...   A: Hey there, Elgin! Interesting case study… I read everything you presented; including the link to ... 2nd dergree harassment4/21/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: how serious is this offense.. i've been convicted on 2 counts paid $200 fine for each as according ...   A: Michael, Harassment in the second degree means a pattern of intentional, substantial, and ... Nuisance Calls4/19/2012Jack Toomey  Q: Is it possible to track/trace the origin of nuisance calls and bring the perpetrator to justice in ...   A: There is no need to hire a private investigator when the police can do the same job. First of all ... Speed camera legality4/18/2012Carin Carr  Q: About two days ago, I was traveling on a 2 lane business street and was flashed by what I believed a ...   A: Ben! Okay, I googled(and GOOGLED!) for that street crossing, but wasn't able to find it. I'm not ... Probation Violation4/17/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: I'm on FL state probation for a charge which got dropped down to a battery,back in March I absconded ...   A: Mike, My best advice is to contact the warrant issuing jurisdiction(the DA) and begin to work out ... Traffic incident4/14/2012Kevin M. Tamez  Q: My niece recently was involved in a car accident. The other driver appears at fault according to the ...   A: Jessica, Without seeing the actual summons, we can only conclude that the other driver was charged ... Is it legal to attach something magnetic to a light pole?4/13/2012Jack Toomey  Q: the reason why I wonder is there's a game out there known as geocaching, where people use a GPS to ...   A: It would depend on the law in your state. If the city park superintendent said that it was okay to ... What to do4/13/2012Carin Carr  Q: My ex filed trespassing against me. But I still have the text where he invited me over. What ...   A: Hey there, Jeana! Sorry I haven't responded faster, but a bad storm in my area hit and my internet ... Peace Order hearing4/11/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: Is it ever decided at a Peace Order hearing to just go ahead a file criminal charges and to arrest ...   A: It is a fairly easy process to have the Court consider the petition. However a judge must be ... 24244/11/2012Kevin M. Tamez  Q: What do i do if someone forged my name on a tax form to claim a child as a dependant my sons mother ...   A: Carlton: That is under the purview of the IRS. It could also be a federal felony violation ... Is the “Provisional Irish Republican Army” on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, yes or no?4/5/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: Is the “Provisional Irish Republican Army” on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist ...   A: [email protected], The answer is yes. From my research the PIRA is still recognized as being a ... handyman issues4/3/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: Mr. Hauck, I reside in Illinois. How long the statue of limitation is for me to go to a small ...   A: LB, My understanding is that the statute of limitations for a written contract is 10 years – see ... Inaccurate sentence4/3/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: My friend and his cousin are both serving 170 days minus time off for good behavior.(They were both ...   A: Anna, The quick answer is no. An attorney does not need to be hired to fix the counting mistake. ... probation search4/2/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: A girlfriend of mine, who was not living with me but had some of her stuff, bags of clothes, ...   A: Grady, I think you need to consult a practicing lawyer in your area on this matter. The way I see ... reckless driving ? Felony?3/29/2012Jack Toomey  Q: I am asking this question for a friend of mine- he received a speeding ticket in KY ...he was going ...   A: As you can see here reckless driving in Kentucky is not a felony. ... Burglary3/28/2012Jack Toomey  Q: If the definition of burglary is entering a residence, what's the legal reason why someone acting ...   A: Frank, There are plenty of people outside the residence who could be charged with burglary. A ... Co-owned house - destruction of property3/28/2012Jack Toomey  Q: My sister and ex-fiancé own a house together and are planning on selling it at the end of the school ...   A: Rachel, In MY state it would basically be a case of him destroying his own property. It could be ... expunge misdemenor larceny3/26/2012Jack Toomey  Q: I have a misdemenor larceny charge from 2009 I just pled guilty to the charge and I am trying to ...   A: Tasha, The mechanism for expunging one's record is different in each state. I could tell you how ... extradition3/26/2012Carin Carr  Q: my fiance got extradited to missouri from pennsylvania.. during that time of extradition he missed a ...   A: Hey there, Samantha! Sorry to hear of the troubles you & your fiancé are dealing with! It might not ... Theft3/23/2012Jeffrey Hauck  Q: Lets say someone you know kept your bag while you used the wash room for 2-3mins, your phone and ...   A: Victoria, The answer is yes. That woman was the only other person who exercised dominion and ... harassing neighbor3/23/2012Jack Toomey  Q: I have a neighbor that since we moved into our house has nothing but made false claims against us, ...   A: Lisa, Yours would be a civil matter and you would need an attorney to bring such a case. Honestly ... Page:   Prev  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  | 5 

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