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Having a dispute with a tenant or landlord? Rental Law discussion


Postby Donatien » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:36 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertPain and suffering 8 months pregnant6/18/2012Claims Guy  Q: I recently got rear ended, we we're at a stoplight, my boyfriend was driving and a car hit us from ...   A: First thing - definitely do not settle the claim until the baby is born and found to be healthy. ... Medical Insurance Payment6/15/2012Justin Petty  Q: I have read many articles regarding payment after an auto accident for injuries, and the one thing ...   A: Your medical provider surely has a right of recovery against the at fault person and any insurance ... False Accusation of Injury6/15/2012Justin Petty  Q: I like in Texas and own an SUV. I was in a minor fender bender recently in which a car, making a ...   A: Mary, You have a common scenario. Trust me, do not worry about it, let your insurance handle it ... auto accident6/14/2012Justin Petty  Q: We were in an accident in Little Rock live in California in 2009. We have not received one penny ...   A: Sorry for the delay, I have been popular today. Carol, I truly want to help you find the answers ... who's fault in accident and claim6/13/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: I was involved in accident on the parking tomorrow. I was settling my baby in the car seat. Before I ...   A: This is a difficult situation. Anytime you are in an accident you should always call the police to ... DUI/INSURANCE CLAIM6/13/2012Claims Guy  Q: I had a dui recently and the insurance company renewed my policy with no change. I had a restricted ...   A: I believe the man issue will be whether or not they specifically asked you if you had received any ... insurance is refusing to cover my claim6/12/2012Ron Cercone  Q: I was involved in an accident driving my Nissan hardbody double cab, in the car i had 4 passengers ...   A: I don't know South Africa law and insurance, but here is how it would be in most of USA. Make them ...
about Special Investigation Unit from Auto Insurance6/11/2012Jane Pytel  Q: I recently had a policy change made in order for an extended travel plan outside of my residence. ...   A: It is not uncommon for the SIU to become involved when a loss occurs immediately following an ... Rental car and hail damage6/8/2012Jane Pytel  Q: I was in rear ended in a car accident a couple of weeks back. I filed a claim with the mans insurace ...   A: When you rent a car ... even if it is the result of a not-at-fault accident, you remain responsible ... Insurance Claim/matching Paint6/8/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: Recently I was rear-ended and handled the claim directly through the other driver insurance company. ...   A: The insurance company is only required to paint the items that are repaired or replaced, not the ... Liability6/7/2012Justin Petty  Q: Husband backed into wife's vehicle, parked in their driveway. Husband has a policy with State Farm ...   A: Scott, I'm sorry for the delay, I have been on vacation in an area with no cell signal or ... Loan Payoff Insurance Billing6/7/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: Our two car loans were paid off over 4 years ago but my auto insurance company I've been with for ...   A: Your question is somewhat confusing. I'm not sure what the $25.00 per month charge was for. ... fender bender while parked6/6/2012Justin Petty  Q: i was not in the car and the party was honest in searching me out and accepted responsibility. their ...   A: It sounds like a problem with the painting capability of the repair facility to me. Truthfully, I ... Insurance adjuster's questions6/6/2012Jane Pytel  Q: I met with an insurance adjuster today regarding a personal injury claim in which someone fell on ...   A: Your details are kind of sketchy. Someone fell on you? Under what circumstances? Were you ... Liability of repairs6/5/2012Jane Pytel  Q: I was in an accident about 7 months ago and it was not my fault. The other person was ticketed and ...   A: In a word - absurd. The insurance company violated a contracted agreement, not you. In my opinion, ... Limit of liability no fault claim6/1/2012Justin Petty  Q: I was involved in an accident involving 4 vehicles. I was not at fault. I have $3800 damage to my ...   A: Lisa, Most Texas companies use a point system to determine what rate group you fit into. At fault ... Insurance Company Hiding behind HIPPA5/30/2012Claims Guy  Q: I am a collections rep for a facility in south Florida, and we have several patient's that come in ...   A: Stalling payment intentionally is an unfair claim practice, so no, we do not do this. If I ... Demanding Return of Insurance Settlement5/29/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: I was involved in an accident. I called the car's owners insurance company and honestly represented ...   A: If you had explained this story to me as an adjuster, I would have denied your claim. The reason for ... followup novelist questions on car accident5/26/2012Claims Guy  Q: Your earlier answer to me was REALLY HELPFUL!!! Thank you. Here's more, if you'll bear with me. ...   A: Glad to help! Please let me know if you are published as I'd love to see the book. ... Auto insurance fault dispute5/25/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: My auto front core support Is damaged on front end to my 2006 corvette without my knowledge. ...   A: Unfortunately, this is correct. Anytime your vehicle is damaged and there is no specific proof ... NYS V&T law5/24/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: Can a driver who waves another driver on to make a left turn be held liable if the turning vehicle ...   A: Unfortunately your question is a legal question not an insurance claims question. In addition it ... Auto Insurance5/24/2012Jane Pytel  Q: I was involved in a hit and run accident in which I actually got the drivers license plate number. ...   A: I am attaching a link to my blog which explains the actual Florida law that relates to total losses. ... Auto Insurance Claim against me Help!5/22/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: Ok, I'm in a bit of trouble, but before I say anything I will state that I am only 19 years old ...   A: Let me forst say that I was glad to read that you admit that the collision could have been avoided ... Out of state policy and in state laws.5/22/2012Ron Cercone  Q: My understanding is that Texas law does not require me to accept the salvage value of my totaled ...   A: As a "claimant", you are entitled to whatever you could get if you sued the other driver. So if his ... Total Loss out of state policy holder5/22/2012Claims Guy  Q: My vehicle was totaled about two weeks ago by a Mass. driver in an Avis rental car in Texas. I got ...   A: The laws of Texas will apply. I also have never heard of an insurer doing this. You always have ... claim paid then frozen5/21/2012Claims Guy  Q: Recently we had a car fire and after the police and fire dept were called the chief said he assumed ...   A: This means that they have identified a reason(s) to suspect fraud or arson. They are investigating ... Underage Fees/Loss of Use5/21/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: My car was in an accident that was not my fault(car was parked) and the other insurance has ...   A: The reason they sent you a check marked "Loss of Use" instead of rental car is that they are trying ... Indiv. caused accident; lies, said I was responsible5/20/2012Barrett Smith  Q: I was about to turn into my driveway on the way home from shopping when a very large Suburban-type ...   A: Catherine, Let me begin by apologizing for the delay in responding to your question. I was preparing ... auto insurance coverage5/18/2012Rob Painter, Ase, CFEI, CAFATE  Q: I am a British and I will going to USA soon to join my son's university graduation ceremony. After ...   A: Unless you have a special deal going with Avis, I have found Alamo/Enterprise a much better deal. I ... Insurance dilehma5/16/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: I’m located in CA and was rear ended recently. The other driver’s insurance company has accepted ...   A: This is how insurance companies make money. They steal millions of dollars from people every year by ... Insurance Company Stop Payment of Auto theft settlement after vehicle recovered.5/14/2012Claims Guy  Q: my automobile was stolen on 4/1/12. The Insurance compnay offered a written settlement on 5/10/12. I ...   A: They can stop payment and now they must repair the vehicle. If the title had been signed over, then ... Hit and Run - insurance company dragging feet5/12/2012Claims Guy  Q: I was in a hit and run accident at the mall on 5/1. I pulled into the mall, which has a loop running ...   A: She has a responsibility to complete her investigation which includes interviewing her client. If ... PTSD5/12/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: Does 6 month of counseling service and Psychiatrist care with medication for stress and anxiety for ...   A: If someone else was at fault for the accident, then you are entitled to be compensated for your ... How to find out policy limits5/12/2012Richard Hixenbaugh  Q: April 1, 2011 a lady hit our Ford Explorer t-boned it and totaled the car. She had a Chevy Cavalier ...   A: In most states the at-fault persons insurance in not required to tell you how much coverage is ... hail damage5/10/2012Barrett Smith  Q: I purchased a truck in 12/11 and on 04/12 we had a hail storm . Dealer making repairs says they ...   A: Andrew, Yes, there is an options, and yes, your vehicle will lose value due to the loss related ... d.u.i. claim5/9/2012Rob Painter, Ase, CFEI, CAFATE  Q: I live in colorado and I recently crashed my car into a tree. There were no other cars involved and ...   A: You are asking me a legal question I can;t answer because I am not a licensed Colorado attorney. ... insurance adjustment after car accident(for novelist)5/7/2012Claims Guy  Q: I need to understand how an insurance adjuster would handle a fictional car accident that at first ...   A: The adjuster would start by taking recorded statements from all parties, including drivers, ... How to prove other driver is at fault?5/7/2012Claims Guy  Q: I live in the state of Minnesota. I was going north at an intersection with the right of way(no ...   A: I understand your frustration. You appear to have thought this through and have a good idea what to ... Prescription sunglasses5/5/2012Claims Guy  Q: My prescription RayBan sunglasses were damaged when I was rearended.The other driver was at ...   A: I agree with you, as this seems logical. The alternative would have been for them to rent you ... Auto Injury claim5/3/2012Claims Guy  Q: I appreciate any specific answers, and any step-by-step additional recommendations that you have. In ...   A: I actually think this is a very fair offer for the injury and medical care you described. You might ... Page:   Prev  |   7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  | 12 

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