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Postby orson19 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:09 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertGround turkey packaging5/6/2014Carl LaFrate  Q: Carl! The only way I can get ground turkey is in special sealed packages that are delivered to the ...   A: The risk from a tear would be bacteria associated with spoilage. Pathogenic(disease causing) ... Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt5/6/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I left my Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt out for 12 hours, is it safe to refreeze and ...   A: Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is not safe to refreeze ice cream and frozen yogurt that has ... sauerkraut balls5/1/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I have a whole bag of homemade uncooked sauerkraut balls that were frozen, then were accidently ...   A: When you say accidently thawed out I assume you mean they were thawed in the refrigerator. If so, ... thawing standing rib4/19/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I have just started researching the thawing method of a rib roast I have a 10lb roast that is frozen ...   A: At this point I think you should place the roast in the refrigerator and then cook it from a frozen ... Unrefrigerated Fruit Pies4/17/2014Carl LaFrate  Q: Ok, a store has fruit pies for sale on shelves that ARE NOT refrigerated. And you said on this ...   A: I don't remember saying not to refrigerate fruit pies but since they are not potentially hazardous ... [email protected]/17/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I left out soup(white chicken chili) over night. It had cooked chicken(rotisserie) canellini beans ...   A: Unfortunately, the recommendation for a soup containing potentially hazardous foods(foods such as ... Spiral Ham4/16/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: Unopened vacuum sealed Smithfield Hickory Smoked Spiral Ham left out of fridge for approximately 9 ...   A: Good question and unfortunately there is no definitive answer that will assure that the ham is still ... Black beans4/13/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I have never cooked black beans, but I would very much like to. I am trying to find trustworthy ...   A: All beans contain lectin, with red kidney beans having the highest concentration. Because of this, ... Food safety4/12/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: Oil/vinegar based potato salad safe to eat if left out overnight?   A: Cooked potatoes are considered to be a TCS food -- a food that requires time and/or temperature ... Validation Reference for Listeria spp. Kill(Cooking)4/10/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: You gave the following answer to one of the questions that was asked: "Hi Jessica, The cooking ...   A: The 2013 FDA Food Code: 3-401.11 Cooking of Raw Animal Foods(c) states "74oC(165oF)or above for ... cooling cooked beans4/1/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I cooked 3lbs of garbanzo beans last night then set them on the kitchen counter to cool overnight ...   A: An off taste is always an indication that food spoilage bacteria has occurred. While food spoilage ... Frozen cryovac food in the fridge3/21/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: How long will frozen and cryovaced food(both cooked and uncooked) last once its placed in the ...   A: Fist -- Freezing does not shorten the shelf life of foods that are thawed in the refrigerator. ... food service3/19/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: Are cooks required to wear aprons?   A: The FDA 2013 Model Food Code, section 2-304.11 states: "Food employees shall wear clean outer ... burgundy stain inside Hunts pasta sauce can3/14/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I recently used a 24-oz can of Hunts garlic & herb pasta sauce. On the inside of the can, which was ...   A: Fortunately, the burgandy stain that you encountered on the white lining of the pasta sauce is ... crock pot unplugged3/4/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I put a turkey breast in the crock pot and covered with warm liquid and forgot to plug the crock pot ...   A: The general rule of thumb for consumers is if food that should be kept either cold or hot is in the ... 4 compartment sinks3/4/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: We are in process of redesigning kitchen area in New York City. Since we have a very small kitchen, ...   A: You really need to ask this question of the New York City Health Department, Division of ... Canned soup3/1/2014Carl LaFrate  Q: I have tomato soup with exp. date of 08-30-2013, cream of mushroom with exp. date of 10-23-2011 and ...   A: The expiration date is the manufacturers estimation of how long the item will be "best quality". It ... Home Canned foods2/25/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: A friend canned lots of vegetables this past summer and the only place to store them was her garage. ...   A: The general guideline for frozen foods in glass jars is that if the jars have cracked or broken ... Food2/23/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: Generally, mankind(I believe across all cultures) prefers to eat foods that are served hot or ...   A: The reason we eat foods either hot or cold is because of food safety as bacteria that can make us ... Safety of dented cans2/8/2014Carl LaFrate  Q: I opened a can of Campbell's soup with a 'pop-top' style opening and a dent on the top edge -- like ...   A: The risk of botulism contamination from dented can is very low but theoretically possible. If it ... expiration dates2/6/2014Carl LaFrate  Q: i'm a deli manager,i have, whole, 4#-5# packages of unopened Deli turkeys and hams,that we slice on ...   A: I'm sorry but I don't know the laws for Iowa but in New York the product cannot be sold past the ... Cooked meatball left on counter overnight1/28/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I baked beef meatball and then put in a single layer container to cool before putting in the fridge. ...   A: I live in Illinois so I know it was cold outside last night but your meatballs were inside, not ... ice cream molds1/24/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: My family owned an ice cream company for nearly 100 years and we have 100s of old molds that we ...   A: Old pewter ice cream molds that you know contain lead shouldn't be used because of the possibility ... biology1/23/2014Carl LaFrate  Q: Generally,mankind(I believe across all cultures) prefers to eat foods that are served hot or ...   A: Microorganisms known to cause food poisoning thrive at temperatures from 41F to 135F(referred to as ... fully cooked Johnsonville polish sausage in sealed package left out over night in car1/15/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: I saw that you answered a similar question in 2008, but the other person talked about leaving their ...   A: From your description it sounds like the sausage maintained a temperature of around 40 to 45 degrees ... Coon Cheese Mould Consumption1/13/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: Well I recently went a bought some Coon Cheese Nibbles or what ever as I like to snack on food while ...   A: Fortunately, the consumption of small amounts of mold usually does not cause serious side-effects. ... Pesto Sauce in pantry1/8/2014Carl LaFrate  Q: I bought some pesto sauce from Costco a month and a half ago. Usually I buy it from the grocery ...   A: If the pesto sauce says keep refrigerated and it wasn't there is a risk of microbiological ... Canned soup1/7/2014Carl LaFrate  Q: I just opened a can of chicken broth and there is a black substance on the inside of the lid and the ...   A: I would throw it out. Likely oxidized metal shaving that were put there when the lid was attached to ... partially thawed/refrozen food1/4/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: When I buy frozen food at the grocery store(frozen dinners, pizza, etc), sometimes it takes so long ...   A: First...Happy New Year! The very nature of freezing will change the taste, color and texture,to ... Half Jar Pasta Sauce left Out1/1/2014Carol Schlitt  Q: My son left half a jar of commercial pasta sauce out for 48+ hours. I read your information about ...   A: As long as you cleaned the pot, counter and stove you shouldn't have anything to worry about. The ... Vacuum packed crock pot pork roast meal12/26/2013Carl LaFrate  Q: I purchased(4 days ago) a Tyson crock pot pork roast kit. It says use by the 27th. When I opened ...   A: The pork roast will be safe to eat but the quality may have suffered. Vacuum packed meat sometimes ... spoiled cooked vegetables - disposal12/22/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: First of all, bless your heart for navigating our troubles and mistakes. Here's mine: I cooked ...   A: I agree with your physician friend...you have nothing to worry about. While I can't say exactly what ... Crock pot warming12/21/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: I need to know if I make beef stew in crock pot, how long can I leave it on warm setting safely? We ...   A: As long as the beef stew is being held above 135 degrees F you can keep it until the cows come home! ... Is it safe to use a cookie tin to bake in?12/14/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: My wife had recently made a flan using a Christmas cookie tin. I explained to her after the fact ...   A: Decorative cookie tins are not designed to bake food but only for storing already baked items. The ... Rice12/11/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: Is eating undercooked rice a quality issue or a food safety issue? The problem was maybe not enough ...   A: Eating undercooked rice is just a quality issue if it is handled properly, temperature-wise, after ... food safety12/3/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: I came back from the supermarket and forgot to bring the grocery bags inside. In my car garage, I ...   A: I hate when I forget to bring food in from the trunk of my car, especially when they are foods that ... re-freezing pork chops11/30/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: I accidentally took some pork chops from our freezer(thought I was taking out chicken breasts) and ...   A: Yes, the chops should be fine to defrost and cook. While refreezing already defrosted meat can ... white plastic button at the base of ham11/27/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: i accidentally cooked a ham for about 1 1/2 hours with the white button still in the ham, i boiled ...   A: You are not the first person to cook a ham and leave the white bone protector on the ham. ... brining frozen turkey11/25/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: I am working on turkey prep and this is the first year I'm attempting to brine a turkey. I think ...   A: From your thorough explanation I find nothing wrong and your turkey should be just fine. I'm ... cheese11/24/2013Carol Schlitt  Q: is it safe to refreeze mozzarella cheese   A: Yes, it is safe to refreeze mozzarella cheese. If the mozzarella is a block-type cheese you can ... Page:  


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