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Postby newlyn » Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:41 am

s SubjectDate AskedExpertSuing for personal property damage, libel and defamation3/12/2011Jack Toomey  Q: After a falling out with a person, when I had to go to hospital for breakdown due to stress, the ...   A: I doubt that any attorney is going to take a libel/slander case based on things that were posted ... Writer's Block(Cell Block 8, that is !!!)3/11/2011Jack Toomey  Q: Jack, I read some of your Q&A's and like what I am reading and, you still love it! I love writing ...   A: I guess that it is one of two things or a combination of the two. The detective in Major Fraud ... Marijuana Drug Paraphernalia3/11/2011Jeffrey Hauck  Q: My question is what should I be expecting from this charge. I admitted to a glass pipe with ...   A: Zach, Much depends upon the State that you were arrested in but generally for young people in your ... Criminal contempt3/10/2011Jeffrey Hauck  Q: Good afternoon, I have a couple of questions. First, my husband(whom I am still in divorce court ...   A: Pamela, In most states "contempt" is the violation of a valid order of a court. If an alimony payor ... Leaving the country on Probation3/10/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: just a quick question. I've been on probation for about 2 years, and i still have to complete 3 more ...   A: Gustavo- Rarely, if ever, would state authorities attempt to extradite a person from a foreign ... harrassment3/4/2011Jeffrey Hauck  Q: is there a limit of indemnify i suffer severe mental illness he called me on phone every day he ...   A: Helen, You have not provided me with much information but the answer to your question is probably ... Bad Checks3/2/2011Jack Toomey  Q: My friend is currently incarcerated. She is on probation violation. During her incarceration, the ...   A: Leah, As long as there are warrants for your friend the term "statute of limitations" does not ... shoplifting3/1/2011Jeffrey Hauck  Q: daughter caught shoplifting. returned items to security guard. was given arrest warrant by police. ...   A: Amanda, The answer as I see it is no. The store had the ability to request restitution for damages ... Assault On a Minor2/27/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: A 36yr old male in Ohio punched a 17yr old(not related) in the face. The same 36yr old male shoved ...   A: Heather- One will considered a domestic assault/violence and the other simple assault. And yes, ... public intox2/27/2011Jack Toomey  Q: my mother has lived here in sulphur, oklahoma for 40 years she went to the store to buy pop and ...   A: By now I would hope that your mother is out of jail. If not then you have the opportunity to pay ... wobbler provision2/25/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: when did the state of California institute the wobbler provision?   A: Robert: Although California law is not really our area of expertise, we wanted to educate ourselves ... property damage2/23/2011Jack Toomey  Q: good day my question is regarding my property damaged on by driveway by my neighbor the tail light ...   A: Matthew, I see that you live in Canada. You have a whole different set of laws and court ... Process of Verdict Reading2/23/2011Jack Toomey  Q: In a criminal trial, when a jury sequestered in their room is close to reaching a verdict, do they ...   A: Dennis, There is always someone assigned to the jury. Its different in the various states but it ... felonies2/22/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: Would a warrant still be active after 10 yrs. from walking out of a Half way house, but still being ...   A: Manuel: You didn't provie much information, but I would suspect that the warrant would still be ... court procedure2/22/2011Jack Toomey  Q: i DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN BE OFFERED A PLEA AND BE TOLD IF YOU DONT SIGN NOW THE PRISON TIME ...   A: Debra, Let me start by saying that you are foolish to take on the system without an attorney. If ... felony warrent2/21/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: My brother was arrested 11 years ago in Washington state for a misdemeanor assault. He plead not ...   A: Dar- There could be several possible explanations. First, if the initial misdemeanor charge was ... domestic assault 3rd degree2/20/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: Please help. My wife and I after 6 years of marriage and me never having been in trouble for ...   A: Kyle: Domestic abuse, real or imagined, is a very touchy issue for obvious issues. In some ... Personal Check forgery2/19/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: I signed my mother's name to a personal check of her's. She says she is going to file forgery ...   A: Lisa- In this case, several factors would need to be explored before we could render an intelligent ... 20 year old traffic violation in NJ2/18/2011Jack Toomey  Q: I recently received a letter(2/11) from the Sea Isle City Municipal Court informing me of an unpaid ...   A: Robert, I cannot give you legal advice so I want you to understand that. Warrants are good until ... RICO statutes2/18/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: Im not sure if you can answer this. Debate the pros and cons of the RICO statute.   A: Rudy- The RICO statute is an extremely effective tool for federal prosecutors, but is also alleged ... How can I restrain a guy who is stalking me..2/17/2011Jack Toomey  Q: I hanged out with a guy for a month from Sept to Oct in 2010 in Japan. He is Japanese American who ...   A: If he is in Japan you cannot get a restraining order because it would not be valid in Japan. And ... Trespassing and protective order2/16/2011Jack Toomey  Q: I am divorced with one child that is 10. Recently I have gotten involved with another woman. My ex ...   A: Thomas, Do not take my answer as legal advice. However it sounds like your ex-wife is making up ... mis-match files2/16/2011Jack Toomey  Q: Recently i have just been charged win a class d felony and when i went in to talk to my probation ...   A: Alyson, Did you tell the probation officer that it was possible that the names were confused? You ... homicide detective?2/16/2011Jack Toomey  Q: how many years of schooling does it take to be a homicide detective? I heard that you had to be a ...   A: Most departments require that detectives have college degrees. Two years on the street is not ... Underage Consumption Citation, voided2/15/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: On February 5th, I was stopped by a security officer because I was "stumbling and falling," even ...   A: Nanis: For obvious reasons, US colleges are taking campus drinking extremely serious. Several civil ... disappearing records2/15/2011Jack Toomey  Q: I'm a student researching how special favors get done in our justice system. How may I confirm a ...   A: What I am suggesting is that the physical record of the case is probably not going to tell you ... Being a detective2/15/2011Jack Toomey  Q: Do you have to at least get your Masters degree to become a detective or do you still have to become ...   A: Tawny, There are thousands of police departments in this country and each has its own rules and ... minor possesion of an alcoholic beverage2/13/2011Jack Toomey  Q: I am 18 years old and my friend is 19. He picked me up in his car and he had four beers in there. ...   A: Victor, Of course you can contest the charge. The Constitution guarantees that you have the right ... General Harrasment2/10/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: Yes Sir , i have a question regarding harassment. Yesterday i was on Facebook and i was searching ...   A: James: Sounds like she got caught "playing" on line and tried to explain it to her BF at your ... Harrasment Charges2/9/2011Jack Toomey  Q: Yes , there is a guy tellng me he is going to file harassment charges aganist me and i was wondering ...   A: James, I don't understand how this guy could believe that he was the victim of "harassment" if you ... retrievement of court transcripts2/9/2011Jack Toomey  Q: How can I retrieve my brothers court transcripts from 1993? he is currently incarcerated in San ...   A: Elida, I can only tell you how someone would obtain court transcripts in MY state which is not in ... immigration2/9/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: I'd like to know why, when illegal aliens enter this country in effect committing a crime doing so, ...   A: Dave, Stand in line with millions of other Americans trying to understand our "immigration laws." ... when does actual "arrest" occur2/8/2011Jack Toomey  Q: Twenty years ago I was convicted of a misdemeanor in Texas. I remember that after the police told me ...   A: Lee, The minute that you went to "take care" of the warrant you were arrested. You did not need to ... criminal liability exercise2/8/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: if three people plan a robbery then one gets cold feet are all three guilty of robbery   A: Jerry- The Reader's Digest version, yes!! If two or more people plan to do an armed robbery and ... Serving a Search Warrant in Indiana2/7/2011Jack Toomey  Q: Can you please tell me the process of serving a search warrant in Starke County Indiana? How is it ...   A: A search warrant is a warrant that authorizes law enforcement to search a house, building, car, etc. ... wrongfully covicted2/6/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: i was convicted for possesion 5yrs ag. there were no drug found on my person or vehicle.drugs were ...   A: Clifton, Although you never specified where this took place, there are several of these types of ... Re: Hand cuff key law in florida2/5/2011Jack Toomey  Q: I Lost my dad, march makes 2 years ago. He was a corrections officer in North Carolina. As I way to ...   A: Rachel, I don't live in Florida nor have I ever heard of such a law. What about visiting the ... evidence2/5/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: We live in CA. Boyfriend is being charged with PC368(D)elder theft and PC459 burglury. It was ...   A: Cindy- You need to get your boyfriend's attorney to do his job. Your boyfriend should be the one to ... Fugitive Warrant2/4/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: My Husband is currently serving a sentence in Maryland. He has a Fugitive Warrant in Georgia for a ...   A: Amanda- Although you didn't specify what facility your husband is in, we have handled cases exactly ... DNA2/2/2011Kevin M. Tamez  Q: CAN DNA BE ENOUGH TO CONVICT A PERSON IN A NON VIOLENT CRIME AS THE ONLY SOLELY PIECE OF ...   A: Maria- You really haven't provided enough details for us to answer this question properly. Suffice ... Page:   Prev  |   5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10 

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