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Publishing Bogus Websites To Hurt Somebody

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Publishing Bogus Websites To Hurt Somebody

Postby Troy » Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:43 pm

If anybody might help me with this specific it'd truly be appreciated. Listed here is my condition. My partner and that I discovered a few a months before, somebody published a bogus myspace site in my own boy's title. The site was published 24 months ago. We-don't make use of the site-so we'd no concept it had been there till a buddy introduced it to the interest. The site was completed to harm, embarrass, embarrass and create enjoyment of my boy and our household. This content of the site was ill and horrible. We think it had been completed with a classmate of my boyis. At that time it had been set up, my spouse who's the main of the college was having issues with a few of the kids in my own boyis course. I quickly approached myspace plus they explained they'd require a subpoena, guarantee or judge order to produce any details about this consideration. I talked having a officer recently and was informed they mightn't do something till we discovered who made it happen. I have to understand how to start obtaining the guarantee, subpoena or judge order but-don't understand who to speak with. The consideration have been cleaned-up immediately after we discovered it, but I had been ready to maintain a duplicate before it occurred. The consideration continues to be erased, however the rage and harm continue to be there. PLease help me if you're able to. Thank you.
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Posting Phony Webpages To Hurt Someone

Postby Angor » Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:23 pm

As a general rule, it isn't against the law to make fun of people and hurt their feelings.If your son didn't hear anything about this over the course of two years, I suspect few to no people who know your son even saw the page.Consult an attorney.
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Posting Phony Webpages To Hurt Someone

Postby Wartun » Sat Jun 28, 2014 7:58 am

It will be costly and time-consuming to get any of the things MySpace requires, plus you'll probably get no usable information.
Since MS doesn't require any factual information in setting up an account I doubt the posters gave any.
Especially if they were going to make a negative page.
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