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Psychology Of A Thief

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Psychology Of A Thief

Postby Peppin » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:32 pm

Recently someone at work stole $70 from a $175 till.  I work at the A.R.E. and people there are pretty laid back, so of course, the first assumption was that someone miscounted.  No cops needed apparently.

At night, I counted the money as usual-twice.  I've counted money forever, and this drawer always has $175 cash only in it, so its not hard.

I locked it in the cabinet, but counldn't lock the cabinet keys in there with it because I was never given the spare key.  This has happened before and usually its no big deal since its a fairly trusting place(of course).

There was absolutely no one around when I counted the money and left.  There were people there for a hour after I left, but they were all in a separate room.

We know it was an inside job.  The person took 3 20s and 2 5s AND took the money slip that was filled out-making it look as though I had just forgot to count the money and must have miscounted or something.  I however had the wherewithall to use a pencil to lift my writing indentations from the next piece of paper, proof that I had in fact done my job.

I suspect the man who locks the building as the culprit.  One reason is gut feeling, but that's not proveable.  I am thinking of how people shows signs though before something happens.

1) I angered him one day by not giving him a massage(I am also a student at the school next door)  The really weird thing about this was that he was furious with me that day-explosively so-but when we closed together a few nights later he acted as though nothing had even happened, didn't bring it up or incinuate or anything.

2) One day he brings in a personal security camera, just playing around with it.  Says things like. "No one keeps an eye on me, so I figure I have to keep an eye on myself".  That night when he goes to make his rounds he leaves the camera on the front desk pointed at me jokingly "keeping an eye on me".  I didn't even realize that until today that he has an entire recording of our cash procedure.

3) He's the only person that KNEW those keys were in there.  (But then, anyone else could have wandered over and figured it out...but why would they take only some money AND the cash slip?)

4)He was nowhere to be found when I left that night...and he's ALWAYS right there.

It feels like whoever did it was trying to make me look incompetent OR protect me in a way by a feeble attempt at removing my name(though I'm leaning toward the first one).

Just looking for some psychological insight from someone with field expereince.  I'm just a student at this stuff.
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Psychology Of A Thief

Postby devon » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:24 pm

Hi, Taryn,

I am not a criminologist, but these may be of help or interest:

The Narcissist and Psychopath as Criminalshttp://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/narcissisticabuse/message/5003

The Narcissist is Above the Lawhttp://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/narcissisticabuse/message/4983

The Narcissist as Liar and Con-manhttp://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/narcissisticabuse/message/4951

Narcissistic abuse in the workplace and narcissism of authority figures - click on the links:http://malignantselflove.tripod.com/pp114.htmlhttp://www.tipsofallsorts.com/bully.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/faq81.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/journal79.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/faq11.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/15.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/faq19.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/journal73.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/faq47.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/journal70.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/journal52.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/journal48.htmlhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/corporatenarcissism.htmlhttp://healthyplace.com/Communities/personality_disorders/site/Transcripts/narci...http://open-site.org/Society/Issues/Violence_and_Abuse/Workplace/http://www.nypress.com/16/7/news&columns/feature.cfmhttp://www.bullyonline.org/workbully/npd.htmhttp://www.freepint.com/issues/240703.htmhttp://malignantselflove.tripod.com/journal45.htmlhttp://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/bbing/stories/s1158704.htmhttp://www.freepint.com/issues/260505.htmhttp://alaskaclubs.fitdv.com/new/articles/article.html?artid=640

Take care.

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