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Property rights for women in Tamil Nadu?

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Property rights for women in Tamil Nadu?

Postby adusa37 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:17 am

We are four in the family I have 2 elder sisters and one younger brother. 

My mother inherited ancestral properties from my grandfather. Also, my father bought some properties on my brother's name and some on my eldest sister's name. My father expired four years ago.

I wanted all the properties that are inherited or bought by my parents to be equally shared among the four siblings.

The issue here is, my mother is biased towards my brother and is letting him have additionally significant valuable properties on his name. Because I am a women she denies me equal share as my brother. 

I heard recently, that my mother with help of brother have already divided the properties without my knowledge. When I ask my mother or brother about the division, they refuse to reveal the details. 

My mother said, since the grandfathers property is settled one.  She has the right to give her son as much as she wants and that I don't have the right to ask equal share among siblings. 

I wanted to know whether it is true that if ancestral property are settled (not registered) on my mother does she have rights to write/settle significantly extra property to her son and less to her daughters? Don't I have rights for equal property as my brother? 

If the properties have not been equally distributed, do I have any legal rights to evaluate and redistribute the properties equally. 
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