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Procedure to get legal heir certificates or succession certificate & transfer of ownership of house? India?

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Procedure to get legal heir certificates or succession certificate & transfer of ownership of house? India?

Postby karlitis » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:31 pm

My father bought the house 13 years ago under his name. My father passed away 3 years ago. He took housing loan and was paying monthly installment and when he passed away, loan payment was pending, so we paid remaining loan amount from his PF amount and settled all the account so now we dont have any debt. The finance company which granted us loan returned all the papers of house on the full payment of loan. The house is located in India in Gujarat State - Ahmedabad city under Auda area in India. Right now me, my younger sister, my younger minor brother (14 year old) and my widowed mom stay in the same house.

Now my father has not left any will. So someone told me that when a man die intestate (without leaving will), his surviving mother, wife and all children become legal heir of equal share. But my grandmom is no more she died long ago. So now my mom, me (30), my sister (28), and my minor brother (14) are surviving members. I am divorced girl and my sister and minor brother are single. My mother is of opinon that we all 4 members should become joint owner of house. But we don't know the procedure. Someone told me that we need to get legal heir certificate or a succession certificate. But how to get it, what is the procedure of getting it, what documents we required? And after getting legal heir certificates, how can we transfer the ownership. The lightbill still comes in my father's name, what do we do so that it start coming in my mother's name.

Please don't reply like meet some local lawyer, I will definately meet local lawyer, but before I meet local lawyer, I want to research on my own and want some advice online too. So that when I meet lawyer, I can understand better what is he helping us. This is because during my divorce I had bad experience from one local lawyer, who was taking advantage of my ignorance, he was misguiding me and claiming that he was the one who wrote all the law books blah blah and asking for 50k for mutual divorce. Later I looked up to online about divorce law, and found one honest lawyer who only took 5k and got us divorce with proper guidance.

Please give me advice. I posted my question here so that I can get good advice as to what legal procedure we have to follow to transfer the ownership of house in my mother's and us 3 siblings name. Thanks already.
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Procedure to get legal heir certificates or succession certificate & transfer of ownership of house? India?

Postby caelin » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:34 pm

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Re: Procedure to get legal heir certificates or succession c

Postby Dorenezeller » Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:15 pm

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