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Praise Team And Church Split

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Praise Team And Church Split

Postby Buckie » Mon May 01, 2017 7:49 am

Actually, I have two questions:

1-Are praise teams in the Church of Christ wrong?

2-My church has split.  My belief is that we should have stayed together and therefore, I have not "left" the congregation, even though I struggle with some of the things that have gone on in our congregation.  I believe God wants us to stay together, through thick and thin, and work our our differences.  I feel somewhat judged by those who left, because of my choice to stay.  Yet when I observe the behavior of some of the brethren who remain, I am frustrated and concerned.  Bottom line, have I made the right decision to stay?  I may be upset and disappointed in some folks, but still love everyone! Please help.  Thanks, Teresa
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Praise Team And Church Split

Postby Burkett » Mon May 01, 2017 9:31 am

Hi Teresa,

Yes praise teams in the church are wrong. There is absolutely no authority for them for one but more than that, every congregation that chooses to permit praise teams eventually they begin to accept musical instruments, and choirs. It's a baby step in the wrong direction. So many seek to do things they believe will make our worship more pleasing to themselves and everyone and think such changes will help others to get more out of the worship service. But there are several problems with what they choose to do and why they do it. Worship is supposed to be TO GOD and our focus should always be on God and Jesus and NOT on what makes it more enjoyable for us. God has always given us specific instructions on how to worship Him. We see that all through the Bible. Just one example is Nadab and Abihu. When they used a fire not authorized by God, they lost their lives. 1 Then Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, each took his censer and put fire in it, put incense on it, and offered profane fire before the LORD, which He had not commanded them. 2 So fire went out from the LORD and devoured them, and they died before the LORD. 3 And Moses said to Aaron, “This is what the LORD spoke, saying:      ‘By those who come near Me      I must be regarded as holy;      And before all the people      I must be glorified.’” Before there was a Law of Moses we saw how Cain's sacrifice was rejected by God while Abel's was accepted. Obviously God had instructed them in how to offer a sacrifice to Him and Cain did not offer sacrifice according to God's instruction. God even tells him..."If you do well, will you not be accepted?"(Gen.4:6#

We are instructed to sing in the New Testament and no instrument is authorized, nor is there authority for praise teams, or choirs. I do agree God wants us to stick together through thick and thin and every time a church splits I am confident it breaks God's heart. But God also wants us to unite on His Word. The way you can determine which side is on the wrong side of a disagreement causing a split is by determining which side is more in line with God's Word and also which is trying to force what they see as "optional" but preferred upon all the members who firmly believe such a practice is sinful. Most everyone I have talked to in denominations which use musical instruments, when I talk to them about why we don't use musical instruments, they say that although they enjoy singing  without musical instruments, they just "prefer" having the instruments accompany their singing. So rather than unite with Christians who believe using musical instruments in worship is sinful, they choose to force their "preference upon everyone who wants to worship with them. Hence because they refuse to give up their preference, it is impossible for us to unite with denominations #of course we have many more differences than just the music#. When a church of Christ splits it is because those who see something as optional but feel the need to FORCE their optional preference upon everyone who wishes to worship with them. Therefore those who see it as sin have no choice but to leave and begin another congregation made up of those who worship as they believe God instructs us.

Yes you should still love everyone on both sides of the issue they split over but we should stick with those members who are adhering to God's instruction. I hope I have helped you in some way. Please let me know if you have further questions or need anything clarified.

In Christian Love, Joe Norman  
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