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Possible Bad Knee Replacement

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Possible Bad Knee Replacement

Postby Jenda » Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:16 pm

how do i get someone to tell me if the doctor messed up i had my knee replaced. It's now one & half year later and i cannot stand straight i have extreme pain all day long and my extension is about 80% and flexion unsure of what it is but its not straight at all. I'm 37yrs old & i had a replacement because of an accident i had 5yrs prior.
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Possible Bad Knee Replacement

Postby Tobyn » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:11 pm

You are asking a tough question. First it has been a year and a half, and in most States the statute of limtations is a year from the time you knew or suspected that the doctor goofed. A smart lawyer can help you overcome that.

You do need to see a lawyer. Your best bet is to ask your local Bar Association to give you a list. Then you can talk to those on the list. You may run into another problem. And that is if you live in a small community, lawyers who need doctors to testify in their injury cases may not want to sue a local orthopedist for malpractice. If you think this may happen, then go to the nearest large County and search for lawyers. The County still has to be in your State.

You don't describe th surgery, but if it was an arthroscopic job, it is much more likely to have produced trouble. If the doctor opened the knee to expose the OLD injury, he may have run into trouble. Scars and adhesions from the injury may have complicated his surgery. No matter, you still need to talk to a lawyer. You should not have had to endure this pain and lack of movement this long.

Now, if you will do this, could you please let me know how you reached me? My email is [email protected] Just a line or two. I'm curious. I hope to increase the 'keyword' list. Thanks.
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