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Police Officer With A Heart Problem

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Police Officer With A Heart Problem

Postby Yigol » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:13 pm

hi my name is Mary and I'm a junior turning senior in high school. when i was four days old i had open heart surgery for an arterial switch of the major arteries and i have asthma as a result. i want to become a homicide detective but i don't know if my medical history would disqualify me.can i become a police officer/ homicide detective with this heart problem?
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Police Officer With A Heart Problem

Postby Bay » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:01 am

Hey there, Mary :)

A few things you may need to know about becoming a homicide detective:

1.  In order to become a homicide detective, one has to be a regular, uniformed police officer first and, usually, it takes many years of experience as   a "street cop" before being eligible to put in for a detective position.  

2.  Anyone who wants to become a police officer has to apply for, and be accepted to, a police academy.

** Acceptance to the police academy includes having to take a physical and have a physician "sign off" on the applicant; saying the applicant is in good enough shape to participate in the physical part of the academy.  

3.  Most police academies have very rigorous physical training that lasts the duration of the academy.  Not only is there a "boot camp" style of PT, the defensive tactics and some of the firearms training can wear upon some people who are not physically fit.

** In order to graduate from the police academy, the trainee has to receive passing grades on the physical training, defensive tactics and firearms.  

4.  Aside from the physical requirements of the academy that have to be passed, most   law enforcement agencies require all applicants to pass a physical agility test during the application phases.  

** So even after graduating from the police academy, another physical agility(obstacle course, push ups, sit ups, running, body drag, etc) test has to be passed before one can be hired to actually be   a cop(with the agencies that require the physical agility testing).  

Because the job of a cop is so physically demanding and stressful(which can wear upon a person's health), being physically capable is   a requirement.  As in, someone who is physically handicapped would not be able to perform the job duties and therefore, would not be able to become a police officer.  Even cops who become handicapped as a result of an injury on the job will lose their job position if the injury makes them incapable of passing the physical requirements(sad, huh?).

But just having a heart condition or asthma will not stop you from being a cop, if you are still physically active and fit enough to pass the requirements and do the job.  

I know a couple of cops who had heart conditions and I know a couple of cops that have asthma.  Those cops are able to perform their jobs just as well as(and in some cases better) other cops who have no heart or lung issues.  

The ones I know who have conditions just make sure they do a lot of cardio to keep their heart/lungs strong.

So! Good News, sister!!--

If you are able to pass the physical tests and keep up with the physical requirements over the years, you can most definitely   be a cop, and then work towards being promoted to homicide! :)

Hope this helps.  Good luck to you in your career & stay safe,

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