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Pittsburg Safe Combination

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Pittsburg Safe Combination

Postby Fearghus » Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:25 am

I am helping a family member attempting to open an old Pittsburg Safe Company safe.  It is labeled Pittsburg Safe Co. Pittsburg, PA.  We have 3 numbers we were told was the combination and we have a key we believe will open a 2nd door.  The combination lock has numbers between 20-100 with blank space between those numbers.  The combination lock has "Pittsburg Safe Co" on it.

I can't seem to find the correct combination sequence for the lock to open door.  Do you know what type of combo lock this is and the potential sequence?  Any idea of the age?  I understand that their were two safe companies with same name, but the 20-100 numbers seem to be rare.  Any other cool history about the safe. Thanks
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Pittsburg Safe Combination

Postby westbroc90 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:15 am

Hi Chad,

The lock installed on this safe was made BY Sargent & Greenleaf(S&G) for the Pittsburg Safe Company, and was called the Pittsburg Special.    It is a three wheel lock, similar to the Yale HE series but in a square case.    S&G mad a lot of locks without numbers between 0-20 on the dial.   There was a specific reason for this which had more to do with the consumer than the lock.    It is NOT rare.    The patent date for this lock is May 22nd 1906

The Pittsburg Safe Company that made your safe, was incorporated in 1902 and lasted through at least 1920, though not much longer.    With a 1906 patent date, your safe would have been made between 1907 to 1920ish.

Note:   The name "Pittsburg" was officially changed back to "Pittsburgh" in 1911, though businesses, citizens and newspapers took many more years to accept the change.   Advertisements were still seen into the 1917's spelling the city as "Pittsburg".

The dialing sequence for the lock is:

4 times left to the first number,

3 times right to the second number,

2 times left to the third number,

1 time right stopping at "100" - turn handle to open

Note:   left is counter clockwise, right is clockwise.   DO NOT count the revolutions of the dial count each number as it arrives at the 12 o'clock index mark.    For instance if your first number is 50, you will turn the dial counter clockwise(left), stopping the FOURTH time the number 50 ARRIVES at the 12 o'clock mark.

Hope this helps,  
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