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Perscription Meds And Stress Test

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Perscription Meds And Stress Test

Postby Eachann » Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:15 pm

I am having a stress test and was told by the receptionist that I could not have chocolate 48hrs prior but that I could take my Adderall. The amount of caffeine in chocolate can affect the results but not Adderall? Is that correct? Is it in fact safe to take during a stress test?

Thank you
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Perscription Meds And Stress Test

Postby Deion » Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:29 am

Hi Elizabeth,

There are severer types of stress test, and echo stress test, nuclear stress test and the normal treadmill stress test. How much(dose) and what type of adderall are you taking? Is it the extended release type? My research on the subject revealed that a physician should be consulted as to strenuous exercise while taking adderall. Chocolate and caffeine work differently on the body than does adderall. Otherwise, chocolate and caffeine would be the prescription and treatment for ADD or ADHD.  On the other hand, adderall can be dangerous for people with heart problems and that is a fact, so I am stumped as to why they would allow you to take it before the stress test. Especially because the stress test is going to try and confirm or rule out how your heart works under stress. Since you got this information from the receptionist I would not even think about taking your stress test while on adderall until you speak directly to the physician or cardiologist who has ordered the stress test. The receptionist may not even know what adderall is and what it does since she hasn't any medical training. She may just be going on the fact that prescribed medications should not be stopped before taking a stress test. But adderall? In my opinion, this is how disasters happen which is why I recommend that you talk directly to your physician about the fact that you are taking adderall. He may have inadvertently missed that while reviewing your chart. It does happen. Or, there may be no contraindication to undergoing a stress test while on adderall. Again, check with the physician and get a thorough explanation from him if he’s still ok's the stress test despite your taking this medication.  Your safety is of utmost concern here so do a double and triple check w/ your physicians. If he still OK's the stress test, then he must have medical evidence that it will have no ill effects and I personally would feel confident going through with it myself after consulting with him.   A very astute observation on your end and it deserves an answer by someone other than the receptionist.

Best Regards, Charles V Allen, Jr., RN,BSN  
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