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(part 4) Satanic Idolatry That Christians Don't Want You To Find Out.

The law of the sea.

(part 4) Satanic Idolatry That Christians Don't Want You To Find Out.

Postby Thoma » Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:02 pm

Dagon or Dragon?

Christian Idolatry is Satanic Idolatry.  The next Pagan Icon that “False Christians” love and adorn is the symbol of a fish.  You seen it, and may even have one yourself. It’s a secret code letting everyone know that your “a Christian”.  Problem is,  that Icon is a Pagan Idol.  It is the “mark” of the Beast of False Religion. This mark can found on almost anything this person posses. The favorite spot is on the trunk of a car or bumper. Have you ever considered where this Icon comes from?  It comes from Israel’s archenemy, “the Philistines”!  Read(Judges 16:23)  Jehovah was so upset with the Philistines, he wiped out the entire race and they no longer exist. Are you going the same way to extinction?
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(part 4) Satanic Idolatry That Christians Don't Want You To Find Out.

Postby Wilfred » Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:01 pm

Dagon Worship = Dragon

The symbol gives honor to Dagon, the fish-god of the Philistines. The Icon actually represents the female reproductive organ.  When the nose of the fish icon is pointed upward to the air, you can make an outline of the woman’s vigina. If you turn the fish upside down, it represents the woman legs being spread apart from the air like a “Y”.   Most icons are more subtle and are pictured laying on it’s side.  Of course this “Christian Icon” is especially used in Satanic ceremonies or during orgies.   

Other cultures have also adopted this Pagan Idol, such as the Greeks.  It’s known as the Ichthys Symbol.  Today,  there are some “Christian Congregations” that refer to their church as the Ichthys.  The members call this symbol the “Jesus fish”.  However, there is nothing Christian about it.  http://www.albatrus.org/english/religions/pagan/origin_fish_symbol.htm

The symbol has many different pagan meanings depending how it is presented.  Have you ever heard a saying referring to the Flying Spaghetti Monster?  How do people proclaiming to be “Christians” know about this?  It is so deeply rooted in “demon worship”. This is very eye opening, judge for yourselves:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichthys#Parodies_of_the_ichthys_symbol

“In the horror short story "ICHTHYS" by Arinn Dembo, the Greek acrostic and the Eucharist are linked to a 2000-year-old society of Christian ghouls living in the catacombs of ancient Rome.” Quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichthys#Parodies_of_the_ichthys_symbol

Ghouls and goblins is Satan Worship, make no mistake about it.  Probably the most sinister form of the Ichthys is the priests who wear the Dagon hat during ceremonies of significance. Can you guess which religion that is?  YES!  The Mother of Christendom whom all offshoots call the early church.  The biggest Cult of them all. The Dragon's supporters on earth today call themselves "Christians" and rejects that Michael defeats the dragon, claiming the dragon to be superior in Power and Authority.(Rev 12:7-9)

“And they worshiped the dragon because it gave the authority to the wild beast, and they worshiped the wild beast with the words: “Who is like the wild beast, and who can do battle with it?”(Rev 13:5)

“And it opened its mouth in blasphemies against God, to blaspheme his name and his residence, even those residing in heaven.”(Rev 13:6) No wonder why Derrick Holland claims that Jehovah’s Name should not be in the Bible!  

In conclusion, those who take on the mark of the beast, worship the Dragon and reject Jehovah and his anointed one!  http://www.cafepress.com/+satan_fish_symbol_black_cap,68243427

“Calling Demonic Worship “Christian” doesn’t make it so.”  Quote from Brother Rando

Derrick Holland’s False Ekklesia Exposed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-WOZCPWkwc
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