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(part 1) Satanic Idolatry That Christians Don't Want You To Find Out.

The law of the sea.

(part 1) Satanic Idolatry That Christians Don't Want You To Find Out.

Postby RosIyn » Thu May 19, 2016 4:22 am

Today, Billions make the claim to be "Christians".  Yet, they engage in War, kill, rape and pillage.  They are like wild dogs that run in packs.  When they is no war or conflict, they will turn on one another. Where does all this Violence come from?  To understand the mind of the "False Christian", let's look at two commandments that they reject.

"You must not make for yourself a carved image or a form like anything that is in the heavens above or that is on the earth underneath or that is in the waters under the earth."(Exodus 20:4)

"God is a Spirit, and those worshiping him must worship with spirit and truth."(john 4:24)

Yet, the same ones that claim to believe are engaging in "Demon Worship".  We read: "No; but I say that the things which the nations sacrifice they sacrifice to demons, and not to God; and I do not want YOU to become sharers with the demons."(1 Corinthians 10:20)

Can Idol worship of what you love really be wrong? The fact is Idol Worship is not worshiping God in spirit and truth.

So what is an Idol?  According to the definition an idol is simply "a representation or symbol of an object of worship"http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/idol

So, what is the First and Oldest Religious Idol or Icon known to man?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYV5VM5xfk4
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(part 1) Satanic Idolatry That Christians Don't Want You To Find Out.

Postby Henson » Thu May 26, 2016 11:57 am

Oldest Religious Icon

The cross can be dated back to ancient Babylon, the tower of Babel. Nimrod was a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.(Genesis 10:9)  Historians claim that Nimrod was born on December 25th. Does that Date ring the bell for anyone?  http://christmasxmas.xanga.com/682535672/item/

The two Pagan festivals worshiped and celebrated 4,200 years ago are still celebrated by the descendants of Nimrod today.  They are called Ishtar and Saturnalia. Today the descendants of Nimrod are known as Satan's seed or Babylon the Great.  Trinitarians continue to worship these demonic themes under different names called Easter and Christmas.  

The First and Oldest Religious Icon is the Cross which was the worship of the sun-gods Mithra and Tammuz.  Easter was implemented by Semiramis(Nimrod's Newly Widowed Wife) after giving birth to his child.  She claimed her son Tammuz was Nimrod incarnated and the Trinity was born.  Yes, the Trinity is a man-made Creation about 4,200 years old. Semiramis called herself a goddess(ASTARTE) which is one of many names for Easter. Here's a short list of Goddesses named after her.(Alilah, Allah, Ariadne, Astartet, Ashtoreth, Cybele, Diana, Freya, Goddess, Gaia, Gaya, Il, Isis, Ishtar, Jachin, Queen of Heaven(s), Lady Liberty, Laksjmi,(Eternal) Virgin, Moongoddess, Rhea, Sin, Venus)

Iran(Persians) worship these gods, but the foundation is from Nimrod about 1,200 years earlier than the Persians! Interestingly enough the worship of these trinity gods involved strong beliefs in a celestial heaven and an infernal hell. They believed that the benevolent powers of the god would sympathize with their suffering and grant them the final justice of immortality and eternal salvation in the world to come. The Cross was simply adopted by the Roman Church.  Since Rome was a world power losing it's grip, they seized an opportunity to mix pagans with the Christians for control. Anyone who refused to bow before the cross or refuse to make the sign of the cross was dealt with in extreme ways. Death, dismemberment including castration, rape, child rape and slavery. Sometimes the priest themselves would get the go ahead from the Roman Emperor to engage in orgies with the heretics. Why was this done?  So the heretics would bore Christendom Offspring.  It Worked! Girls in their preteens was there flavor until they grew tired of girls turning to little boys and animal pets.

So what icon carries such great glory?  Look at your unholy icon that has caused strife and violence throughout history and the land.  The #1 Idol worshiped today reaching the ends of the world in the fight against Jehovah's Sovereignty and rejects Jesus as the Christ.  The Cross is not in the Bible until the 17th century when it was added in the King Jams Version as a false and deceptive translation.  
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