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Pain 1 Yr. After Hernia Repair

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Pain 1 Yr. After Hernia Repair

Postby bercnan72 » Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:37 am

Hello, I have a question regarding ongoing pain more than 1 year after surgery.  Last year, I was diagnosed with a double hernia(inguinal).  Both left and right were repaired, the right side on 9/11/06 and the left side on 9/18/06. Over a year later, my left side is pain free.  On the other hand, my right side has been very painful.  Coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, lifting, etc. cause a severe, sharp pain with throbbing.  I don't believe I should still be experiencing pain.  Up until recently, I thought it would go away and it was still recovering.  But then, why was my left side fine?  Prior to surgery, while having a double hernia, I never experienced any pain at all.  Could you please give your opinion as to whether or not this is normal.  If it isn't normal, what can be done?

Thank You,

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Pain 1 Yr. After Hernia Repair

Postby Aldo » Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:02 am

No, it is not normal for you to have pain for a year or more after surgery. You do not say if you have complained to that doctor. If not, why not?

But this late in the game, you will only irritate the doctor and send him back to the record room so he can re-write his operative report. Instead, find a malpractice lawyer and tell him your story. Your case should not be too complicated for even a newcomer in the malpractice law business. You have every right to have that botched surgery fixed(and soon) and to be compensated for your pain. To find a lawyer  you might call your Bar Association and ask for a list of malpractice lawyers, or go to your Yellow Pages and find some. Talk to several and choose the one who makes the most sense to you, maybe an older guy who has been the route. Good luck.
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