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Obedience to traffic control devices (PA)?

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Obedience to traffic control devices (PA)?

Postby chay » Sun May 20, 2012 2:48 pm

I was driving home, doing the speed limit and came to the stop sign right outside of my neighborhood. I came to a stop for about 1 full second and then proceeded onward. A police officer pulled me over and said that he had pulled me over for not coming to a complete three second stop. He took my license and came back a few minutes later saying that he was going to cut me a break and write me a "Obedience to traffic control devices" ticket instead of a stop sign ticket, which carries points.

I have two questions about this 1) Will my insurance provider find out/raise my rates for this offense?

2) The ticket carries no points, but is it still attached to my driving record or is it just a fine?

I am ok with paying the fine, I'm a lifeguard and can afford it. But I'm only 18 and my parents pay for my insurance. My mom is freaking out saying she doesnt know what will happen on if our insurance will go up a lot because of my ticket and if this will stay on my driving record forever. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.
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