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Notice of traffic violation question.?

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Notice of traffic violation question.?

Postby fiynn » Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:01 am

So I got this mail from my county(a new one) it's called "Notice of traffic violation" it has a court date

but has no ticket fine on it. My question is will they check if I have an car insurance or not? because

as of now I don't have a car insurance... but I'm getting one when I get my payroll on my job. by the

way the car I'm using isn't mine its my parents car, my parents has car insurance so I would not

worry about that I'm worry about mine just in case I get into accident. Please answer ASAP thanks!
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Notice of traffic violation question.?

Postby reid » Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:04 am

If you have permission to use your parents car then you are insured under their policy unless you live in a no fault state where you are required to carry minimum insurance. If the ticket is for traffic you have no worry, if it is for failure to provide proof of insurance you will be asked at the court date to provide proof. If that is the case and you wont have coverage by that time make a simple motion to continue the hearing beyond the date in which you will be insured . The county clerk will help you with the motion.
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Notice of traffic violation question.?

Postby jerrick » Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:15 am

If it's your parents' car, and THEY have insurance on it, AND they've given permission for you to drive it, then their insurance applies to you while you're driving that car. A CAR has insurance, based on the normal driver's record.

Why there's a court date for a traffic violation and no notice of fine to be paid (a tie-up of court time for no normal reason), there should still be a phone number for you to contact the Court Clerk and see if a simple fine can be mailed in or paid at their office without court. And the amount. In either case, they don't care about insurance on the vehicle since it's your traffic violation that's at issue. Cops will usually ask, to make sure you're following the law, and it's an EXTRA ticket if you don't. But I've never had the court demand proof of insurance when paying a traffic fine. Including lack of insurance.
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