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Less Than 1% Chrysotile Asbestos

our bldg.  

In our bldg, 12 units, 1600 sq feet of stucco was removed around our garage parking area.  on the ceiling and walls. no permit was obtained and we afterwards had the stucco tested on our own.

from a State licensed lab we were told it had less than 1% chrysotile asbestos.

It was sledge hammered off, large dust cloud and debris all week long. no covering, no warning signs ...
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About Ticket To Work Program

I am 39 years old, and have a couple of years of college,no degree, but still attending. I have virtually no work experience, but when my dr. says I can I think I would like to work. I have had varying diagnosises with mental and neurological problems. If I try to work now will I be able to have health insurance? If I do will I still have limitations on income,resources, etc.? The employment networks ...
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Unpaid Mandatory Meeting

I work for a dental office and there has been several occasions where a meeting will be scheduled and employees are told the meeting will not be paid. Is this legal? We ask if the meeting is mandatory, because I assume if its mandatory it needs to be paid time, and the reply is "you are not a team player if you do not attend", which sounds like black mailing to me.  So my question ...
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Clocking Out Fot Unpaid Lunches

Does NYS require hourly employees to punch out for lunch or is an automated system deduction allowed?
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Commercial Property Landlord's Insurance

I have commercial property in the state of Georgia. I'm renting out to a auto repair shop. As landlord I have taken out a policy to cover the property along with general liability and terrorism coverage on my building that is in effect with Columbia Ins Group that is paid through 12/2010. My question is this- I am divorced and by court order have been given sole custody of the property until it is sold ...
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My labor cost is 38%. To calculate the labor cost for my restaurant I add my wages  including the pay roll expenses(SDI and SS and the rest) and then I also add the workers comp. insurance. This also includes a  fair salary that I pay myself for managing the restaurant and a book keeper. The gross sale of the 90 seat restaurant in California is $900,000/year. Lunch and Dinner only. Beer and Wine only. Why ...
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Garage Keepers Ins

Are all garagekeepers liability ins premiums based on total annual projected gross sales ?
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Workers Comp Claim For Mom


My mother slipped and fell on ice yesterday at work, while on break.  She has a severe break in her wrist.  She went to the ER, and is scheduled for follow up with the orthopedic surgeon in 2 days, with surgery to follow this week.

She was taken my ambulance to the hospital that the company uses for Workers Comp claims, but has not received or filled out any paperwork for workers ...
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Herniated Disc

Hi. I had an MRI 2 months ago and I have a herniated disc in the l4 and then I have a bulgin disc in the l5. I just started rehab. I was wondering a couple of things.......First of all what is the best way for me to sleep.......and second of all how long of rehab do you think I would have to do in order to get back into shape to workout and play ...
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