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Rural Marketing

Dear Leo Lingham Sir,

Please help me with answers for below questions.

1.You are a cellular telecom operator with strong roots in the urban markets. Due to saturation in the existing markets, you now want to expand into rural areas. How would you modify your current marketing mix strategies according to the rural consumers?

2.Comment upon the effectiveness of wall paintings and the mobile vans as communication media in the rural markets, ...
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Satanic Majesties Request

Promo Copy Cover  

Promo Copy Label  

Hi! I hope you can help me determine a value for two Stones albums.(1) Promo copy of "England's Newest Hit Makers The Rolling Stones" on London FFrr label. The front cover has a "Promotion Copy Not for Sale" sticker affixed to it(the back cover bears the initials "yr"). The album is in perfect condition, with no visible scratches. I've owned it since 1976 but have ...
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Adult (model) Scouting

I know alot of girls that would be interested in the adult film industry. This gave me an idea of anside awesome side business. I am just curious about the laws regarding being an adult scout. Aswell as after I have their information. How do I get it to producers or agents. How to find them, and make alittle money at it also. Like I said. I know plenty of girls up for the challenge. ...
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Grocery Stores Near Animal Kingdom

Hi Sue, I just googled something and your site came up.  It looks like you are the expert on my subject.  I am a 46 year old travel agent and have never been to Disney World... I know, it's a sin isn't it?  Well, my daughter is attending a dance convention there starting this Saturday and I'm lost without knowing where I'm going and not having a rental car.  We are staying at the Disney ...
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Traffic Homicide

Could you please give me the legal definition of "traffic homicide"?
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New Drivers Regulations


A close personal friend of mine passed her car driving test yesterday.  As a result, another friend of hers(doubtful), has informed her that there are a couple of new rules for newly qualified drivers recently introduced this year, namely:

1. That for a period of six months from the date of passing the driving test, "P Plates" are obligatory.

2. That also for a period of six months from the date ...
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Chicago From Lombard

I will be staying in Lombard(or very close by) and want to get into the city to see the sights.  I plan to use the trolley to move around the city for two days(hopping off and on) and will visit MOSI.  Should I drive to the city and try to park at the city lots in Grant Park and at MOSI?  It see the trains don't go all the way to Lombard.  I see there ...
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Traffic Violation Question

Hi Jack,

I completely understand if you cannot answer my question due to being in a different state. I am in New York.

I had recently received a traffic ticket for "following too closely", or tailgating as it's often called.

When I went to pay the ticket on NY's online plea system, the ticket was not found. When I did a general search by my driver's license number it returned a result ...
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Collision While Making Left Hand Turn In San Antonio, Tx

Car A is making left hand turn at an intersection of a city street: 4 lanes, 2 lanes in each direction. Car A proceeds through intersection southbound turning left to the east following another slowly moving vehicle making the same turn. There appears ample distance from oncoming traffic to safely make the turn. Speed limit is 30 MPH. Car B traveling northbound then collides with car A at rear right quarter-panel causing car A to ...
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I Bought A Salvaged Car Unknowingly

When I bought my 97 Acure Integra off the car lot I specifically asked the dealer if it was salvaged and he said it was not. A month and a half later I received the registration in the mail which stated it was salvaged. I now have several problems with the car and I am paying almost monthly for fixtures. Some people told me it was illegal to sell a salvaged car on a car ...
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