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Npri Calculations

Need to understand NPRI better and from a search on past questions, still somewhat confused. location is in Texas

If(100%) mineral owner signs a 25% royalty lease and there happens to be a 1/16 NPRI no deduction clause on that tract(from a long time ago) . The NPRI has approved pooling. Tract is 200 acres in a 200 acre producing well unit. Would the NPRI receive monies based on 100% production income of 1/16 ...
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Technology Management

1.   Technology has become an integral part of any business unit. Keeping this statement in mind discuss the role of technology in designing the business strategies of a firm. Illustrate your answer with the help of an example.

2.   Briefly discuss various routes of technology transfer. Take an organization of your choice, which has adopted a specific route of technology transfer for its product. Discuss the merits and demerits of adopting the specific route ...
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Ferrelloil Co., Llc

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Assigning Interest

I am new in the oil and gas business and am confused about the differences between companies assigning lease interest, working interest and wellbore interest.  Could you help explain the differences.  Thank you for your input
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Expert Profile

Kevin Hromas



Ask A View Past
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Home-office Renovation

s About Taxes)/Home-Office Renovation Advertisement Expert: Richard Fritzler - 12/6/2007 This year, my wife and I did a major renovation of our house that included adding a partial third floor to our two story house for my office. The third floor is exclusively used for my office -- nothing else is on the floor. It is my full-time office(I work from there 8-10 hours a day). There is no "outside the home" office, and I ...
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Coyote / My Dogs Safety

I live in Mather, CA. My house backs up to a greenbelt area where there are coyotes. My back fence is 5' tall, wrought iron. Coyote has walked up to my fence and stared into my backyard. I keep NO food outside. I have a 14 lb. Maltese mix dog. Sometimes have also a 40 lb. Lab mix, and a 30 lb. mix at my house. They are not aggressive dogs.  Might the coyote jump ...
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Disabled Parking On Private Property

In California. Can an HOA on private property enforce restrictions to the disabled parking spaces in the community. IE designate for Guests of residents only all others will be towed. If signs are posted, spaces are clearly marked and CCRs reflect such rules.
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Llc Rental Property

s About Taxes)/LLC Rental property Advertisement Expert: John Stancil, CPA - 2/11/2011 My sons and I have formed an LLC. I loaned the partnerhip the monies to buy 4 rental properties. I am preparing the 1065.

The interest the partnership is paying me on the loans for the rental.  Should I allocate to the 4 properties or does the interest amount go on page 2 of Schedule e for each invidual members.If it does ...
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Online Discrimination

Hi Chris. Why has Facebook.com said I'm ineligable to sign up with them? I have not found a way to call or email them to find out why.
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