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Parked Car Incident In A Parking Lot

Dear Richard, our car was parked in a lot in NJ(no fault state) and was hit while in the store.  $1800 damage bottom line after bringing it to a collision shop.  The collision shop told my husband that if we put in a claim with Geico they will raise our rates because of no fault so it doesn't pay?  Is that true - sounds unfair since we were not there or responsible in any way ...
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Liability For Injured Dog

While driving on a residential street in Florida a dog came out of nowhere and I hit it.  I saw it out of the corner of my left eye and hit it almost simultaneously. I immediately stopped. The dog was not on a leash, despite the local leash law.  The dog had two small scraps(no bleeding). In heat of the moment I told the owner of the dog that I was sorry and would pay ...
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Giving An Affidavit Of Assets To Ins Co.??

I was in a car accident 2 yrs ago in Clearwater FL In Pinellas County. I got the ticket even though I felt it was wrong. I turned left at a stop sign but I stopped at the stop sign before the other woman did. I got the ticket because I turned left and she was going straight, regardless to that legally I got the ticket and did not feel like fighting it. Everyone was ...
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School Negligence?

Hello, my son is in the the grade in Illinois.  He was playing baseball in PE at school.  He slid into the base and twisted his ankle.  It was causing some pain and he was limping on it.  He took his shoe off and noticed an odd shape, he reported it to his teacher and her response was "Put your shoe back on your fine".  The school never called me.  That afternoon he never showed ...
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Illinois Law Re, Sol-credit Card Past 7 Yrs


Please tell me where or how I can find proof of SOL for repayment enforcement on credit card debt. I am being sued by collection agency for a DISCOVER credit card  that has been inactive without payment since 1999. I thought the SOL for Illinois was 5 years however. Today, I was told 1 that a collection agency can enforce payment for 10 years(clerk said I needed proof of the law before I ...
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Person Who Caused Accident Lying To Insurance Co.

Hello, first, I suppose I should state that my question involves an incident that took place in Kentucky. My wife, who is 6 months pregnant, and I were driving home early Thursday morning(on the biggest bar night of the year) when a car ran a red light and crossed our path at an intersection, resulting in us striking the back quarter panel of their car. It was a clear, blatant case(or so it seemed): we ...
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Slip And Fall At Target

On Thursday September 18 2008, I was at Target in Shakopee Minnesota.  I took my four year old son into the bathroom.  The floor was covered with water.  I carefully took him into one of the stalls and went into the next stall.  When I came out to help wash his hands as well as my own, I slipped and hit my head on the sink.  I blacked out and fell backwards.  I ended up ...
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Septic Shock After Surgery

I will try to be brief and to the point. My mom, aged 63, went in for gallbladder removal. She was sent home after surgery, i took her home, was there frequently and she was not getting any better, very very weak and in lots of pain, throwing up and diarrhea were same smell and color. 10 days after surgery she was found unconscious, upside down in her bathtub, she fell off toilet. 4 hours ...
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Gift Vs. Wages

My mother-in-law is 89 with dementia.  My father-in-law age 91 has COPD.  They are both unable to care for themselves.  My sister-in-law has decided to pay herself for staying at their home 5 days a week to take care of them.  They have a home health aide that comes in twice a week to bathe them and get a free meal weekdays delivered from the local senior health center. She insists the money she earns ...
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4 Week Old Won't Eat

My 4-week old male Lamancha mix just refused his bottle.  I was so shocked because he loves feeding time and is usually very energetic.  This morning he ate fine, but this afternoon he won't eat, he just stands around.  He got knocked down by his sister and he just laid there apathetic at first and then slowly got up.  His temp is 104.7.  He seems to be chewing his cud.  He pooped a few minutes ...
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