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Diagnosed Tetanus In Goat

A friend brought goats to my farmette, and they were not vaccinated.  About 3 weeks ago, I noticed the oldest(a little over a year) was off in her back left leg.  I told my friend, who didn't seem concerned and thought she had hurt herself.  She got progressively worse until she was lying down, and as of two weeks ago could no longer even prop herself up.  I called the vet immediately once she was ...
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1 Month Old Kitten

You have previously helped me about this kitten that i got from a private owner. His belly was very big and hard so we were told from the Animal hospital that he probably have worms so we dewormed him yesterday. But his belly is still very big and hard and he have had diarrhea since the deworming. is this a normal reaction to the treatment ? and shouldn't his stomach be more normal and not ...
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Personal Injury

Hi Patricia, I am a first year law student and am wondering if you could give any insight on this question. It was given out as an example type of question we may receive in our exam on friday.

Sarah was dining at the Fish Cafe with her friend Chris when she slipped on the highly polished floor and broke her leg. She was rushed to hospital where she was treated and given drugs ...
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What Is Fair On Personal Injury Settlement?

I was involved on a head on collision on 05/29/2012.  An older gentlemen(about 90 y/o) fell asleep at the wheel and came onto my lane and hit me head on.  Both of our cars were completely totaled.  The airbag knocked my wind out and the seat belt did leave me a pretty nice bruise on my right rib.  A few hours ago I visited the office to meet with with the claims adjuster. she needed ...
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s SubjectDate AskedExpertdental malpractice11/12/2014Carol L. Schlitt  Q: I am asking about the best way to approach a former dentist for negligent care. A partner in a ...   A: Ruth, I wish I could help you with this complicated case. Unfortunately, I am a lawyer in New York ... SAMs club poor treatment of injured customers 11/3/2014Doctor Settlement  Q: I had a minor Injury but I have to me a lot of pain and suffering ...
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Car Accident

I was in a car accident and the police determined the other drive at fault. we filed a claim with our insurance but was wondering if her insurance should pay our deductible of 500.00. can we file a claim with her insurance if we have filed with ours. we have state farm.
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Serious Car Accident

Hi...I was in a really bad car accident on 11/3/04...I was a passenger in my fiance's grandmother's car...a 17 year old boy ran a stop sign going an estimated 60-70mph...I was also pregnant at the time...I had a bad head injury and my placenta abrupted causing me to have to have an emergency c-section...it turns out that my son had a chromosome problem and he ended up passing away 12/2/04...the official cause of death was ...
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Cohabitation Of A Russian Tortoise And North Eastern Box Turtle.

Is cohabitation possible between a Russian Tort(F) and North Eastern Box Turtle(M)?  They will be in a 120 gallon tank as of right now.  We've had our box turtle for a little over 5 years now and just adopted the Russian Tort.  Our box turtle is currently in a 15g tank while the Russian Tort is in the 120g.  We would like to put them both in the same tank if they would be okay. ...

Slip And Fall Due To Construction In Apartment Building

Last month on 10/6 I slipped and fell in my Los Angeles apartment building as our hallway carpet was being replaced. I was in the elevator going up to my apartment from the parking garage. There was wet adhesive on the floor and as I walked past the construction workers I slipped on the adhesive and twisted my knee. My shoes were stuck in the adhesive and I had to pull them out. There were ...
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