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Please answer the following questions:

1. If an entrepreneur approaches you for an advice regarding financing of a project wherein he intends to expand his existing project. What resources you should suggest him to raise his funds?

2. "Commercial banks in India are now financial super markets" Explain the statement in view of innovative functions of commercial banks.

3. International business is not a new activity-a product of the modern times. The‘imperative’ ...
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Safe (john Tann's, Anchor Reliance)

Safe 1  Safe 2  

Dear Mike,

we are currently moving house and we cannot take this safe with us; can you tell us anything about it and what the value may be?

Thank you for your time

Kind regards

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Sample Trunk

I was wondering the value of my trunk. I have recently sent you photos. Also if my trunk could be restored. Thank you
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Expert Profile

Marty McCrea



Ask A View Past
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Value Of Safe

I have a safe manufactured in very early 1900s by the Safe-Cabinet Co. of Marietta Ohio.  Any idea of value?   THank you.   Bob Miller
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Potential Conflicts- Splitting 1 Nonprofit Into 2 Similar.

I am involved with a nonprofit that provides various youth programs. One of the programs has grown well beyond the others. It seems in the best interest of that program that it be split off to create a separate nonprofit dedicated solely to this program. My concern is regarding potential pitfalls we may not foresee such as an issue with either the name of the new NP and / or the new but very similar ...
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Help With Invention....


I have an idea that is actually an improvement to an exisitng product.  I found a place online that specialized in improvements more so than original inventions but they wanted to charge me per hour for their initial reseach to see if their was an exisitng patent or not and also to see if it was marketable.  I felt that this was a scam and told them forget it.

I am looking ...
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Sample Nda For New Business Idea Disclosure


I recently reviewed a post from you, where you discussed the use of a NDA to protect a new business idea.   If you could provide me with the example you spoke of would be most appreciated.  In the course of exploring the idea further with colleagues and business / friends, select and discrete small audience,, I'd like to be protected.  Based on the concept soundness, business plan development I will need to explore ...
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Purchasing Patent Rights

Marty--do you know of any message boards where people look to purchase patents or patent rights? I have a product that has been in patent-pending for about a year and a half. I had the patent search professionally done and I know there is nothing else even close to it on the market. I've scored high in all the feasibility tests and have personally done market research at many different levels. It is extremely simple ...
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Buescher True Tone Alto Saxophone

I have a Buescher Elkhart, Ind. s/n 80546  low pitch, true tone alto saxophone, in good condition with case. there is a triangle with a tuning fork on the back can you give me any information and the approximate value of this I want to sell it. Thank you
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