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Liability With Personal Development Site

I am the marketing director for Love Is The Cure a non-profit division of the New Hampshire Borderline Personality Disorder Association(NHBPDA).We are developing and providing people with BPD with self help media like articles and audio which contain tips from personal experience and some research.Content is created by us and submitted by guest writers and users.We have a disclaimer on our site that says the info is just for self-help and educational purposes and is ...
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Burst Appendix

about two years ago i made a visit to an urgent care facility in stockton ca. i was having severe stomach pain. when i talked to the doctor i said i was having acute stomach pain and gave him as much information about myself as i could.this imformation included that i was an intrevenus drug user at the time. he didnt look to happy. anyway he felt my head and then gave me some story ...
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Knee Replacement

my mom is 75 yrs old and just had knee replacement surgery and since the operation her knee seems to be fine, but she now has drop foot. her ankel was fine before surgery and now she has drop foot and the surgeon says he was at a lost for words on a follow up visit after she was released from hospital, he seems to think she got drop foot from a machine they hooked ...
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Staph Infection

My mother recently went into the hospital with pneumonia and got a staph infection in her lung.  She was put on a heavy antibiotic and sent to a nursing home rehab until the last day of her antibiotic.  On the last day of the antibiotic, my mother was released and then had to be rushed back to the hospital within the week from her kidneys shutting down.  She was admitted into MICU where she almost ...
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On 29 July, 2008, I delivered my third child via natural childbirth in our local hospital. I was discharged 48 hours later. At no time during my post-delivery did a nurse or physician check any of my bleeding. They stated it was normal and just made sure I was able to urinate since I received an epidural. Two weeks after arriving home I was still bleeding as heavily as when I left the hospital. On ...
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Nerve Damage After Lung Surgery

I had an artery in my lung that for some reason got a leak in it and was leaking into my lung to the poin that I was coughing up blood. After several failed procedures the Dr decided they had to remove the larger lobe of my left lung.(I was in no pain at all before surgery) After the surgery I had numbness from my backbone to my breast bone on the left side with ...
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Staph Infection After Knee Replacement

My husband had bi-lateral knee replacement on May 21.  Towards the end of June, ONE knee became infected.  This particular knee had a very sloppy seam when it was closed after the operation.  He informed the doctor that the knee was causing him severe discomfort, and he was given Keflex.  After 4 days, the surgeon's office called and informed me that I needed to get my husband to the hospital.  By this time, my husband ...
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Spinal Tap Error By Er Doctor

About 5 years ago an ER doctor gave me a spinal tap for severe headache complaints.  The containers that contained the spinal fluid were put in the incorrect order so another spinal tap was needed.  This lead to a hospital stay and more procedures.  I did not initially file suit because I did not have any adverse symptoms from the procedures.  Now, I have lower back problems several times a year.  Is it too late ...
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Negligent Fracture Treatment?

Hi. I have a question about whether the particulars of my medical treatment qualify as medical malpractice(specifically, negligent fracture treatment). On July 25, 2009, I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was treated at a local ER where xrays showed a broken ankle and hand. Both injuries were temporarily bandaged, and I was referred to a local Orthopaedic office for further treatment. On July 27, 2009, I first visited the Orthopaedic Office. I told ...
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Appendicitis/pre Term Labor

I guess my question would be is there any lawsuit in my situation? Here goes, Oct 2010 i was 31 weeks prego. Started feeling some dull pain, felt like constipation. My ob/gyn said take stool softener, prune juice, etc. Which I did for 2 more days, still felt the same, maybe a bit worse. FInally was so uncomfortable went to the ER. They did bloodwork, u/sound. Said basically looks good, just a "little" constipated, sent ...
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