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s SubjectDate AskedExpertinjury at school3/24/2011Carol L. Schlitt  Q: My 16 year old son, broke his fibula during gym class at school. After they had him sit for 2 hours ...   A: Michelle, I am sorry to hear about your son’s injury and the ordeal he had to undergo as he waited ... Broke my foot at a friends house3/22/2011Edward A. Smith  Q: I recently broke my foot helping my friend put up siding on ...
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Personal Injury Settlement Proceeds


I recently signed up with an attorney after I had an auto accident. The other party is at fault and their insurance company has already accepted the liability. I am going through treatment right now.

I have a confusion about the disbursement of settlement proceeds in my case. How will my lawyer get his portion of the settlement? Does he get his % from the gross total of the settlement or from ...
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I saw a previous answer about prednisone whereas the patient did not have longterm effects from the steroid.  I took prednisone in 1994 as part of MOPP/ABV chemo regimen to treat Hodgkins disease.  One year later, my hips started to fail secondary to avascular necrosis.  I had five hip surgeries, to include eventual replacements.  I was also told of AVN affecting my left knee, for which surgery is ONLY to be performed should the knee ...
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Car Insurance


We have a lump sum contract under FIDIC 1999. The Client has taken out CAR insurance for the whole works. In the preamble BOQ, Contractor has priced approx 10 million Dhs as per Clause 18 of Contract - including CAR insurance. Contractor has issued 3 quotations for the same CAR insurance as taken out by Client. However, client has refused to adjust the variation for CAR insurance and insists on deducting the full ...
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Broken Titanum Screw

had fusion of L4 to S1 on nov. 9 2009 on jan. 6 2010 went to dr for follow up after xray was sent for mri and then was told that one of the screws had broken had to go back into surgery jan. 10 2010 now am off work longer in a lot of pain is this a products case or malpractice case the dr says the part of the screw that was in ...
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Chymopapain Neuclosis

I received these injections in 1986.  They are no longer done. I feel there has been a big coverup on this drug. I have had multiple back surgeries since, and my neurosergeon has not came right out and said it, but has insinuated that this was the beginning of the problem.  If any attorney should read this, I would like to know if any investigation has been done on this drug in the US as ...
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Slip And Fall In Restaurant Restroom

post surgery

Monday night I went out to dinner with friends. We got to the restaurant, placed our orders and while the busboy was pouring our waters I went to the(individual) unisex restrooms. I closed the door and slid on some water and my ankle twisted all the way around and I heard a large crack. Down I went hitting the sink and then the toilet with my head. I blacked out. When I ...
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Training Courses For Auto Apprasials


I am in the process of acquiring my New York Independent Automobile Damage and Theft Appraisal Adjuster License(Series 10-71). I have searched everywhere to try to find some pre-exam online courses, and/or practice exams, and can't find anything anywhere. I found one school "The Insurance Institute" that offers courses for all of the other adjusters licensee, except the one I'm looking for. I did however check out The American Society of Certified Auto ...
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Identifying A Song

the episode is where she is trying to get together with the doctor she represented in a malpractice suit(pig liver) the lyrics they play are "this man's in love with you" i also remember part of the song's lyrics are "that makes me feel the way i do" or "can make me feel the way you do"
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50% 50% Percent. How Do I Dispute A Insurance Decision

I was in a two-car accident.  Basically I was going north in a one lane road to pick up my takeout dinner.  The restaurant was on the right side of the road.  I slowed down and made a right turn and the other driver came from behind and tried to pass me on the right side and we collided. He claimed I was trying to make a left turn since my left turn signal was ...
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