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I had asked my question prior to what I thought was someone who could answer it ~ perhaps I didn't ask the question properly ... so am trying again.

If a person has a "Judgment Lien" on a persons real property BEFORE they obtained a "homestead" on one property and the other they put as a "family trust" ....


I believd asking ...
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I have mineral interests in Seminole co Okla..Where can I obtain a county map showin sections and townships?
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Wedding Vows

I noticed in an earlier answer you stated that one of the required elements of a wedding ceremony is the vow "With this ring you are consecrated to me according to the laws of Moses and Israel."

My fiance and I are getting married in November, by a Reform Rabbi. I am Jewish, she is not. But we are both committed to raising a Jewish home and raising Jewish children. My question is both ...
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F1 Visa To Greencard

My husband came as an F-1 visa.  I am a US citizen and we got married 9/2007/ We just sent his application for green card.  I called the US immigration and they said as long as the application has been sent he is now on the safe side meaning he will not be arrested for not attending school.  Is this true? I just want to make sure.  The college international advisor has already ...
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Married In Denmark - How To Divorce


We were married in Denamrk. My wife may want a divorce. I work for the military in Germany(civillian). Under what law would we get divorced - German, because we live here, or is there a system through the military? How does the law affect custody of a child - we have one child together and my wife has a child from a previous relationship.

I don't have any money or assets for ...
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Do I Have A Case Against Auto Repair Shop?

Hello. I recently(10 days ago) had the transmission in my '93 Lincoln replaced with a recycled transmission by a repair shop here in Maryland. The replacement transmission has obvious signs of malfunctioning. The owner of the shop will not honor his warranty or replace the transmission with another, properly working one. If I have the original invoice for the work done, and then I obtain a diagnostic report from an authorized Ford dealer stating that ...
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Irrevocable Living Trust

Hello, and thank you for your answer in advance...  My mom is the Trustee of the family living trust..upon my dad's death, the Decedent's and Marital trust were created which I believe are now irrevocable. Trust was created in California and Trustee resides in Calif.

This is the wording from the Trust document for the Decedent's Unifed credit trust:

Income-The Trustee may pay to or apply for the benefit of the Survivor and ...
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Towing From A Parking Garage

Richard, I park my SUV in a parking garage at work and recently faced the possibility of needing to have the vehicle towed out. Fortunately we finally determined what the problem was and were able to drive the vehicle out. BUT- if this ever comes up again(knock on wood it doesn't!) how is this done, especially when the car is pulled forward into a space and can't be towed from the front until removed from ...
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Selling An Old Alpine Safe

Alpine safe

My family somehow acquired this safe back in the early 1900's, its dimensions are approx. 39"height, 25"wide and 25"deep, it still has the original lock mechanism, and is in working order but has acquired some rust. we are wondering what something like this might be worth and/or where to sell it? thank you for any info you can give.
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Indemnification Division Order

I own royalty interest in a gas well in Oklahoma but due to a title issue, I've never received royalty payments(the well has been producing for 1 year).  

The title is now cleared and my legal ownership established.  I signed & returned the Indemnification Division Order sent to me, but crossed out the indemnification language. The Operator refuses to put me in pay until I sign the INDEMNIFICATION Division Order again and leave ...
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