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2nd Set Of Interrogatories

State of FL.  If I have already served the defendant initial interrogatories with additonal questions, can I request a second round in the way of requests for admission?  I have found out additional information since I served first set.

I have not yet received the first set which are overdue and we are scheduled for mediation in 3 weeks.
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13 Year Old Wants To Move Out State With Me For His High School Years.

Let me begin w/ me born and raised in Southern California. I had a son in CA as well. Left his father(whom I never married), when our son was 2 years old. From that time on, my son's father and I had a verbal agreement to switch my son to one parent every week.(i.e. one week w/ me, then one week w/ his dad and so on). We also had a verbal agreement that no ...

Employee Status Right After Pregnancy

Hi Shirley - I have some questions concerning employee status for somebody after the pregnancy. I have several questions so I will try to keep it as simple as possible.


My wife and I expecting our first baby which is due right after Thanksgiving! We are very excited but we also have some concerns.

My wife is working stable for a company in Burbank, CA since 2 1/2 yrs and have ...
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s SubjectDate AskedExpertLeaning & Rotting Cactus3/3/2010Maureen  Q: I have a cactus(not sure of the exact type), but within the last two years it started to grow arms. ...   A: Your cactus has rot. It is a bacterial and/or fungal infection that cacti are susceptible to usually ... Aloe Vera Plants2/28/2010Maureen  Q: I have a very tall aloe vera grown indoors it is becoming to heavy and falling over is there a safe ...   ...
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Financial Support During Ausbuilding?

Hello, My husband(German) and I(US) are currently in the Trennungsphase.  We have been married for 11 years.  The divorce is uncontested from both sides and we are still friends, and hopefully will remain so.  We have no children.  He has paid Trennungsunterhalt since our separation and will do so until we divorce.  

My question is this:  Being that I am just starting an Ausbuildung and for the next 3 years will earn significantly ...
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Step-parenting In Indiana

Hello, I recently found out that my ex has plan to remarry.  We have a four-year old son.  His new person already has two children by two different people and this will be her third marriage.  I can't seem to find any information on what, if any, legal rights a step-parent has in the state of Indiana.  We share custody.  Is this person considered a "legal-stranger" or does she have rights? I have a post-decree ...
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Private Stock Sale And Shareholder Rights

First, I own 36% of an LLC in NYS.  I resigned as a manager in March due to health concerns, ethics, conflict with partners.  I also believe I uncovered fraudlent activities on the parts of 2 of the other 3 business partners.  Needless to say it has been ugly and stressful.  The company is not large but a consistent $3-$5M in annual sales(mostly government funded contracts).

I finally found a potential investor interested in ...
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Child Abandonment


I am the mother of a 4 1/2 year old boy.  I have been split from his father for over a year and a half.  We were never married.  My son's father has never filed a paternity suit and I have never filed to receive child support for my son.  My ex-boyfriend is somewhere out of the state of Florida, possibly working, has no home address, migrates from job to job.  He is ...
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A friend got married in Las Vegas back in 2002, and after 2 months his wife left. He has not seen her since, and has no idea how to get ahold of her. How does he disolve the marriage? He's now in San Bernardino County.
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Fba, Manifestation Determination, Expulsion

I would like some clarification about the requirement of an FBA following or as part of a manifest determination. If a student with an IEP brings a weapon to school, a manifest determination meeting is held. It is then required that a functional behavior assessment be conducted even though the behavior of concern is not a repetative behavior with clear precipitants. My question is: Is an FBA required in every case of manifest determination and ...
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