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s SubjectDate AskedExpertKidney stone10/11/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: I have been detected with a 6 mm kidney stone in he upper 1/3rd of my right ureter.i had a pain ...   A: Vinay While the stone most likely cannot be dissolved, medication can help it to pass. However, it ... Prostate cancer and Testosterone level heritability10/11/2015Stephen W. Leslie, MD  Q: My question has a few elements and pertains to family history, prostate cancer, and testosterone ...
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My Stepson

We just got out of court on May 3 2006.  And my stepsons mom disagreed with the Judges order and refused to sign the order so we had to have the judge just sign it.  Now she has us back in court because she now quit her job to have the placement change again. what can we do to have the placement stay the same?
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Deed Question

Advertisement Expert: Frederick M. Scott - 1/3/2011 Frederick, I don't know if I asked you this before, but when we bought our property back in 1993 in West Virginia, there was an exception and reserve of all minerals. When the history was performed for the sale by an attorney, the following statement was made: "It is likely with the wording of the reservation, that this also was a coal reservation of all minerals."

A ...
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New York State Dental Medicaid

Dear Joy:  My sister is disabled and on Medicaid.  She recently went to a New York State dentist representing himself as accepting Medicaid Dental.  The dentist told my sister that Medicaid will only pay for extractions and dentures.  The rest of the cost is out of her pocket to the tune of $5K which is out of the question.  How can she find out what her dental benefits are under NYS Medicaid.  Also, is there ...
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Oil And Gas Lease Duchesne Co. Ut

I own 75 acres out at the SE/4 NW/4 Section 34, 3S-4W, Duchesne Co. UT. Known as Rocky Point Project. Do you know what is happening out there as for 40 years no one has wanted to buy a lease and now I'am getting calls every day. What would a far lease be? and what is a standard % for Roylaties? Thank you, Mike
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I am German and been married to a american soldier 26 year,last year I filed for a divorce in Indiana,because JAG office told me I have to file in his Home of record,because if I get a divorce here in germany they cant do the retiermend divison,last week they dismissed the case here in Germany,but they dismissed the case in Indiana also,because now my Husband is a recident of alabama,but by the Time I filed(July ...
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Help! Reversing The Effects Of Iron Palm

I come to you in this email asking for sincere help in a matter


> is effecting both my physical and emotional life...and I feel has


> to do with practicing iron palm. I first bought Mr. Gray's book "Complete

> Iron palm" and though I did somewhat heeded his warnings on self-teaching

> oneself Iron Palm , I wanted to be careful in practicing, but I ...
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Reader Enquiry

I have a reader who remembers a title from childhood(around 70 years ago) which he is trying to trace. It is "The black velvet ribbon mystery" and he thinks the author's first name was Steven. I have had no luck with this and wonder if you could help? Thanks Morag Tocher Senior Librarian East Lothian Library Services
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German Child Custody Law


I just need a few tips about how to sort out a sticky situation.

Due to a completely complicated scenario my children live with my ex husband 800 km away from me.  He has the Aufenthaltsbestimmungsrecht. My children have stated they want to be with me(I´d be over the moon) but they are only 10 and 9 yrs old.  He has now made moves to go to Canada.  Can he do this ...
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Take Out Food Tax In Atlanta Ga

s About Taxes)/take out food tax in Atlanta Ga Advertisement Expert: John L. Tidwell - 2/7/2008 Hi, can a take tax be charged to your food order if you are not eating inside the restaurant?
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