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Furniture And Wall Color For Open Kitchen/family Room


Hi Jenny,

I have an open space family/kitchen combo(no half wall separating the family/kitchen. 1) My first question is, what can you suggest for wall color, and should I use one color for both rooms? Also, if I want to use 2 different colors, should I build a half wall between the family room and kitchen to create a division or that would still be considered 1 room? The other ...
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Caught 9yo Son Having Sex With 19yo Cousin

We have always been non-oppressive in our approach to sex, everything is open and honest in our family. I have a loving wife and we both agree that we don't want sex to be secret, dirty or a mystery to our children. We have two sons, a 16yo and a 9yo and a daughter who is 4yo. I've known all of my kids to masturbate and they all know to do so privately in their ...
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Praise Team And Church Split

Actually, I have two questions:

1-Are praise teams in the Church of Christ wrong?

2-My church has split.  My belief is that we should have stayed together and therefore, I have not "left" the congregation, even though I struggle with some of the things that have gone on in our congregation.  I believe God wants us to stay together, through thick and thin, and work our our differences.  I feel somewhat judged by ...
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Seismic Survey And Possible Oil Lease

I recently received a letter from Fulcrum Exploration saying they are planning to conduct a seismic survey on land that I own in Tillman County OK.(Southwest Quarter(SW/4) A/D/A lots 3 &4 and E/2 SW/4 Section 30, Township 2 South, Range 17 West)  The letter offered $10.00 an acre for permission to conduct the survey.  

The letter also indicated that they were interested in obtaining an option to lease my mineral interest at mutually ...
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Living With Girlfriend's Mother

Wow am I in a bind, and obviously I don't know what to do which is why I'm reaching out for some guideance.  Here's what's going on:

3 years ago I started dating a girl.  We kept our separate apartments at first, but after a year of spending every night at my place, we decided that her place was really just an expensive closet of sorts, and that she should move in with me. ...
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Rare Hassenforder Family Owned Safe

Safe  Safe  

I am from the South Jersey area living near the last Hassenforder Elizabeth, When all her family passed, she moved into her doctors home which was large enough that allowed him to take his patients with no family and allow them to live out their lives outside of a nursing home. Elizabeth passed away at 103 years old and left this safe which I now own. All the so called experts ...
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Panther In Western North Carolina

Dear Jonathan,

I have horses on my family's land in Western North Carolina. Two people have said they saw a black panther in the pasture near my horses, the most recent was yesterday. First, are my horses in danger of attack? Second, I go late at night alone sometimes to feed them. Should I be concerned about my safety? And third, is there a way or someone to call that could set some sort ...
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Hector Salas

trying to search for more info on him myself. DOUG wrote at 2007-09-24 13:16:07

I have a similar painting, 20 x 24, remounted and appears to be cut down from even a larger format, same subject.  It is a three part barn with the center a drive through for haywagons. Vertical boarding, three lightening rods and three soaring birds.  The surrounding high grasses are yellowed...Fall.  Several small trees are leafless.  I purchased mine in ...
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